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08-13-2015, 08:36 AM
So this is something I've been wanting to do for a while, it seems like a good idea for the game collectors on this forum. I finally got around to it and made a list of all the game related stuff I have for sale/trade.

Feel free to post stuff guys, hopefully this can turn out to be a cool thread for us.

Heres what I have for trade:

- Ness (CIB)

- NES (Control Deck)(IB)(some box damage/wear)
- Master System w/power adapter (missing controller and tv cable)
- N64 (gray)

- Top Gun (CIB)
- Double Dragon 1 (loose)
- Golf Challenge Pebble Beach (Sealed)
- TMNT 2 : Arcade Game (loose)

- Super Mario World (loose)

- Sonic 1 (IB)(missing manual)
- Chakan (label damage)(loose)

- Evolution 1 (CIB)
- Virtua Tennis (CIB)

- Mario 64 (loose)
- Mario Kart 64 (loose)
- Pokemon Stadium 1 (loose)

- Robotech Battle Cry (CIB)
- Starfox Adventure (CIB)
- Resident Evil 0 (IB) (player's choice / missing manual)
- Resident Evil 1 (CIB) (player's choice)
- Sonic Mega Collection (disc only)
- Sonic Adventure 2 (disc only)

- Megaman x7 (disc only)
- Megaman x8 (disc only)
- Onimusha 2 (CIB)
- Dragon Ball Z : Budokai (CIB)
- Dragon Ball Z : Budokai 2 (CIB)
- Dragon Ball Z : Budokai 3 (CIB)
- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (CIB)
- Kingdom Hearts (CIB) (greatest hits)

- De Blob (CIB)
- SimAnimals (CIB)
- Thrillville : Off the Rails (CIB)

Gameboy Color:
- Zelda : Oracles of Ages (CIB)
- Zelda : Oracles of Seasons (CIB)

- Namco Museum (loose)

- Elite Beats Agents (CIB)

- Powerstone Collection (CIB)
- Death Jr. (IB)(missing manual)
- The 3rd Birthday (CIB)
- Dissidia : Final Fantasy (CIB)
- Castlevania : The Dracula X Chronicles (CIB)

Empty Cases, Art Insert and Manuals:
- Bloody Wolf (Manual Only)

- Luigi's Mansion (players choice)

- Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
- Mario & Luigi : Bowser's Inside Story
- Sonic Colors
- Professor Layton : Unwound Future
- Mario vs. Donkey Kong 1
- Adventure Time : Hey Ice King!
- Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games
- Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games
- Final Fantasy IV
- Pokemon Ranger : Shadow of Almia
- Pokemon Ranger : Guardian Signs
- Transformers : War for Cybertron | Decepticon
- GTA : Chinatown Wars
- Castlevania : Order of Ecclesia
- The World Ends with You
- Pokemon : Heart Gold
- Pokemon : Soul Silver

- Empty DS Cases (for GBA slot use, etc.) x16

- Zelda : Ocarina of Time
- Fire Emblem : Awakening

PS Vita:
- Playstation All-Star Battle Royale

They have no prices at the moment cause I'm looking for straight up trades... lets see how that goes.
Pics will be sent upon interest. I'll keep updating list as I find more stuff.

Here's what I'm looking for:

Box w/Manuals Only:
- Legend of Zelda
- TMNT 3 : Manhattan Project
- Metroid

Super Nintendo:
- TMNT : Tournament Fighters

Master System:
- Kenseiden
- Alex Kidd in Miracle World

- Thunder Force II

- Grandia II
- Sonic Adventure 2

- TMNT 2
- TMNT 3

- Metroid : Zero Mission
- TMNT (Movie Version)

- Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ
- Giana Sisters
- Solatorobo
- Nanostray 2
- Heroes of Mana

Manuals Only:
- Super Metroid

- Dragon Spirit
- Legendary Axe 2

- Maximum Carnage
- TMNT : Tournament Fighters
- Sonic 1

- Fighting Vipers

CIB Games List:
- TMNT (2k3 Cartoon Version)
- TMNT 2 : Battlenexus

- Gunstar Heroes
- Ristar
- Comix Zone
- Mickey Mouse : Castle of illusions
- Sonic & Knuckles
- Vectorman 2
- Rocket Knight Adventures
- Streets of Rage 3

- Secret of Mana

- Nights into Dreams (big case)
- Astal

- Sword of the Berserk
- Marvel vs. Capcom 2

- Klonoa
- Tomba
- Tomba 2
- Skullmonkeys
- Fear Effect 2
- Legend of Mana

- Kirby's Air Ride
- Ikaruga
- Chibi-Robo
- Resident Evil 2
- Resident Evil 3
- Resident Evil : Code Veronica X

I'll add my loose carts list in the near future.

08-13-2015, 02:06 PM
Glad someone finally went ahead with this idea! I'll go through my stuff later tonight and update with a list! Let's do this, gang!

Also, it might be nice to add a little snippet of what you're looking for. It might help to make trades easier if someone can see what type of stuff you're after.

Edit: So, I went through a few things and came up with a small list of stuff I'm willing to trade pretty quickly.

N64 -
Super Mario 64 x2 (loose)
Mario Kart 64 (loose)

Saturn - About 30-40 Japanese imports. Some insane stuff. I spent quite a bit of money on multiple bulk imports, so I have a sh*t load of games. If anyone wants specifics just let me know.

GCN - OoT Master Quest (NA - Complete)

PS4 - Retro City Rampage (Yes, that one (http://www.playstationlifestyle.net/2014/11/10/retro-city-rampage-dx-ps4-version-getting-limited-retail-release/). Sealed.)

Amiibo - NA NIB Robin, Lucina and Marth (2nd print)

I have a ton of other stuff, but these are the things I'm way more willing to let go of without much thought. I'm open to trades for a ton of stuff. Mostly, I'm into Gamecube/GBA era Nintendo stuff right now, but NES/SNES/PS1 stuff is always on my radar.

08-13-2015, 06:10 PM
Yeah, I'd be curious as to what you're after. Yay Wonderful 101 is enticing.

08-14-2015, 08:14 AM
Updated first post with some of my wants list.

08-18-2015, 08:22 AM
Bump... no ones into this I see lol

08-18-2015, 08:52 AM

Loose SNES games (all of which in great shape & tested)
-TMNT 4 Turtles In Time
-TMNT Tournament Fighters
-Paperboy 2
-Super Gameboy

-Adventure Time: Explore The Dungeon Because I Don't Know! (Complete w/case & all inserts)

-Mini Ninjas (Complete w/case & all inserts)

Tempted to part with Gameboy/GBA games but I'm not sure yet. It's nice to have games that run on batteries in the event of an apocalyptic happening stripping us of electricity. :tlol:
So we'll see about that down the line, maybe.

08-18-2015, 10:28 AM
Bump... no ones into this I see lol

This is a small subsection of a general discussion section that is of a relatively low population. This section has something like 10-15 regulars these days, an even smaller portion of those regulars do more than post a pointless update of what they're playing in the GD/LP/CP thread, and an even smaller portion of those people are an active game collector. I don't know what you expect?

08-18-2015, 01:23 PM
I don't know what you expect?

more than 3 other people! haha

08-19-2015, 07:59 PM
I'm interested in several items some of you guys have... but I cannot trade anything, I'm only interested in buying. Would anybody be willing to do that? I'm especially looking for those N64 games because a huge amount of mine got stolen. Gamecube's nice too, along with some others.

Though I guess I do have a NA Pac-Man amiibo in box that I'm willing to trade. The box is dented/damaged, though. But that's the only thing I have, since I've had to re-buy most of my lost video games.

08-26-2015, 11:09 AM
Got Sonic 2 and Children of Mana, they are now off my want list :)

08-26-2015, 04:28 PM
So is everything on here all trade stuff? PL, I want several of those N64 games [like literally almost all of them], Gamecube games, and Blue version. Maybe Evolution 1 as well.

08-27-2015, 07:54 AM
So is everything on here all trade stuff? PL, I want several of those N64 games [like literally almost all of them], Gamecube games, and Blue version. Maybe Evolution 1 as well.

PM sent!!!

08-28-2015, 01:02 PM
Oh, the local used game store wouldn't take everything, so I guess I do have a few things I want to get rid of. Like I don't even care, buy them or trade for them, just take them I don't want them:

[PSP] Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
[360] Fable II
[PS2] The Urbz
[PS2] Phantasy Star Universe

We've played these to death or have multiple copies [we don't even have a 360 any more] so please just take them

They all have manuals and cases we aren't barbarians

Also if anyone has a case and artwork for MGS Twin Snakes PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me. I am also looking for the artwork for MGS3 Snake Eater.

08-31-2015, 08:55 AM
A bunch of n64 have now gone

09-09-2015, 08:38 AM
Added some PSP games

09-29-2015, 01:51 PM
Added a few more items:
- NES (Control Deck)(IB)(some box damage/wear)
- Captain Skyhawk (loose)
- Kingdom Hearts (CIB)(greatest hits)

10-01-2015, 03:46 PM
I have an NIB NA Fox amiibo (2nd print) up for trade. Looking for a Captain Falcon or a Samus (but only if she stands straight.)

EDIT: Doesn't matter which version they are, I'm an out of box collector. EU or JP figures are fine.
EDIT 2: Fox is no longer up for trade.

11-20-2015, 08:06 AM
Finally got my hands on TMNT : Hyperstone Heist, it's now removed from my list :)
I added Pokemon Heart Gold & Soul Silver cases.

04-14-2016, 04:48 PM
Anybody interested in the Metroid Prime trilogy, the one in the tin case? Tryna move my copy. Disc is in wonderful shape, case/slip cover has minor shelf wear. Pics upon request.