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What you’re about to read is nothing that I think of using in my future. Yes, this is fanfiction, I will admit. But, I’m also doing this to improve my writing skills. I feel if I do write fanfiction, my ground rules are to use characters that exist. No fan-made girls or female mutants to have a crush on the turtles. They make the story unappealing to me because they are not real characters that I love or relate to. Plus, they always take place between the show’s episodes, and I think it’s ridiculous because that’s not what happened. Nobody met Leo or Donnie before or during their crushes on Karai and April. And I, for one thing, am not a shipper. Apriltello is silly, and not to mention, over (at least, it should be over). Leorai is ridiculous, too, because Leo doesn’t have a crush on Karai anymore. They may not be biologically related, but she would still be his sister, and he would treat her like one. So, no shipping wars.

Not to mention, there will be no turtles kissing one another. They are brothers. Even if they turn out not to be biologically related, they’d still be a family. You are not looking at a T-Cest supporter. Next, I want to keep them in character. I’ve seen way too many pieces where the turtles are somewhat out of character, and read one of them saying something that they’d never say. And I’m not tearing the family apart. This is TMNT, not a reality show. There will be conflict, but most will either be connected with the show, or with something entirely different. In fact, it is possible I will have the turtles do some things together as if they were accepted by humans. I could make them go places, maybe to Europe or Asia, or I could take them to Disney World. Either way, I want to make it fun. Lastly, do expect more to the Penguins of Madagascar crossover.

Don’t expect much, though, because there’s more to life than just writing fantasy web works. Whatever I create, I’d appreciate the feedback.



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Recurring Dream

Splinter was peacefully asleep under his warm bed covers, just like every night. He never snored, well at least, not as loud as his son Michelangelo would. Then, there came a knock at his door. Splinter’s head slowly rose up. “Who is it?” he asked unenthusiastically. A deep voice trembled from behind the door: “Splinter, it’s me. Please let me in.” Splinter immediately recognized that manlike voice, because only his oldest son would sound less like a teenager. “What is it, Leonardo?” he asked. The trembling voice responded with a, “Please let me in,” and ended it with a small sniffle. Splinter’s eyes widened a bit and began getting out of his bed. “Alright,” he said. “But it’s three in the morning.”

Splinter walked up to the door and quickly turned the knob. He continued to speak, “Alright, Leonardo. What is it?” After he opened the door, he stopped to look at Leo’s face. The turtle was only wearing his blue mask. No bandages; no pads; no weapons. But through the mask’s holes, his eyes watered, and there was dampness from the bottom sides; tears, not too small, and not too large, streamed down his cheeks. “Leonardo,” the rat said in a sweet, compassionate tone. “What’s wrong?”

Leo tried to speak, but had to sniff for a second, just before he could say anything to his father. “Dad,” he said. “I . . . I . . .”

“What is it, my son?” asked Splinter.

Leo struggled to hold more of his tears. “I . . . I saw her . . .”

“Saw who?”

“Ta . . . Tang Shen,” Leo responded before sniffing. “I saw Mom again.” Leo instantly hugged onto Splinter and sobbed onto his shoulder.

Splinter, shocked to see his son crying with such anguish, patted him on the back. “There there, my son.” Leo kept his head down letting out some tears. Splinter stopped, closed the door, and brought him into the room. “Come,” he said. “Let’s talk about this.”

Ever since Miwa had died, Leo had been having this dream that he met Tang Shen and bonded with her over the typical things they loved discussing: ninjutsu, brothers, cultures, food. It was like she knew what was going on in this leader’s life. Even for Leo, this was a dream that was good. This was an experience he’d love, more than in all of his other dreams. Where Tang Shen was, it would give him a chance to know her. Too bad she was dead before the turtles were mutated. They never had a mother, and to the turtles, this hurt them hardest. Yet, it was shocking for Splinter to see Leo break down with hard sobs; maybe not shocking to see Mikey or Raph do it, or not as surprising to see Donnie weep. But poor Leo. He felt horrible for his son.

The concerned rat brought him over to his bed, and they both sat down together. “Tell me,” he kindly said. “What happened?”

Leo tried to regain his composure, sniffling only when he could, but stared at his sensei as more tears came down. “Okay,” said Leo clearing his throat. “It’s been happening a lot lately, but it’s the same thing. I wake up in the morning, I smell something cooking, and I think it’s Mike. I go downstairs, and who do I see, but Tang Shen making me waffles.”

“What about your brothers?” asked Splinter.

“They weren’t there. It was just me and her.” Leo wiped his eyes a bit. “Anyway, I begin to sit down to eat, and the two of us start talking. We talk about a lot of things, and she’s asking me questions about what it’s like to be the leader, and how far I’m in with my training, and if I have any girlfriend . . .”

“My son. I don’t see how this is a nightmare.”

“Well, that’s not the bad part. You see . . . By the end of the dream, she stands up . . . and spreads her arms out. She looks at me and says, ‘Come, my son,’ just like you would. So, I smile, I get up . . . , and then I spread my arms out and start walking up to her. And just as I’m about to embrace her, I . . .” Leo sniffed again and looked down at the floor. “I . . .” he continued.

Splinter put his hand onto his son’s leg. “What?” he asks. “You what?”

Leo tried to look back at Splinter, but turned away and stared back at the floor. Trying to hide his emotions, unsuccessfully, he closed his eyes as more tears came pouring down. With a small choke, Leo’s voice cracked as he replied: “I wake up.” Leo, already thinking about the feeling of not getting to hold his human mother, sobbed harder and harder.

“Oh, Leonardo,” said Splinter, who now was starting to feel his stomach drop. “Come here.” Splinter spread his own arms out, and Leo slowly leaned onto his father’s shoulder and embraced him. Leo knew that his father was there for him, but the fact that there wasn’t a mother around only created a sharp pain inside him. Splinter patted his son’s back, once again, comforting him to calm down before waking anyone else up. “It’s gonna be alright,” Splinter said to his eldest child. “Don’t cry, my son. Don’t cry.”

Through the snot and phlegm, Leo screamed, “I’ve tried so hard! I’ve tried to forget about this! Ever since we lost her, all I see is someone else I’ll never meet! It’s not fair, Sensei! Why must we keep losing them? Why?!” Sobbing again, Leo keeps leaning his head on his father’s shoulder.

“I know, I know,” said Splinter. “Death can be inevitable, my son. There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t think about the wife I lost. The worst now is that my daughter is gone, too.”

Leo didn’t want to break free from his master and continued crying. “Dad,” he sobbed. “I don’t know what to do. I feel like I failed you! I mean, I tried to save her! I tried to save Miwa! Now that’s she gone, I feel alone!”

“No, my son,” responded Splinter. “You are never alone. You have us. We’re here for you, Leonardo. I’m here for you.”

Leo’s sobs began to become softer, but Splinter never let go. He continued to pat and rub his son’s shell.

Suddenly, the door opened, and in walked Donatello. “Sensei,” he said. “I heard crying. What’s going on . . .”


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He looked to see Leo holding onto his father. “Hey, what’s wrong with Leo?” the smartest turtle asked, as if he had no clue to what happened.

Behind him stepped Michelangelo and Raphael. Mikey seemed a bit surprised, but Raph looked grumpy, trying to rub his eyes. “Okay, Donnie,” Raph blurted. “If this is about April, I’m gonna beat ya to a . . .” He stopped to see Leo crying softly, still hugging Splinter. “Oh, it’s the other dork,” Raph said. He turned to Mike and asked, “What’s his problem?”

“Dude!” yelled Mikey. “Be a little sensitive, will ya? He’s upset!”

“Over what?”

Splinter lifted his head and explained in a few short sentences: “Your brother feels responsible for Miwa’s death. Lately, he’s been having the same dream he’s met Tang Shen, and it always ends with him not getting a hug from her. I know this may sound weird to you, but there is a connection, my sons.”

Don interrupted, “Because she was Tang Shen’s daughter.”

Raph stopped and looked at his brother. All of a sudden, he began to frown. “Man. That is heavy.”

Mike walked over to Leo and held his arm. “Hey, Bro,” the youngest one calmly said. “Look. I know you might be embarrassed to cry in front of us, but we don’t mind. It’ll be okay.”

Leo looked up at his brothers and saw them staring sadly. Mikey, however, made a small, innocent smile. “Guys,” said Leo wiping his eyes with his arm. “You should be asleep.”

Don instantly replied, “Well, we were until we heard you. Leo, why didn’t you tell us about this?”

“Yeah, Bro,” said Mikey. “We could have found a way to stop that dream . . . or of course, Donnie could have helped you. Heh.”

“That’s the problem,” replied Leo. “I didn’t want it to stop. I kept having it because I loved it. But I was hoping for an ending. Instead, I kept getting the cliffhanger.”

Raph stopped and stared awkwardly at his brother. “You’ve been watching a lot of TV, haven’t you?”

Donnie interjected, “Well, technically, Raph. Cliffhangers are also in books, so it could be from too much reading.” Raph eyed him and scowled. Don stepped aside a bit and chuckled. “But that’s not important now.”

Mikey stepped forward again. “Is there anything you want us to get you, Leo” he asked, “Maybe some tea?”

“No thank you,” Leo replied. “I’ll be fine.” He got up from the bed and bowed towards Splinter. “Thank you, father.” He started walking out of the room as Splinter bowed back.

“You’re welcome my son,” the rat said.

Leo started looking at his brothers, with still a sad expression on his face. “I’m . . . sorry, guys,” he tried speaking. “I just can’t get over what happened. I thought I knew what I was doing. I thought I would be able to save her. But, there was nothing. I was wrong to trust her like that. If I didn’t, she wouldn’t have gotten herself killed. I mean . . .” He stopped to sigh and looked at the floor again. “I’m such an idiot.”

Raph walked over to him. “Hey, don’t you say stuff like that, Leo!” he exclaimed. “Last time I checked, you’re no idiot. A dork, yes. But not an idiot.”

“Yeah, Dude,” said Mikey. “I mean, it’s pretty obvious with your leading, and stealth action, and combat positions, and sneak attacks.”

Donnie began to interrupt. “Why do you think we have so much faith in you? I may be the smart one around here, but even I know I’m not the only one. I’ve known you for a long time, Leo. You are a brilliant leader.”

Raph placed his hands on Leo’s shoulders. “Yeah, and you were right about her anyway. There was some good in her. I didn’t agree, at first, but she saved us, man. And while you almost got yourself killed, you still fought Shredder like a boss!”

Mikey popped in front of Raph and exclaimed, “Dude, seriously! How totally awesome was that?”

Leo looked away for a second and turned to his brothers, replying, “You’re right. I guess I knew how to keep myself alive this time around. It’s just, I still didn’t see the rest coming.”

“Nobody did,” said Donnie. “But let’s be realistic. Even if we did rescue her and turned her into a human again, she wouldn’t come live with us. She could have made the decision to leave and start her life anew.”

“It was never going to happen, Leo,” said Raph reassuringly. “Yeah, I’m pretty sad about it, too. I wish I could’ve known her more. But as long as I still have my shell-head brothers around, I’m cool.”

Leo’s frown turned into a smile. “I am,” he said. He paused for a moment and turned to the wall. “What Miwa did was so we could still live and fight together. And . . . we should be proud of her. We shouldn’t be mourning over her anymore. In the end, we must honor her. Maybe if she didn’t save me, or any of you, we wouldn’t be here together. So, yes. I am thankful.”

His three brothers smiled back at him. Leo, feeling better than he did minutes ago, started walking past his brothers. “Well,” he said, “I’m going back to bed. We do have more training tomorrow.”

As Leo headed to his room, Mike came over and asked, “Do you want any of us to lie down with ya, buddy?”

“No, I’m good.”

The three brothers watched him head to his room. Donnie sighed and looked at all his brothers. “I know how he feels,” he said.

Raph turned his head and asked, “What do you mean?”

“I’ve been having the same dream, too.”

“You and me, Bro,” replied Mikey.

The three walked back to their rooms. Raph went in his and slipped under the covers and closed his eyes. Soon, he fell back to sleep.

Minutes passed, and Raph could hear the sizzling of bacon. He got up, all enthused to come down for breakfast. “Oh yeah, bacon!” he yelled with delight. Raph began running out of his room and headed for the kitchen. With only the thought of teasing Mike, but praising his cooking, he passed by the punching bag and slid into the kitchen. As his feet stopped him from going too far, he looked and stared at the stove. His eyes bugged out with astonishment. “What?” he asked.

In front of him was a Japanese woman in her thirties, with long, silk black hair hanging down. She was wearing a white dress, with a bit of blue stiches all around. As she turned around, her lush lips spread with a beautiful white smile, teeth that probably made Leo jealous. Raph couldn’t believe the sight: Tang Shen.

“You’re finally awake, sleepy head,” she said.

The dream had already started for Raph, but this time, he was prepared. “Hello, Mother,” he happily said.


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Not bad. Interesting concept!

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Pretty decent.

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Is this set in the Nick show Bauer? That's the only thing confusing me.

I really like it. Keep working on it, you got me invested. :)

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Is this set in the Nick show Bauer? That's the only thing confusing me.

I really like it. Keep working on it, you got me invested. :)

Yes. It's supposed to be. I know this may not actually happen, but it's always great to experiment with your imagination.

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So far, so good.