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12-11-2015, 09:54 AM
Another year has almost reached its end and with that comes our new GOTY thread! Here (http://forums.thetechnodrome.com/showthread.php?t=50491) is last years thread. We seem a bit busier around here this year, so hopefully we have more participants and some actual discussion.

I've got less time to make mine this year, so I won't be as pretty with it, but here's my list!

10. Halo 5
Halo 5 being so incredibly low is super surprising to me. I had it much higher in the list, but the more I thought about it the more I realized I was holding it higher because of nostalgia and some twisted form of loyalty. I think it's probably the best campaign Halo has ever had, but there's also a sense of extreme fatigue with the series, regardless of how good it is. I was really looking forward to Warzone being more interesting also, but it all boils down to which team is more willing to burn their high-end cards on dominating weapons/vehicles. Still an incredible game, but like most things I didn't hold my attention long enough.

9. Broken Age
Broken Age is game I'm incredibly surprised to find on my list and one that I kept having a hard time cutting once it came down to it. It's charming, it's funny, the VO is incredible, the premise is super interesting and it has a lot of great (sometimes frustrating) puzzles. Watching the game be made also brings it a little closer to my heart than I think it would have otherwise. A fantastic little adventure game that I gladly slot in alongside my favourites in the genre.

8. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
Yet another game I never expected to be on this list. I played the demo and hated MH4. In fact, I had played and hated multiple Monster Hunter demos/games since they've been coming out. I don't know exactly what made me give MH4U my full attention, but I'm really glad I did, because it's amazing. I spent hours and hours on the game and still feel like I barely scratched the surface. It's something that has continued to linger in the back of my mind all year and I keep meaning to go back and sink a ton more time into it.

7. Yoshi's Wooly World
Wooly World is the sequel to Yoshi's Island that I've been dying for for years. It absolutely nails the core feeling of the SNES YI game, something every other Yoshi game since has failed to do. There's so much diversity to the levels and elements within them that every single moment is a treat. It would be much higher up my list, but playing it co-op with my wife hasn't allowed me to sink as much time into the game as I want to.

6. Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D
I never really played Majora's Mask on the N64 and I always regretted it. I'm glad I finally got the chance to play it through fully, because it's really incredible. I did absolutely everything in the game, something I very rarely do any more, and it was totally worth it. It climbed its way pretty far up the rankings of my favourite Zelda games.

5. One Piece Pirate Warriors 3
It's a DW game from Omega Force. It's One Piece. It's the most diverse game in the series. I can play as Doflamingo. There's a costume for Shambled Tashigi Smoker. Solid.

4. Tales from the Borderlands
My biggest surprise of the year. Telltale (yuck) + Borderlands (kill me) = Most incredibly endearing and well-written piece of interactive fiction of the year? What the hell? I absolutely adored the characters, the story was super rewarding, the VO was amazing, the opening sequences of each episode...my GOD those openings! It nails all of it. Even the creaky TT engine couldn't put me off. Please play it, because it deserves to do so much better than any other Telltale adventure.

3. Yo-Kai Watch
I get it, Japan. I really really get it. Yo-Kai Watch is the fresh new take on monster party building I didn't know I wanted. Part Pokemon, part SMT, part nostalgic Japanese childhood trip. It has so much more personality and energy than any of the Pokemon games, something I think gives it a huge edge against the lifeless and sterile Pokemon universe. Another incredibly endearing game. Level-5 has quickly become one of my absolute favourite developers.

2. Rise of the Tomb Raider
This is the one "big" game that I absolutely loved, top to bottom. I never wanted it to end. It's also a game I was going to skip in favour of Fallout 4, which would have been an awful mistake. It's so gorgeous, so sprawling, so satisfying. The story is still kind of sh*t and it plays up every cliché of the genre to the nth degree, but it's forgiven for how absolutely flawless the execution is. It's incredibly sad the game bombed, because it is not only the best Tomb Raider game ever made, but it's straight up one of the absolute best games this year.

1. Super Mario Maker
I have, and will continue, to play this game for a very very long time. Leave it up to Nintendo to make doing their job not only fun, but incredibly rewarding. I didn't have super high hopes for SMM at first. I thought it would be fun to mess around with, but I never expected to get absolutely absorbed by the mechanics of creating levels. Incredible game that deserves all the love in the world.

And, of course, 2015's GOTY that didn't come out in 2015 for me is a 3 way time between El Shaddai, WET and Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z. I played all three in succession randomly early in the year and really enjoyed them all for what they were. Considering how poorly they all reviews (especially Yaiba) I enjoyed them a lot, especially for the bargin bin prices on WET ($5 about 2 years ago) and Yaiba ($2 earlier in the year).

I really got down to the wire this year and had to start making difficult cuts. Stuff like Splatoon, Axiom Verge, J-Stars and The Order: 1886 (yes, I enjoyed it for what it was) couldn't make it. I left Rare Replay out, because it seemed sort of unfair to the entire thing lol. I'm floored by both the things that made this list and the things that didn't. Tales from the Borderlands f*cking astounds me. Meanwhile, you have Fallout 4 and MGSV not even getting into my initial list before I started making cuts. If you had asked me last year to give a quick thought about what I assumed would make my list, both would be at the top. So so incredibly disappointing in ways I can't begin to describe.

12-11-2015, 10:53 AM
I've neglected posting on the 'Drome for a good long while, so much so that they remind me I haven't posted at the top of every page. But GOTY will always get me to post.

I've thought a lot about what games I'd include, or what games I even played this year. It seems like every year that this all becomes hazy, and a bit more difficult to remember what came out when. I'll give it a shot.

10. Dragonball Xenoverse: I never would consider a Dragonball Z game to be one of my favorite of a year. Hell, I can't recall finishing a Dragonball game. Xenoverse hooked me. Its broken in a bunch of different ways, but its incredibly endearing.

9. Mortal Kombat X: I am not good at fighting games. Mortal Kombat X makes me keenly aware of that, but is enough fun that I can ignore my inability. Also the DLC was neat.

8. Arkham Knight: I ****ing hate Arkham City. I enjoyed Arkham Origins more than City. I expected to detest this as well. I didn't. Playing on a console, I didn't run into the same issues as the PC stuff. The game is not without issues, for sure. And it falls into a lot of the same trappings as every other Rocksteady Batman game. But I enjoyed it, nice new touches, and new suits, and for however much I don't like the aesthetic of these games for the DC Universe, the game looks incredible. The story is clear cut early on, and its so hamfisted with trying to hide the twists, but whatever. It works.

7. The Order: People hate this game. I enjoyed my time with it, and would love more in that world. Probably will never ****ing happen, but whatever. It was a neat reason to turn on my PS4. Steampunk monster movie **** keeps my interest. It ends where it seems like its just beginning, but if it was much longer, I think it'd overstay its welcome.

6. Rise of the Tomb Raider: Maybe I'm wrong, but I didn't dislike much of anything in the last Tomb Raider game. Every review of the game talks mess about that last one, and I don't understand. This game is great. I don't know if it struck me as highly as the last one, but its still one of the more enjoyable experiences this year.

5. Halo 5: Its a great campaign, and even better with a team of likeminded ****-ups. Looks fantastic, and plays well. Makes me want more.

4. Until Dawn: This game works better than it should in the first play through. Its a decent combination of slasher movie style and weird twists. But like any real horror movie, once you see the twists, and you try to replay it, the trails and options all present themselves. But the first play through is tight.

3. Tales From The Borderlands: I've been burnt out on Borderlands since our group finished all of Borderlands 2 in about three days. It was hot horseshit, and I was done. With some time away, and the first episode being free, I gave Tales a shot. I still enjoyed the illustrative style, and I just wanted to see if I really, truly hated it. Tales brought me back. I loved it, and it even was enough for me to try the Pre-Sequel remaster. Which even that is better than 2.

2. Mario Maker: If for nothing else than to send ****ed up levels to your friends. And any game where the Kacho is ****ing playable? Sign me up.

1. Transformers Devastation: The style is what drew me in. I've played a majority of the Transformers games, and loved the High Moon stuff. The Platinum game felt like it came out of nowhere. And it was fantastic. Amazing style, super straightforward, and incredibly fun. Also, Nemesis Prime.

I mentioned to Peanut that I had a hard time thinking of 10 games that I absolutely enjoyed or loved this year. Its not that most of the games I played were bad, or that I didn't play a lot of games. I played a bunch, and I know being older and having obligations, I play less...but if anything, I feel like I spend more meaningful time with games I actively enjoy. Or will dedicate more time for games I know I'll enjoy with my friends. Its just been an odd year for games, I think.

Some honorable mentions include Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, again for the time with my group of idiots. Yoshi's Wooly World, because its adorable, and easy to pick up and play.

I've recently just started Assassins Creed Syndicate, and Xenoblade Chronicles X. I'm too early in both to tell if they'd have made my list, but I can say for certain that both seem really great. It takes a certain something for my interest to stay with an over complicated RPG, but I've already sunk more time into Xenoblade than I ever thought I would. ACS was a game I only picked up due to Black Friday prices, but I have no regrets. It plays better than Unity, and seems polished, without the real world ******** that flooded the last few games.

I played MGS and Mad Max, and with both of those I wanted so badly to enjoy them as much as I could. But it ended up that I couldn't wait to be done with them.

12-12-2015, 01:35 AM
Bloodborne is my GOTY. Mostly because I love it, a little because I haven't played any other game released this year. Got Until Dawn, but haven't tried it yet.

12-12-2015, 02:45 AM
I didn't play, like, anything new this year. I was mostly playing catch-up because of having to go several months without being able to spend money. And of course, those months were the ones all the games came out in. Here's what I did play:

4. Pokemon Rumble World
Sure. Ok.

3. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D
This is my favourite Zelda.

2. Splatoon
I love Splatoon, I don't think it needs an introduction.

1. Undertale
This kinda goes without saying doesn't it

To come later: The hypothetical "well if I DID play some games this year, what might this list be" but I'm too lazy to make it right now.

12-12-2015, 05:47 PM
I can come up with a decent list now if I wanted to, but I still have a bunch of games I need to play. I haven't beaten Xenoblade, Fallout, Yoshi, or Assassin's Creed yet. I'm gonna try to bang them out in the next few weeks and come back to this thread.

As of right now, though, my favorite game of this year is Witcher 3. It's one of those games that I completely occupied my thoughts when I wasn't playing. I was just all "I wish I was playing Witcherrrrrr".

12-12-2015, 08:01 PM
Well, like most years, I haven't really been able to play many new releases. I got an Xbox One only a few months ago and I'm still not caught up on most of my games, so I'm still playing catch up at this point. I've only played Halo 5 so I guess that's my Game of the Year by default. As much as I enjoyed it, I was still left a little unsatisfied and disappointed. But whateves I guess.