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08-23-2015, 12:37 PM
At the man cave below Salazar mansion, we find Mikey polishing up Ex-Cel Dude's motorcycle using Turtle Wax (pardon the pun). Ex-Cel came sliding down the pole & saw Mikey working.

EX-CEL: What's going on? In trouble again?
MIKEY: Just trying to earn some major cash for my band needs.
EX-CEL: You're not on an allowance. What do you need?
MIKEY: Three more tympanis. I got a 23 & 26 inch. All I need's a 20, 29 & 32 inch.
EX-CEL: No, not enough stage space! What brought this on Mikey?

Mikey stops polishing, then wiping his hands with a towel. He goes over to the laprop, logs on to BoobTube Mikey clicks a video of a marching band pit player, who plays a solo on a set of five tympanis. When they showed his face, they showed his shirtless body having a tattoo of Michaelangelo on his chest.

EX-CEL: I'm not impressed.

When he finished playing, he speaks...

JASON: The name's Jason, I go to North Fresno High & am a pit player. If you're watching Michaelangelo, I challenge you to a drum-off! And bring that band with the musical superhero leading.

Video is over.

MIKEY: Come on, Ex-Cel. Our show's in reruns with a few episodes left & a series finale, this could be great publicity for Ex-Cel Band. Please???

Ex-Cel told him he'll think it over.

Hours later in the living room, Josh is relaxing on the recliner. Alan comes over to him.

ALAN: Master Josh, Kevin Denton is here to see you.

Kevin enters & talks to Josh.

KEVIN: Josh, I've been invited to homecoming.
JOSH: Where at?
KEVIN: North Fresno High.

Josh got up & went to the study, opened the secret panel & yelled down below,


KEVIN: What's going on?

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08-25-2015, 02:17 PM
Mikey comes up the pole (ala Batman) & when he reaches the study, Josh conks him on the head, having Mikey go right back down to the cave.

KEVIN: If you weren't my boss, I'd report you to animal cruelty. You're worse than Raph.

Josh charged over to Kevin & is about to punch him until Alan came in with a piece of paper.

ALAN: Master Kevin, you dropped this letter. And you Master Josh, quit being a hothead like all other Latinos.

Kevin hands the letter to Josh, he reads the invitation to North Fresno High. Mikey comes from the elevator & gets after Josh.

MIKEY: You got a problem with me again?
JOSH: I'm sorry Mikey. Thought you had something to do with this.
KEVIN: What's going on?

Josh explained to Kevin about the band geek who wants to challenge Mikey to a drum-off.

JOSH: Mikey wants me to write a song, with a marching band.
KEVIN: If you don't want to, I could produce this myself. Besides, they want Ex-Cel Band to perform @ the pre-game so we could make this a music video as well.
JOSH: Not dressing up in band geek clothing.
MIKEY: You could either be a drum major or play the vibes in the pit.
KEVIN: I'm lead singing & playing guitar. They allow electric guitars in marching bands these days. The other band members can wear the geeky band uniforms.

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09-12-2015, 10:04 AM
Kevin & Mikey went over to North Fresno High. Kevin had a meeting with the principal while Mikey checked out the marching band practicing on the field.

Kevin went into the principal's office to have a meeting.

PRINCIPAL: Kevin Denton, who had lots of detention.
KEVIN: I never had detention.
PRINCIPAL: I know, just made a pun.

They sit down & discussed homecoming.

PRINCIPAL: So, you still play jazz guitar?
KEVIN: Yeah, & rock.
PRINCIPAL: Why do you play guitar for a superhero?
KEVIN: Cause Nicky Duece was a jerk. Ex-Cel treats me much better.

Out in the field, Mikey sits in the bleachers to see the marching band rehearse. But when he sees the pit, he finds a black boy named Zack Jones, playing the five piece tympani. When they were through, Mikey went over to the band & met with Zack.

MIKEY: So where's Jason?
ZACK: Jason St. John? He got cut due to low grades. So I'm taking his place. Say, you're that turtle Jason's obsessed with!
MIKEY: The one & only.
ZACK: Well, I wanna make it a three person drum off!
MIKEY: Whatever.

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09-17-2015, 12:33 PM
Mikey's about to meet up with Kevin, until he spotted detention hall, where Jason St. John's seated. He also hears a teacher, Mrs. Vera Hayfer, bitching @ him.

HAYFER: You think it's fun being a dreamer? No high school student should have a ninja turtle for a role model! What have you got to say?
JASON: He's the best...
HAYFER: Silence, another week of detention! I can protect my kids on what they watch, I never let them watch Dizzylodeon because of that lame superhero & that stupid band.

Mrs. Hayfer goes back to her desk. Then shows Jason his grades.

HAYFER: Since you joined marching band, your grades slipped & have a lack of discipline!

Mikey heard enough, he entered the classroom.

MIKEY: Stop putting him down!
HAYFER: If it isn't the giant reptile that warps young peoples brains. Tresspassing on school property, I'll call the police! One more thing, I hate you!

She used her cell phone to call the police.

HAYFER: One more thing, I had a teacher give you an F so you wouldn't be able to play!
MIKEY: You're a female Shreeder!

Just then, Kevin & the Principal entered.

PRINCIPAL: A confession! You're suspended Vera! Jason, you're free to go. I'll reinstate your marching band privilages.

Vera left in disgust uelling, "I hate you Michaelangelo!"

Jason then took Mikey over to the band room, where he saw the five piece tympani set.

MIKEY: This is the coolest day ever!
JASON: Each drum is arranged from small to gigantic, 20-23-26-29-32 inch diameter.
MIKEY: Be great for a pizza.
JASON: Go for it, Mikey!

Jason hands him some mallets & has Mikey mess on them

09-27-2015, 10:28 AM
At a high school football stadium, fans get ready for a pre show as well as a football game. Ex-Cel Band's changing into those geeky band uniforms, except Silver Sentry & Ex-Cel Dude

Out on the field, we find instruments set up & in front, the five tympani set. The band director gets the fans attention.

BAND DIRECTOR: We got a treat for you. A drum-off between three drummers, two from the marching band pit & a guest drummer. Each will get two minutes to show their ability. First up, Jason St. John.

Jason enters & heads towards the tympanis, grabbed some mallets & started with a drumroll, followed by a solo riff he made up.

BD: Next, his pit buddy, Zack Jones!

Zack tackles the tympani set & plays a hip hop beat.

BD: And our guest drummer, the Mikester himself, Mikey!

Mikey enters wearing that stupid band costume & plays his awesome two minute solo. All three of them were great, there's no winner. Jason asks Zack & Mikey to pose with him while a cheerleader took a pic of them.

Twenty minutes later, the principal stepped up to the mike.

PRINCIPAL: Before we start our football game, let's have a pre game shoutout to a fine student who attended North Fresno High. He still plays guitar & works for a super hero. Along with Ex-Cel Band, here's Kevin Denton!

The band came out & went to their instruments. Ex-Cel on the vibes, Sentry on bass, Scout on organ, Mikey on drums, Hunks on Horns playing trumpet & saxes & Kevin playing his electric guitar & singing a variation of this song.