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10-26-2015, 10:49 AM
Although the entire planet was subjugated, Lord Dregg wasn't as pleased as thought he would be. It took almost a month to conquer the planet and he had spent valuable resources as well as numerous soldiers just to conquer it. Various races feel the might of the Techno Gang and the Batmen. They were formidable fighters but he was surprised how powerful the natives were. He didn't expect it to take this long to just conquer it.

As his electronic door opened, heavy footsteps echoed in the room. He knew full well that Mung and HiTech arrived to give him the report he requested. He only tightened his face, as he knew the news he was going to hear would be most unpleasant.
"Great and Merciful and Lord Dregg, I have the report for you." Mung said
"I would hope. I did request it after all." Lord Dregg said, starting to lose patience.
"Yes lord. The entire planet is subjugated but it did come at a significant cost. 5 warships were destroyed and several thousand of our troops were lost in the battle." Mung said slowly, hoping to not anger his lord and master.

"We tried, your lordship but the inhabitants were a greater threat than we initially thought." HiTech said

" We have the planet and its resources at least.” Mung added.

"But that doesn't bring back those who were slain now does it?" Lord Dregg countered "The resources are adequate, but I've lost too many soldiers as well as too many war ships. Every time I try to conquer a new planet I am facing foes each stronger than the last. Even as my empire grows, I am still facing more and more difficulty.” Lord Dregg said as he stood up from his chair

"We understand Lord Dregg and we will do whatever we can to make sure that the entire multiverse recognizes you as supreme warlord." Mung said as he bowed.

The act sickened HiTech as he removed his heavy armor. He never liked Mung ever since Lord Dregg employed him. He can tell Mung was just a slimy suck-up to Lord Dregg, constantly trying to appease him and suck up to him in order to gain favorable positions. However, even though Mung had his Microbots, HiTech snickered to himself knowing that even there were times where Lord Dregg favored Mung over him, he could he at least have the satisfaction of knowing that he was the main enforcer and led Lord Dregg's armies to victory, while Mung was not a fighter and was clearly out of shape.

"Sire, if you would like, perhaps we can recruit more soldiers and send out more the next time we invade a planet." HiTech suggested.

"So I can lose more soldiers? More of my warriors will fall if I continue my onslaught. Each time I invade a planet, I come across opponents that are worlds above the previous inhabitants that I have fought. I come across stronger enemies that still devastate my forces, despite my army growing even larger. " Lord Dregg said bitterly.

"Lord Dregg, perhaps you can use your Morpho Genesis Exoskeleton? That may very well turn the tides." Mung suggested.
"It would. I am far stronger than my entire army when I wear that suit. But I am not invincible. I have my limits like everyone else and despite my great power; I know full well that I will encounter beings that can shatter entire planets, Even if I am stronger overall they will be many and even I will be overwhelmed eventually. I don't just need more reinforcements; I need more powerful fighters at my disposal if I am to truly conquer everything. Besides, I prefer not to fight if I can help it. That's why I have so many to serve me.” Lord Dregg said.

"I see. You want to recruit fighters from other dimensions! But...sire even if you obtain the firepower you need, how are you going to coerce these fighters?" Mung asked.

"You are correct. I cannot hope to convince the fighters to join me willingly. Oh, well I'm sure a few would, but most will resist. I know full well what to do in case such a thing happens." Lord Dregg smiled.

He walked over to the table in the middle of the room. There were at least several containers, each filled to the brim with Microbots, the robots Mung had invented for Lord Dregg. With his right hand he grabbed a container and held it tightly.

"This is all I will need to coerce my new recruits." Lord Dregg grinned

"If I may ask Magnificent, Lord Dregg, what can the Microbots do to force them into submission." Mung asked.

"The Microbots were first used to construct. However these Microbots are slightly different. I took the time to make the modifications myself. These Microbots can still construct various things, but unlike the others, it will be used to torture those who cross my path into submission. By burying itself into the skin of the opponent, it can deliver a shock to the opponent’s nerves. By attacking it internally, my recruits cannot hope to resist my commands. Even the strongest of them will fall as their innards are attacked by the Microbot. And if they should forcefully remove it from their body, it leaves behind a toxin, fatal to even the deadliest of opponents. Not to mention, all of these Microbots transmit a signal which means I will always know where they are, even if they are at the far end of the universe.”

"I see! I had no idea you made such modifications, my Lord Mung said, intrigued.

"Of course. While you and the others were busy conquering the planet, I took the time to modify the Microbots. I know full that even with the addition of my power as well as my army,I will eventually fall until I obtain more reinforcements that are far more powerful. This is a problem I would like to nip in the bud while I can. Dregg said.

"Lord Dregg, if you wish, we may use the Vortex Transporter to obtain our reinforcements now." HiTech suggested.

"We shall Hi Tech. The sooner I obtain them, the sooner I can rule the entire Multiverse." Lord Dregg said still holding the container of Microbots. His previous grim facial expression soon evolved into a twisted smile. He knew full well that no one would be able to resist these Microbots he had modified. He had millions at his disposal and soon, after the Microbot breeding tanks were modified as well, he would soon have billions at his command. He wondered why he had not thought of this before. Maybe it was the fact that the heavy losses from conquering numerous planets pushed him to the point of desperation. It became to the point where had to think of something. The beauty part was that he didn’t have make something entirely different. He didn't have to make anything extravagant or complicated. All he had to do was make slight modifications to an already existing asset.

Mung led Hi Tech as well as Lord Dregg to the Dimensional Scanner as well as the Vortex Transporter. As Mung and his Batmen, as well as members of the Techno Gang, activated the machines, the previous poorly lit room began to illuminate. Dregg stared in awe, knowing that these machines would give him the power to enslave anyone he wished, whether they were good or evil.

"My Lord, with the Dimensional Scanner, we can scan for high power levels across multiple dimensions. And with the Vortex Transporter, we can teleport anyone we wish here." Now all we have to do is scan across the multiverse for beings of great power, skill, and weaponry. Such power will be in your grasp at long last, my lord." Mung said, hunching his back and activating the machines for his lord.

""At long last, it begins..." Lord Dregg said, as the lights from the machines lighted up and the electronic humming echoed in the room.