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09-08-2015, 02:06 PM

Preview of one of my many projects. This is a expanded view on the IDW run "Utrom Empire"

I have one site so far and need readers for it. So if you're interested read the preview and tell me what you think of my idea :)

Basically it fills blanks in the timeline the comic did not covered.
It will show Quanin before he became an Empereor but will also feature Lorqa the senior member of the High Council of Utrominon.

Check it out if ya want.

The text is a little small so i will write it here:

Third Panel:

Lorqa: I see you still like to sit here under these trees...

Kiaara(Krangs mother): Huh? Lorqua! Quanin is not finished yet but if you want... you can join me and Krang here...

Lorqa: It's a pleasure to meet you again my dear...Beautiful as usual *kiss*

Kiaara: Hihi, Oh Lorqa.

These two have a little history with each other which will rise up later in the story :)

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thank you very much :)

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