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07-11-2015, 03:27 PM
Watch out for the sick burn to Hickman

Multiversity Too isn't what you think it is. It's not a follow-up," Morrison explained. "All these years since 1987 I've been trying to get the Multiverse back." However, it wasn't just a confined Multiverse. Morrison said he wanted to bring back the idea of an infinite Multiverse. This series of graphic novels plays in that infinite.

"If you imagine that Multiverse map is one bubble of 52 universes," he said. "There are more bubbles of 50 or 100 universes."

Thus, the books can go anywhere and do anything. Morrison said he really wants to push the characters into new places, even beyond the way they were originally conceived.

Morrison also provided early details on another series of original graphic novels: "Batman: Black & White." A continuation on the "Batman: Black & White" concept seen in previous DC Comics titles and collections, the line features Morrison pairing with rotating artists on stories taking place in the world of the Dark Knight. "It ties into the Multiversity because each of these stories is a different take on Batman." Morrison said there's a Zurr-en-arrh Batman story that stars the daughter of the original Batman and a Bat-mage story. He also said there is a story that focuses on all of Bruce Wayne and Batman's girlfriends.

The floor then opened to questions from the audience.

The first question came from a young, very enthusiastic fan that Morrison already knew, calling the fan who responded with a loud, "Yes!!" to the news about "Multiversity Too" -- a genius.

"You're my favorite writer," the fan started.

"You're my favorite reader," Morrison responded.

The fan asked if there was going to be limited series about the specific worlds from the Multiverse, like Earth-36? "I'd like more people to pick up on the ideas and write the series," Morrison said. "I think we need to get you to start writing them as well."

Another fan pointed out that while Morrison said he started the series years ago, there was a nod to Marvel's current "Secret Wars" event. The fan asked, "Did you get [writer Jonathan] Hickman drunk and pick his brain?" in order to find out about the event.

"I got him drunk but I couldn't find his brain," Morrison joked. "Sorry, John."

Morrison explained that as time went on the story evolved and he included more things but said that he was able to see the pieces of the puzzle of where things were going in the Marvel Universe ways ago. Not to mention the event nature of comics lately. For Morrison, it wasn't exactly a reference to "Secret Wars" but the usual event nature of some comics.

Cunningham asked if it was coincidence the first two worlds destroyed was 7 and 8 the Marvel U and Ultimate U analogs.

"It was easy to predict back in 2006 that the Ultimate universe was doomed," Morrison said with a laugh.

In regards to not working on main and ongoing titles anymore, Morrison said he wanted to move away from the main books because he didn't want to become the old creator who demanded things and character be and act a certain way. He pointed out that comics are growing and changing and new people are coming in there's more diversity and he wanted to allow those creators to create. Morrison then put on a hilarious affection of an older person and did a fake rant about characters and comics. "Black Canary with a broken nose? You can't have that. She's supposed to be a hot girl!"

The last question came from an attendee that said she just stumbled into the panel and had never read anything but Morrison but definitely will immediately.

As the panel came to a close, Morrison ended by saying, "We can't keep having the same boring people saying the same boring things. We need you to write Batman."


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Holy f*ck yes