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Lethal Lullaby
07-22-2015, 09:20 PM
Gonna try this again... I don't think imma write out fanfics with chapters much anymore, since I never seem to finish them. I'll just post random oneshots(or whatever you wanna call them) here and there in this thread. They will include my OCs in them, so be prepared for that and uh violence/gore in some, a few romances, and probably randomness in others...
Eeyup... enjoy I guess?

Mikey vs. The Television (2003)

The orange masked turtle sat directly in front of the T.V. set practically glued to the screen. He had been that way for the past half hour. There was a marathong of horror films on and he wasn't going to miss a second of it. He reached behind him, where a bowl of popcorn was while still focusing on the movie, and grabbed himself a handful of the buttery popcorn. He brought the popcorn to his mouth eating it in a messy manner. "Mmm. this popcorn goes great with this marathon." he says to himself.

After a few minutes a pale skinned girl with black hair and red eyes walked in the lair. She was wearing black jeans that she ripped up on her own with a red and white checkered long sleeved shirt over a black tank top. She was one of the turtles new allies, named Mystee, and was also a vampire. She had came with her pet Chinchilla, Lilium, since she brought her tarantula, Jason, last week. The young vampire then noticed her orange masked friend right in front of the T.V. She opened her mouth to ask about it, but Donatello answered her.

Having seen Mystee with Lilium in the lair Donatello smiled, happy to see them. He was wearing a pair of safety goggles from an experiment he was working on. He figured she was going to ask about his brother and why he was sitting glued to the T.V. "Apparently there's some horror movie marathon on. I don't think he's even going to leave for the bathroom." the purple masked turtle tells Mystee.

"Ahh..." Mystee says with a nod to Don before looking at the back of Michelangelo's head, since she obviously couldn't look at his face. "Fool, you're going to hurt your eyes like that." She says in a warning and concerned tone.

"But! Must see. EVERY. Detail." Mikey says sounding as if he were under some type of hypnosis still focused on the television, which currently had on a commercial about tampons.

"Yep. Every detail about women's menstrual cycle.." Mystee comments half hoping the orange masked turtle would look away. When he didn't she just shook her head. "Alright. Have fun burning your eye sockets out. I won't hesistate to tell you 'I told you so' in some way." She tells him then goes to see what Raphael is doing.

"She is right, you know." Donatello says before getting shushed loudly by his youngest brother. Don shook his head sighing while grabbing the bridge of his nose shaking his head. "I'll just go back to my workstation." he says then does exactly that.

+++ Several Hours Later +++

Mystee returned to the lair again with Lilium seeing Michelagelo laying on his shell now staring up at the ceiling. "Mikey?" She says walking over and looking down at his dry red eyes. "Eugh." She says with a shudder.

"Mystee? I-I can't feel my eyes." Mikey says before straining to close his eyes.

"Mmm And what'd I tell you before?" Mystee asks crossing her arms giving him that 'I told you so look,'.

"My eyes haven't burned out of their sockets. They are, as you might see, still there." Mikey answers gesturing to his face.

"Still. They might as well NOT be there." Mystee says unfolding her arms and putting her hands out before her as if she wanted to strangle Michelangelo.

Splinter walked by shaking his head in disapproval. "Sometimes I wish I didn't let them have a T.V. in the first place." he says to himself.

The End.