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10-18-2015, 09:22 PM
(story preview-set in IDW verse)

You know, my life doesn't ever seem to get any easier.

My name's Ace Duck, a fowl-weathered friend, and the best pilot this side of Perfidus. I've spent most of my life flying the not-friendly skies of this world, my feathers are nearly grey from the endless cargo runs I've made from one continent to another, and my brown bomber jacket and pilot's cap are tattered and worn from all the battles I've been in. Still, I nearly got this cargo plane paid off, and I'm gonna sitting really pretty well when it's time for me to retire in about three or four decades.

That is, until I got myself into this recent little mess.

See, I was on my way back from a trip hauling air conditioner parts to the southern continent, and I decided to make a little extra money by taking on a few passengers. It seemed like a good enough idea at the time- I make a little extra change on my return flight, and they save some cash on going home. My co-pilot Sandstorm, a camel from the far east I had hired recently, warned me against it, I didn't see any problems bringing this animals on board.

"You are making a grave mistake, my friend. I sense grave danger in bringing these passengers with us."

"Phah, Sandstorm... you're just imagining things!"

The five I chose seemed like a nice enough bunch; A tall fellow named Monty Moose, a mounty from the great white North returning with a prisoner he had captured overseas. Then there was Half-court giraffe, a professional basketball player going home after playing an international game. I was a little nervous around Walkabout, the big game hunter from down under who was heading out to Tinseltown to host a new weekly nature show host (Being that I'm a waterfowl, there's just something that bothers me about a Kangaroo with a rifle like that). But I did have a bit of respect for Hot Spot, the dalmatian firefighter who had been battling infernos in third world countries. Like I said, it didn't seem like much could go wrong on a simple trip.

Yeah, a simple trip... right. Remember that prisoner I mentioned? Turns out it was a political prisoner- a gorilla solider named Sgt. Bananas. Seems this creep was involved in a plot to overthrow our world's beloved monarchs, King Leonheart and Queen Dineesha. Bananas had his two insectoid lackeys, Scumbug and Antrax, hide aboard the plane and free him. And then there was a struggle aboard my plane. I will say, even being outnumbered, those three put up quite a fight.

But then... things got even weirder.

Now, I'm no conspiracy theorist. I don't believe all those conspiracy theories, like the idea our ancestors were a bunch of savage animals on another planet until a race of brain people poured a bunch of green goop on us. But when something weird happens, even I can't deny it.

So, imagine my shock when a green shelled turtle in an orange bandanna and martial arts gear suddenly appeared in a flash of light during the struggle. He started running around my cockpit yelling stuff like "Pizza!" And "Cowabunga!" And kept asking somebody named Renet why she sent him to this planet. I have no idea where this crazy terrapin who talks to imaginary people came from, but I wish he'd stayed there.

Whelp, needless to say in all this chaos, my plane got damaged, and started to go down. So here I am, my plane wrecked, stuck on a desert island with a bunch of angry passengers, a co-pilot telling me I told you so, a ninja surfer turtle with no clothes on, and three sinister revolutionaries who want to kill us all hiding somewhere on the island. And now, Sandstorm has returned from one of his scouting missions, and told me he might have spotted one of the natives- an elephant witch doctor in tribal gear.

Sigh... I don't see how things could POSSIBLY get any worse...

10-19-2015, 07:29 AM
So, thoughts? Should I just toss this one back into the incinerator, or is there interest in reading it?

09-01-2018, 08:19 PM
So, thoughts? Should I just toss this one back into the incinerator, or is there interest in reading it?

This was a pretty funny story. Connecting Dineesha from Mirage to King Lionheart is interesting. Id also like to see you use Needlenose, Thrashmor, Buzzroc, Multiflex, and Killer Bee in this story. Along with some of the sidekick figurines from way back when. I do like how Ace is written here.