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10-19-2015, 04:29 PM

I'm wanting to create some audio versions the of my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fanfiction's

The current fic I'm doing is called Shattered.

Takes place just after the Season 2 finally.


The Kraang have successfully taken over the city and mutated most of the inhabitants of New York (including April's father Kirby O'Neil) into mutant-Kraang slaves. Defeated in their attempts to stop the invasion, the Turtles as well as their two human friends April O'Neil and Casey Jones are forced to flee the city.

I need voices for the characters in the project:

Please send all Auditions in MP3 format to Humliej@gmail.com

Deadline: December 12th 2015


This will be a bulk role as you will be largely reading the fic itself.

Voice Type: Strong

Voice Gender Male or Female:


Line 1: Silence blanketed the old VW van as it carried them down the road, away from the city, away from the destruction, away from everything they had ever known.

Kirby was a kraang mutant, the lair was destroyed...possibly beyond repair, and Splinter...their teacher and father was gone. They all strongly held onto the hope that Splinter had survived being tossed into that drain, but even Mikey's unshakable optimism was rattled by all that had happened. For all they knew he was dead, leaving them for all intents and purposes orphans. Even Casey's father and sister were missing and more than likely were casualties of the Kraang invasion.

Line 2: Donnie on the other hand remained by their wounded brother's side throughout the trip. Every so often the purple masked turtle would try and occupy himself by checking Leo's pulse just so he could confirm for himself that his older brother was still alive, or obsessively readjusting the army blanket that he had draped over Leo in an attempt to keep him warm. And when he wasn't doing that he would look through the medical supplies in the red tool box he used as a first aid kit and also the stuff in his messenger bag as if to confirm for himself if he had truly brought everything needed.

Line 3:Every time she closed her eyes she would see a barely conscious Splinter getting thrown into that sewage drain and flushed away while they all helplessly watched in horror. Her father grinning at them and giving a peace sign seconds before screaming in pain as he was mutated once again. Her father's mutated form, trying to attack them or begging them for help, it had been hard to tell at that point in time. Then watching as the Kraang that had been her father slipped from the van as they took off, all of them trying to escape Kraang prime and his perfected mutagen. The nightmarish memory of seeing the unfortunate people and animals that had been Kraangified as she escaped the city with her companions. She remembered shedding tears at the sight of all the innocent families that had been torn apart. Children crying in fright at sight their mutated parents. Adults, children, and loved ones rushing around...searching for those they have lost. Strangers trying to get other strangers to safety, such as the Pizza Delivery boy she had seen running through the streets while his arms cradled a scared and crying little girl in an aqua green dress. April half wanted to tell Casey to stop the van so the two of them could taken to where they would be safe. But for the sake of her mutant companions she had to force herself to look the other way, all the while giving a silent apology to the two innocents.

Main Cast:


Voice: Male

Range: Medium, Somewhat geeky

Second youngest member of the team. During the invasion Donnie had gotten into an argument with Leo before, their older brother was separated from them. Following the invasion he feels guilty over what happened to Leo and feels that if he had agreed with Leo about finding a second base none of this would have happened.

He is in love with April and has a somewhat friendly rivalry with Casey Jones for her.


1: (Emotionally Distressed )"And yet when it mattered...When it really mattered, all my efforts were not enough. I had known the Turtle Mech wasn't completed, it just needed one more week in order for it to be done. Just one more week and even then most powerful weapon on it wasn't enough to...it just wasn't enough!"

2: (Somewhat subdued) I'm not really that hungry, but...thanks.

3: "What about April? She's lost her dad three times now, and this time I don't know if I'll be able to get him back."


Voice: Male

Range: Medium-Low, cynical, prideful, and quick to anger. But caring when it matters.

Second eldest member of the team. He is the muscle of the team and is easily prone to anger. He does care about his brothers and friends and wants to make sure they are all safe. He is buddies with Casey Jones.

Line 1: (trying to not to sound irritated) Donnie…That's the fourth time you've checked your med-kit in the past hour. If you're missing anything, wouldn't you have noticed by now?

Line 2: Concerned somewhat angry: Provided Leo survives the night. He was in real bad shape after what the Shredder and his goons did to him.

Line 3: *With a concerned sigh* I hope Leo recovers for all our sakes...If we lose him, I think we may lose Donnie too.


Voice: Male / Female

Range: Medium-high. Some what child like

Mikey is the youngest member of the team and the resident hyperactive knuckle head of the group. He is also greatly effected by all that had happened during the invasion, but he tries to keep and up beat attitude despite it.

Lines 1: Check it out, one of the bedrooms has a bunk bed! I call top bunk!!

Lines 2:* Sounding more like he's trying to reassure himself.* "He'll be okay, Raph. Leo's strong, he'll survive this. He has to…

Line3 3: *Excitedly* Ooo Ooo Butterscotch popcorn...! And Red Hot Gummy Bears. I...NEEEEEED!!!"

Human Characters

April O'Neil

Voice: Female

Range: Medium

April is a close friend and sister figure of the Turtles. Her father was mutated into a Kraang mutant during the invasion (Before that her father had been mutated into a bat and was restored to human before the invasion.) Having nowhere else to go she takes the Turtles and Casey up to an old farm house that her mothers family had owned. Like everyone else she is affected by all that has taken place during the invasion, particularly in her concern for her friends.

She has psychic powers due to experiments done on her mother by the Kraang before she (April) had been born. She is also the love interest of both Donatello and Casey Jones.

Lines 1: *More to herself then Casey* A lot has happened... they all have reason to be distressed."

Lines 2: I had hoped on having Thanksgiving Dinner…At my place with my father and the Turtles, Splinter, and of course you as well, and your dad and sister would also have been welcome provided they don't mind that some of the dinner guests weren't really human. But I had forgotten all about it with the pending invasion and all that's happened.

Line 3: **Irritated** "No, it was not! The Foot Clan and the Kraang know we are friends of the Turtles. Taking charity is too dangerous for us and even more so for our shelled friends. If word spreads about a group of surviving 'invasion orphans' and reaches the ears of someone associated with the Foot Clan, it won't take too much for them to put two and two together. We might as well put up a neon sign just advertising to the Shredder and the Kraang 'We're hiding here! Come attack us, please!'"

Casey Jones

Voice: Male

Range: Medium-Low, Somewhat over confident sounding.

Casey is a street punk who attends April's school. He's friends with all the Turtles but he is buddies with Raph and has a rivalry with Donnie for April. He's street smart and formidable, but sometimes his headstrong desires to protect April and the rest of the city can get him in hot water on more then one occasion.

Line 1: "That's just it! It isn't your fault, a couple of those Kraang bastards tried arrest me while I was out with Raph. I don't know why they wanted to arrest me, or even what they wanted to begin with... but what matters is they had begun their invasion regardless."

Line 2: "Whatever,I can understand he's upset and all about what's happened to their home, to their brother, and to Splinter. But I don't think the guy even slept last night, not to mention I found him sitting outside on the chair swing this morning. If things continue we will have two sick turtles on our hands, not just one."

Line 3: Don't you start blaming yourself, Red. Neither of you can afford to wallow in self pity about the invasion. D is doing what he can about Leo even if he's kicking himself while doing it. As for you bringing Irma to their lair, you didn't know she was a Kraang. As far as you knew you were taking your friend to a place of safety. Raph and I encountered the Kraang outside, so those slimy pink freaks may have already been attacking.