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A little one-shot i thought about.This time playing in the nick cartoon verse. Basically Kraang-Subprime wants to go outnight clubbing in Dimension X but Prime(which took the role of the overbearing mother for Subprime-remember its a parody ;D. And besides its a headcanon of me anyway so it counts :D) don't want him to go alone and send two of his brethren with him to get them used to go out and interact with other aliens/people etc seeing as they are still very young and Subprime is already older and more experienced so a perfect teacher... much to Kraangs dismay their inexperience brings him into a few delicate situations and in the end he falls for the alcohol which was also a big no no of Prime...

The rest you will read now, enjoy it :)

Friday Night in Dimension X:

Kraang-Subprime freshly healed from his last battle with the turtles walked along the hallways towards Kraang-Primes throne room. On his face was a smug grin as he was rather enjoyed to go out nightclubbing today after such a long time.
All he needed now was the ok of Prime but this would not be an easy task. She tends to be kind of a wuss what fun belongs so Subprime did his best to bring out his world known charms.

"You can do it Kraangy...use your charisma..." he murmured and knocked on the entrance of the throne room.
Primes voice boomed from inside and called him in.

The door opened with a swift swing and Kraang-Subprime entered the giant hall with a wide grin on his face.

"Oh great Mother of Kraang, i came to speak with you and asking for a little favour..." he said with all his charms.

Prime didn't reacted at first, then after stunning 5 minutes of totally silence she turned around to look at her second in command who was standing there with a big fat grin. She wrinkled her non existent eyebrows and narrows her eyes on Subprime.

"You want to go out tonight, am i right?" she said with her usual high pitched voice raising a brow in the process.

"Yes, yes indeed. Its friday night and after my last battle i think i deserved something to...uh replenish my powers! And having fun would do the trick for sure."

Rolling her eyes annoyed Prime looked down at her spawn and sighed.

"I guess you're old enough by now to go out by yourself having...fun. "

Subprime sighed disappointed, she still treated him like a child! Even he was second in command...

"And your answer oh great Prime?" he bowed slightly towards Prime to show her his respect.

"Very well then, you shall be allowed to go out tonight."

"Yesh!" balling his fist in victory Subprime surpressed a joyous outcry just in time.


There was the magic word...BUT. Subprimes mood was down in an instant.

"But what?"

"You won't go alone, take your two youngest brothers with you. Kraang and Kraang are sure eager to get outside too! Teach them to have fun!" she smiled which creeped out Subprime more as he thought it would be.

"But Mo.."

"No buts, the word is spoken and so shall it happen. Kraang and Kraang, come in!" calling out two other Kraangdroids Prime patted Subprimes shoulder empathetic.

"Ohh Kraang..." Subprime cursed under his breath which earned him a scolding of Prime.


"I am sorry. But do i have to really take them with me? These idiots will ruin all my fun! And i don't want to play babysitter neither." crossing his tentacles pouting Subprime looked really ridiculous.

Kraang Prime simply rolled with her eyes and ushered in the two Kraang Twins.

"Kraang lacks the knowledge of what this meeting is supposed to be."

"Affirmative, Kraang is also without the thing called knowledge."

Subprime smashed his tentacle in his face palming it in annoyance. He sighed deeply and tried to calm down.

"You two, we will go out to have fun. Its an order from Kraang Prime." SuP said with a huff making the two Kraangdroids shrug with their shoulders.

"Kraang is not sure what the thing that is called fun means!"

"FUN you idiot, its self explaining you dolts! Doh, why do i even try..." he snapped at them with rage but quickly toned down as he saw Primes angry frown.

"Have fun with your brother for a while, i want you two to learn as much as possible from Subprime, do you understand?" she said with a matronizing tone in her voice.

Both droids nodded.

Prime patted their heads affectionated and gave Subprime a glare.

"And one more thing my dear child....no alcohol, not even a drop! Got it? Else your little brain is in deep trouble..."

No alcohol, two annoying younger siblings at his side...how much worse could this going to be? Trying to supress his sulking expression Subprime nodded meekly, accepting his creators wishes.

"I understand. Can i go now?" the last word he slurred a little. It was due to his growing anger he did so. It was a tic of him.

"Let's go to experience the thing that is widely known as fun!"

"Affirmative, Kraang is going to enjoy the time that is called evening together with the one known as Kraang Subprime and Kraang respectively!"

"Lets do the thing that the ones who are called Turtles always use, the word which is called brofist!"


Subprime simply turned around and walked out of the room followed by two brofisting kraangdroids, tears of frustration running down his cheeks.

"Have fun my children!! And remember what i said!" she called after them but no response came back. "Kraangs these days...tch.."

In Subprimes quarters:

He threw a few clothes out of his cupboard towards the Kraangdroids who looked at each other confused.

"Don't look like fishes in a pond, put on these clothes, if you go out with me you need to look cool and top styled, not these boring and totally not fashionable suits you always wear. Put it on already, i want to go now!" tapping with his robotic foot Subprime glared at his two brethren.

"Turn around Kraang so that Kraang can change the thing known as clothes. Kraang is shy around other people." he blushed which made Subprime facepalming again.

"Oh for Kraangs sake." spatting out these words with malice he turned around annoyed, huffing and puffing doing so.

A few minutes later:

"Finally done? Good, then follow me."

"Kraang is happy about this new diet which is called gluten-free. It makes Kraang look so much thinner!"

"Kraang agrees, you look good Kraang."

Just as these two wanted to do the brofist again Subprime gave both a headbutt and dragged them along towards the exit of the technodrome.

"You two will be silent while i do the talking, got that? And if i hear the word brofist one more time i swear to all that is saint to Kraang, you are gonna die.

Hauling their butts into a spaceship Subprime pushed the start buttons and the ship sailed away in the depts of Dimension X towards the party mile who everyone goes who is something important in this certain dimension.

to be continued in Part 2.

(I know some of these moments were pretty much OOC but as i said, its a parody so no hard feelings :) )

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I actually found this rather amusing. I'd never really thought about it before, but a Kraang sitcom really could have some funny moments. :lol:

05-27-2015, 04:02 PM
I actually found this rather amusing. I'd never really thought about it before, but a Kraang sitcom really could have some funny moments. :lol:

Well seeing as Prime is voiced by Roseanne it could be a possibility lol.

05-27-2015, 10:06 PM
I could hear the voice actors doing the dialogue as I was reading it. :tlol:

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Part 2:

In the Kraang Headquarters:

Kraang Prime was going through the newest plans of conquering Earth as a knocking sound emerged from the throne halls entrance. Glancing up from her plans for a minute Prime gave the okay to enter. Through the door came Bishop, another of the aliens many children who happens to be Subprimes annoying older twin brother.

"Mother Prime, where can i find Subprime? I need him for a little test i came up with!" he said grinning like a madbrain rubbing his tentacles in joy.

"He went outside with two of your younger brothers, Kraang and Kraang. They are gone for a while by now though."

"WHAT? How dare he go out without even telling me? He could at least asked me to come with him!" the smile turned down to an angry frown. His brother was so selfish sometimes.

"Are you going to follow him Bishop?"

"Of course, if he can go outnight clubbing i can do the same. Thank you for the information Mother Prime, i will follow him a.s.a.p!" before Prime even could say a thing Bishop was running outside to catch up a spaceship. The older brain shaked her head in disbelief and annoyance. Why did these children just have to be such pushovers?

"Now for the plan again..." Prime shrugged it off and continued to work on the blue prints in front of her.
Was Prime worried about her children? Not at all, seeing as she implanted them micro-chips which were able to spot all of them in the blink of an eye. As everyone knows, a good mother and leader knows always where her subjects/children are...

"I think this could work. Yes, definitely the most brilliant plan i had yet!" Prime started to laugh out loud. Today was a real good day.

Closing her eyes still smiling, Prime decided to take a little look on her protégé on his little trip. The good thing was she not even had to open her eyes as she used her telepathy to do so.

Subprime was nervously glancing behind himself watching his younger siblings starring at each other without any mimics at all. Sometimes they creeped him out he had to admit.

05-31-2015, 09:42 AM
"You two, what the Kraang are you doing back there?"

"Kraang does not understand the question the one known as Subprime asked Kraang."

"Kraang is admiring Kraangs good looking clothings which are widely known as handsome ~"

Subprime slapped his head with his tentacle and sighed. He put on the autopilot of the ship and turned around to his siblings.

"Alright you dolts, we need a little while until we reach Alpha Omega X so in the meantime i will teach you idiots a little bit of proper english so better watch out and learn something, got that?" he sneered looking with contempt at the Kraangdroids in front of him.

"Booyakasha" both replied doing the brofist thing again. Subprime let out a frustrated scream and slapped both with his tentacle.

"What have i told you about this thing with your fists? Mhhh????"

"Kraang is not supposed to do the thing called brofist."

"Kraang feels the thing that is known as guilt. Kraang apologizes."

"Good, now listen and repeat, i won't do that for long so you better quickly adapt it, alright?" Subprime snarled and gave both Droids a book in their hands.

"This is a book used by preschoolers on earth, its the most basic level of english. So we will start with this.

Kraang looked at the cover and tilted his head in confusion.

"Kraang was not informed that the animals called pigs can talk!"

"Kraang suppose it is a mutated pig that is why the subject known as pig can talk."

"This makes sense to Kraang, thank you Kraang for informing Kraang."

"You`re welcome Kraang."

A few moments and slaps later both Kraang were quietly listening to their brother.

"Alright, this here shows what a basic sentence contains. It has adjectives, verbs and conjunctives which are used for syntax and mutual intelligibility, got that?" he said, pointing towards a holographic presentation in front of them.

"Repeat after me. I am Kraang, my goal is to conquer earth! Now you!" Subprime pointed at the left Kraang who tilted his head in anxiety.

"Kraangs goal is to conquer the planet that is known as earth!"

"WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!! GOD DAMMNIT!" he slapped his brother with a wooden stick on top of his head.

The other Kraang flinched at this and quickly tried to correct the sentence.

"I am Kraang, Kraangs goal is to conquer earth!" protecting himself with his arms the other droid tried to cover his body in vain.

"Well...it was something. At least a try. Alright, lets continue." massaging his temples frustrated Subprime tried another way of teaching.

Just as he wanted to continue a blink on his comlink device was interrupting Subprime.

"Wait a second while i answer the call. Stay like that and don't move a muscle, understand?"

Answering with a snarl Subprime was greeted by his evilish smiling older twin brother Bishop who was the agent of the two. While Subprime is number one spy of the Kraang, Bishop was the number one agent of them.

"Bishop? What do you want? I am quiet busy here..."

"I was searching for you Sub-sub prime"

"Don't call me that, you know i hate that nickname." he sneered crossing his tentacles.

"Heard you were outnight clubbing and so i decided to join up with you brother dearest!" Bishop said with a huge smile on his face.

"Oh no you won't. It`s worse enough i had to take these two dunderheads with me but now you too? Nuh uh, never ever!!!!!!!!!" he protested, nearly crushing the device with his grip.

"My my do we have a temper here. Calm down, you`re getting wrinkles in your handsome face."


"Do what you want but it won't stop me. I am already in a spaceship in hot pursuit of you and soon will join this merry trip! See you later, brother ~" and with another cackling Bishop hung up and vanished from the visor.

"We will get another guest Kraang. Isn't that great?"

Subprime was stiff like a statue for a moment until he got his stamina back and stared in disbelief at the droid who just had spoken a perfectly done sentence.

"Say that...again, please say it again!" walking up to the Kraang who just had spoken he wildly shaked him with eyes wide open and a pretty crazy smile. Was it possible that he made a successful attempt to teach them something? Would this fella here be maybe another chance of communicating with a halfway decently intelligent Kraang like himself?

"I am not angry with you, i promise. Just say that again."

"We will get another guest Kraang, isn't that great?" he repeated it again and again. Seeing that Subprime was pleased with him made his confidence raise up.

"Come here ~" Subprime hugged the living hell out of his younger brother shedding tears of joy. "At least one i can communicate with on a proper level very soon!"

The other Kraang was jealous of the affection Subprime showed and began to rip off his brother from their older brother.

"Kraang had enough of this, stop the thing that is known as hugging!"

All three now were wrestling with each other. It was a rather awkward picture that showed up. Subprime had both Droids in a tight grip and strangled them with his hands while Kraang the younger one kicked with his feet in Subprimes lower regions with one leg and with the other he tried to hit the other Droid.

The whole spaceship shaked violently due to the force of the battle. The residents of a crossing space cruiser were watching amused as the ship went up and down, to the left and the right. Rushing over a red traffic light in the process the Kraang did not notice that a police spaceship was on their heels shortly after.

"Kraang thinks Kraang get punished! Listen to the sirens. The Space-Police must have followed Kraang while the fighting was going on!

"The cops? Ohh Kraang, we must have crossed a red traffic light or something like that! If we get a space-ticket Prime will go Kraangshit crazy...oh that's just great. Wonderful, terrific!" Subprime started to panic slightly.

"Kraang does not want to get punished. Punishment is known as hurting to Kraang."

"Let me do the talk. I will try to negotiate with him!" Subprime stopped the space-ship and waited until the police ship was coming. The officer was teleporting herself in the other ship and glanced down at the alien in front of her.

"Did you try to kill everyone on this spaceway?? You crossed a red traffic light and nearly crushed together with two other cruisers! Show me your papers please." crossing her arms taking a defensive stand she mustered Subprime with all the strictness she learned in school.

Subprime stayed cool and tried to play it down. He handed the officer the papers and still smiled. Another glance later however his smile faded as the officer held out a prospect towards Subprime.

"You get a ticket for racing in a low tempo zone and crossing a red traffic light. The fee is 260.000 Dimension X Dollars, cash! No cards. But seeing as you are not the owner of this ship, the fee will go to the person called Kraang Prime. Subprime got pale as a ghost.

"No...no nonononononono please not! Mother will go berserk if she get the ticket!!!"

"Oh so its your mothers ship huh? Well she sure will have her joy in this little piece of paper here..." was that a laugh escaping the officers lips?

"Very well then, here are your papers. Have fun the rest of the night and drive carefully." with a wink she disappeared leaving behind a very panicked Subprime. He was dead, it was as good as offical. Slumping down defeated the alien brain broke down in tears.

"THATS ALL YOUR FAULT!" he screamed angrily, returning to the steering wheel of the ship.

Both Kraangs were looking at each other blank expressions on their faces.

"Let's look into the books Subprime gave Kraang! Kraang is curious how the pig continues his journey!"

"Affirmative, this book is that what humans call educational!"

Back in the Kraang Headquarters:

Prime was finished with the blue prints of her newest plans of destruction as an incoming message reached her comlink. It came from Shredder. From the very same human Prime had an alliance with.

"The one who is known as The Shredder, what gives me the pleasure of your calling?" she said with a hint of sarcasm.

"I want to talk to you in private. Can i come over at your base? It's urgent."

Prime tilted her giant head, was something wrong?

"What's the occasion for this talk? Are there problems?"

"No, not problems, i just wish to talk with my alliance partner. Is there something wrong with it?" Shredder said, his voice was nicer as usual which made Prime suspicious.

"Very well then, come over, we can talk in my private chambers. I will tell my drones that we get a very special guest today."

"Splendid, i will be here soon. Shredder out."

Prime closed her eyes for a minute. This Shredder fella was nearly wearing nothing as she could see from their conversation on the comlink. She had to admit his body structure was admirable for a human. Strong and firm, full of muscles...She snapped out of her dreamy state with a startle and felt herself blushing.

"I will lay down for a while until Shredder arrives. I guess i am overly tired, it makes my brain hurt." shaking her head groggily she walked out of the throne room in her private quarters closing the doors with a sigh. Giving orders towards the other Kraang via comlink Prime laid down on her bed like device and closed her eyes slipping into a light sleep.
to be continued ~

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Very amusing stuff and I love them having fun. ;D Why isn't this a show?! I'd watch it for sure. ;)

11-30-2015, 06:09 AM
Very amusing stuff and I love them having fun. ;D Why isn't this a show?! I'd watch it for sure. ;)

thank you very much my friend :D