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05-26-2015, 04:15 PM
Okay, I've been doing a lot of thinking on the next mutation recently, and have also been contemplating the possibility of writing my own TMNT fanfic. And it occurred to me to possibly do a rewrite of the much hated 'Next mutation' series by Saban. The first thing I am must this is a take without Venus De Milo, instead substituting in a character who is greatly similar, must much more well-liked.

Set in the IDW universe two years after the Shredder and Krang's final defeat, the four turtles are now full-grown adults. April and Casey have moved back to the farmhouse in Northampton to get away from all the craziness that has enveloped their lives, the mutanimals have gone to the west coast to fight Null there, and Splinter has recently embarked on a long spiritual quest to Japan, to reconnect to his past life. Leo is left alone with his team, as a new threat emerges from the shadows.

Go Komodo, a powerful yakuza warlord from a Japanese family long thought extinct, arrives in new york to take control in the power vacuum left by the fall of the foot. Komodo believes he is descended from the Dragons, and seeks to release his ancestors/brethren upon the world once more. Legend has it, that the dragons once terrorized all of Asia in ancient times. a group of four legendary warriors- known as the ninja tribunal- sealed the dragons away in a mirror, Where they remain imprisoned to this day.

Half of that enchanted mirror now rests in the Asian-American cultural center, the other half is already in Komodo's possession. Komodo hires Kara (the undercover officer from the micro series Mikey issue) and a team of thieves, to steal the mirror shard for him. She goes ahead with the 'theft' in order to get closer to busting Go Komodo for his crimes. But the Turtles spot her 'break in', and move to stop it.

The turtles beat up the other thugs, but let Kara get away, (due to Mikey's explanation of who she is). They follow her back to Komodo's penthouse, where she puts the two mirror pieces back together personally for Komodo... and that's where everything goes to heck.

The dragons burst free from their ancient prison, their spirits pouring out into the world, and taking physical form once more. Dragon Skull, the leader of the rank (the pack of dragons who escape from the mirror) merges with the willing Go Komodo to become the Dragon Lord- the most terrifying reptilian beast the world has ever seen. The dragons now seek to completely conquer our world, reducing humanity to cattle that they will devour to feed their hunger.

Poor Kara, who was standing in front of the mirror when the dragon's spirits passed through her body, is transformed into a human-dragon hybrid resembling the fiery salamanders of old (her OT look). Thew turtles help her to escape from Komodo's Penthouse, and retreat to their lair beneath ground. the turtles realize the threat to the world, and vow to hunt down and stop the dragon lord and his rank armies.

Adopting the name Mona Lisa, the former police woman joins the turtles on their quest, while also searching for a way to possibly regain her lost humanity. The turtles help her by teaching her their ninja techniques to fight with them (even giving her a Japanese war fan as a weapon), while Mona's Hybrid nature allows her to sense where the Dragons will strike next. It will be hard for her to adjust to being a part of this team, an outsider amongst a tightly-knit family.

But the five are not alone in this fight- Aolpex and Nobody are still around, popping in to help the turtles fight crime now and then. But there are also other new foes. like the pair of famous cryptid hunters, Simon Bonesteel and his apprentice, Jack Marlin. Silver, a mysterious figure behind the new your mob who originates from the Himalayas, but few have ever seen. And even the mystical Vam Mi, the leader of a Chinese Triad gang made up entirely of Jiang Shi (hopping vampires).

So, would anybody be interested in reading this story? :)

05-27-2015, 09:04 AM
I like the initial setup, and find it interesting how you're weaving various universes together (TNM, 4Kids, IDW, Image). I'm always a sucker for Volume 3 references. :twink:

And while I like the fact that you're bringing back Kara and giving her a major role, I'm not as big a fan of her fate. I'd rather get to know her as a character in her own right, rather than post-mutation/transformation.

But sure, I'd check it out...

05-27-2015, 10:00 PM
If I were you, I'd post it on some fanfic sites as well, like fanfiction.net - it'll give you more potential readers and feedback.