View Full Version : Anyone collect vintage (New in Box) toys from the 80's and up other than TMNT?

09-10-2015, 11:39 PM
I have what I call a "mood wall" in my home office. It features a nice assortment of new in box toys, action figures, playsets, trinkets and even old food boxes from my childhood. I lost all my old stuff between my parents' divorce and from losing a storage unit while in college. I re-purchased a big chunk of my old toys but I purchased them either graded or new in box. I have a medium size loose collection of some of the items as well that I let my son play with so I can relive those glory days through him.

I like collecting graded stuff or new in box stuff since it holds it's value or increases in value plus I can strongly remember the anticipation of holding those new boxes in stores months before birthdays and holidays so I love having minty, new stuff.

If anyone else collects stuff like this, I would love to see your collection displays. I need to take some new pics of mine so I can share as well.

09-26-2015, 08:38 AM
I buy the re-issues of the original Transformers toys from the 80's. But I don't buy the actual originals. I'm not made of money.

09-29-2015, 06:26 AM
No, also because of the $$$.

If I was very wealthy I would buy up lots of 80's GI Joe, MOTU,Transformers, Lego etc...but I'm poor...and I would take everything out of the box (yet probably keep said boxes)

I'd forgotten how awesome the box art for MOTU was!

Candy Kappa
09-29-2015, 06:40 AM
No, the only vintage figures I collect consciously is TMNT. Honestly, when it comes to MOTU and Transformers, I'm more into the modern figures and have a sizable collection off MOTUC.

I do wanna get some Dick Tracey and Skeleton Warrior figures, mostly to bulk out more fodder villains for heroes to fight.

09-29-2015, 08:39 AM
I collect a few things here and there if I can find a good deal on them mainly for nostalgia reasons. I've got a little bit of everything so it doesn't interfere with my turtle collecting. Everything from Transformers, MOTU, Cowboys of Moo Mesa, Thunder cats to Army Ants and Battle Beasts. I would collect more if it weren't for those petty issues such as time, money and space.

10-01-2015, 06:19 PM
I try to complete smaller collections around the eternal Vintage TMNT struggle. Like a lot of people if money was no option I'd be collecting everything. Alongside TMNT I'm currently cheating on them with Biker Mice from Mars.