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07-26-2015, 04:58 AM
Hello everyone!
Long time lurker, first time poster here. My name is Turtles-Boy and I am a huge TMNT fan from Austria. :tsmile:
I have to admit, there's a reason why I started posting now.
I recently startet my own TMNT podcast and I am already up to episode 10. It's called "TMNT - Der Talk" (german for "TMNT - The Talk") and I talk about TMNT news, characters and different things TMNT-related.
There is just one "problem". It's in german. But I know that there are some german-speaking TMNT fans out there and they could check it out. :trazz:
I have to admit, it's not very professional (especially the first episode) but I enjoy doing it. :)

So, if you wanna check it out, you could find it on my blog http://tmnttalk.blogspot.com or you can find it on iTunes.

Feedback is always welcome. CU around. :tgrin:

08-02-2015, 05:50 AM
Hey ho.
I just uploaded a new episode of "TMNT - Der Talk".
In this episode, I talk about the 2014 movie. Check it out. :)
Feedback is always welcome!


08-08-2015, 02:58 PM
Hey, dudes.
I just uploaded episode 12 of "TMNT - The Talk".
This time I play live through the Game Boy game "TMNT - Fall Of The Foot Clan". :)
Check it out!


09-08-2015, 01:28 PM
Hey guys. Just wanted to let you know that "TMNT - Der Talk" is now on Facebook!
Check it out. I will post news about the show and other stuff there. Looking forward to hear from you (german-speaking) guys. ;-)