View Full Version : A Sci Fi/ Fantasy FPS game?

09-20-2015, 05:10 PM
When it comes to FPS games, usually Sci Fi takes it, but there are some Fantasy FPS games like Elder Scrolls but those are RPGS. You might be familiar with games like Hellgate which had sci fi and fantasy elements with guns and magic but that was also an rpg. I haven't really seen too many Fantasy games that had just FPS styles, let alone merged with Sci Fi

I have had an idea with a game involving the two, but instead of resorting to RPG styles I'd make it more of a traditional FPS game like with Co-op modes, assault missions, capture the flag style games, ect. Is anyone familiar with Unreal Tournament or the Quake game? Imagine that but also throw in Skyrim like elements in there and have co-op mode. Various missions would involve storming a space ship, castles dungeons, factories ect. Where the gang has take down multiple enemies, including cyborgs, demons goblins aliens, ect. use puzzle solving like in the Portal games and collect loot.

Depending on what kind of game you'd go for, you could go for the story mode but it wouldn't always be linear and would involve different missions depending on which path you took. There'd also be stores to go to in order to buy equipment. But it wouldn't be a rpg since it wouldn't really involve leveling up so much as it would depend on your skill to fight and evade. You'd use various weapons in the game with both advanced and primitive melee and ranged weapons, magical spells to damage and heal and even learn martial arts moves. If anyone remembers the first Quake game, there'd be some elements that are similar.

I'd also want to character creation system to be really good so you can make pretty much any character you'd want. You'd only be human but the character design would be even better than the Sims as far as making your character any race or mixture of races i.e. white, black, Asian, ect. and you'd alter your body type you could be skinny or pretty fat.

Just wondering what you think of these ideas.