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Lethal Lullaby
07-27-2015, 12:21 PM
Shredder originally wanted the Kraang to open a portal to bring out something to destroy the turtles. Unfortunately there was an intereference with the portal which unleashed a legion of demons. Does this ruin the Shredder's chances of trying to rid the turtles? Not really. The TMNT must try to stop this demonic invasion, with some help of course, or this might be their last Halloween.

Series : 2k12

Rating: TV-14

No God modding/ Power Playing.

~*~Characters 2012 universe~*~(If there’s a character that I have not listed yet, and that you want added, just say.)
Raph: Metroid
Donnie: Spirael
Mikey: Lethal Lullaby
Leo: Electric
Splinter: ???
April: Lethal Lullaby
Casey: GoldMutant
Shredder: GoldMutant
Xever(Fish Face): Lethal Lullaby
Bradford(Rhazzar): Spirael
Stockmanfly: Spirael
Karai: Electric

~*~Fan Characters are most welcome of any kind. Long as they're not way Over Powered and Godly ~*~
Mystee (Vampire. Doesn't know TMNT yet): Lethal Lullaby
Shiro: Shiro Kame
Shadow and Tarot: 17thCenturySorcerer
Allister: Electric
Max Gear: Blackeyedsonic
Witchpanther: Fang Wolf
Splintia: Fang Wolf

Lethal Lullaby
07-27-2015, 12:24 PM
Our story starts in the middle of Halloween day with Shredder activating the portal and it opening.
Suddenly the portal starts to turn into a dark mixture of black and a glowing crimson red. From inside the portal sounds of malicious laughter can be heard and they sounded as if they were coming closer.

"Master Shredder, what is happening?!" Fish Face says eyeing the portal with wide eyes. He was hoping that whatever was inside making the evil laughter wasn't going to come out. He had a feeling they wouldn't be there to help them.


At her Motel Mystee was still wearing her normal clothes, but she did have a costume put together that she just could not wait to put on. She currently was sitting on her bed holding Lilium in her arms as her tarantula Jason crawled up on her head. She giggled because it tickled the top of her head some. "I'm gonna miss you two when I'm out tonight." She was planning to take part in tricking people since there's no use in getting any treats that she wouldn't eat. She glanced out her window seeing there was already some kids dressed up and walking about with others and their parents.


April was already on her way to the lair of the TMNT. She decided that she was going to be a pirate this year. She then came to a stop touching her hand to her head. Something didn't seem right all of the sudden. She took out her tessen and looked around as she started to walk faster to the lair of the turtles. She didn't feel like she was being followed, but she wanted to get to her friends as quickly as possible.

07-27-2015, 01:24 PM
With careful precision Donatello smoothed the recycled zipper, backed with double-sided sticky tape, in place down the centre of his plastron to complete the final touch to his masterpiece. Stepping back, he then cast a critical gaze over his own reflection.

Freshly bathed, he’d not re-attired himself in the usual knee and elbow pads, nor replaced the wraps around his wrists and feet. He didn’t even have his belt on, or his bandanna, and his bo staff was to spend the evening neglectfully propped against the wall of his room.

Instead, he had elasticated bands around his wrists to give the impression of gloves and some carefully constructed canvas shoes for his feet. They’d taken weeks to craft in secret, but it was undoubtedly worth the effort. With the addition of the zip it gave a relatively convincing rendition of someone wearing a turtle costume.

“This is going to be great!” Donnie gushed excitedly to himself, before quickly picking up the sheet containing his master plan to review it one more time.

It was Halloween. The only night of the year where, with the proper accessories, a mutant turtle could walk the streets in relative safety from the wary judgement of the humans who feared the extraordinary. And that meant it was his one chance to take April on a date.

He had it all figured out. They’d start with a movie, naturally the most terrifying one currently playing. There was one about a demon invasion that sounded particularly promising to invoke the desired effect. Which was, of course, for April to seek comfort from the one accompanying her and snuggle in close.

After that, they could go for some pizza and watch any little kids as they finished up the trick or treat parade throughout the streets. Then maybe go for a walk through the park together, to see what decorations were in place. Unless April wanted to go trick or treating herself. In which case he would accompany her, to help carry the haul.

Confidently setting his notes back down, Donatello pushed open his door and headed for the central living area of the lair. April was due to arrive at any moment, so he needed to make sure he was ready to nonchalantly welcome her and then casually invite her out.

Now if only his pulse would stop racing in nervous excitement, it would make the completely calm atmosphere he was trying to portray an awful lot easier.


The demonic laughter and eerie illuminations that emanated from within the portal were deeply unsettling to the skeletal dog. However, there was no way he was about to admit any such fear in the present company. Instead, he deflected his unease by throwing a repulsed look towards Xever.

“Scared?” Bradford mocked. “Perhaps it’s past your bed time.”

07-27-2015, 02:36 PM
"Knock it off you two" karai said glaring back at Bradford and Xever. She reached back and put a hand on her blade, ready to attack whatever that portal brought out. She knew this was a bad idea. Any interaction with the Kraang was risky, and whether this occurrence was accidental or intentional, she would pay them a visit later.

Allister stood in the corner leaning on the wall with arms crossed, looking up at the dysfunctional portal with a straight face. He was curious to see what came out.


Leo stood in his stance in front of the practice dummy. He closed his eyes, then smoothly transitioned into a series of quick jabs. He then cocked his knee back, before swinging it into the dummy knocking it up in the air off its stand. Gracefully straightening the same leg perpendicular to the ground, he brought it down, slamming the dummy to the floor. He opened his eyes, satisfied with his lack of error in that set.

Shiro Kame
07-27-2015, 02:36 PM
(Since we're moved here, I'll just repost with a different post. It wouldn't make sense for Shiro to be kept out of the Foot affairs.)

Shiro growled and hissed at the portal as she got out her katana.

Shiro: I KNEW we couldn't trust the Kraang! Now they're probably gonna trap us in a pocket dimension of DOOM!

Sushi Shea
07-27-2015, 05:00 PM
[Partial quote to prevent confusion XD]


Confidently setting his notes back down, Donatello pushed open his door and headed for the central living area of the lair. April was due to arrive at any moment, so he needed to make sure he was ready to nonchalantly welcome her and then casually invite her out.

Now if only his pulse would stop racing in nervous excitement, it would make the completely calm atmosphere he was trying to portray an awful lot easier.

Michelangelo had been lounging on the bench in front of the fan for at least thirty minutes, with neither mask nor gear to be found. Thirty minutes of shifting around impatiently while the excesses of blue and white wet paint dripped and stained in misshapen globs upon the floor. It felt like it would be years -- years -- before all the paint dried, skin (ugh, it itched), shell, thick cardboard cut-out of the curly tail and all. And it had already taken so long to make.

But he was patient. Mostly. Sort of. Because his costume was the best, oh yes, even if the paint was a little thin in some places; while others were putting on zippers, cloth and strips, he'd been working outside of the box.

And then Donatello appeared. The perfect moment to show it off.

Drying time was forgotten; tucking the tail into his belt with a flurry of fumbling, he launched himself over the back of the bench, tumbled over his shell and stuck a acrobat's landing, just a hop away from bowling his brother over. He even added jazz hands. Nailed it.

"BOO! A wild Squirtle appeared!" he cheered, beaming. "Whatcha think? Totally rocks, right?"

07-27-2015, 05:03 PM
(Ok so it's here now)
Max was walking down the street dressed in a cop uniform just a Halloween costum he loves this Holliday nothing better then free candie that he can store to have all year. As he walks he is making metal from cracking his knuckles luckly only pepole with what could be called supper hearing can hear it. Pretty soon he araives at his first stop.

07-27-2015, 05:21 PM
They were never a quiet bunch -- not usually. This would not be the first time their scuffling and shouting and rummaging about would pierce Splinter's meditative aura and permanently tether him to his corporeal surroundings. In fact, he could usually find respite locking himself away in his room and burning a little more incense than usual.

Not this time, however. Not today. For they got louder, oh so much louder on October 31st.

That was why it was with a tired smile that he cut his session short that evening once again; as cautious about the streets as he was, he understood the merriment. It was only their second year celebrating Halloween, after all -- their second year full-on celebrating anything, really, for festivities were always foreign to him growing up -- and the free pickings he got from their baskets were a delight (he could never turn his nose up at a Reese's Cup or Mars Bar). Most importantly, however, he'd no desire to clamp down on their hearts with lectures of self control when they lifted so much at the prospect of the absolute freedom of the holiday.

He just wished they'd wait until he'd gathered his nerve, first.

Leo stood in his stance in front of the practice dummy. He closed his eyes, then smoothly transitioned into a series of quick jabs. He then cocked his knee back, before swinging it into the dummy knocking it up in the air off its stand. Gracefully straightening the same leg perpendicular to the ground, he brought it down, slamming the dummy to the floor. He opened his eyes, satisfied with his lack of error in that set.
It was as he prepared to leave the dojo -- picking the seam of his hooded robe straight along the way -- that he heard the din from just outside: flesh hitting cloth and the distinctly crisp kiai of Leonardo soundly drowned out the antics of the undoubtedly nearby Michelangelo. Odd; Leonardo may have been more reserved about frivolity in general than his kin, but he would have assumed that was all but stomped when confronted with the prospect of casually visiting his favorite merchandise stores. But alas, as he slid the door ajar, he indeed found him pounding away at their long suffering training bag, and it was with a voice lightly graced with amusement that he called down to him.

"Impressive poise," Splinter said. "But I thought you would be more interested in being presentable than sweating, given the date."

07-27-2015, 05:36 PM
Leo looked back to splinter as he hung the dummy back up. "Oh, sensei...i...I just wouldn't feel right going out there tonight. I should be training" he said, dropping his eyes down to the floor "with the foot still out there, and the kraang still posing a threat, I can't afford a night off to go 'trick of treating'" he shrugged as he said it. He truely did not have an interest in trick or treating, but did want to go enjoy the night. Being able to walk into a comic store, or coffee shop without being screamed at like a rabid beast was both thrilling and enjoyable to him, but he simply could not afford it. The foot would not be taking the evening off, so neither would he. As a leader, he considered encouraging the others to do the same, but after finding donnies "April plan" and knowing how much Mikey enjoyed both costumes and candy, he didn't even try.

Lethal Lullaby
07-27-2015, 06:12 PM
Fish Face narrowed his eyes at Rhazzar. "Shut it you. I don't have to take insults from a DOG." he says before looking back to the portal.

The laughter coming from inside only got louder and louder. Then suddenly the room was engulfed in an ominous red light as black smoke filled the air and there was a very high pitched ringing that only those with really good hearing could hear. As soon as it had happened it was all gone. The machine the portal was appearing from had burn marks, scratches and dents, with some smoke rising off of it.

"That's... That's it?" Fish Face says staring on at where the portal used to be. "What just happened?" he asked unaware that hundreds of various demons had been released into the city. Some were unseeable, some were cleverly disguised, some were clearly visible, some you could touch, while others you couldn't and they all had one thing in common: To feed. Whether it was on emotion, souls, human flesh, etc. They were going to take what they wanted.


April halted her eyes going wide and her body almost losing it's color. She heard something. It sounded something like a screech mixed with a baby's wail. She slowly turned her head around to see if it was behind her. Nothing. Then she looked forward and was looking into the eyes of some being she never seen before. She let out a scream of terror before falling back. The creature came closer drooling. It was twice April's size, had very rough, cracked skin, 4 soulless black eyes, a long snout with over 50 razor sharp teeth and a very skeletal look of half man, half horse.

April shook her head remembering what Splinter had taught her and stood up her legs a bit shaky. She help up her tessen and waited for the creature to come closer. When it did she immediately striked for it's eyes, causing it to make the same noise she heard earlier. It snapped at her and she was lucky that it only tore a small piece of skin rather than her whole arm. She struck again this time for it's mouth, and then again for it's legs.

After it immobilized April ran as fast as she could heading straight to the lair holding where the monster bit her. She didn't stop and she didn't look back. As she was headed there she took out her cell texting Donatello. 'Don. Have your med kit ready.'


Mystee continued to look out the window. She heard of ringing noise and covered her ears looking around wondering what was causing it. When it stopped she uncovered her ears. She looked down at her Chinchilla and saw she had her face buried in her stomach. "Aww. Lilium it's okay. The sound's gone." She also took Jason off the back of her neck when he quickly scurried down and hid under her hair on the back of her head. "I got you too Jason." She tell the little tarantula.

Mystee sighed after calming her pets and saw some children running and screaming as they were being chased what looked to Mystee like a a man in a large Panda costume with blood around it's mouth. She laughed shaking her head before closing the curtain then decided she would finally change into her costume. Unaware that the 'Panda' she saw was actually a demon. It had eaten the three children it was chasing.

07-27-2015, 06:20 PM
Leo looked back to splinter as he hung the dummy back up. "Oh, sensei...i...I just wouldn't feel right going out there tonight. I should be training" he said, dropping his eyes down to the floor "with the foot still out there, and the kraang still posing a threat, I can't afford a night off to go 'trick of treating'" he shrugged as he said it. He truely did not have an interest in trick or treating, but did want to go enjoy the night. Being able to walk into a comic store, or coffee shop without being screamed at like a rabid beast was both thrilling and enjoyable to him, but he simply could not afford it. The foot would not be taking the evening off, so neither would he. As a leader, he considered encouraging the others to do the same, but after finding donnies "April plan" and knowing how much Mikey enjoyed both costumes and candy, he didn't even try.

Every word he spoke brought Splinter's heart a little closer to the pit stomach to the rhythm of his descent down the adjacent steps. He didn't know what else he could have expected; as of late, Leonardo seemed to find little time to be young at all, holiday or no, given the extreme turbulence of their lives over the past year. To his own shame, Splinter recalled with a pang that had intended for him to develop this kind of mindset, although Leonardo seemed to struggle with balancing it at present; he had long decided that it was needed, and even took steps to push him toward it. And yet, here, at the threshold of a rare and exquisite opportunity, he found himself despising it in spite of himself.

He did that with a lot of things, lately; father versus sensei. Father versus sensei.

So, Splinter, came a patient voice within his head, which is it today? He spun Leonardo's words through his mind once more as he approached; Foot still out there. Kraang still posing a threat. So it followed in Leonardo's head, it seemed, that he should be preparing to fight them instead of accompanying his brothers to the surface; he couldn't possibly go with -- !

Splinter's ears stiffened on his head, and suddenly he found his jaw rather tight. Something was wrong with that.

Sensei it is.

"You make a fair point," Splinter said. "So fair, in fact, that you have soundly defeated yourself."

Splinter came to an easy halt before him, and with the tip of his jaded staff, he gently poked between Leo's brow-ridges.

"Think about what you just said, boy -- then you may tell me what you should be doing tonight."

07-27-2015, 06:30 PM
Max clutched his ears as the sound had been let louse. After the sound stopped Max uncovered his ears and smelled his animal instincts telling him to run his hear stood on end his eyes start to dart around looking for the source of the noise unable to find the source:I can't see him don't mean I can't smell them.*he lets his claws out and backs up to the wall closing his eyes letting his instincts guide him*

Shiro Kame
07-27-2015, 07:50 PM
Shiro: I don't that was just "it", Xever-san. *looks over the machine* Whatever came out of that portal either didn't want to go back to where it came, or was powerful enough to destroy the portal. What...what have we unleashed on this world...?

07-27-2015, 09:12 PM
Karai rolled her eyes at shiros comment "Save us the melodramatic speech on our ethics. Whatever just happened was not our fault. It was the Kraangs" She was actually concerned about what just occurred, but decided that until her father gave her instructions on how to proceed, she would keep the rest of them in line.

Allister still said nothing as he walked over to the damaged machine. He stood observing it, more curious than anything about what could have possibly caused this, and when he would get to see it.


Leo looked at the tip of the staff as it tapped between his eyes. He then dropped them back to the floor in thought, shifting them from side to side. Another one of Splinters lessons with a meaning that could be so difficult to find. His eyes looked up when he thought he figured it out. "are you saying, that, because these threats are out there....that i should go up tonight to make sure the others arent in danger...?" he offered

07-27-2015, 11:22 PM
(OOC. Lethal says I could be Tarot and Shadow instead. I thought they would fit into this RP more fluidly then Evanescence)

To figures ran through the now chaotic streets of New York as they spoke through each others minds.
"We were to late Shadow!" the shorter, more feminine figure told the taller, more masculine figure.
"We can't stop all our visions from coming true Tarot." he told her, as they continued to run through the streets, referring to how they saw a vision of demons coming into the world form their realm a few weeks ago.
"Shadow look out!" Tarot shouted as she shot an energized beam of psychic light at a demon who had attempted to lunge at Shadow. The demon screamed in agony as the light spread across it's body like a parasite, purging the demon.
"Thanks Tarot!" Shadow smiled as they continued to run to some destination.
"So you think this will work?" Tarot asked her brother.
"We've done it before, but I'm not sure how it'll work against all these demons." Shadow replied.
"Well we got to try right?" Tarot smiled.
"Yeah!" Shadow said. Suddenly, both Shadow and Tarot came to a screeching stop as they saw a panda costume with blood on it's mouth.
"It's a demon!" Tarot stated.

07-28-2015, 02:39 AM
"BOO! A wild Squirtle appeared!" he cheered, beaming. "Whatcha think? Totally rocks, right?"

Donatello was lost in his own thoughts, fancifully picturing his romantic evening with April. He was completely unprepared for the strange creature that suddenly leapt out of no-where to land threateningly right in front of him with a loud declaration.

“UWAAAAHH!!!” Donnie yelped in fright. He stumbled backwards and landed ungracefully on his rear, right in the middle of one of the dollops of paint left scattered around the area.

There he sat for several seconds, chest heaving as he tried to catch the breath he’d just lost, before his eyes narrowed as he made sense of his attacker.

“MikEEEEEEEEEEEY!” he shouted, scrambling back to his feet. “Not funny! That’s--Ew, what is this? Paint? Auaaah… I was all clean!”

“April’s going to be here any moment-!” he fretted, before quickly scrambling to retrieve his t-phone as he felt the vibration of the message arriving.

He quickly read through it, eyes widening in worry. “The med kit? Oh no! She must be hurt!”

“Out of my way.” he snapped at Mikey, shoving past him.

The turtle rushed towards his lab to retrieve the first aid kit, ignoring the blue and white paint now adorning his bottom.


Bradford yelped in pain and put his clawed hands to his ears, as his delicate canine hearing was blasted with the high pitched ringing. By the time it had gone, the portal had also vanished and the machine that had been creating it seemed to have been destroyed.

Had the plan been a failure? There was no way he was going to suggest as much in front of Shredder. So, for the moment, he waited for further instructions.

Lethal Lullaby
07-28-2015, 05:55 AM
April finally made it to the lair. She immediately dropped to her knees breathing heavily and clearly still a bit traumatized. She didn't even know how she could begin to describe to what the creature that attacked her was. She figured that knowing Donatello he would probably be out to tend to her bite in any moment.


Fish Face approached the portal machine with caution. He slowly reached his hand out to touch it. The machine was still scorching hot causing him to shout and curse in pain as he pulled his hand back from the machine. He walked back over to Shredder. "What now Master Shredder? The portal is too hot to be fixed. We don't know what or even how many of what came out of that portal."


Mystee stepped out of her bathroom in her Motel room. She was now adorning a black corset with a wide black tutu, white stockings with black flat shoes, since she couldn't find a pair of black ballet slippers, long black gloves, and a twisted looking tiara of some sort.

"What do think, Jason and Lilium?" Mystee asks before doing a twirl on one of her feet. She stopped and looked at her reflection in the mirror in her room. "Hmm. Needs just one more thing.." She says as she goes and takes out a make up kit from her dresser. She started to do long wings from her outer eyes to where her temples were. "Now I'm set." She says examining her black swan costume.

07-28-2015, 07:57 AM
Leo looked at the tip of the staff as it tapped between his eyes. He then dropped them back to the floor in thought, shifting them from side to side. Another one of Splinters lessons with a meaning that could be so difficult to find. His eyes looked up when he thought he figured it out. "are you saying, that, because these threats are out there....that i should go up tonight to make sure the others arent in danger...?" he offered

Ah, there it was; Splinter smiled, giving Leonardo's shoulder a gentle yet bracing pat.

"Far more important than any training, is it not?" He said. "You become so tangled up in self improvement -- !"

But anything else Splinter may have said was beaten off his tongue by the click of the turnstiles and the scuffle of rubber soles on pavement. He turned on the spot with wondering eyes, for it was likely one of their human friends come to join them for the evening's festivities --

-- and promptly forgot both himself and the conversation when he found April doubled over at the front steps. Splinter furrowed his brow. Had she been in a hurry? Why was -- ?

She's bleeding.

"Leonardo." The gentility in his voice had vanished without a trace; only urgency remained. "Find Donatello. Make sure he has a medical kit ready."

He did not make time for Leonardo to respond; in an instant he had rushed to April's side, falling to his knee before of her. Find the wound, find the wound, find the -- there: a cut on her arm. It was not too deep nor extremely serious, but it was not something he'd assume she'd made out of a "disagreement" with the plumbing or floor considering the sweat on her brow and alarm in her eyes. . .

In that moment, there was a lick of unsolicited anger in his gut, and his fingers longed for the pommel of a sword. He would find the cause of this and tear it asunder; nothing and no one took a blade or claw to his family and left without regret on his watch ---

Calm yourself. Have you gone mad?

Splinter clenched his jaw. Calm down; you do not know anything yet. She needs your help. Calm down.

"Steady, deshi -- you are safe now," he said, offering her a gentle hand. "Give me your arm; what happened to you?"

Sushi Shea
07-28-2015, 08:17 AM
“MikEEEEEEEEEEEY!” he shouted, scrambling back to his feet. “Not funny! That’s--Ew, what is this? Paint? Auaaah… I was all clean!”

“April’s going to be here any moment-!” he fretted, before quickly scrambling to retrieve his t-phone as he felt the vibration of the message arriving.

He quickly read through it, eyes widening in worry. “The med kit? Oh no! She must be hurt!”

“Out of my way.” he snapped at Mikey, shoving past him.

The turtle rushed towards his lab to retrieve the first aid kit, ignoring the blue and white paint now adorning his bottom.

Michelangelo spent the majority of Donatello's rant giggling stupidly. Indeed, he might never get why April's approval grieved his brother so; she was hardly a hard-nose. what sort of show did Donatello think he needed? "Calm down, dude! It's only April; she's cool with -- "

But Donatello was no longer listening, and for good reason; the pinches of laughter in Michelangelo's eyes disappeared into horror. "She's what?! What happened? Where?!" By the time Michelangelo reached for Donatello's phone -- surely it knew more than he did -- its owner had already barreled past him. The force almost had him spinning on his heels. "Hey, wait! What -- ?"

April finally made it to the lair. She immediately dropped to her knees breathing heavily and clearly still a bit traumatized. She didn't even know how she could begin to describe to what the creature that attacked her was. She figured that knowing Donatello he would probably be out to tend to her bite in any moment.

He quickly found he didn't need it. April was already here, collapsed in the doorway. There were speckles on her shirt. A bright, wet red. Red where red shouldn't be.


He did not stop to register how much. "April!" Michelangelo started across the room for her, but his father was there first, and he nearly tripped in the strain not to fall over him. Squeezing around him with an anxious huff, he knelt to April, searching wildly for open flesh, for ripped skin, for more blood. He pressed a firm hand to her back, for fear told him she might keel away if he did not hold her. "What happened, A? Foot? Kraang? Vampires?!"

Shiro Kame
07-28-2015, 08:52 AM
Shiro leaned against the wall, glaring and showing off her eyeslits at the nearest Kraang that did so much as made eye-contact with her.

Shiro: So...now what...?

07-28-2015, 09:00 AM
Max burst into a house his jaket torn and stained with some blood most his some from something else. He leans against the nerest wall as his cuts and bruises fade tossing his jaket off he decides to find a way to get out of here before more invisabol monsters attack him

07-28-2015, 10:17 AM
The Shredder's original intentions ended in failure, something Oroku Saki is displeased of. The plans were to gain newer weaponry only to release something feared in his teachings in ancient Japan, of something once considered "yokai" but in actually demons. Not one to enjoy failure and sick of the whining and plans to fight the beasts by his men, Shredder turned to them.

"Make a single move to fight these monsters and I make sure it is the final power play any of you make. Get Stockman working on a device to crack these beings genetics so we may possess them. I care less on the situation for what New York suffers from this."

"I'd rather see New York captured in the infernos of hell and consider it a world of enslavement when done. However, if Stockman can crack these creatures I once considered folklore, they're ours. Better to succeed than fail like we've done so many times in the past." Shredder explaining in a stern, but cold like tone.

07-28-2015, 10:27 AM
"Yes, master shredder" karai said Bowing. Now that she knew what her father wanted, she could step back in. She turned back to the others "Allister" she hissed

"Already on it my dear" Allister said in a slightly mocking tone, with a smile. He vanished in a puff of black smoke. He had transported to stockmans lab. "Baxter? We need you." He said walking around the lab.


Karai turned her attention back to the others "you heard master Shredder. You are to leave these, creatures, to their work. Stockman may need one to experiment on. You think you idiots are capable of catching one?" She said looking to rahzar and fishface


Leo smiled internally, having correctly interpreted his senseis lesson. But the pride was short, as his eyes followed splinters to April. He nodded, taking off to the lab. "Donnie!"

Shiro Kame
07-28-2015, 10:33 AM
Shiro's eyes widened and she shivered in shock and disgust at Shredder's orders. They had released a terror on the world that now thousands of innocent people were going to suffer and most likely due for. She, however, kept her mouth shut. She knew better than to question his orders.

Shiro: *bows* Yes, Master Shredder.

Shiro could hear something internally calling herself a spineless coward.

Fang Wolf
07-28-2015, 11:10 AM
Witchpanther come in there Shredder was.
"Hm, what are you doing father?" He asked.
He had the sword of tengu in his right paw.

07-28-2015, 12:32 PM
Rushing into his lab, Donatello snatched the first aid kit from his shelf and was already heading back towards the lair when he heard his family react to April’s entrance. By the time Leonardo called to him, he was nearly through the door on the return journey.

“I’m moving as quick as I can, Leo!” he replied, worry making his response more snappish than he’d intended.

Hurrying over to where Splinter was holding April, he threw directions to his brothers.

“I need a bowl of fresh water. And a towel… A clean one!”

Minutes ago Donnie’s mind had been filled with idealistic thoughts of an evening out, but they had all completely vanished now as instead he hastily went over all the relevant information from the medical textbooks he’d studied throughout the years.

Crouching down, he opened the first aid kit and then reached for April’s arm to gently evaluate the injury. At the same time, his warm brown eyes flicked briefly to her face as he assessed her pallor and tone.

His expression was one of deep concern, not just for her injury but also to the fear that was evident in her body language. Just what had happened? He had lots of questions, but they had already been voiced by the others and he didn’t want to confuse or worry April any further. So for the moment he concentrated on tending to her wound.

“It doesn’t look too serious.” he confirmed, soothingly. “But, uh… It may need a few stitches.”

Releasing her arm, he tapped his fingers together uncertainly. “D-do you want me to do that? Because, I mean… I’ve had practice, mostly on Raph, but… Uh, maybe a hospital would be better?”


Rahzar would rather have spent a nice evening at home watching Animal Planet than go and capture a demon, but there was no way he would be confessing that. Instead, he grinned menacingly.

“I don’t see a problem.” he growled. “The only hard part will be leaving it alive.”

Lethal Lullaby
07-28-2015, 02:56 PM
"Master Splinter." April said between breaths, but was showing signs of calming down. "I was on my way here and and* this thing just tried attacking me. It it bit me and I cut out it's eyes, hit it on it's snout and cut it's legs." She says before wiping the current sweat off of her forehead. She then looked to the others and Donatello when they came over.

April wasn't going to admit it, but she felt overwhelmed with happiness that her friends all came to her aid. True they've done it plenty of other times, but she didn't think they would for just a bite. "You guys are the best." She says as her vision started to blur.

April started to get up to her feet looking like she was going to fall. Not from blood loss, she still had plenty of blood, but from something else. "I'm gonna go o'er Der an' just..." She paused feeling light headed. Before she knew it she was on the ground again and out like a light.


Mystee gave both her tarantula and Chinchilla a gentle pat on their heads before leaving her home. She walked around the streets until she was spun around from behind.

The young vampire raised her fist ready to punch the lights out of her attacker. She stopped when she saw it was just another teenage girl, with short Bob cut pink hair.

"Oh my gosh! You look so pretty! I love your costume!" The pink haired girl exclaims holding Mystee's wrists. She was dressed up as a cheerleader. She looked at Mystee's red eyes with her bright blue ones.

Mystee gave her a bit of an unsure and uneasy look. She was a bit surprised at the girl's grip on her wrists. She attempted to pull away, but it seemed the hold got tighter. "Y-you can let go.." She says quietly.

The girl giggled before letting go of Mystee's wrists. Left behind were hand shaped bruises. "So if you're alone, mind if I join you?" She asks with a clearly too happy smile.

"Not doing anything yet. Just walking." Mystee says not wanting to directly say 'no.' Even though she was thinking it. She looked down at her wrists and the bruises on them. While she had her vision off the girl, the blue eyes shifted to a golden yellow then back to blue.


Fish Face scoffed a bit under his breath. Finding a demon, which they don't even know what to exactly look for, wasn't going to be easy.

He narrowed his eyes at Karai with her 'idiots' comment. She's lucky she's Shredder’s daughter... else I would not have hesistate to slap her. he think. He responded to her with, "Of course WE will be able to capture one." He says in a snappish tone.

The mutant Fish then looked to his assigned partner Rhazzar. "Let's just go put and get it over with, Bradford." He says now wanting to get out of the room before Karai made any other smart comments.

07-28-2015, 03:21 PM
Max walks the street trying to keep low his short height being used to hide.he smells demons he hears the crys of victims prey being found making him growl how dare they hunt his sheep on his hunting ground

07-28-2015, 04:54 PM
Allister appeared back in another cloud of smoke "Baxter has been informed. He said he'd begin working, but liked the idea of a test subject. After that was a long line of technical chatter before he shouted his name" he said looking to Karai and Shredder

"Good. They will take care of it" she said nodding to the henchhmutants. She crossed her arms. She shared her fathers views. The people of New York meant nothing to her, their fate did not bother her. But hers did. These were supernatural beings. She didn't want to be caught off guard by anything, in the event she needed to act. But she'd wait to see how it all plays out.


"April...? April!" Leo said running over and picking her up. He gently set her on the couch. "I thought you said it wasn't serious Donnie?" He wasn't too worried earlier. Donnie is an ace with fixing basic ink uries. But this wasn't just an injury.

07-28-2015, 08:46 PM
Deciding that they didn't have time to be dealing with a freaking demonic panda, Tarot and Shadow turned left and started to run again. After a while they reached their desired destination, the center of New York. It was in some old abandoned warehouse most likely from the "Golden" Days when Child Labor Laws didn't exist, or even more likely a place where immigrants worked back in the day.
"Alright Tarot are you ready?" Shadow asked his sister, drawing a circle on the concrete floor.
A window shattered a demon entered the warehouse.
"Yeah. Let's do this!" Tarot smiled.
The demon started crawling toward the two cats. It was crawling like that ugly girl from the Exorcist coming down the stairs with a mixture of that ****ed up baby from that one movie referenced in Family Guy. Like, **** that ****.
Tarot and Shadow entered the circle Shadow had drawn, their backs facing toward each other. Grabbing hands, an shield of light surrounded them, their green eyes now glowing. Their light began to expand from their circle.
The demon that had been pursuing them was swallowed by the light as it purged the demon.
Their light expanded steadily to a circumference of 100 squared miles. But with New York having an area of 469 squared miles, it wasn't much. That's like only, 21%. (ooc: that's worst than my sisters accounting grade). On the plus side, all the demons within that radius were purged. The down side, they wouldn't be able to do it again with out expending too much of their energy.
__________________________________________________ _____

From a brick wall near where Shredder and his Angels were, (ooc: that's right Shredder's Angels) a demonic armadillo rolled through the brick wall. When it unrolled itself you could see it's hollow eye sockets, the skin around its ribcage was decaying away.

07-28-2015, 09:01 PM
---in the lair---

Raph was in his room during most of the current events. He had only left when he heard the frantic shouting.

"What is all the-"
Raph began to say until he saw April with a scratch on her arm and passed out.

"Is she going to be alright?"
Raph asks walking over to the couch after Leonardo set their human friend down.

07-29-2015, 02:04 AM
“April!” Donnie also gasped as she fainted. Inwardly, he cursed himself for having been looking in the medical kit at precisely the wrong moment, preventing him from catching her as she fell.

“I… I didn’t think it was!” he then replied to Leonardo, more than a little flustered. Quickly, he scooped up the first aid equipment and followed his brother. As April was set gently down onto the couch, he crouched beside her.

As Raphael arrived, Donnie glanced over to him. “I… I don’t know!” he answered, honestly. “I thought it was just a laceration, but there must be something else. Maybe venom? I’d better run some tests.”

Fishing around inside the medical kit, he rapidly gathered all the components necessary to draw a sample of blood. At the same time, he reluctantly started sterilising the needle and forceps in preparation for suturing the wound.

Sewing up his brothers was one thing, but the idea of doing the same for April left him feeling distinctly uneasy. It’s not like he’d been properly trained, he’d only learnt through self-study and necessity. The wound didn’t look too severe, but what if he messed it up? What if he left her scarred?


With no need for words, Bradford nodded to Xever and then stalked over to the doorway to head out to the streets and begin the hunt for one of the demons. A competitive streak was rising within him, and he was determined to be the one to successfully take one of the infernal creatures down first.

Lethal Lullaby
07-29-2015, 06:04 AM
Fish Face searched around as well for anything that could be a demon. He was gone before the armidillo demon attacked Shredder’s base. "Now where could one-" He started until something swiftly brushed by him. "Hey!" He shouted looking around seeing nothing.

It happened again.

"I swear if you do that one more-" Fishface said as it happened yet again causing to yell out in frustration.


As she laid on the couch April started to quietly moan in pain tossing and turning a bit as if either she was in pain or having a nightmare.

The separated skin from the injury on her arm then started to pull itself back together. As it happened she was digging her nails into the couch's side.


Mystee started to back away from the girl now still feeling uneasy, but not sure why. "Mhmm. Imma just go on my own.. thanks." She says before turning and walking away trying to avoid immediately running.

There was a sound of something cracking apart and crumbling to the floor. Following said sound was a putrid odor that smelled worse then old milk, diapers, and trash.

Mystee held her hand over her nose her eyes watering up. She turned and saw a being that stood at 10 feet looming over her in the same outfit as the pink haired girl but a bit torn up. She looked down seeing the cracked pieces of what used to be the girl's skin. "...!"

Shiro Kame
07-29-2015, 09:25 AM
Shiro: So what happens if one of things attack us? This plan doesn't sound foolproof, and demons clearly don't care about mortal life. What's to prevent them from trying to kill US along with the rest of NY's inhabitants?

07-29-2015, 02:35 PM
The Armadillo Demon rolled up into itself again and shot itself toward the Shredder.
__________________________________________________ ____

"Did it work?" Tarot asked Shadow, lying next to him on her back.
"A little. We purged a good amount of demons, but not enough." Shadow told her.
Another window shattered as a horde of demons entered through the building.
"Shadow we need to leave, we won't be able to fight off those demons in our current state." Tarot spoke, sounding a little panicked.
"We'll go under. I'm not sensing as much demonic activity down there." Shadow replied standing up. He helped Tarot up, heading toward the window the first demon had came out of.
After getting out of the warehouse, with Shadow having to use more energy to purge a demon that was advancing on them while they escaped, Tarot and Shadow made it to a nearby land hole and slipped under the sewers. Tarot was supporting Shadow on her shoulder when she was struck by a vision. In it she saw a girl with red hair who had a cut on her arm. The cut was from a demon which had a septic claw. Tarot saw the bite eat away at the girls skin as the infection spread and ate away at the girl until she was a skeleton.
"We need to go this way Shadow." Tarot spoke. Her green eye glowing as her magic pointed her to where the girl would be at. Arriving to where the girl would be at, Tarot saw the weird turtle things and spoke up, "Where's the red haired girl?"

07-29-2015, 03:32 PM
Max was running thru the city hunting a smirk on his face with claws free as he follows his senses theses demons are tough and strong perfect foes he has not felt his blood boil with a great fight like this. As he passes by a strong Oder alerts his nose assaulting it making him stop and turn to see Mystee and her demon girl thing.

Sushi Shea
07-29-2015, 04:18 PM
[Sorry it took me so long; got sick and kept to bed for a bit. Sorry if this post is a little fast paced; I fell behind a bit. XD]

Michelangelo hovered around the couch where April lay, perched like a crouching lemur over the back as anxiety tightened his brow. Restlessness bit at his heels, and it kept him fidgeting on his feet. April's tossing did not help. If only he could read minds! Then, perhaps, he could do more for her . . .

It was too quiet now. He hated quiet. Quiet meant no one was sure. Michelangelo racked his head for useful words to kill the silence. "So . . . monsters? What do you think that means?" Michelangelo said to no one. "Like, mutant monsters, or monster monsters? 'Cause I'm kinda hoping for mutant monsters. Monster monsters are way worse. Monster monsters are like gargoyles and mummies. Or zombies."

He had to say zombies, didn't he? Ghastly images of April's flesh melting and rotting from her gnashing jaw swirled cruelly in his mind, and he swallowed hard as his stomach flipped in his belly. "Definitely not zombies."

Idly, his eyes drifted to her wound -- half of his mind searched for signs of rot.

As she laid on the couch April started to quietly moan in pain tossing and turning a bit as if either she was in pain or having a nightmare.

The separated skin from the injury on her arm then started to pull itself back together. As it happened she was digging her nails into the couch's side.

He gaped. It was closing. Closing of its own accord. Wounds didn't do that. Not like that. "Uh - ! Don?" He did not look up; his eyes were fixed in spite of himself. All he could do was wave vaguely in Donatello's general direction.

07-30-2015, 03:27 AM
Donatello froze, momentarily abandoning his preparations as his gaze fixated on where April’s skin seemed to be repairing itself. The wound was healing over, far quicker than could ever be natural. But that was impossible! Wasn’t it? Evidently not, as it was happening right before his eyes.

“I… I don’t know!” the turtle exclaimed in response, as Mikey evidently spotted the same thing.

Flustered, Donnie tried to come up with a logical explanation, but failed dismally. There simply wasn’t enough data. He needed more data.

“Sample… I need a sample.” he stated, pushing the no longer needed suture kit aside and reaching to acquire a sample from the blood that April had lost.

Quickly getting back to his feet, he turned to his brothers. “Keep an eye on her! Make sure she’s comfortable, and let me know if anything changes.”

Turning, he hurried over to his lab to get the sample under the microscope and begin his investigation.


Outside of Shredder’s palace, Rahzar sniffed the air carefully as he tried to locate one of the demonic entities. A strong smell of sulphur hung around, making it difficult to differentiate different scents in the vicinity.

But then he sensed sudden movement, and saw Xever react to something brushing by him. With a low growl, Rahzar lunged towards where he saw a flicker in the shadows and swiped blindly with his claws.

07-30-2015, 04:18 AM
---in the lair---

Raphael couldn't believe it either as he also watched the cut begin to close. The question was. Was she really being healed? He would've joined his brothers in panic, but figured he'd have to stay cool. For now.

Lethal Lullaby
07-30-2015, 05:12 AM
April was feeling an immense amount of pain all over and inside her body, but she couldn't seem to wake up or do much about it. A single tear rolled down her left cheek as she turned her head.

It was no longer 'just a bite'. There was more to the demonic injury then meets the eye. ((Ugh that phrase.. :P)) If not treated right away April will be gone. Body, mind, and soul.


Whatever kept brushing by Fish Face suddenly stopped when Rhazzar struck at it. There was a brief glimpse of the thing, which showed a very distorted skeletal body with visible red glowing organs.

Fish Face turned and did a high kick at the demon as soon as he saw it for the brief moment. He couldn't believe he actually hit it too.

This time the demon finally showed itself and roared at both Fish Face and Rhazzar. "Kill! You! Die!" It managed to say though clearly having trouble speaking.


Mystee felt like she was going to either throw up, which wouldn't be a pretty sight, or pass out, which could lead to the demon feeding on her.

The demonic girl cackled as it raised one if it's arms. The raised arm changed and was now a sharp black blade. A blade that was going to be impaled into Mystee unless she or someone did something.

"Oh no. F*** that." Mystee says standing up and eyeing the blade. She waited for it to be thrusted at her.

Soon as the blade actually tried coming for her, Mystee flitted close to the demon's body and stabbed into it's gut with her razor nails. The demon let loose a bellowing cry sounding almost like a siren.

07-30-2015, 06:16 AM
Max covered his ears as the creature mad the siren like noise then with a flick of his wrist his claws wore out and he jump slashed aiming for it's side:I hope you don't mind me cutting in miss but this thing is pollution my air!

07-30-2015, 10:23 AM
"Witchpanther, I have ideas on to use these folklore type creatures, they are nothing short of deadly supernatural beings. Fairy tales like that remain in the fictional world, but I will be damned here. The beings can be used for gain, not misfortune. And if nobody controls them, I'm not going to be responsible for the destruction of the city." Shredder telling his story.

"I could careless for the world since it dealt the blow of stealing the one thing I loved. The hatred I possess is what will cause the demise of all. And if anyone here has a problem with it, I swear...."

A crash is heard, confusing the Shredder on what is happening. At the same time, like the supernatural creatures, it's also angering him.

"What is going on down there?!"

07-30-2015, 12:55 PM
"Where's the red haired girl?!"

Although Tarot had asked where the red haired girl was at, the panic these turtle things were in has clearly made them oblivious to her presence. Dropping Shadow, Tarot walks over to the one with the red eye mask thing and makes herself known.
"Where is the red haired girl? It's crucial I get to her." Tarot asks him.

Fang Wolf
07-30-2015, 02:36 PM
"Witchpanther, I have ideas on to use these folklore type creatures, they are nothing short of deadly supernatural beings. Fairy tales like that remain in the fictional world, but I will be damned here. The beings can be used for gain, not misfortune. And if nobody controls them, I'm not going to be responsible for the destruction of the city." Shredder telling his story.

"I could careless for the world since it dealt the blow of stealing the one thing I loved. The hatred I possess is what will cause the demise of all. And if anyone here has a problem with it, I swear...."

Witchpanther raises his panther ears of curiosity.
"Father, They are just stories that you told me a little.
Oh, Are they real? Not only tales?"

A crash is heard, confusing the Shredder on what is happening. At the same time, like the supernatural creatures, it's also angering him.

"What is going on down there?!"

"What in hell was that?!" Witchpanther called.

Lethal Lullaby
07-31-2015, 11:06 AM
"Polluting..." Mystee says quietly correcting him. She looked at the demon blood on her hand and arm and touched her tongue to it. It had a slightly tingly and numbing sensation to it. She shuddered a bit not liking it and left to go wash her hand after seeing the demon fall over when Max attacked it.

She went into a building diagonally across from Shredder's base. She didn't seem to notice the giant hole left from the demon armadillo inside the side of the tower.

Until after she walked out and looked up. "Oh man what happened up there?" she asks amused as she runs around to the side and looks up. Her eyes adjusted so she could see better. In her vision everything looked a bit closer.


Fish Face flipped out him large knife and smirked when he was finally able to see what was messing with him. "That's much better." He says ready to cut at the demon.

His body suddenly went stiff as the demon appeared right in front him and stared into his eyes. He wasn't sure what was going on, but he couldn't move, and he was beginning to lose some important abilities. A sharp ringing then his hearing was gone. Fade to black and his vision was gone. A constriction in his neck and his voice was gone.

Before he lost his voice he let out a yell of agony.


April still laid on the couch, but her condition was only getting worse as her body looked very palish. She had stopped moving just a moment ago.

07-31-2015, 11:40 AM
Leo looked worried as Donnie left. While the wound may have healed, April definitely did not look ok.

He heard a noise, breaking him out of his deep thought. It was a voice, unfamiliar to him. And then his eyes found tarot, standing by Raphael. Normally, he would've maintained his calm nature, but after this April incident, there was no time to wait. With ninja speed, he was in front of tarot, grabbing her shoulder, holding her at an arms length away, with his other hand holding a katana he had so quickly drew a few inches from her face "who. Are. You?" He said in a very deeply and emotional voice.

Shiro Kame
07-31-2015, 11:42 AM
Shiro: I've got a VERY BAD feeling about this...

Sushi Shea
07-31-2015, 04:15 PM
He heard a noise, breaking him out of his deep thought. It was a voice, unfamiliar to him. And then his eyes found tarot, standing by Raphael. Normally, he would've maintained his calm nature, but after this April incident, there was no time to wait. With ninja speed, he was in front of tarot, grabbing her shoulder, holding her at an arms length away, with his other hand holding a katana he had so quickly drew a few inches from her face "who. Are. You?" He said in a very deeply and emotional voice.

Michelangelo froze, eyes wide, one hand beneath April's limp head and the other gripping the rim of a throw pillow meant to cushion it. Just beyond the turnstiles, Leonardo held a taut blade to a face he had never seen.

Strangers aren't safe.

"Okaaaay, random guy in the lair!" He said, loudly, so that it echoed off the walls. He was surprised by his own tone, how it merely tickled the edges of strain -- he expected more hysteria.

Protect April. His grip dropped instinctively to the handle of his weapon buried in his belt as he leaped over the bench -- he would fill the distance between the wounded and the threat. "Not a good time to drop in, dude; kinda in the middle of a crisis here!"

Behind the tension, confusion bubbled; Strangers. Strangers in the lair. But the lair was practically buried in a maze of pitch dark tunnels and stale water. How did this one even find them?

07-31-2015, 06:41 PM

A jolt of shock ran up Raphael's back causing him to snap back a few inches. He turned to see that Leonardo had caught someone at blade-point right next to him.

"Wha.. Who is this Leo?!"
Raphael said as he reached for his waist, grabbed his sai, and ripped them up to fighting stance.

Raphael felt relieved that Leonardo had reacted when he did.

07-31-2015, 06:44 PM
Max lands and sighs blushing in embarrassment as he puts his claws away:um ha yeah.....*his eyes follow mystees path she had "claws" she looks interesting and her sents not human with a shrug he follows her thinking she's heading for trouble or in his mind fun*

07-31-2015, 08:04 PM
Tarot looks down at the katana by her face and gulps. Her green eye begins to glow as she looks into the blue turtles heart. Concluding that he's only trying to protect someone, and that he has a good heart, Tarot relaxes and speaks.

"My name is Tarot." she smiles, "Is this how you always greet visitors?"

"Tarot?" Shadow looks up, his magic recovered. He sees Tarot, and then sees the blue turtle thing with his katana near his face. He didn't have the ability to see into others hearts like Tarot did, but he did see that the turtle had an protective aura about him. Regardless, Tarot was in possible danger and he wouldn't let anyone hurt her. "Hey!" he shouts at the turtle, "What're doing with my sister?!"

08-01-2015, 05:10 AM
Donatello’s gaze flicked back towards the lair as he heard loud voices, but as none of his brothers appeared in the doorway to demand he returned immediately he figured that they were dealing with whatever it was that was going on. Raph had probably taken offence at nothing again and was expressing it loudly.

So, ignoring the commotion, Donnie retrieved previous samples he’d kept of April’s blood and then quickly loaded the new samples onto a glass slide. Dropping the cover slips in place, he then clamped the slides down before leaning forward to place one eye to the microscope and see what he could find.

He didn’t have to look very hard. Something had obviously contaminated April’s blood and it seemed to be self-propagating at an alarming rate. Donatello watched in alarm as what he could only guess to be some kind of viral infection steadily took over the healthy blood cells.

Initially it seemed to nurture them, boosting them back to and beyond full health. But then, it absorbed them, leaving just an empty husk behind that was under the virus’ control.

“April!” Donatello gasped. If he didn’t do something quickly, it would consume her entirely.

There wasn’t time to come up with a virucide, but if he could just slow the progress down then he and his brothers might have time to get everything they needed in order to develop one. Rushing over to his supplies, he quickly grabbed the various different anti-viral compounds he’d obtained and developed.

Trying to stop his hand from trembling, as he struggled with the time pressure against him, he quickly started putting droplets onto the various sample slides and then rapidly analysing them to find a suitable inhibitor.


Bradford smirked as his claws struck home, then flinched back in surprise at the demonic, skeletal creature materialised bodily in front of him. As Xever moved in to attack, Bradford hung back a moment to wait for an opening to strike again. But then something happened, and his aquatic companion seemed riveted to the spot as the demon met his gaze.

When Xever cried out in pain, Bradford was prompted to dive in and tackle the demonic creature to the ground, in an effort to break the connection and disrupt whatever strange ability was affecting his teammate. It had the added bonus that if he did manage to pin the creature down, he could claim the capture as his own.

08-01-2015, 08:33 AM
Leo didn't relax a muscle even after Tarot spoke "we shouldn't have any visitors" he said, locking eyes with the girl. He then heard shadow yell at him. The words were a blur, but they were enough for him to snap his head around and find the location of shadow.

He was too far away for Leo to make any sort of movement to get them both at the end of his katana, so he'd have to hope his brother was just as alert as he was, to restrain this new 'visitor' so they could get some answers. "Raph!" He yelled, nodding to Shadow before turning his head back to Tarot

Lethal Lullaby
08-01-2015, 08:42 AM
The demon broke his gaze with Fish Face as it was attacked by Rahzar. It roared trying to get the skeletal dog off.

Meanwhile Fish Face was slowly beginning to acquire his senses again. He was so relieved when he could see, hear, talk, and move. He turned seeing Rahzar had taken the demon down.

"Let's bring it to Shredder before it tries anything else." Xever says crossing his arms. No way he was going to thank Rahzar for saving him. He turned and started back for Shredder’s base.


Mystee reverted her vision back to normal and put her hand to her chin in thought. Should she go up and see what was happening in the building or mind her business and keep walking.

It didn't take too long for the vampire to come up with her decision. She just had to see what was happening. So leaped up onto the building next to the Shredder's base.* After she went to the edge farthest from the base before breaking into a fast sprint and jumping. She landed in the building and saw the demonic Armidillo. "Whoa. Sick." She says impressed.

08-01-2015, 10:15 PM

Raphael quickly looked at shadow and ran over to restrain him as Leonardo commanded him to.

"Got em!"
Raphael said as he restrained Shadow.

08-02-2015, 05:06 AM
"H-hey?!" Shadow gasps, shocked as the red masked turtle grabs him. Shadow kicked his legs up so that he was above the turtle, behind its shell (if that makes sense?), getting free of it's grip. "Tarot!" Shadow shouts, receiving a nod of confirmation from Tarot.
Both of the cats eyes glowed as the lair was filled with a bright flash of blinding light. Shadow quickly ran over and grabbed Tarot from the blue masked turtle, creating a magic circle that would shield them from who he deemed an enemy. For now, it would keep these turtle things away.
" Please! You have to listen!" Tarot spoke as the light began to fade away. "You're not going to find a cure for you friend! Even if you could by the time you do it would be to late! Every second you stall me the worse that cut on her arm will get!"

08-02-2015, 09:27 PM
Leo was caught off guard by whatever magical light and shield happened. Instantly he was disappointed in himself, for not being prepared for whatever these two strangers were capable of.

His instinct was to now attack. They had come into their home, and now shown a quite capable ability, posing a threat. It was his job to protect his family. For all he knew, they could be kraang droids, or foot spies. But then they brought up April, and he halted himself, with the inner conflict growing.

"Why should we trust you?" He said sternly, holding out a katana towards them

08-02-2015, 10:20 PM
"Look," Shadow began, "I was barely conscious when Tarot brought me here. But from what I'm hearing your friend needs healing that you can't provide."
"I saw it!" Tarot spoke up, "That cut on your friends arm was caused by a demon! It's going to eat away at her and you won't be able to heal it! I can though! Just let me help!"
"Don't bother with the sword either. It's no longer able to harm us while I keep our barrier up." Shadow told the blue turtle, referring to the invisible shield he had put up. (mentioned somewhat in last post).

__________________________________________________ _________________

The armadillo demon hears Mystee enter and turns around from his pursuit of the shredder. Rolling toward the new thing prey instead.

08-03-2015, 02:15 AM
“Yeah, I’ll bring the demon I captured.” Rahzar retorted, with more than a little venom in his voice. No way was he going to let Xever get the credit for the demon capture. His role had been little more than bait.

Bodily manhandling the demonic creature, Rahzar carried it along with him as he and Xever headed back to The Shredder.


There, finally. It wasn’t perfect, but one of his more obscure anti-viral compounds was inhibiting the progress of the zombification virus that was present within the samples of April’s blood. Once administered, it should at least buy them enough time to come up with a cure.

Which unfortunately, as far as Donatello could work out, would mean capturing one of the demonic creatures and getting a sample of the venom they were using on their victims. While, obviously, avoiding anyone else being infected.

Quickly sterilising the syringe, Donnie loaded the working anti-virus into it and turned to hurry quickly back into the main body of the lair. As he rushed through the door, he faltered as he found himself stood in the middle of an altercation that seemed to be taking place between his brothers and two unfamiliar faces.

“Ah?” Donatello stated, in surprise.

Lethal Lullaby
08-03-2015, 10:14 AM
Fish Face and Rahzar arrived at the base. Fish Face looked up and his mouth dropped when he saw a large hole in the base. He shook his head out of the thoughts of 'what happened and who did this?' Then he ran up to see what going on inside.

To even more of his surprise he saw the Armidillo demon, which was going after a girl in black.

He first pointed to the demon asking, "What is that?" Then at the girl (Mystee). "And who the heck is this?!"

Mystee saw the armidillo demon start to come after her. "Oh no.." She says to herself. She seemed to be only focused on the demon and not so much as the others: Shredder, Karai, Allister, Shiro, etc..

She tried to see if she could stop it in it's* tracks, but not even her inhuman strength could slow it down. "Frick. Now what?" She asks speaking to herself again.

Then she looked over to the hole that the demon rolled into the building through. It gave her an idea. She ran over and leaped out of the building.


April's skin now started to turn to a sickly yellow color as the cut began to reappear and reopen. It was true. Her condition was only getting worse.

Shiro Kame
08-03-2015, 11:28 AM
Shiro: What the hell...? Who was...?

She was about to follow. but stopped due to Shredder's orders of not engaging the demons in combat. She was not about to break this rule and be reprimanded severely. She knew the master had a short fuse and a violent temper, so it was best not to enrage or irritate him.

08-03-2015, 11:37 AM
Leo looked to the side, sheathing his katana. "Donnie, do you have something to help April?" He asked, turning his eyes back on the two strangers. He was hoping his brother would be able to fix it, that way they wouldn't have to gamble on the trust of these two unknown figures. His protective leader instincts were still kicked in, and he wanted to avoid any unnecessary risk.

08-03-2015, 12:54 PM
(Guys, anyone wanna play Baxter Stockman if he hasn't been chosen? I think the time is called for)

Having enough with the demons flooding his lair, Oroku Saki leaves his throne room, abandoning Witchpanther and wondering why Stockman hasn't appeared. The demons were once a folklore for many years and to know they are within his breeding ground enrages the feared leader of the Foot Clan.

"I don't understand how such fictional creatures can enter our world. It was suppose to send out weapons for the war against the Turtles and Hamato Yoshi. Wait, what if he.... no he didn't, he couldn't have just screwed us in our golden opportunity. If he did and that lowly bug is responsible, I personally ensure he will suffer eternal damnation when this is done!" Shredder thought to himself

Approaching the lab as fast as he can, Shredder goes to find the scientist of Baxter Stockman, once a simple and cold hearted scientist turned into a mere slave. Even if humanity is something he doesn't care for, Shredder refuses to be responsible for the demise of himself, a homicide in a way.

"Stockman!!!" he bellowed upon arriving.

08-03-2015, 02:57 PM
(I can do Stockman if we’re desperate for him, but it might be good for someone else to play a scientist character or I’m going to start sounding very repetitive. XD)

“I, er… Yes and no.” Donatello admitted, moving across the room towards where April was. “This is just an inhibitor, it’ll just slow down the progress of the virus she’s been infected with. Hopefully, it will give enough time for us to find a cure.”

Reaching out, he injected the antiviral mixture into her arm as gently as he could manage.

“To have any chance of finding a cure, we’re going to need to capture one of those demons and get a sample of the venom.” he then explained.


Grumbling to himself, Bradford followed along behind Xever as he dragged the demonic creature along with him. It was struggling and not easy to move, but he wasn’t going to ask for help. If he could get it to Shredder, then he would see that it was Bradford that had done the hard work for the capture and give all the credit due.

08-03-2015, 06:02 PM
Max sighs smelling the air as he noticed fishface and the others sent he watchs Mystee and the demon dillow waiting for a chance to jump in if needed knowing that to enter to soon might cause more harm then good

08-03-2015, 06:11 PM
"Alright" Leo says closing his eyes to think. He had no doubt his brother would be able to fix April in time. It just came down to how much time? On the other hand, these two strangers, though apparently powerful, have shown no idication of being a threat, and seem confident they can help. This was the part of being a leader that strained him: being in charge of the potential outcome of others lives. Did he wait for Donnie to find a cure, and hope that it wasn't too late, or did he let these two help, despite not knowing who(or what) they were.

He turned to them, with a stern look on his face "how can you heal her?"

08-03-2015, 06:37 PM
"Tarot." Shadow says allowing his sister to explain.

"When I heal someone I take the injury or disease into my own body." Tarot told him, "Then my body heals me of the disease with my magic."

"Tarot's just trying to help. Besides, what if the demon that cut the girl had a specific chemical structure in it's venom or whatever? Do you really have time to try making an antidote from a captured demon with the chance of it not curing her?" Shadow asks, crossing his arms.

Tarot's green eye begun to glow as a vision was beginning to form in her eyes. Stepping out of the protection barrier Shadow had made Tarot grabbed the blue turtles arm, using her magic to show him what she was seeing. It wasn't an actual movie like vision, but just a picture. It was a tombstone with Aprils name on it, the date of her death a week from today (in the rp). "Her name is April." Tarot spoke.

Lethal Lullaby
08-03-2015, 06:41 PM
Mystee landed on a car unfortunately denting in the top due to the speed she came falling down. She jumped off before the armidillo demon could fall on her.

"This thing is... Not friendly..." Mystee says as she takes off running from it as fast as she could.

08-04-2015, 01:52 AM
Donnie frowned cynically, hovering protectively next to his precious April and distractedly stroking her hair back. He’d seen enough crazy things to concede that there could well be so called ‘magic’ in the universe, after all April’s own supernatural abilities were beyond dispute now.

But he was a scientist. There wasn’t much he’d found so far that couldn’t be rationally explained to a certain extent, even if that explanation was that it came from another dimension. Just saying that magic would heal April lacked the detail he needed to be convinced.

He couldn’t see the vision being shared, nor was he even aware there was one being shared. But as one of the cat creatures spoke, demonstrating a supposed mystic awareness, he chipped in to dispute the paranormal intel.

“Of course her name is April. Leo said her name, to me, right in front of you a moment ago!”

He didn’t trust the two creatures, and if it was his choice he wouldn’t let them anywhere near April until they had more proof that they were friendly and that their questionable magic powers would actually do what they were claiming. In the meantime, he was still hesitantly confident that they would be able to find a cure themselves.

However it wasn’t his decision to make. Leonardo was the leader and, like it or not, Donatello was obedient enough to go along with his brother’s choice.

08-04-2015, 11:29 AM
Leo sensed his brothers frustration, and turned to him.

"Donnie, they may be able to help her. If they can, it reduces the risk that we wouldn't be able to help her...in time" he said softly. He knew his brother was protective, and he was too. And he wasn't trusting of these two either, but he could also feel how something was terribly wrong with April, and he didn't think they should wait.

08-04-2015, 12:39 PM
"I vow on my life that I will not hurt your friend." Tarot told the blue and purple turtles as she held her left hand in the air.
"Is there a bathroom here?" Shadow asks. Suddenly having to take a Texas sized dump.

Deeming the girl who ran away from it a coward, and wanting tougher prey, the armidillo demon pushes the girl off (mentally). Rolling down the building it breaks through the asphalt of the street and enters the sewers (not near the layer.)

Lethal Lullaby
08-04-2015, 12:45 PM
Mystee took a look behind her and saw the demon wasn't following her anymore. She let out a sigh of relief. "Phew. Okay... Imma just hope nothing else weird happens." She says fixing her hair some.


Michelangelo looked at the two strangers. He didn't sense too much wrong with them, and they did really seem concerned about his and brother's friend April.

"Please just help her already then cat girl!" The orange clad ninja exclaimed in worry.

08-04-2015, 02:46 PM
Max smirks letting his claws out as he jumps in the whole left by the demon armadillo seeking to fight it. Landing behind it he lunges with wolf like speed slashing at it with his razer sharp claws

08-04-2015, 07:47 PM
The armadillo demon's shelling shields it from the lupines attack. It's hollow eyes look at the challenger as it's tail whips around, coming toward the attacker.

08-05-2015, 04:00 PM
For several moments Donatello gazed at his eldest brother, before dropping his eyes back down to search April’s face. Even with the encroaching pallor of death upon her, he still found her stunningly beautiful. It was a rare beauty that was also echoed within, as became more and more evident over time as he grew to know her better.

But she was dying. His antivirus had slowed the progress, but it had not cured her. Unless he could come up with a miracle, then she would continue to fade before his eyes until eventually she was lost forever. A lump started to form in Donnie’s throat, as his overactive mind imagined a future without April in it.

He knew that, given enough time, he would eventually be able to come up with a solution to save her. But time was the enemy here. With each passing moment, she slipped further away and would be harder to save. By the time he had a remedy for her ailment, it could already be too late.

But these two strangers were claiming they could save her, right now. Using whatever strange powers they possessed, they could bring his April back and relieve her of the torment she must be enduring as the virus stripped away her life. He wasn’t sure he trusted them, but his brothers did. And he trusted his brothers.

With a soft sigh, Donatello reached down to take April’s hand. The coldness of her usually warm fingers felt jarring, but he gave her hand a gentle squeeze in the hope that she would be able to gain some comfort from it. He didn’t voice it, but his gaze betrayed the regret and the guilt he felt that he wasn’t able to help her.

After another few moments, Donnie reluctantly released April and stood. He then nodded slightly to Leonardo, before moving aside to give the two strangers room to approach and work their magic.

08-05-2015, 04:17 PM
Leo returned the nod to his brother, happy that Donnie respected the decision he was going to have to make. He turned back to the two. "alright. Please...help her" he said as he stepped to the side, next to donnie. He reached up and put a hand on his brothers shoulder, knowing that he must be worried.

Lethal Lullaby
08-05-2015, 04:43 PM
Mystee fell to the ground after hearing a loud flapping sound coming for her. She laid on the ground and looked up to see a winged demon with a human like body covered in grey scales and with no eyes.

The demon flew around in the sky going in 5 circles. It seemed to sniff the air and started to fly towards Shredder's base.

After it started to fly away Mystee jumped up to her feet and ran directly below the demon to see where it was headed. "Goodness. What the heck is happening in this city?" She asks herself.


Michelangelo could only now wait with his brothers for the two felinoids to use whatever magic they had to save their friend. He wasn't sure if he could watch any longer, seeing as her condition was getting worse by the moment.

He looked to his older brother, Donatello, seeing the evident worry in red/brown eyes. "Don't worry, bro. I'm sure those two know what they're doing.." He says trying to brighten the mood a little bit.

08-05-2015, 05:06 PM
"You got this Tarot." Shadow smiles, letting his sister do her thing.

Walking up April, Tarot grabs the arm that has the wound on it, placing her right paw on it she says, "This is pretty bad." She frowns. "I can still heal her though." Putting her arm down, Tarot now places both hands above the wound. Her green eye starts to glow, and a light begins to forms below her palms. Taking the light, Tarot presses it against April's wound and covers it. Demonic essence also forms around the wound, as Tarot fight's with the infection to heal Aprils. With success, Tarot expels the demonic infection from the girl with her light. While the light is to bright see what was happening to April's injury, you were able to see a cut form on Tarot where it had been originally on April. "It's done." Tarot smiles, her healing light fading. Upon looking at April's arm you see that the cut has completely vanished. Standing up, Tarot wobbles over to Shadow before passing out a few feet from him.

08-05-2015, 08:01 PM
Max jumps back to dodge the tail with a smirk: ha demon this is my turf you hell runners should stay off earth.*hopeing to catch his foe off guard he focuses and shots a bio electric bolt from his claws to the demon taking advantage of his metal bones*

08-05-2015, 11:20 PM

Raphael watched as the two new 'guests' worked on healing April. He was a bit skeptical as well about if they really could do it.

"Did that work?"
Raph asks after Tarot did her strange healing trick.

08-06-2015, 02:03 AM
Donnie offered his brothers a shaky smile, appreciating their efforts to try and comfort him. But it didn’t completely allay the anxiety he felt, fuelled by the helpless guilt that he wasn’t the one in danger, nor was he able to remedy the problem himself. He was so used to being the one able to come up with miraculous solutions that it felt unsettling to be devoid of one.

Subconsciously he found himself holding his breath as the female of the two felines, Tarot as she’d been called by the other, assessed the wound and then began to work her magic upon it. It was unlike anything he’d seen before, and it stepped beyond his scientific capacity to explain. In other circumstances, he’d have wanted to spend some time studying the ability in order to learn more. But now was not the time.

As Tarot straightened, Donatello exhaled and rushed straight over to assess April for himself and ensure that she was well. To his relief, the wound seemed to be gone and both her pulse and breathing were strengthening.

“It looks that way.” he confirmed to Raphael, before abruptly glancing over to Tarot as she fell.

Quickly, Donnie jumped to his feet and hurried over to pick up the feline girl. His eyes drifted to the cut on her arm, in the same place as April’s had been. The sickly feeling of guilt started to rise again. Had they simply swopped one girl for the other?

“What happened?” he demanded to the other cat. “I thought she could heal it!”

08-06-2015, 05:59 AM
The electricity that the lupine sent at the Armadillo Demon courses through it's body, causing it to explode into a mess of demonic gore. Ewww. Like no. Ewww.
__________________________________________________ ______
"She did heal it." Shadow told the purple masked turtle. "Weren't you paying attention? When Tarot heals she becomes the vessel for the disease or injury. Her body then naturally heals itself. She'll be fine, she's had much worse than this."

A few minutes pass, followed by Tarot standing up and asking, "Why're you yelling at my brother?" She asks the purple turtle. "I'm fine. See?" She smiles, showing her arm which was now healed. "It took a little longer than normal though. A cut like that should have taken a few seconds to heal. Then again, it did have demonic venom in it."

08-06-2015, 02:56 PM
Max smirks a little as he puts his claws away. "Man what a weak demon but why are they even here?" With that thought in his head he jumps and kicks off the walls landing back on the street. "Half breeds I could understand but full demons hmm?" Sniffing the air he heads to the closest sent of human blood to hunt more demons trying to save as much as he can.

Lethal Lullaby
08-06-2015, 03:21 PM
Michelangelo was also concerned after seeing Tarot collapse. "Whoa!" He ran over to check on her now. He was clueless to what had just happened. Was April better? Why did this new felinoid fall?

His answers were then answered by Tarot's brother, Shadow. "Ohhh. I get it now!... I think." He says partially understanding, but still a bit confused. He gave them a smile.

"So uh who are you two exactly?" Michelangelo asks the guests. He figured the girl cat was Tarot, since that's what her brother said. "Also What are you? Wizards?" He adds.

April did start to look better. A whole lot better, in fact. She sat up stretching her arms over her head. Then in front of her. She smacked her lips her eyes halfway open as she looked around. "Did I fall asleep?" She asks then notices the two felinoids. "Oh? Who've you two?" She asks.


"This place, again?" Mystee asks herself recognizing the building she saw the armidillo demon in before. Then she watched as it seemed to camouflage in the air.

"Well thar certainly can't be good.." She comments now having to watch the sky for any slight and suspicious movements.

After the demon was camouflaged it just stayed in front of the hole the armidillo demon made. The being then flew in after sniffing out the skeletal glowing organs demon that Rahzar and Fish Face encountered.

The flying monster made itself visible and landed in front of the other demon letting out a deep howl.

08-06-2015, 03:55 PM
Donatello frowned uncertainly at the feline creatures, as Tarot came around. They both seemed to be chiding him for not understanding what was going on. He hated not understanding things! Who were these cat people, what was this strange magic they used and what were demons doing in New York City?

He was more than a little relieved when Michelangelo voiced one of his questions, as it presented an opportunity for him to learn the answer without needing to appear any more incapable than he was already feeling.

As April came around, seemingly no worse for wear, Donnie’s head whipped towards her. He gasped her name in relief, before awkwardly glancing away.

How could he face her? She’d been relying on him, she’d texted him for help, but he’d not been able to save her. He was indebted to Tarot, and whatever incomprehensible magic she used.

08-06-2015, 08:56 PM
"We're not wizards, we're witches." Tarot smiles.
"Technically we're Wiccans." Shadow elaborates, "We're also psychics. As you saw, Tarot can heal. She can also see into a persons heart to tell if they're good or evil. I can see through another person's eyes and even talk through them. We both have psychic powers such as creating shields to expell darkness and weapons to purge darkness." Shadow then forms a spear out of light for an example.
"We can also see the future!" Tarot grins, "Although we can't control it. Anyways, we both saw the demons entering New York about a week before it happened. We tried to stop it, but we're too late."
"Yeah." Shadow nods, "Then we tried to purge the demons with our light, but we were only able to cover 21% of the area of New York."
"If only there was a way to amplify our powers, so then the surface area our magic covers would be larger.

__________________________________________________ _______________

A demon with a pink hat that resembled a bow on it's head, a white face, yellow cheeks, hollow eyes with red circles in them, a black with red polka got hood which turned red at the back, an amber jacket with sleeves that were to long, and a polka doted dark tan on tan button up appeared before Mystee. It was extremely shorter than the girl, not even coming up to her knee.

08-06-2015, 09:33 PM
Leo let out a sigh when April appeared to be ok. That was one problem solved, now came the others

"Wait a second.." He said hearing the others speak "did you say there are demons, all over the city? How did this even happen?"

The intensity in his mind returned immediately. They've faced some pretty difficult enemies in the past. Trained ninjas, powerful mutants, even an alien race. But demons? Could they even take on demons?

Lethal Lullaby
08-07-2015, 04:07 PM
"Where did tha-" Mystee started to say until a demon appeared in front of her. She looked down and saw it before stepping. "Well. Aren't you an ugly lil' f***er?" She says before pulling her foot and leg back then kicking it up in the air. The vampire then jumped up and sliced at it with her nails.


Fish Face jumped when the other demon had showed up in the base. "Are you kidding me?!" He asks before flipping out his knife and swinging for the eye less being.

The demon flew up and above to avoid Fish Face's attack. It then flew right at Rahzar seeming to phase into the skeletal canine.


Michelangelo grinned with joy hugging April when he saw she was up. "Oh man, April. You got some wicked infection from a demon scratch. Like had Tarot and Shadow Not shown up. You probably wouldn't have made it." He says unaware of the effect of his words.

April gave Michelangelo a confused look. "What?" She asked trying to think of what he meant. She shook her head from her thoughts. Then she turned to Tarot and Shadow saying their names so she would remember it easily.

"So you two are saying that there are demons just wandering around the city??" The red hired girl asked hoping they were wrong.

08-07-2015, 11:28 PM
Impaled by Mystee's nails, the demon's mouth opens as another demon that was inside the small demon comes out. It has a black, snake like body with red polka dots on it, a white cloud like face, to ears like Hermes wings (one blue the other red), a brownish yellow curved nose ending in a point with a red puff on top, and yellow cheeks. It's eyes form rings going from black, blue, yellow, red, then olive. It's body begins to be as thick as a semi truck, gradually thinning out into the thickness of a fire hydrant. It is the length of 10 heavy load delivery trucks. It comes down toward Mystee with a smile on its face, bearing its pointed teeth as it comes down to bite her head off.

__________________________________________________ _________________

"We're not lying." Tarot states. "It's a madhouse up there."

"I just realized I still need to use the bathroom." Shadow states. Wondering how he would've forgotten that.

08-08-2015, 06:44 AM
Donatello listened to the description of events given by the two feline creatures. They spoke so lightly of powers that science had debated the existence of for years! But as the explanation continued, he nodded along with it, his mind already whirring with ideas.

“The portal.” he explained, spreading his hands. “Shredder must have opened a portal to a realm of demonic entities, and they’ve passed through into our dimension.”

He then tapped a finger thoughtfully against his chin. “If we could find a way to amplify the magic of Tarot and er…, of both of you, then combine that with the portal device, we might be able to use it to create some kind of containment field and draw the demons back to their own dimension.”

“I should be able to adapt the psychic neuro transmitter.” he mused. “If I could tap it in to the portal, that should then give the necessary range and amplification.”


Bradford, still dragging along the demon they’d previously captured, yelped in surprise as he was phased into by the other demon flying towards him. A battle of wills then commenced, as the demon fought to gain control of its host and Bradford sought to keep his faculties.

With a roar, Bradford released the captured demon and put his hands to his head, fighting an invisible battle to not lose himself.

08-08-2015, 07:50 AM

Raphael crossed his arms looking at the two feline creatures.

"Don't tell me we actually belie-"
Raph started to say until he started to notice the news reports with Mikey and April.

Lethal Lullaby
08-08-2015, 07:51 AM
Mystee landed on one of the window sills to Shredder's base. She stared up at the demon (or should I say Witch. *cough* Madoka Magica *cough* brother is unoriginal *cough* :P ) as it grew up into what it really was. She gulped wondering how she was going to even kill it.

Then she had an idea. Throwing her elbow back as hard as she could, she broke the window and fell back inside. The alarms in the base all started to go off.


Fish Face looked at Rahzar and watched him wondering what was happening inside after the eyeless demon phased into him. Then a horrifying realization came to him.* The other demon that they had captured was now free.

The mutant fish turned his head slowly to see it about to go after Allister. Then he heard the alarms going off again. "What the hell?" He asks looking to Shredder wondering what they should do.


April frowned not liking that Halloween was going to be ruined by some demon invasion. She let out a sigh as she went to check the news. Her eyes went wide when she saw all the headlines. 'Strange creatures attack church' 'Child eating Panda?' 'Large polka dot snake thing??' 'Giant Armidillo spotted!!'

"My goodness..." the red head teen said as she then saw there was a live report. It had shown the large polka dotted demon (witch) with the other strange features. She then noticed the girl dressed up as the black swan. "Wait a second. That's Shredder’s base!"

Michelangelo pointed to the direction of their bathroom for Shadow. He had also joined April in watching the news with. "A child eating Panda?? Whaatt?!" He exclaimed as he started to question pandas now.

When the orange clad cladded ninja also noticed the ginormous demon (witch) he turned away. "Oh no I can't watch! It's going to eat her, isn't it??" He asks while on the footage the girl had broken into the base and fallen in.

08-08-2015, 11:28 AM
(Hey! I was just to lazy to think of another demon. XP. You can stop mentioning it now fool.)
__________________________________________________ _________________

"But in order for this to work we need to be able to get to the center of New York, and the demonic activity has seemed to increase. Even if me and Tarot could make it there, we'd have to use our magic on the way, which could jeopardize the mission." Shadow frowns.

"Hey Shadow," Tarot speaks up, "What if they could help us get through?"

"I suppose they could, but there weapons would be useless against some of these demons."

"Well we could always enchant them!" Tarot smiled, jumping up in the air.

08-08-2015, 04:20 PM
Leo had the same line of thought at his brainy brother, though not as quickly. He was both impressed and relieved that Donnie already had a way to potentially stop this tragedy.

He turned to the the two. "If you can make it so we can fight these demons, we will get you to the center of the city. We can do this" he said, with confidence and a nod.

A way to fight the demons: check
A way to shut down the portal: check
Alright, without any unforeseen circumstances, all that's left to do is put it all into action he thought.


Allister saw the demon coming at him a moment later. He was slightly caught off guard, but had enough time to raise his right arm. A bolt of lightning shot out of it, into the demon knocking it back.

Karai heard the alarm going off, extremely frustrated at the situation. "I knew I shouldn't have trusted you idiots with this job" she said watching allister electrocute the dmeon

08-08-2015, 07:35 PM
Max was moving thru a church thinking the arrogance of theses demons is just too much to attack a holy sight a place of worship of light that makes his blood burn with rage as he slashes thru as many as he can but he knows he's but a drop fighting the sea there's no way a lone lupine can stop this many even with the gods metal as his weapon. The sick twisted images of children riseing as newly formed demons greats him as the spirit demons claim any bodies they can to frest on anyone or anything they can

Max stops when he hears a song attracting men to a location in the ally behind the church he sees a beautiful woman only his instincts warn him before he himself falls for the trap a sucubis after all the worst demons sometimes are the most attractive he readys his claws panting

Shiro Kame
08-08-2015, 08:04 PM
Shiro just looked on at the scene, looking tense.

Shiro: [This is a bad idea. We are messing with things that could backfire on us big time.]

Shiro: Karai, what happens if we cannot control the demon?

08-09-2015, 03:36 AM
Donatello nodded, relieved that Leonardo seemed to have a plan of how to bring everything together and save the city once more. He could always rely on his big brother to get things organised!

“I’ll get the psychic nuro transmitter.” Donnie said, turning to head for his lab and gather up all the equipment he could imagine needing for the endeavour they were about to attempt.


The demon was winning and Bradford was struggling to keep control of himself. As his consciousness was momentarily pushed aside, he became aware of his body flying towards Fishface with plans of smacking the other mutant around.

‘Maybe this isn’t so bad.’ Bradford thought briefly to himself, which really didn’t help with his efforts to regain control.

08-09-2015, 03:53 AM

Raph's eyes left the screen of the news reports. He looked to Tarot and Shadow.

"Enchant what now?"
Raph asks them after hearing them mention enchanting their weapons.

Lethal Lullaby
08-09-2015, 04:13 AM
Fish Face was caught off guard when Rahzar started to be thrown into him. "You stupid dog! Hey! Stop it! You're enjoying this aren't you!" He says as the skeletal dog keeps being thrown at him.

Inside the base Mystee started to use the Foot and Foot bots as a way to slow down the demon creature that was chasing her. Either letting them attack it with the weapons meant to attack her or just letting them get eaten until she was able to get a hold of a weapon that she could use to hopefully slay the giant demon that was following behind.


April shook her head turning off the news report. "I can't even believe that this is even happening.." She says in a bit disappointment.

Mikey frowned at April at first then gave her a smile. "Heyyy." He says putting an arm over her shower. "None of us can, but with the city's most Awesome ninja turtles - along with those Wiccan cat things- we should totally be able to st-" He stopped noticing he suddenly couldn't see anymore.

April returned the smile to Michelangelo as he spoke to her. When he suddenly stopped mid sentence she got concerned. "M-Mikey?" She asks before seeing him rub both of his eyes.

"April I can't see-" the youngest turtle tells his friend until his vision came back. "Oh phew! For a second I thought I was going blind!" He says letting a sigh of relief out.

08-09-2015, 10:29 AM
"In order for you guys to fight these demons, we're going to temporarily separate your bodies from your souls and put your soul into your weapons. This will allow you all to have an equal advantage against the demons." Tarot explains, "At least until we successfully purge all these demons."

"Don't worry. We do it to ourselves whenever we enter another realm to fight demons, so we should be able to do it to you." Shadow continues. "Who's first?"

08-09-2015, 11:33 AM
Donatello returned from his laboratory with a bag full of equipment, just in time to hear the explanation of the magic that would enable the turtles weapons to have an effect on the demonic creatures.

At the description, Donnie startled in alarm. The strange cat wizards were going to do what with their souls? Yeah, that didn’t sound normal at all, yet they said it as though it were nothing to be alarmed about.

“Not it!” he quickly stated.


Bradford felt himself roaring and began the movement to swipe his claws at Fishface, initially powerless to prevent it. The movement did prompt him to put up a more ferocious internal battle to regain control.

There was a brief, unseen skirmish which halted the external attack movement, before Bradford finally wrenched himself clear and separated from the possessing demon. Infuriated, he then turned to leap for it and tackle it to the ground.

“How dare you try to take my body!”

Lethal Lullaby
08-11-2015, 04:51 AM
Michelangelo looked at the cats as they spoke of transporting their souls into their weapons (*cough*). He then looked over at Donatello when he quickly said 'not it!'.

The turtle gulped turning his head back to Shadow and Tarot. "So w-will it hurt? Why into our weapons? And how do we get back into our bodies?" He asks.

April nodded agreeing with Michelangelo, which surprised her a little. "Yeah. I mean isn't there any other way? And exactly how safe it is?" She asks concerned. She wasn't so sure about having her soul separated from her body and placed inside her weapon. Would she still even be in control of her body?


Fish Face was hit by one of Rahzar 's claws sending him to the ground. He grabbed his face where there was a set of long scratch marks. "AH! You IDIOTIC DOG!" He shouted outloud.

Mystee bolted right inside Shredder’s throne room, again, turning around to see the giant polka dotted, etc. Demon still coming after her. While it was now a long ways behind it was still coming after her.

The vampire noticed that the robots/people aka Foot weren't near. "What the hell happened to-" she paused watching as a foot bot tried to saw at the being's face. Only to be bitten in half, then swallowed in two whole gulps. "Ohh... I think I have an idea now.."

"What the heck? What are you doing back in here??" Fish Face asks recognizing the pale skinned girl in black from before. He stood up removing his hand from his face, currently was bleeding. "Nobody is allowed in Shredder’s base without his permission."

Mystee turned to the voice that was speaking to her. She immediately noticed the scratches on his face and frowned. "Aww. You're hurt. Here.." She says flitting over so she was right in front of him. She then licked her hands and wiped on his face where the scratches were.

This only infuriated the mutant fish more as he back handed Mystee sending hee to the floor. "What the heck is wrong with you? You disgusting girl!"

08-11-2015, 12:42 PM
"I'm sorry, but what?" Leo said hearing about the process of removing their souls. This sounded too extreme, but did they have a choice? "We need some answers" he said stepping up to the two beings, after the others voiced their concerns

Its true they very well could have just saved Aprils life, and if this process was effective, with not consequences, they'd go through with it. And he would volunteer to go first, to spare his brothers of any possible chance these two were lying.


"Would you two knock it off!" Karai said running into the room, only to find Mystee as well. She drew her sword "and who are you?"

Shiro Kame
08-11-2015, 12:56 PM
Shiro follows Karai.

Shiro growls at Mystee, realizing something's not right.

Shiro: You're not a human! What are you!? *gets out her katana* And how and why are you here?!

08-11-2015, 01:09 PM
"Well duh, of course it's gonna hurt. We're separating your souls from your body." Shadow states, answering the orange masked turtle. "Although now that I think of it maybe your weapons wouldn't be the best place to store your souls for the time being."
"You're right." Tarot speaks tapping her chin, "If their weapons were to get damaged in anyway it would shatter their souls and that wouldn't be good." Turning to April she says, "It"s way safer then if we left your souls in your bodies, that's the other way. But even if you are skilled fighters, a blow from a demon would easily put you out of commission for a long time. By taking your souls out it allows you to fight the demons without having to worry about your bodies taking any serious injuries, since they'll just be vessels that your soul is using."
"You'll still be in complete control of your bodies. Don't forget, it's only temporary. Continuing from what Tarot said, if your bodies are crushed, impaled a thousand times, sliced in half, whatever these demons could do, as long as your souls are unharmed you can automatically heal your bodies. Tarot is able to heal others as you remember, but if you all get killed, she won't be able to save all of you without giving up her own life. That's why this method is much safer." He told the girl.
Tarot turns to the purple masked turtle and teases, him, "Why don't you want to go first? I would think you didn't want your girlfriend to think you're a coward." She ends, referring to April.
"So just choose an item that you can keep on you at all times for us to put your souls in. Then we can begin." SHADOW ends.

08-11-2015, 01:28 PM
Donatello listened to the explanation of the soul moving process with increasing incredulity. This was safer how? It was all well and good making their bodies regenerate harm and their weapons capable of inflicting damage against the creatures, but how could they use their weapons if they had to worry about them breaking?

Though that wasn’t so much of a problem for the others, Donnie considered bitterly. Their weapons were relatively resistant, while his bo-staff was exceptionally prone to destruction. There had to be a better way and he opened his mouth in preparation of saying as much. That was, until he was needled by Tarot and lost all train of coherent thought.

“She’s not my girlfriend!” Donatello hotly protested, flushing with embarrassment. “And I’m not a coward!”

“Fine, go ahead.” he hastily announced, as he boldly stepped forward. “I’ll go first.”

As the other cat commented using an object other than their weapon as the soul vessel, Donnie inwardly breathed a sigh of relief. That sounded a bit safer, at least. He smoothly pulled out his t-phone and held it out, as if that had been the plan all along, while making a mental note to disable the self-destruct mechanism.


Ignoring Xever’s protestations, Bradford dove for the demon that had presumed to possess him and snapped at it with a roar. He then prepared to swipe at it with one clawed hand, but hesitated as the room suddenly became more crowded with several people he didn’t recognise and one that he, unfortunately, did.

With a low growl, Bradford halted his attack at Karai’s command. He would have loved to just ignore her and carry on fighting the demons, like they should be doing, but she was favoured by Shredder and he had no particular desire to bring that man’s ire upon himself.

08-11-2015, 02:44 PM

Raph was unsure about the whole soul transporting method, but he would stand back and wait to see how exactly it works before he tries it.

"If something happens to my brother, BOTH of you will get it."
Raph tells Shadow and Tarot before looking to Donatello.

08-11-2015, 03:05 PM
"Ready Tarot?" Shadow asks his sister, smiling.
"Ready Shadow!" She grins, grabbing his right hand with her left hand. Her right eye glows as his left eye does the same.
Separating hands from each other, Shadow took his left hand and placed it onto Donatello's chest, as he pulled away from it you could see a purplish light coming out from the turtle. The pain was about relevant to having a cavicle and just ripping it off. Shadow then passed Donatello's soul to Tarot.

Tarot took the soul and placed it into the object that the turtle chose to be the vessel for his soul.

After the process of removing his soul, Donatello was completely normal, besides the fact that his body was now just exterior hardware.

"Since it doesn't take much energy to put your soul into the object as it does to take it out," Tarot spoke, "I'll be enchanting your weapons." Grabbing Donatello's weapon with her right hand, her light covered it as it sank into the weapon. "And done." Tarot says.

"Would any of you like an example of how safe this method is?" Shadow asks the others, "Also, who's next?"

Lethal Lullaby
08-11-2015, 03:31 PM
Mystee stood up rubbing her face where there was a red print from Fish Face's hand. "Okay that, I wasn't expecting.." She says before looking forward and seeing the demon coming towards the room.

http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120508081732/villains/images/6/61/Nutbladder_puella_magi_madoka_magica_-_03_7ec0e521-mkv-00012.jpg :P

Fish Face glared at Mystee then felt his face. He realized that it wasn't bleeding anymore. In fact the scratches were actually starting to heal due to the vampire saliva. He was about to ask what she did, but Karai and Shiro came in leaving not much choice but to stay quiet.

Mystee didn't look to Shiro or Karai, but took notice of them. "Um would love to answer your questions, but uh-"

Suddenly the demon busted in eating the other demons currently in the room. It then went to try bite Rahzar's head off.

Mystee flitted over before jumping onto the nose of the demon then stabbing into it's eyes with her nails her hands also going through the large eyes. She ripped them out tossing them aside. "Kinda got this... whatever to deal with!" She shouted before turning around and jumping down leaving the demon to now blindly snap around.


April crossed her arms in thought. So far it did seem like the two felinoids had a good point about their bodies being able to heal for basically any injury. She was also relieved to hear it would only be temporary.

When Donatello shouted that she wasn't his girlfriend and went first she just had this slightly confused expression on her face. She shook her head before saying. "Just be careful Donnie."

April reached in her back pocket taking out her Yo yo. She planned on using it to host her soul.

Michelangelo also thought that the soul into objects thing was starting to sound better the more it was explained. He smiled when they teased Donatello about liking April.

"Haha. Woww. They just met us a deal they already figured out you have a crush on April." Michelangelo laughed pointing at Donatello. When asked who wanted to see he raised his hand eagerly. "Ooh! Mr! I wanna know!"

08-11-2015, 04:12 PM
Leo didn't like the sound of this alternative any better. But again, he saw no other option.

When they told them to pick another object, he was conflicted. While they had broken before, his Katanas were his trusted objects. He could protect them. Then he thought about what also protects them, and decided his sheaths would suffice.

He reached back and unstrapped the sheath for his right handed Danto katana to be enchanted with his soul. He was about to step forward but Donnie beat him to it.

"Donnie..wait..." He said, but with no use, as they already began.

When it was over he stepped up next to Donnie, holding out the sheath to the two, while looking to Donnie. "You ok bro?"


Karai growled. This was chaos, and not the fun kind. Things were out of control, and she hated when she was not in control.

"WHERE. IS. STOCKMAN?!" She turned snapping at the nearest henchmutant, which happened to be fishface

08-12-2015, 02:09 AM
(Could someone translate: "The pain was about relevant to having a cavicle and just ripping it off." for me? :S I'm not sure what a cavicle is! Is it clavicle? So, equivalent of disconnecting a collarbone?!)

08-12-2015, 10:14 AM
(I think I might have used the wrong terminology. Apparently I was thinking of an hang nail)
"As you see," Shadow starts, forming a dagger with his light, "When I do this," he grabs Donnie right forearm and uses the dagger to slash Donatello's wrist.

Since Donatello's soul wasn't a part of his body for the time being, Donatello was unable to feel the pain of the cut. His T Phone then glowed with the purple light his soul appeared as, and the cut healed in a matter of seconds, leaving no trace of a cut.

"That happens. Now if your soul and body were to connected, Tarot." He says looking at Tarot.

"It would feel like this." Tarot explains. Placing her finger on Donatello's T Phone, it glows purple as she allows it him to feel the pain of the cut that had already healed (so it wouldn't affect him, just make him feel the pain. After ten seconds she stopped.

"Oh yeah, did l mention that not only is Tarot able to heal, but she can also injuries with her magic?"
__________________________________________________ ______

Tarot and Shadow perform the soul host replacement and weapon enchanting on Leonardo, whose soul color was blue.

08-12-2015, 10:54 AM
(That makes more sense. XD)

Donatello frowned a little as what was apparently his soul was tugged out of his body. He felt a little twinge, but not enough to make him flinch and nothing like as much of a sensation as he would have guessed the process to have caused. He took his t-phone back when the transfer was complete, cradling it more protectively in his hands than he might usually have done.

At Michelangelo’s ribbing, he turned to glare at his brother. “Zip it!”

He then turned to Leonardo. “Yeah, I…” he started, but was cut off as Shadow suddenly grabbed his arm.

“Hey!” he said, startled, before following it up with a louder, “HEY!” as his wrist was unexpectedly cut open.

His eyes widened slightly as he realised it didn’t hurt. The cut was right there, on his own arm, slowly oozing blood. But he couldn’t feel it, there was no pain. It gave him the shivers, a feeling of being strangely disconnected from his own form.

Then, with a glow from his t-phone, the wound was gone. It steadily knitted itself together, much as April’s cut had done, before disappearing entirely.

A scientific curiosity started to awaken within him. He wanted to know more about how exactly this was possible. But before he got chance to ponder further or start asking questions, Tarot reached out to press a finger against his t-phone.

“Ow!” Donnie protested, suddenly feeling the searing pain of the cut on his wrist. The cut that wasn’t there anymore. “OW! Stop that!”

To his relief, Tarot stopped. For several seconds, Donatello contemplated his own wrist suspiciously, before turning to spectate as Leonardo was the next to go through the process.

“So,” Donnie started, curiously, “what happens if we swap the objects that hold our souls?”

In the interests of science, he held out his t-phone for Leo to take.

08-12-2015, 12:45 PM
'Well it's your soul so it would still control your body." Tarot explains. "Even if the two are disconnected, your soul is already connected to your body, but now your body is just external hardware for your souls. The only way you could switch bodies is if we actually switched your souls into the the other's body."

"But it's not a good idea to swap then anyways. If you get to far away from your bodies, they'll no longer be able to work. That's why it's important to stay with your bodies." Shadow continue.

"Now that your weapons are enchanted to inflict damage on these demons, I'll show you how to utilize them." Tarot smiles, grabbing Donatello's bow. "If it breaks," She breaks it in half, "it'll fix itself." The splintered wood rebinds itself as his bow becomes fixed, "and now your weapon has an special talent, which stems from your personality. Which since you seem pretty hard headed," Tarot starts to tease, "It'll most likely be related to earth. Your weapon. Not you."

Lethal Lullaby
08-12-2015, 02:59 PM
Michelangelo watched the two felinoids work there magic on Donatello first. From what he saw it really looked pain-free. "Whoa. That's so cool, you two!" He says grinning. He frowned when Tarot hurt Donatello stepping forward about to grab her. "Hey Don't do tha-" He stopped when it was all explained. "Ohh. Uh okay. So if our objects get hurt then we'll feel the pain?" He asks.

April looked to Donatello. "So how different do you feel Donnie?" She asks him before handing her Yo yo to Shadow. She looked to Leonardo for a moment to see how he was dealing with having his soul placed into the sheath of one of his swords.She suddenly had a question for the two cats. "Hey. Exactly how far from our object can we be until we can't use it's abilities or whatever?"


Fish Face jumped at Karai's sudden shouting at him. He coughed clearing his throat trying to play off like he was never scared. He rolled his eyes waving her off saying, "Yeah yeah. I'll get him." He says before dodging from the demon that was chomping around. "Good luck with that." He says before going to find Stockman.

"Hmm. I took out it's sight. Now to go for it's hearing." Mystee says looking around to see what she could use to help her with making the giant demon deaf. She then noticed the demon stopped thrashing around. It looked like it was going to hurl actually. "Oh no please don-" She started until the demon's flesh seemed to start melting and falling off from it's body.

Mystee smiled slightly placing her hands on her hips above her black tutu. "Well. That works." She says before laughing to herself. "Almost feel sorry for whoever has to clean That mess up." The smell then hit her nose and it smelled 20 percent worse than normal human flesh burning. She covered her nose eyes watering up before turning to the side and throwing up, which was mostly blood and some small chunks of flesh, since she barely ate actual food.

Inside the long polka dotted demon's body the skeletal demon with glowing red organs had turned itself into basically an inferno lighting the demon from the inside. The melted flesh didn't burn through the floors, but there was quite a lot of it.

08-12-2015, 03:48 PM
(Wait, did they already switch Leo's soul? Did I miss it?

And like the whole elemental power thing, cool addition, and I'm assuming Leo's would be water? The whole calm thing?)

08-12-2015, 03:54 PM
(Yeah they already did it. And yeah he's calm, but water can also be ravaging and insane. I thought he would fit more with a diamond since his moves are clean and precise, like his personality to be perfect in everything he does)
"No" Shadow says answering the question the orange one asked, "Tarot is just able to cause injuries. Pain is an injury that only the soul could feel. Tarot could cut you without a knife and blood would flow out, but your soul won't receive the pain because it's not connected to your body, allowing it to focus on healing you. So when Tarot touched his soul, she inflicted pain on his soul, which allowed him to feel it."

"And you mean how far can you be from your bodies before you can no longer use them." Tarot informed April, "We're really not sure. We've never been separated from our souls when we removed them from our bodies.

Shadow takes the yoyo and he and Tarot do the soul replacement thingy.

"So do you have a weapon?" Tarot asks, not seeing a weapon on the girl.

"As for your weapon," Shadow starts talking to Leo, "Since you seem like a perfectionist, smooth, and cleancut, your weaPons enhancement will mostly likely deal with diamonds, meaning you should be able to cut anything without causing damage to your swords."

08-12-2015, 07:47 PM
(Okay changining it. XD. We'll say he's like Pearls who're clean cut because of the ocean, so we'll relate him to water. Ignore other power post for Leonardo cause I'm to lazy to change...)

"Your weapons don't control the elements entirely, but they can cause the elements to do things they would've done naturally." Tarot told the two who already had their souls swapped. "You should be able to create tidal waves and tsunamis, and since this city is surrounded by water... well that's justs a bonus." she tells Leo, "And you should be able to create earthquakes and open the earth." she explains to Donatello.

"You just need to raise your swords into the air to form waves, the longer you hold it up, the bigger the wave, then when you draw your sword down, the wave will come down, you'll be able to at least control who it hits also. For your earth powers, just slam your pole against the ground to shake the earth, and press against the earth to open it up from where you control it opens. I wouldn't recommend using to much, as you can run out of energy, so use big powers in real emergencies." Shadow explained more.

Lethal Lullaby
08-12-2015, 08:46 PM
April stood through the process feleing strange, but not too much. After it was done and Tarot asked if she had a weapon April nodded taking out her tessen an opening it. "I have this. So what ability will you be giving me?" She asks.

Mikey was still trying to decide upon what he should keep his soul in. "Maybe I might as well have it in my weapon since it's always on me?" He suggest. "Unless anyone has other suggestions."


Fish Face shouted for Stockman, "EH STINKMAN! KARAI NEED YOU!"

08-12-2015, 09:16 PM
Leo looked himself up and down. He felt the same, his movements felt as natural as always. He then turned his sheath over in his hand, for a second having a slight blue aura.

He reached behind him, strapping it back on with the other one, before picking up his katana, internally anxious to be able his weapon to its new fullest extent.


Karai recoiled when the demon ignited, shielding her face with her arm. When the smell hit her, she gagged, before slipping on her metallic face mask, which helped.

This freak show is over she thought. She summoned a dozen foot bots into the room, half which stood by mystee. The others began to remove the demon.

she marched over to rahzar. "Now. What happened?" she demanded, glaring up at the mutant with a look that she might as well have been scolding down at a child

Shiro Kame
08-12-2015, 09:29 PM
Shiro followed Karai, groaning with a hand over her face in exasperation.

Shiro: I knew this wasn't gonna end well...

08-13-2015, 01:43 AM
As he received an explanation of the anticlimactic outcome of switching soul jars, Donatello ceased holding out his t-phone and gazed curiously at it instead. He wondered whether there was any tangible sign his soul was contained within the circuits, beyond the fact that it occasionally glowed when activated.

He didn’t initially get any further with his deliberation before Tarot suddenly grabbed his bo staff. He then widened his eyes in surprise as she ruthlessly broke it in two.

“What are you--?” he started in protest, before hesitating as the wood knitted itself back together. That could actually be quite useful, given usual circumstances. But they could ask first, he thought bitterly, before using him and his possessions to demonstrate everything!

He then frowned as the cat made a dig at him. “I am not hard-headed!”

But he got distracted from remonstrating further about just why she was picking on him, as April appear at his elbow.

“Oh, uh… I’m fine.” he responded, with an act of nonchalance. “Nothing to it. I’m pretty tough, you know.”

He watched and listened as Leonardo underwent the process, before looking a bit concerned at the explanation of the new elemental powers. “Tsunamis? Earthquakes? In the middle of New York City?! Yeah, I can’t see that ending well. Is there a way to not use the abilities?”

“I’m not sure using your weapon is a good idea.” he then said to Mikey, worriedly. “What if it gets broken? What about, uh…”

He cast his eyes about for inspiration and they alighted on the television remote controller. He picked it up.

“How about the remote? There’s no way you’d want this to get lost or broken right? Oh, or how about that ridiculous soft toy with the top hat?”


(In a bit of a rush – will post Rahzar later! Do you want me to bring in Stockman?)

08-13-2015, 04:09 AM

Raphael stood slightly impressed. These two feline creatures were basically just giving away free powers. Except they were basically chosen for them, but still.

"Oh man, I can't wait to see what mine will be, but I should go find something to be used as my soul host."
Raph says walking to his room.

08-13-2015, 10:22 AM
"They're right Tarot. We would cause more damage then these demons could." Shadow states at Donatello's comment.

"Oh yeah..." Tarot frowns turning to Donatello, "We don't normally fight in this dimension, so when we go to other dimensions we're used to going all out. The problem though is that we don't have elemental powers, we're just able to allow you to influence the elements to do things they would naturally do."

"And rain or potholes isn't going to do much. But there is another way Tarot." Shadow continued.

"Your right." Turning to the turtles she says, "Our Wiccan traditions fall under Draconian Wiccans. I can go talk to the elemental dragons and asks them to give you control of their powers, after which they'll give me powers in amulets with which you can control the elements with. " Tarot smiles. Opening her palms, Tarot takes back the enchantments on Leo's and Donnies weapons. "I'll be back." Tarot's green eye glows and a circle of light begins to form in the air. "This will open a gate to the realm where the dragons exists. Time there is faster than time here, about 3 days per 1 day here I believe, but don't worry, I'll only need 2." A gate forms and Tarot walks through it to another realm, closing the gate behind her.

08-13-2015, 10:37 AM
Bradford gazed down at Karai. Part of him wanted to teach the impudent whelp a lesson in respecting her elders, but he knew better than to cross her.

“What's to explain?” he growled. “There was a problem with the portal. It seems to have opened some kind of gateway for the demons and they’re running amuck. I managed to capture one, as ordered, but it's been allowed to escape.”


When demonic entities started to appear around New York City, Baxter Stockman had done the only sensible thing. He’d taken refuge under his bed with a large enough supply of chocolate bars to keep him going for at least a week. There he’d intended to stay, until the threat had been dealt with, but at the insistent demands for his presence from the powerful people he served, he eventually had no choice but to emerge and present himself.

“Mzzztrezzz?” he buzzed to Karai, trying to make it look like he hadn’t just spent the past hour cowering.

Lethal Lullaby
08-13-2015, 10:44 PM
Michelangelo gasped seeing the remote. Donatello was right: he had a point. There was NO way on earth he would ever want to lose the remote.

Grabbing the remote from purple the orange masked turtle brought it over to Shadow and Tarot. "I want this to be my soul's carrier." He says about to give it to them. Until Tarot said she was leaving for a while.

April placed her tessen in her pocket then watched as Tarot left then turned to Shadow. "Will she be okay on her own?" She asks him.


Mystee was hunched over a bit when she hurled. She straightened herself up and turned to see the 6 of a dozen Foot bots by her. "Don't suppose you six aren't here to help me, are you?" She asks but doesn't get much of a response from them.

In fact they just activate all of their various weapons, ready to attack the vampire. They wait on a command to attack however (I think? Or do they just attack on their own?)

Mystee's eyes widened slightly in surprise as she stepped back a bit. "Uh huh. Thought not. Well Imma just go be on my way now." She says eyeing them as she starts to walk away.

Fish Face came running into the throne room after Stockmanfly flew in. He immediately noticed that the large demon was no longer there, but the room smelled awful. He threw his hand over his face gagging some. "What is that unearthly stench?"

08-13-2015, 10:53 PM
"The wha..." Leo said as tarot explained many different things at once, before disappearing into a portal.

"Um..." He said, again turning to the others. For as powerful as these two were, they're minds seemed to be all over the place, which was beginning to concern him.

This whole evening was bizarre. April nearly killed with a demonic cut. Healed by two Wiccan people, who then are playing soul swap with them, giving them powers. Not to mention the mere fact that there are demons in the city...


Karai narrowed her eyes even further at the mutant wolf. "I was here. I know about the portal. I want you to explain to me why you two idiots are incapable of doing anyth...." She stopped when stockman entered.

"It's about time" she said turning to him. "And unsurprisingly, you're too late. Bradford and Xever let your test subject get away. This time, you will have your equipment ready, and a containment unit set up. We will not waste any more time with mistakes" she said, rolling her head back towards Rahzar

08-14-2015, 05:02 AM
Donatello couldn’t stop himself from grinning slightly. With Tarot gone for a while that gave him the time he needed to properly research this strange magic ahead of giving it an untested trial in the middle of battle. Never a good time to learn the limitations! He just hoped that, in the meantime, New York wouldn’t be too badly ravaged by demonic entities.

Grabbing his laptop, he started pulling out the wires to connect up his t-phone. He had a recent ghost copy on the system, so he’d just take a fresh one now his soul was supposedly contained within and run some comparisons to see whether it had any tangible effect. Then he could run the same test on hardware. If there was an effect, that opened up a whole other host of questions. Such as whether the soul could be copied, transmitted or even adapted.

“Leo!” Donnie then said, barely able to conceal his excitement at having a new scientific project to research, “Can you see how far away you can get from your soul jar before you start feeling an effect?”

“It’d be useful to know, in case anything happens.” he explained, “And if the range is far enough, it might be worth having one person staying back with the souls while the others fight. Keeps them safer.”

He then tapped a finger thoughtfully against his chin. “How do we get our souls back in our bodies, when we’re done? I’d have thought breaking the container would do it, but that sounds like it would destroy the soul as well.”

“Is there a limit to the powers, I wonder…” he then continued, talking out loud to himself as his questioning mind went into overdrive, “Will we and our weapons heal indefinitely, or can the power from the soul become depleted? What would then happen?”


“If you already know, then don’t ask the question.” Bradford growled in annoyance. “I did my job, I took down a demon and brought it here! It wasn’t my job to keep this area secure. I can't look after a prisoner and fight a battle.”

Stockman, meanwhile, tried not to look mildly terrified at the idea of needing to contain and then research a demonic creature.

“Yezzz, Mizzztrezzz…” he said, his mind swimming with how to possibly carry out the orders.

He supposed that with some reinforcement the cells within his laboratory would probably hold. Possibly with the enhancement of some kind of electromagnetic barrier, to ensure that attempts to escape would be futile.

If he could get a sample, then he might then be able to combine the demonic properties with mutagen and provide the level of enhanced minion that The Shredder was asking for. Surely such a thing would be massively rewarded.

“I’ll be in my lab, making preparationzzzz.” he buzzed. “Bring a demon to me there, onzzze you capture one.”

08-14-2015, 06:07 AM
"I'm finding that you 'can't' do a number of things" Karai said before smirking "I'll just have to let Master Shredder know about your inability to complete this." She said, content with her response.

Bradford was a good henchmutant, usually effective, significantly more focused then Xever. But he also seemed to have issues with questioning any authority besides shredder, whether it was her or Tigerclaw. Not terribly hard to correct, but an annoyance still the same.


"Alright" Leo said unstrapping the sheath again, katana still inside. He set it next to Donnie then took a few strides before turning around. He felt no different. He repeated this process until he was out in the subway tunnel in front of the lair. "I still feel fine!" He yelled in

08-14-2015, 07:25 AM

Raph returned to where the others were. He couldn't really find much of anything to use, but he thought of something that could work.

However he noticed one of the cat creatures were missing.

"Uh. Did I miss something?"
Raph asks looking over to see Leonardo about out of the lair.

Lethal Lullaby
08-14-2015, 07:57 AM
"HEY!" Fish Face snapped at Karai before quickly looking around. He was trying to place the blame on something else. He then saw Mystee trying to leave. He smirked then ran over grabbing her by her wrist.

Mystee gasped when her wrist was grabbed. "Um do you need m-" she started before she was yanked over to the other Foot clan members.

"If this girl didn't bring in that large demon, the one currently all over the floors, we would've had a demon for us to study." Fish Face says holding Mystee up by her left arm.

Mystee just looked around then saw the demon with visible glowing organs just jump out of the window. "Well. You guys did have a demon... not anymore." She commented as she felt the grip on her wrist get tighter. "Gah. You tryna break my wrist??"

Shiro Kame
08-14-2015, 09:15 AM
Shiro crosses her arms: At least she could handle ONE DEMON, while you 2 COULDN'T.

08-14-2015, 11:14 AM
Max sat in the back ally covered in cuts and bruises as he started towards a subway tunnel to hide and heal he knew that to a human he would be dead. But luckily demons don't use silver as his wounds are already closing but as with all things he needs rest hence the hiding

08-14-2015, 03:52 PM
"She has a point" karai said, hearing Shiro. This girl was very capable, and may be of use to them. She stepped in front of the others, signaling Xever to let go. "What's your name?" She asked, in a softer tone


Leo ran down one subway tunnel. A couple hundred yards or so down, and he began to feel tired, the further her went, the more drained he felt, to the point where he could barely move his legs. He turned around, breathing heavily, arms hanging down at his side unable to be lifted, and began heading back. The closer he got, the more his body felt normal. He jumped over the turnstiles back into the lair.

"Well, they certainly have a limit." He said, stretching his arms as he strapped the sheath back on.

08-14-2015, 04:45 PM
"She can handle herself. She should be back soon." Shadow spoke. "Oh, and we'll be able to place your souls back into your body when it's time. As for limitations on powers, as long as your soul remains untainted, then you'll be able to fight as long as you want."

As if on cue, a gate forms and Tarot walks out carrying some amulets with her. "I got them!" She smiles, "Give me your weapons and I'll get them ready to go."

(I'm going to say that Shadow already did the soul host replacement. So if you haven't figured out your soul host when you do just assume the process was already done)

Lethal Lullaby
08-14-2015, 06:29 PM
"Sweet! Welcome back!" Michelangelo says seeing Tarot arrive. He gave her a smile before handing over his weapon. "There you go, dudette."

April saw Tarot and let a small sigh of relief out. "Okay. Here's my weapon." She says handing over her tessen. She then looked up. "In away I do wonder just what other demons are up there." She says out of curiousity.

Suddenly there was a buzzing sound heard coming close to the lair.

Michelangelo looked around in panic. "Oh no! Don't tell me the mutant wasps are back!!" He says grabbing his head.


Fish Face let out an annoyed growl dropping Mystee, but not before squeezing her wrist harder. He stepped away as Karai spoke to her.

Mystee hit the ground landing on her knees. She held her wrist lightly rubbing it. She looked up at Karai after she asked for her name. "Mystee.." She answers before standing up. "Sorry if I had interrupted something important..." She says still holding her wrist. She looked around the room at the other mutants, Shredder, and Allister.

08-15-2015, 04:05 AM
As Raphael returned, Donatello glanced over to him. “We’re understanding how these powers work.” he explained, happily engrossed in both science and caution.

Donnie then nodded at Leo as he headed back to them. “Yeah. Seems like it’s far enough that we can put them all in some kind of protected container and keep them out of battle.” Then he reconsidered indecisively, “Though maybe keeping all of them together might not be a good idea, in case something went wrong.”

With his t-phone connected, Donnie kicked off the copy before turning as Shadow answered his other questions. So, they were reliant on the two felines to get their souls back in their bodies at the end of it all. It meant they needed to keep their new friends alive and around, or else they’d be trying to find some other way to restore their own souls.

“Is there a limit on how long souls can be outside the body?” Donnie then asked, his curiosity insatiable. He then frowned slightly. “And what do you mean, tainted? How would the soul become tainted?” That definitely sounded like something to avoid.

As Tarot returned and asked for weapons to be handed over for whatever upgrade she’d managed to obtain, Donatello drew his bo-staff. But before he could offer it to her, he heard an approaching buzzing.

Moving into a battle-ready stance, the turtle looked around suspiciously as he tried to locate the source of the noise.


“And I will be sure to let him know who couldn’t keep the base secure.” Bradford muttered under his breath, before standing back and waiting impatiently for further orders.


Stockman headed into his laboratory and started tinkering with getting an electromagnetic barrier set up that would, hopefully, contain a demon once captured.

08-15-2015, 07:58 AM
"If that's a demon then you'll fare better if your weapon is enchanted." Tarot shouts at Donatello, "It's not going to take long for me to do what I have to do! All I have to do is this!" Her green eye glows as she grabs Michelangelo's nun-chucks in one hand and an yellow amulet, the two items glow as they start to phase into each other. The light fades and Tarot holds Michelangelo's weapon. "Yellow is the color for the element of air, and since he's free spirited, I gave it to him." Tarot spoke, tossing Michelangelo his weapon, "The Air Dragon gave you flight, so as long as you hold your nun-chucks you should be able to fly like a bird. Your nun-chucks will also be able to deal damage to the demons." Tarot turns to April after having done the same for her and says, "White is the color of the storm, (April's soul color is pink btw, Mikey's is orange, and Ralphs is red)." Tarot tosses April's tenses, "The Rain Dragon told me you should be able to create and direct lightening through your tessens. Let these two handle whatever's coming until I enchant your weapons."

08-15-2015, 09:07 AM
Leo heard the buzzing too, but wasn't going to allow April and Mikey to fight it all by themselves. He quickly drew his sword, offering them over to the felines. "Hope this doesn't take long" he said, his eyes fixated on the entrance.


"No, you didn't interrupt" Karai said "in fact, you were rather helpful. You seem to be quite, capable, in handling these demons." She said, forming a plan in her head. "How would you feel about helping us catch one?"

Lethal Lullaby
08-15-2015, 10:14 AM
Mystee looked back at Karai wondering if she was actually serious. "Well uh I didn't really catch it. I was running from it, er um well running to find something to attack/slay it with." She says holding the back of her head.

"But I could think about it then return when I've got my answer." Mystee tells Karai starting to walk away but still looking at her. Also i need to go find myself a drink.. she thinks.

Fish Face looked at Karai slightly surprised. What exactly was she thinking asking this girl to join them. Sure she did heal the scratches on his face and was able to take on the demon, but he wasn't going to be one-upped by some girl dressed up as the black swan. He narrowed his eyes before going over to Shredder. "Master I'll be back. I'm going out to capture a demon, and I will return with one ALIVE before she does."


Michelangelo held his nunchuks out before him. He liked the idea that he could fly and was happy to give it a try for when the buzzing things would come in.

April held her tessen up halfway covering her face. She heard the buzzing get louder and it sounded there was a lot of them coming. "I hope we can handle what ever it is.

Then, after another minute of waiting, this creature with a body of a starved wild cat, long giraffe like legs a long tail with a stinger on the end and 10 heads that looked like wasp heads connected to 8 feet long necks. It saw the turtles, Tarot, Shadow and April. The the heads started to bash around at all of them.

"Whoa! That thing is bizarre!" Mikey says before spinning his nunchuks. He literally forgot that it gave them the ability to fly and almost freaked out when his feet lifted from the floor. In his freak out he did manage to kick one of the ten heads around and caused it to fall limp to the side when he got it in the neck.

08-15-2015, 10:45 AM
Donatello hesitated at Tarot’s urging to hand his weapon over. If some strange buzzing creature was about to descend upon them, he didn’t like the idea of being unarmed when it arrived. But the process did seem to be fast, as he watched Mikey and April’s weapons be promptly enchanted.

“Ok…” Donnie reluctantly conceded, waiting until after Leo had passed over his ninjaken before offering his bo-staff. “Just don’t break it again!”

As the source of the buzzing arrived, the turtle’s widened his eyes in alarm. It was like nothing he’d ever seen before, even in his worst nightmares. He quickly ducked under one of the heads as it flew towards him, narrowly avoiding the blow.

Dodging attacks, he stayed as close to Tarot as he could in anticipation of getting his weapon back and being able to fight the demonic creature that had arrived into the lair uninvited. Nearby, his t-phone sat unguarded as it continued to copy data across to the laptop.


“See? She brought trouble, not a solution.” Bradford growled to Karai, gesturing towards Mystee.

Shiro Kame
08-15-2015, 10:50 AM
Shiro: What's the matter, Rahzar? Afraid of being upstaged by a nobody?

08-15-2015, 02:49 PM
"Green is color for plant and tree magick." Tarot tells Donatello, dodging attacks, giving him his weapon, "The earth (rocks and junk) dragon wasn't avaible. So you should now have control over plant life, you know, making trees rise from their roots to help you fight, since they're under the magic of the stone, then they'll be able to cause harm to the demons. Of course that's not useful down in the sewers as far as I know, but your weapon should be able to heal itself again. Just send the demons to where April or that blue one is, they should be able to kill them." Tarot then gives Leo his weapon and says, "Blue is the color that represents water. The water dragon I found gave you the ability to create clones of anything out of water, they'll also be able to attack the demons thanks to the amulet your stone has. Both of your weapons should now also have effect on the demons thanks to my enchantment." Turning to Ralph she says, "You're the last one left."

"I don't want to waste anymore energy that I could save for tomorrow," Shadow spoke forming a kusarigama, "But this doesn't take as much energy to use as our spell to purge these demons does!" Swinging the kusarigama, Shadow hooks it around the demon's neck and slams it onto the ground.

Lethal Lullaby
08-16-2015, 01:42 PM
Mystee turned her head to Rahzar looking at him a bot curiously. "Do they even feed you?" She asks looking at his skeletal body. She let out a groan of annoyance when Shiro basically called her 'a nobody'.


Michelangelo finally got to the ground looked a bit shaken. "That won't happen every time I swing my nunchuks, will it?" He asks before bopping another of the demons heads.

April jumped back from one of the heads that tried to hit her. She then noticed the tail with the stinger at the end. The tail that was about to sting Raphael. "Raph! Watch out!" She says before slicing at the head that tried hitting her with her tessen.

08-16-2015, 03:33 PM
Max sits in the tunnel hiding his wounds having mostly healed when he hears a buzzing sound bouncing off the walls with his advanced hearing he tracks the sound as best as he can.running as fast as he can to a normal human he's a blur of movement but unfortanetly he attracts more demon attanshion as he runs a strange ball starts to fly after him easly catching up to him

08-18-2015, 01:37 AM
“Plants and trees?” Donnie repeated incredulously, as he retrieved his weapon. “Fantastic. Maybe if I ask the demons nicely, we can all have our big battle in Central Park.”

Being told he could send his enemies over for Leo and April to defeat just bristled the turtle further. He was a highly trained ninja! Maybe he wasn’t quite as combatively strong as some of his brothers, but he was still more than capable of holding his own in a fight.

Determined now to prove it, Donatello raced forward as April shouted out a warning to Raphael. He resolved to protect his brother and take down the demon, so April and the others could see just how competent he really was.

“I've got this!” Donnie yelled, swinging his bo staff in an effort to smack the stinging tail out of the way.


“No.” snarled Bradford. “I’m worried that nobody is going to get us killed.”

Then he hesitated, as he reran that sentence through his mind and realised there was an alternative interpretation than the one he’d intended to convey.

“Er… You know what I mean!”

He glanced at Mystee as she spoke, then snorted derisively. “Feed me? I don’t even get my own room. They make me sleep on the cold, hard floor.”

“I used to be somebody! The Chris Bradford dojo was famous.” A low growl rippled from his throat. “But now, because of those damn turtles…”

08-18-2015, 05:30 PM
"Careful there Bradford. You're starting to sound like Stockman" she mocked, before turning attention back to Mystee. "So what do you say? Interested in helping our clan catch one of these things?"


April heard the warnin before Raph, and jumped over, blocking the stinger between his katanas.

"Donnie!" He yelled seeing what his brother was doing "be. Careful!" He grunted pushing the stinger away before slicing it off

Shiro Kame
08-18-2015, 05:58 PM
Shiro: Yeah. You guys are mutates. GET OVER IT ALREADY. Besides, it was your own fault for pulling such a stupid move on a BOMB of all things.

Shiro then whispered to Karai: I don't think we should hire her. Someone with that kind of power could turn against us and prove devastating on our side. We also know NOTHING about her. She could be an ally with the turtles for all we know, and she's setting a trap for us. I don't even think she's human.

08-18-2015, 06:21 PM
"Don't be stupid! Just summon the trees and they'll unroot themselves and come to where you are!" Tarot shouts. Pulling her soul out (which was a sky blue color) Tarot places it into a gemstone on her. The demon's stinger stabs Tarot's body, but with her healing factor being increased since her soul wasn't part of her, it was able to heal in seconds. "Oh wait," Tarot says slowly turning her head toward Donnie, "Isn't that a tree over there?" She points to the tree in the lair.

08-18-2015, 10:07 PM
"Oh really?" Karai said aloud, in an amused tone. "When we found you, you were some reject Kraang experiment with anger issues. But up until this moment, you've never disappointed. Last I checked, you weren't human either, in fact, you're a turtle of all species. She's half the risk you were, I'd be careful not to make yourself one now"

With that handled, and Bradford put rightfully in his place, back to Mystee. "Sorry about that. I promise, there will be none of that, if you decide to help out"

Shiro Kame
08-18-2015, 10:11 PM
Shiro: That's not true. I'm HALF human, and I was originally human. Plus, you found me as a kid...Although you do have a point...Guess it's your funeral.

08-19-2015, 01:59 AM
With the stinger already dealt with, Donnie diverted to instead dive forward with an overly ostentatious somersault, positioning himself to heroically tackle several of the weaving heads at once. Cracking one across the skull with his bo staff, he then spun the weapon expertly in his hands before jabbing another straight in the eye.

Smugly self satisfied with his performance, he then cockily lolled his bo staff across his shoulders. ‘Was April watching?’ he wondered fancifully. That had to have looked cool. Surely she had to have seen that. In his mind, there was no way she could resist such an awesome display of martial prowess.

As Tarot spoke, heedless that he was still in the middle of a battle, Donatello glanced casually over towards her. “My own army of Ents would be pretty cool.” he conceded, “But no way am I uprooting the dojo tree! Master Splinter would be furious. I’d be grounded for—”

The length of time was never voiced, as he was abruptly smacked in the face by the one demon head in the set he’d been tackling that he’d neglected to target. With a strangled yelp of surprise, the turtle was sent sprawling on his shell with arms and legs flailing inelegantly. His bo staff, knocked from his hold, skittered a short distance further.


Bradford gave another low growl, but for the moment elected to stand silently and spectate rather than voice his thoughts and face another torrent of disrespect.

Lethal Lullaby
08-19-2015, 04:25 AM
Mystee frowned when hearing Rahzar's story. "Oh you poor thing." She says with sympathy in her voice. Her attention was drawn to Karai when she asked if she was interested in helping.

Before she could answer Shiro made some comments to Rahzar. Mystee watched her whispering to Karai about her. "I can hear you, ya know? I was human, I still sort of am, but I'm more so the 'living dead'... *coughs* vampire." She says before sighing. "So I just gotta go retrieve you a demon and we're good? I can go on my way and you guys can do whatever?" She asks Karai. "Oh and what or who are these 'turtles' you speak of?" She asks.


"Thanks Leo!" April shouted to him when she saw him take care of the stinger that was headed for Raphael. She noticed that the demon was starting weaken more as each head was knocked out. "Come on everyone we can finish this thing!"

Michelangelo nodded in agreement with April before pressing the button that activated his nunchuks to become Kasuragami. With his famous, "Booyakasha!" He swung at one of the demon's legs. The leg gave out causing the demon to fall forward before landing on it's side.

April partially noticed the cool move Donatello did and smiled slightly in his direction. Then he got knocked back and lost his weapon. "Donnie!" She shouted showing concern as she ran over. She knelt by him and checked to see if there was still a pulse.

08-19-2015, 10:01 AM
Max stopped running with a unearthly roar of pain these orb demons wore horrible they seemed to come from the ground with spikes on them every time he hit one if blows itself up like a bomb when they stab him they also blow up and a sees falls from them with grows a new one sometimes more. He had already started to aim for the seeds actuly killing some but with chunks of his flesh missing he knew he was gonna pass out soon. The last one swooped in and he slashed its seed ending it's rebirth but not before it blue up and made him colapse in the tunnel his lupine nature meant he would heal but it would take hours or more for how much he was hurt

08-19-2015, 04:10 PM
"Don't get distracted! His soul isn't part of his body! You shouldn't be worried about a hit like that!" Tarot shouts at April.
"Tarot! Finish it!" Shadow shouts, the chain of his kusarigama now wrapped around the legs of the creature.
"I'm on it!" Tarot shouts. Raising her arms up, her light takes the forms of sharp blades, bringin them down, the light rains down on the demon, piercing it's body.

Lethal Lullaby
08-21-2015, 05:35 PM

Already lost Wonton, Sushi Shea, and recently Electric..

So The Art of Puppetry will still be showing up October. So look forward to that. c: