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09-16-2015, 04:40 PM
This series should catch the eye of long time Turtle Fans; it's the brain child of Richard Starkings and published by Image Comics.

Set in the future, the series takes place some years after a corporation called Mappo who used animal genetics to create animal/human crossbreeds, and grew them inside the wombs of kidnapped women. Raising their new soldiers in secret, Mappo partnered with the African Union (think the EU, only Africa) and waged terrible war on Europe and Asia before a United Nations Coalition beat them back, along with China's own animal hybrid soldiers.

While Mappo's lead genetic scientists and leaders were tried for warcrimes, their animal soldiers, "Elephantmen" were resocialized into society over five years and dispersed among the world. Those that managed to make it through therapy and take up jobs find a world not quite sure what to make of them, and many feel considerable guilt for being unwitting pawns and committing terrible crimes in the war.

The story follows Hieronymus "Hip" Flask, and Ebenezer "Ebony" Hide, a hippo and elephant, respectively, as they work for "The Information Agency," a division of the Los Angeles Police Department that sees the two do a ton of detective work.
Other major characters include Obidah Horn, a rhino, who has made himself into a successful billionaire, and Trench, a zebra, who is Hip and Ebony's boss. Also included are humans Miki, a cab driver who shares a very intimate relationship with Hip; Sahara, a philanthropist and well known figure for spearheading the recsocialization program of the Elephantmen and fiance to Obidah Horn.

There are villains aplenty, as Mappo's agents aren't completely out of the picture, and notorious crime lord Joshua Serengheti wants all of the Elephantmen dead (and is Sahara's father).

I came into the series at issue #50, but really the series is excellent through and through. The issues come out, unfortunately, not with any regular schedule, but anyone who read the original Mirage run of TMNT should know how that goes.


09-17-2015, 04:58 PM
This is very similar to early Mirage TMNT... both in a good way and a less-good way.

I really like the characters and concepts, but sometimes the narrative flow is a little helter-skelter. Very indie. Overall, I approve... thanks for pointing out this awesome series!