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This is set in an alternate universe, similar but different to the 1987 TMNT episode "Shredderville". Please read and comment as I'd like to know what you think.

Earth is under siege. Artillery blasts pulverize the very earth the humans stand. It is the only sound heard now. It’s a sound that the humans have been used to hearing for a few days. Robotic warriors disguised as ninjas capture humans fleeing the city and destroy any that resist. The Earth is shaking by the very movement of a certain metallic fortress.

This fortress is none other than the Technodrome, which belongs to Krang, the evil alien brain from Dimension X, a dimension entirely different from this universe, where he rules supreme. This Technodrome plowed through the city, firing lasers that could level mountains and ran over entire sky scrapers. He ruled supreme with this Technodrome.

Or he did rule supreme, until the body he had was stripped from him during an encounter he had with the Neutrinos, who infiltrated the Technodorome, scrambled the circuits and banished him to another dimension. Because of them, the Transdimensional Portal malfunctioned and caused whoever to enter through it, to be stripped of their body. He was transported through the portal and as such his powerful reptilian body was reduced to nothing but a brain state. Even his Technodrome was not as full power. He knew he was nearly helpless without a body and sought out dark hearts on Earth to fulfill his conquest of creation.

He found Shredder; the treacherous ninja now commanded his army. Shredder was cunning, intelligent, and a competent fighter. Not to mention commanded his army of Foot Soldiers. He knew that in addition to the foot soldiers and his Rock Soldier Army, led by his fanatically loyal General Tragg, nothing on this planet would be able to stop him.

But all Krang could do was be a spectator, and watch Shredder command the Foot Soldiers. It wasn’t long until Shredder opened the portal to Dimension X and all of Krang’s army, The Rock Soldiers, were pouring out through the portal. With them was Lt. Granitor the leader who led several whole armies of Rock Soldiers, wand who followed the Rock Soldier General, Tragg. The humans put up a decent fight against the Foot Soldiers, but with the addition of the Rock Soldiers, firepower, the humans were overwhelmed. Much of their weapons were useless against them, and it didn’t take too long before they started to submit.

But they weren’t submitting to Krang, they were submitting to Shredder. Shredder, the ninja who was leading the Rock Soldiers instead of Krang. Krang looked at the populace and watched them grovel before Shredder. His tentacles flailed angrily and his face grimaced. How could the Shredder do this? Shredder took control of everything that was Krang’s. It was Krang who gave him this advanced technology to begin with. It was Krang who gave this vast army to him. And all Krang wanted was a body. A new robotic body to serve as a worthy substitute. Krang knew Shreddder had the knowledge to do so, but was deliberately stalling. Krang was no fool. He knew Shredder would constantly make excuses, saying he has no time to work on it and wanted to eliminate his enemies first. But Oroku Saki, The Shredder already eliminated his most hated adversaries! There was no one left! He knew Shredder didn’t trust him. He felt as if he’d be betrayed if he finished the android body. Krang planned to betray him but only because he knew Shredder was going to betray him first.

It wasn’t long until all of the humans in New York had submitted to Shredder. Krang could only lament. If only he had a body, they would be submitting to him as well, not just Shredder. Why did he have to have his body ripped apart? It was bad enough being transported to this planet against his will, but to be reduced to nothing but a brain, to be so helpless that even the weakest of humans could crush him with a single foot? It was humiliating. He couldn’t take much more of this. Even his loyal General Tragg had to take orders from Shredder, for the time being anyway. Krang however was not alone in sharing disgust for Shredder, as General Tragg and Lt. Granitor despised the thought of taking orders from someone who wasn’t Krang. Nevertheless, they had to take his orders for now. Krang allowed them to do so, for he didn't wish to anger Shredder. It was not yet time to strike.

Krang had other plans. He wasn’t going to sped the rest of his life without a body and be at the mercy of that back stabbing ninja. He had to be smart. His life depended on it.

After a few hours of chaining up the humans and collecting vast amounts of wealth, Shredder returned to the Technodrome. His gloating was severely annoying Krang. It was starting to get under his skin. Well it would, if he had any skin!

“Ha! Those pathetic civilians couldn’t withstand all of that firepower. It was such a clean victory! I’ve spent more time destroying ant colonies than I did conquering these pathetic weaklings! I tell you Krang, this Technodrome of mine did it!

Krang rolled across the floor on his 3 wheel tripod that he was forced to suffer, as it was his only means of transportation, aside from slithering like a slug. “Your Technodrome? I see you seem to have forgotten it’s rightful owner…”Krang narrowed his eyes.
“Details. The point is, all of Earth is ours!”
General Tragg walked over to see Shredder and Krang, loudly making loud clanking sounds due to his heavy rock body and big boots. He saw Krang, his master reduced to nothing but a blob of brains and then glared at Shredder, the unworthy master of the Technodrome. He couldn’t help but shiver in disgust by taking orders from that treacherous coward. Nevertheless, it was his duty to serve the master of the Technodrome. He approached Shredder.

“Lord Shredder, the rest of the humans have been imprisoned and their spoils have been transported to the Technodrome.” General Tragg said, saluting Shredder.
“Good. Now with all of those resources and wealth at our command, there’s no stopping us!” Shredder gloated, laughing at the expense of the humans. Krang couldn’t take anymore however. He had to say something.

“This is all fine and dandy Saki, but what about my BODY?! Have you been so focused on achieving victory that you have forgotten our deal?" Krang asked, clearly annoyed.

“Well if you want me to be honest…” Shredder said.

“I need a body, Shredder! I’m not content with rolling on this poorly made contraption! I need arms! Legs! I need to actually move around, but you have not fulfilled your half of the bargain. You kept telling me that you needed to eliminate all of your enemies first, but what enemies do you have left?! Even your ancient enemy, Hamoto Yoshi was killed by your hands, thanks to me and my mutagen! You have nothing else to do except build my body.

Shredder pondered and looked at Krang, but only shook his head and gave a light chuckle. “Well I believe I made a mistake. I said earlier the Earth was ours. Allow me to correct myself. It is mine!” Shredder exclaimed, pulling out a gun and a remote control. He pushed the button which caused all of the Foot Soldiers to appear instantly in the Technodrome, surrounding Tragg and Krang

“You thought I’d be stupid enough to design a body for you, a body which far surpasses me in power? I am not as dumb as you think Krang! You’ve been an annoying thorn on my side. I knew you’d betray me eventually so I feel it’s best to eliminate this ‘truce’ now!”

“Traitor! You are unworthy of the Technodrome and of the cosmos. All of that belongs to Lord Krang and Lord Krang, alone!” Tragg shouted, pointing his finger. He brought forth a remote control of his own to transport some of the Rock soldiers onto the bridge of the Technodrome. All Rock Soldiers drew their weapons as did the Foot Soldiers. Guns were being pointed and the tension was intensified.

“Clever, but while the Rock Soldiers are superior fighters, I greatly outnumber your army with my Foot Soldiers! You don’t stand a chance, Krang! Shredder said.

“Of course, I do! I’ve always been more intelligent than you Shredder. In addition to making a device I planned to install in the body which you haven’t made yet, I constructed a remote control to activate all of your Foot Solider’s self destruct mechanisms!” Krang exclaimed as he pulled a remote control from behind him and pushed it only once. The Foot Soldiers froze, glaring at the Rocksoldiers, when they all made beeping sounds. This was followed by explosions, although small ones that broke apart all of the Foot Soliders. Shredder was dumbfounded. How could he not foresee this? He thought he programmed the Foot Soldiers perfectly but as he hated to admit it, he knew Krang was smarter than him. Now he was alone and surrounded by Krang’s loyal Rock Soldiers. Lt. Granitor approached Shredder, his gray finger pointing at him

“We should destroy this traitor! He nearly killed Krang and us!

“No, Lt. Granitor, We need him to finish my body. He’s the only one with enough scientific expertise to make it. Now Shredder, you’re outnumbered. I believe it’d be wise if you just finish my body. I might go easy on you, once you do." Krang said, chortling.

“Oh very well! Just give me a little time I’ll finish it, “ Shredder pouted.

Under constant supervision, Shredder went into the lab and started constructing the body. Shreedder was constantly under pressure from being watched by Tragg and the Rock Soldiers, who wanted to make sure he didn’t pull any tricks. With much haste, Shredder followed the blue prints of Krang’s exactly. It was a quick process as it only took Shredder a couple days to finish the android body for Krang. Soon he would have a body to control and all would be at his mercy.

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Not bad for the first chapter, i personally like it better when they are more married-couple like but this is an interesting turn on events.