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10-02-2015, 08:42 AM
A little late to the party but I picked this game up a couple weeks ago. Having completed this game and Quantic Dream's other effort, Heavy Rain, I was wondering if anyone here had played these as well?

I really, really like the idea of a full game being an interactive movie.

But I really think they need to ditch the needless interactions and tighten up the story.

For example, when I say needless interactions, I mean interactions that have absolutely zero benefit of being in there. Such as when you get out of the car and the driver goes "Oh wait! Here. You forgot your book." And he holds it out, ready to hand it to you. You're prompted to flick the right analogue stick to take it from him. But if you don't, you are both doomed to stare at each other forever, his arm extended, forever begging you to take your book. If there's zero consequence, why even include it?

I think the scale of these games need to be cut back considerably, too. I'd rather an extremely flexible, tight 5 hour story game than a 20 hour game that feels kind of on the rails.

Anyone else play these?

10-02-2015, 08:03 PM
Well I never tried heavy rain, but I did play Beyond Two Souls.

However, BTS is just absolutely awful when it comes to interaction. I felt the Walking dead had much better gameplay.