View Full Version : Virtual Larping

09-30-2015, 08:44 AM
I never understood why they haven't really expanded on virtual reality. I feel like Larping combined with that would make it actually kind of fun. Larping is live action roleplaying for those that don't know.

For this idea, I thought it'd be best if people either had a virtual reality helmed or glasses, and through it, everything would look the same as it would if you weren't wearing the virtual reality equipment, except there would be various monsters programmed to harm you and of course you would have foam swords to dual with, but through the eyes of the virtual reality equipment, it would look like a real blade. You'd also have those toy nerf guns that could be used for the larping and bows and arrows or crossbows and various items that would look different through the virtual reality helmet. You'd use various items like wands, swords, staves, ect. and while it would be foam on the outside, it'd look the real thing through the inside

The game would involve trying to find treasure nearby or rescuing someone and you'd dual various creatures that would be programmed, whether it's aliens, demons, skeletons, various mythological creatues, ect. You can have a party help you out and of course you can dual other players as well by sparring or having a serious fight. You'd all have a health meter and if you had ranged weapons you'd have an amount of amunittion to use in the game or if you're a magic user, you'd use a mana meter. Various enemies would be faced and could even be downloaded to add to the enemy roster.

I think this would make Larping not only more fun but more effective as people wouldn't argue over who hit who, the effects in the game would allow them to be more immersed and so forth. I was wondering what people thought of this idea. I'm not making it anytime soon unless I get a huge loan or grant and fund it. I was just wondering what you thought of this idea.