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11-15-2015, 02:05 PM
Over in Santa Barbara @ Grayson Manor, Mikey's stoked about his birthday. We find him in the man cave, playing the drums & rapping.

MIKEY: It's my birthday! Oh yeah! With a big cake & some presents! All my friends will be there & my buddy, Ex-Cel Dude.

Mikey played a drum solo. Then he gets off & goes up the pole to find Josh in the manor. Mikey looked all around, upstairs, downstairs, the pool house, no Josh. He did find Alan the Butler.

MIKEY: Butler dude, have you seen Josh?
ALAN: I'm afraid Master Josh has been called to trial.
MIKEY: What could he be doing in a courtroom?

At a court room, we find Ex-Cel in costume, facing a judge, jury & lawyers. His lawyer happened to be Oswald Sanderson.

BAILIFF: All rise, Judge Belinda Harmon presiding! The people of Boise vs Ex-Cel Dude!

They all stand as the judge enters. When she sits, they all sit.

JUDGE: (Bangs gavel) Pretty unique case, the citizens of Boise is petitioning Ex-Cel Dude. Do you have a lawyer present?
EX-CEL: Your honor, I hired Oswald Sanderson.
JUDGE: The Grounder! This case reminds me of the Lone Ranger when he was dragged into court. What's his story?
OSWALD: Your honor, the people of Boise wants once & for all, this television star to retire & have his Dizzylodeon show cancelled.
JUDGE: He didn't offend anyone? Step up & be sworn in.

Ex-Cel gets sworn in takes the stand & after Oswald ask basic questions, he gets to him.

OSWALD: Tell me superhero, why don't you fly?
EX-CEL: Because I'm human like anyone else I have my ninja & jet motorcycles.
OSWALD: I wouldn't let my kids near that deadly vehicle. What instruments do you play?
EX-CEL: Guitar, vibes, tympani & I sing.
OSWALD: It says that you always have to play an instrument while singing. Sing!

Ex-Cel sings a little something & then he falls down the chair & into the floor. Just then, an alarm bell rings!

DIRECTOR: CUT! Great job!

After Ex-Cel recovered, Fred S. Peyser (the actor who plays Oswald) comes over to him.

FRED: Thanks for appearing on my series.
EX-CEL: Just remember to come by Grayson Manor for Mikey's party. I have him worried.

(Next chapter)

11-17-2015, 01:32 PM
In the set of a courtroom, Fred asks Ex-Cel...

FRED: Why do you have him worried?
EX-CEL: Because he was a fan of your teen show. Likes that episode where you played the vibes.
FRED: High school jazz band. I still play, but for fun.

Just then, the alarm went on & filming resumed.

At the manor, Mikey went to the kitchen, into the cupboard & grabbed an orange cupcake. He started crying "Happy Birthday." then ate the cupcake. Alan walked in...

ALAN: Master Mikey, why don't you go out for a walk in the park like Lucy did.

Mikey cried like Lucy.

ALAN: Or better yet, take a nap.

Which Mikey did.

On the set of The Grounder, Oswald continued to grill our hero.

OSWALD: The people of Boise want to know why you, Ex-Cel Dude, have to wear the spandex, the checkered flag Speedos & cape on stage?
EX-CEL: Because that's where I get my super power.
OSWALD: To let your hormones go wild.
JUDGE: Though I'm a woman, that question will be disregarded! Continue.
OSWALD: OK, my daughter has a sexy poster of you. Why can't you take off the costume when you're doing music?
EX-CEL: Because that's my super power.
OSWALD: You're not able to play music without the costume?
EX-CEL: No. I only wear the costume to write songs for me & the band.
OSWALD: Where did you get this power? From Krypton?

(Spectators laughed)

EX-CEL: From a jazz guitarist who I helped before he died. His spirit visited me, touched my costume & am able to write songs, rock or jazz.
OSWALD: Your honor, I'd like an hour recess so I can get my instrument out.
JUDGE: Still play the vibes huh? Granted. (Bangs gavel)

11-22-2015, 05:22 AM
During the recess, Oswald hands Ex-Cel Dude some sheet music & writes him a song.

When recess was over, there's a vibraphone in the courttoom.

JUDGE: This is my court of law, not a jazz club. Why do you have this instrument here, Mr. Peyser?
OSWALD: I want to prove EX-Cel's ability. During recess, I had him use his super powers to write me a song.

Ex-Cel hand him the sheet music, goes over to the vibes, picks up the mallets & starts playing a pop tune.

EX-CEL: That's not what I wrote! I'm not a plagairist, your honor.

The judge orders Oswald to stop playing & Ex-Cel plays the real song he wrote on the vibes. When he was through, he went over to Oswald.

EX-CEL: You purposely played some existing tune that you played! Why?
OSWALD: Because I am, The GROUNDER!
EX-CEL: Big deal.
JUDGE: Sustained.
OSWALD: Fine! Reason I'm called the Grounder is that I overprotect my daughter & son! They don't do extra caricular activities, they go to school & church, that's it! No sports, music or acting! Sitting still on car rides, clapping along & diabetes are their hobbies, like Ned Flanders once quoted.
JUROR: Your honor, we heard enough.
JUDGE: Agreed. I'm dropping this issue & you need some help, Mr. Peyser for raising your kids right. Case dismissed. (Bangs gavel).

(Bell rings)
DIRECTOR: And cut!

11-24-2015, 12:20 PM
Out in the Pacific Ocean, Mikey's doing some surfing with other guys. He knows two out on the waves. One is Greg in the orange trunks & AJ in the yellow Speedos. They all come to shore after surfing some waves.

GREG: Man, for some musclebound dude, you know how to surf!
AJ: I'm the first black surfer! How are you friends with the turtle?
GREG: Our voices sound alikr.
MIKEY: So Greg, you got a gig in the beach?
GREG: Not today. Taking a break from music.
MIKEY: What about you AJ? Wanna come over for a drum/tympani jam?
AJ: Don't feel like it.

Mikey left thinking they'd come for his birthday.

AJ: I didn't wanna tell Mikey this, but Dizzylodeon's giving me my own series, Captain Drumbeat! Total black He-Man!
GREG: Cool, bet Mikey would like that!
AJ: Except, I'm replacing Ex-Cel & Turtle Titan off Dizzylodeon. Why give him bad news on his birthday.

Mikey went back to Grayson Manor to find that there's a birthday party for him. He finds the band present ready to rock.

EX--CEL: Happy birthday Mikester. I got you a present that you can't keep.
MIKEY: What do you mean?

Mikey's stoked to find Fred S. Peyser behind the viebs.

FRED: Happy burthday Mikey. (clicks the sticks) 1-2-3-4!

Fred leads on the vibes with Ex-Cel Band backing him up. When Fred played a cool solo, Mikey got some mallets & played on another vibes set. Even Ex-Cel & Levar had a turn on the viebs. When that jam was over, Alan took a picture of all 4 of them posing behind the vibes.