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06-24-2015, 12:35 PM
One thing that males me like both Manhattan Prohect and Turtles In Time SNES port are the set of bosses to giht in the games. Doubt a group of bsses would ever surpass those two games based on the format of games and it being a couple of media incarnations old. If you were to decide a set of bosses used in a game pick a list for a classic game and one using all media up to current. Main thing is have fun. List the level the boss would be based at too if you would like.

Classic game:
Big Louie
Razhar and Tokka
Rat King
Chrome Dome
General Tragg

I will post an all generations list of bosses later.

06-24-2015, 01:00 PM
Adapting the IDW verse to a game...

Level 1: NYC Streets
Player: Raph
Boss: Old Hob

Level 2: Stockgen
Player: Any Turtle
Boss: Mega Mouser

Level 3: NYC Rooftops
Player: Leo
Boss: Foot ninja gauntlet

Level 4: Foot HQ
Player: Splinter
Boss: Alopex
Boss: Karai

Level 5: Foot HQ
Player: Any Turtle
Boss: Shredder

Level 6: Sewers
Player: Any Turtle
Boss: Slash

Level 7: Dimension X
Player: Any Turtle
Boss: Krang

Level 8: NYC Streets
Player: Any Turtle
Boss: Shredder

Level 9: Docks
Player: Mike, Don, Raph
Boss: Dark Leo

Level 10: Theater
Player: Slash, Hob, Casey
Boss: Hun
Player: Mike, Don, Raph
Boss: Bebop & Rocksteady

Level 11: Northampton
Player: Leo
Boss: Koya

Level 12: Harold's Lab
Player: Don
Boss: Metalhead

Level 13: Graveyard
Player: Casey
Boss: Hun

Level 14: Sewers
Player: Leo, Splinter
Boss: Rat King

Level 15: NYC Streets
Player: Leo, Mike, Raph, Slash, Hob, Splinter
Boss: Bebop & Rocksteady

Level 16: Technodrome
Player: Leo, Mike, Raph
Boss: Baxter Stockman
Boss: General Krang

Level 17: Foot HQ
Player: Hob, Mondo, Slash
Boss: Hun
Player: Splinter, Alopex, Nobody
Boss: Karai

Level 18: Harold's Lab
Player: Don
Boss: Bebop & Rocksteady

Level 19: Null HQ
Player: Hob, Slash, Mondo
Boss: Null

07-13-2015, 02:29 PM
Purple Dragons
Rat King
Baxter Stockman
Kraang Sub-Prime
Bebop and Rocksteady
Kraang Prime

07-13-2015, 02:32 PM
Looks like you are pulling from TMNT 1987 and the Nicktoon. Which Razhar did you select? Am I the only one annoyed by making Metalhead a boss?

07-13-2015, 11:41 PM
A game with random Bosses from the 88 Toyline...

Scale Tail
Hot Spot
Mutagen Man

07-14-2015, 12:07 PM
Looks like you are pulling from TMNT 1987 and the Nicktoon. Which Razhar did you select? Am I the only one annoyed by making Metalhead a boss?

Nick Rahzar was used. Metalhead and Karai are unlocked after beating them.

07-14-2015, 03:14 PM
A game with random Bosses from the 88 Toyline...

Scale Tail
Hot Spot
Mutagen Man


Original TMNT Cartoon Fan
07-15-2015, 04:14 PM
1987 cartoon game set during season 4 (with levels) where Shredder kidnaps April & Irma:

*New York City sewers: Rat King throwing sodabombs and using his trap with stone attached to rope, and playing the flute commanding rats.

*Channel 6 officebuilding: Bebop and Rocksteady (firing laser weapons and fighting with baseballbats)

*New York City Central Park & Manhattan Island rooftops (level where the turtles must swing). Baxter Stockman (fly mutant) firing a laser raygun

*Manhattan Island seaport districts: Big Louie and some henchmen (firing machine guns)

*Florida: Leatherhead (running, punching, knives)

*Japan: Shredder, no stupid Super-Shredder jumping causing shockwaves and that stuff, just a sword-fight

*Neutrino planet: General Traag & Lieutnant Granitor (firing laser blasters)

*Technodrome, Volcanic Asteroid: fight against Shredder again (with the same attacks) and Krang inside his robot body (not enlarging, but fighting the turtles with items like at the end of season 3). Both Krang & Shredder on screen at the same time, in the Technodrome portal room.

08-03-2015, 10:41 PM
tmnt y2k3 battle nexus mega shredder (sen in roug intha house)
tmnt y2k3 2003 video.game elite gaurd (with axe)
tmnt y2k3 batle nxus GBA feudal (japan) foot nnja w twin blade swrod...
and last but not least TMNT :3 Mutant Nightmare: all THREE karai bot/amzion blde bot's


09-03-2015, 07:27 PM
Here's my second list

* Zeck and Steranko
* Human Baxter
* Chris Bradford
* King Nail
* Ms. Campbell
* Scumbug
* Fly Baxter
* Antrax
* Pizzaface
* Zanamaron
* Granitor
* Tragg
* Koya
* Bishop
* Krang (final boss)

For the Sequel
* Two-Ton
* Fly Baxter
* Scratch
* The Creep
* Shreeka
* Alpha-1
* Bludgeon
* Multiflex and Buzzroc
* Complete Carnage
* Armaggon (final boss)

10-08-2015, 12:06 PM
Great Topic!! I will always have a special spot for Manhattan Project, that is without a doubt my all-time video game.

So for me, having a level where you fight Foot Soldiers on Surf Boards is an absolute must. In fact I think there should be multiple levels where you have that scenario. One early on with basic foot soldiers, maybe the occassional elite, and then one deeper into the game, near the end, with harder difficulty and a boss battle.

I like the idea of the "Marvel interaction" meaning, that in most classic Bronze Age Marvel comics, when 2 heroes that are unfamiliar with each other cross paths, there is a misunderstanding, they battle each other, and then realize they're on the same side and team-up to then track down the true villain. So I'd apply that to the game with a number of characters, they start out as foes and Bosses, after you defeat them, you enlist them to your cause and they become unlockable and playable characters (for select levels).

The game would also be structured around being a multi-player co-op.

I'd like a game along this setup, drawing mainly on the Original Toon dynamic, but pulling some Mirage elements in as well, Krang invades with a full army from Dimension X, and the portal opens at the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island. The Turtles have to grab their surf boards and try to shut down the portal.

And so, part 1 of my Level & Boss Breakdown would be as follows:

Level 1 - "Get to the Coast"

Objective: The Turtles board the Turtle Van and have to drive through the city in the Party Wagon, this part is timed, and counting down. Turtle(s) are on the roof of the Party Wagon fighting off foot soldier, while another Turtle (player) is driving the Turtle van following the onscreen map to the docks. Turtles can man the gun on the pop-out door of the Party Wagon. Their Foot Cruisers trying to delay you, and they are the source of the Foot Soldiers jumping aboard the Party Wagon.You have to reach the docks in the time limit, and then square off against the boss.

Boss: Baxter Stockman (Fly)

Level 2 -"Surf's Up Dude"

Objective: Surf to Liberty Island in hopes of shutting the portal to Dimension X! The Turtles hop aboard their Surf Boards and battle foot soldiers also on boards.
The foot soldiers are a little more advanced (and colored a different color to represent their increase in difficulty). You get to the coast of Liberty Island where, while still on a Surf Board, you square off against the boss, also on a surf board.

Boss: Slash

Level 3 - "The Rock Soldiers are Coming, the Rock Soldiers are Coming"

Objective: The portal to Dimension X is wide open, and Krang's Rock Soldiers are invading Liberty Isle! You have to fend off Rock Soldiers and Foot Soldiers, and prevent them from attacking the Tourists located on the Island. After you've defeated the first wave of Rock Soldiers, it's time for the Boss battle!

Boss: Granitor

Level 4 - "I Don't Think We're in Kansas Anymore"

Objective: That was easy...too Easy! While you may have stopped the first invasion wave, Shredder & Krang have more tricks up his slimy tentacle! The portal works 2 ways, and he reverses the signal to transport the Turtles to Dimension X!!! After a trans-dimensional trip, you arrive amidst...the Battle Nexus! There you must defeat a gauntlet of bosses, including Cryin' Hound, Ace Duck, Bloodbath, and culminating with the final, giant-sized boss...

Boss: D'Ant (from the Turtle story in Grimjack #26)

Level 5 - "Out of the Frying Pan into the Fire"

Objective: You've done it, Battle Nexus Tournament Champion, and now the new popular act that millions of paying customers willing open their cosmic wallets to see more of. The only way to freedom and back to NY to stop Krang's invasion, is to escape! Not an easy task when the Battle Nexus is run by...the Triceratons!!! A concerned citizen in the crowd, Fugitoid, can lead you to the Transmat trans-dimensional portal, follow him to your ticket home. But beware, you must defeat the Triceratons trying to stop you! After defeating a small batallion of Triceratons in the timed countdown, you must beat the their batallion leader...

Boss: Captain Zarg (in the Shogun Triceraton armor)

Part 2 coming later

10-09-2015, 11:19 AM
There'd be lots of bosses in my game. xD

1. Hun
2. Rat King
3. Fly Baxter
4. Leatherhead
5. Slash
6.Bebop and Rocksteady
7. Tokka and Rahzar
8. Chronos
9. Beserko
10 Tempestra
11. General Tragg and Granitor
12. HiTech
13. Bishop
14. Shredder and Krang
15. Lord Dregg (Lord Dregg would be the final boss, but the first time you fight him, he's in his normal outfit, occasionally attacking you and shooting lasers from his gun and eyes
16. Lord Dregg (Final Boss Battle. This time Lord Dregg would be in his Morpho Genesis Exoskeleton outfit from the last episode of the 1987 TMNT series.)

11-01-2015, 09:31 PM
IDW Bosses
Old Hob
Giant Mouser

02-02-2016, 05:56 AM
Mine is based on the 80's, 2003, 2012 and 90's movie

1. Giant Mouser
2. Don Turtelli and his Mob
3. Bebop and Rocksteady and their Gang in Human Form
4. Baxter in Human Form and Robot Suit
5. Bradford and Xever
6. Rat King
7. Spider Bytez
8. Snakeweed
9. Tokka
10. Rahzar
11. Groundchuck
12. Dirtbag
13. Slash
14. L.T. Granitor
15. General Traag
16. Newtralizer
17. Parasitic Wasp
18. Justin
19. Mutagen Man
20. Crooked Ninja Turtle Gang
21. Killer Pizza Monsters Form 1
22. Killer Pizza Monsters Form 2
23. Killer Pizza Monsters Form 3
24. Hun and the Purple Dragons
25. Mutagen Monster
26. Metalhead
27. Chong Form 1
28. Chong Form 2
29. Wingnut and Screwloose
30. Squirlanoid
31. Alpha 1
32. Chrome Dome
33. Fungas Humungas and Mushroom Men
34. Giant Rat Mutants (X4)
35. Kraathatragon
36. Pizza Face and Pizza Men
37. Ho Chan
38. Rocktopus
39. Eric Sacks
40. Master Khan
41. Nano
42. Mad Dog McHutt and his goons
43. Lugnut and his Gang
44. Kraang Subprime
45. Kraang Prime
46. Bebop and Rocksteady and their Gang in Mutant form
47. Baxter Fly
48. Dogpound and Fishface
49. Tiger Claw
50. Bosses 49, 48, 47, 46, 40, 31, 24, 20, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 2 and 1
51. Master Tatsu
52. Master Shredder