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10-09-2015, 03:50 AM
I have two RP ideas. They have a pretty detailed story though and I want these to be multi paragraph RP's. Deep psychological sad stuff yay XD

My first idea is kinda a TMNT Fast Forward thing, but it's more of a hybrid idea that I'm crossing over with my Space AU. I thought they fit well together.

It’s the year 2105 and humanity has become a more advanced society. Aliens are common place and Earth is no longer the only place where humans reside. Humans have moved to other planets as well. In all directions life is booming, everywhere but not everything is good. There are still problems, intergalactic wars and money issues.

An AI that runs most of the planets in this galaxy has other plans. Up until now the AI seemed to not really have a personality. It seemed to just exist to do what humans wanted. One day though that all changed. It continued to run things but locked out any humans from accessing or using it. As it ran things however it started to do a new thing. Create a “Game”

The AI would activate androids and other AI’s around for the recruitment process. The game is simple, the AI chooses fighters from across the galaxy and makes them compete. Whoever can take 12 inhabited planets for their own wins leadership of everything the AI can control and since that’s alot of planets and alot of land, that’s no small prize.

Everyone is competing, fighting each other for territory, but..things are not completely what they seem.

(I don't want to spoil the huge secret the AI is hiding but I'll give a hint, something is wrong with the reality everyone's living in in this AU. I have alot of OC's in this AU. I'm OK with OC's in this RP but I want to keep them limited if they aren't the fighters that are competing in the contest like my OC's are to keep things from getting too complicated.

My plan on how the turtles get involved is this is Cody, Serling and the Turtles all go to the building where the AI resides and when Cody tries to use it, something happens and they all get teleported to a spot right where a battle is going on.


My second idea is less detailed but I want to do a MNT Gaiden AU RP but with OC's as well. Like make it that your OC is affiliated with the MNT gaiden ver of the turtles or hasn't seen them since the accident and their just meeting again now to help with getting rid of the curse or something like that? I didn't plan this one out as far..but yeah which one would you guys in the Rper thread rather do? I'm cool with either of them, maybe even both! :3

Lethal Lullaby
10-10-2015, 11:02 PM
I like the first one. Also would enjoy to RP with Fast Forward characters. Lol I actually liked Cody and Serling. ^-^

10-11-2015, 12:58 AM
I was hoping someone would say that! Im actually going to make that the thread XD I love Fast Forward it deserves alot better treatment!