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It wasn't too long that Krang had decided to test out his new body. Although he only tested a few things such as the Molecular Reconstruction Circuit which allowed him to shape shift his body parts into various weapons and items. It pleased him to know that with his body, he'd be quite formidable. But as he sat in his spiked purple throne, he placed his hands on the arm rest. But the problem was, he really wasn't touching the arm rest Only his robot arms did that.

As much as it pleased him to have a new body, he had to admit that it wasn't the same as his old one. He didn't really walk or grab anything. Only his robot body did that. All he did was sat in the stomach area of the robot body and move a few controls. He felt incomplete It is true that his robot body was world's above his previous body in terms of power and speed as well as having new abilities but it wasn't the same as his old body. The robot body was a worthy substitute but it was a substitute nonetheless. He just sighed as he sat on his newly made throne, observing the ruined Earth and the people being enslaved by his Rock Soldiers. He still thought of his old body.

However this was not the time to be picky. He needed as much power as he could get if he was to challenge powerful foes across the multiverse. He needed to find reinforcements as he knew that even with his massive Rock Soldier army, it would not be sufficient to conquer everything. He needed more soldiers, more powerful ones and he needed them quickly.

First, he needed to drain the energy of the Earth. All of it's energy from electrical power plants, nuclear plants the soil as well as the earth itself would be absorbed by the Technodrome. The Technodrome needed to absorb as much energy as possible so that all would fall before it. With that, in addition to his reinforcements, he felt that any opposing force would be crushed before him.

Now was the time to absorb the planets energy. The Technodrome had such equipment to absorb the energy without absorbing too much and overloading it. He used the controls of his robot body to manipulate some switches on the arm rest of the throne.

"Now this planet shall be drained of it's energy. The energy of this world and many other worlds is what will make me supreme overlord of creation!" Krang declared

He quickly opened up the Technodrome's drill mechanisms which drilled into the earth itself. As it drilled beneath the Earth, the Technodrome's engine roared as the energy of the planet was being absorbed. In a matter of minutes, much of the soil started turning black, the sky turned red, it's ominous presence making itself clear and the leaves of the trees began to fall. The earth didn't even rumble as it's energy was being absorbed. Everything started to change before the human's very eyes. As the energy of the planet was being depleted, so was the hope the humans once had.

"Excellent! The absorbing mechanism is working out better than I expected. Now that I've crippled Earth, it'll be even easier to conquer it. Now that I claim this planet, I can move on to other planets from my home dimension. Tragg, you are to come with me. Leave some Rock Soldiers here under the command of Lt. Granitor. I have unfinished business to take care of in Dimension X. I even have some old allies of mine I could use before I start recruiting soldiers from other universes." Krang grinned.

General Tragg only nodded as he opened the Transdimensional Portal. As it was opened, Krang typed a few commands on his miniature keyboard on his arm rest. The dimensional portal flickered until it homed in on a specific signal. Instead of showing just Dimension X, it revealed a strange looking ant-like creature wearing a mask. The creature only watched Krang in astonishment.

"Krang, is that really you?" the creature asked. It's eyes were still wide.

"It is, Antrax, my loyal executioner. It has been far too long..."

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Hmm. Interesting. I like how Krang is reminiscing over his lost body, and the outcome of this is looking pretty bleak here. It's short, but gets the point across nicely. Good work here.

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Hmm. Interesting. I like how Krang is reminiscing over his lost body, and the outcome of this is looking pretty bleak here. It's short, but gets the point across nicely. Good work here.

Thanks. :) It is short and I wanted to make it longer but I wanted to get this out when I could. It's sort of short to help build up what's going to happen really. I also wanted to bring back old enemies like Antrax and have him play a part. The next chapter will show him visiting the Neutrinos, (and you can imagine it's not going to go very well) and where he begins to use the transdimensional portal to recruit multiple villains and the roster of villains would include almost everyone you can think of. From Gargoyles, Marvel, DC, various anime, image comics, mirage comics, ect.

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the plot thickens huh? Good, continue the good work.