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01-02-2016, 08:05 AM
Over @ Dizzy Boys, that network's preparing for a pair of series finales in one episode; Lubbock & Muhammed Meets Ex-Cel & Turtle Titan.

The studio's making some cool prs as Ex-Cel & Austin Lynch takes publicity pics of them, including them on a motorcycle & them behind a pair of vibraphones.

AUSTIN: Thanks for being a role model proving the vibes can go beyond jazz.
EX-CEL: Same here Austin. Did you have to play on every episode?
AUSTIN: My uncle offered me a $10,000 bonus if I did so. Came close to losing it on our San Antonio episode, but gave me the blessing when I messed on a marimba. So are you hanging up your spandex?
EX-CEL: No. Only the tv series goes, not my music. I got my friends to think about. Mikey, my horn section, Scout, Sentry & Kevin. Why would Dizzy Boys cancel us?
AUSTIN: Selma Farrell, star of Dizzy Girls?

Mr. Bailey enters & tells them...

BAILEY: Because on kid/teen networks, shows are like fads, they come & go.. Your shows lasted 2-4 years & they want something new. Austin, you're getting replaced by a game show while Ex-Cel will be replaced by Captain Drumbeat.
EX-CEL: Man, I hope Mikey's acting mature about this.

Down @ the man cave, Mikey's sportin boxing trunks while punching on the punching bag. On the punching bag, is a face of AJ.

MIKEY: Replace me AJ! I'm the coolest superhero drummer to play!

Mikey got so fustrated, he knocked the punching bag off, nearly missing Alan.

ALAN: Again with the punching bag? I'm sure Ex-Cel won't fire you.
MIKEY: Sorry Alan.
ALAN: You got my name right! Ex-Cel told me you're wanted @ Dizzy Studios.

Mikey took off his trunks & drives his Combat Cruiser over to film the series finales.

(More to come)

01-05-2016, 03:33 AM
Over @ a Jacksonville high school, Lubbock & Muhammed are psyched about the upcoming prom.

MUHAMMED: So Lubbock, you got your tux & corsage?
LUBBOCK: Yeah. But my kooky friend Frawley, chose a green tux. I'm gonna look good on stage, playing @ my own prom!
MO: Lubbock Sun, you're not working @ your own prom! You'tr going to dance with me & like it!

Just then, the principal came over.

PRINCIPAL: She's right Lubbock. I hired a dj.
LUBBCK: But you promised us!
PRINCIPAL: Things happen.

Little did Lubbock know that a few days ago, the principal met with the dj The dj charmed his way into trusting the school. But little did they know, he hypnotized the principal of getting that job in the first place.

Over the skies of Texas, we find Ex-Cel Dude driving his jet motorcycle, with Mikey in the sidecar

MIKEY: What's with the long ride?
EX-CEL: Got a tip that proms along Florida have had riots. And they're not even Jerry Springer themed.
MIKEY: You just want to visit your vibes bud, Lubbock Sun.
EX-CEL: It's our final episodes. I spot a town, let's fuel up.

The jet motorcycle lands near Fredericksburg, Texas. They spot a gas station to fuel up their jet motorcycle.

01-12-2016, 02:03 PM
Lubbock Sun's in his house, trying out his white tuxedo. When he went downstairs, his siblings thought he looked goofy. Then he headed to the garage where their band instruments are. Lubbock goes over to the vibes, grabs some mallets & messes.

Just then, he saw a motorcycle pull up the driveway. He stopped playing when he saw it's...

LUBBOCK: Ex-Cel, Mikey! What are you doing in Jacksonville?
MIKEY: Hoping to perform.
LUBBOCK: Our principal hired a dj. No vibes, no live band.
EX-CEL: Lubbock, have you heard about the prom riots in Florida?
LUBBOCK: Yeah. You don't suppose they'll attack my school?
EX-CEL: Probably so. But just in case, my crew's coming from LA as well as the instruments.

Lubbock looks @ his jet motorcycle.

LUBBOCK: How about a ride? I got my license.

Just as Lubbock gets behind the wheel, Muhammed saw him.

MUHAMMED: Lubbock, off the bike! Too dangerous!
EX-CE: It's a tri-wheeler. Get in the sidecar.

Mikey got up as Muhammed got in, Ex-Cel held on to Lubbock as he drove around the neighborhood on the jet motorcycle in land mode.

LUBBOCK: Awesome!

01-14-2016, 01:48 PM
Along the streets of Jacksonville, we find a limo. In the limo are Muhammed, Lubbock & Frawley.

FRAWLEY: Man, I look great in green.
MO: It's passed St. Patrick's Day.
LUBBOCK: Mo, no put downs. How would you like it if Frawley said you dress is a curtain drape?
FRAWLEY: So Carol Burnett.

Just as they reached the school, Lubbock tells his friends to put something on, by order of Ex-Cel. They enter the school gym, ready for the prom. Sure enough, they spot the dj preparing for the gig.

Lubbock danced with Muhammed while Frawley looked for a girl. But all the giurls were rude & snappy @ Frawley. So Frawley was depressed, he went over to the punch bowl. But someone shoved him. Frawley saw it was Mikey.

MIKEY: Don't! Someone spiked the punch with temper tonic. Like they got the recipe from The Riddler.

The dj then put a record on with a slammin rap tune, where the song mentions about violence, hatred & prejudice over other races. The DJ witnessed everyone @ the prom getting into a scuffle, except Lubbock, Muhammed & Frawley!

DJ: Why aren't you fighting?

The dj went over to them & Lubbock got out a whistle & blew it! Ex-Cel came charging & captured the dj! Police came by to arrest the DJ & his crew for ruining the prom. The turntable was destroyed & the principal said...

PRINCIPAL: This pron is over! No graduation ceremony for anyone, except Lubbock, Muhammed & Frawley!

The students were upset!

EX-CEL: Principal, your school had been brainwashed! The reason these three were good, show em, Lubbock.

Lubbock, Muhammed & Frawley took out ear plugs they wore, so they wouldn't be brainwashed.

MIKEY: Dudes, it's not your fault! Give the class of 20?? another chance @ a prom & graduation!
PRINCIPAL: Very well. We'll move it over to the Wyatt in Downtown Jacksonville.
EX-CEL: Cool, my band & the instruments will arrive!

01-21-2016, 11:02 AM
At the Wyatt in downtown Jacksonville, we find the band setting up in the banquet room, hours before the make up prom. Ex-Cel goes over the playlist with the band, but Kevin's missing. Mikey spots him talking to a girl & realises it's the same girl who's in that sexy KC Swimwear commercial with him.

MIKEY: Yo Kevin, time to go to work.
KEVIN: Be right there.

Kevin kisses her & then goes on stage for sound check.

EX-CEL: You OK, Kev?
KEVIN: Me & Melanie are serious.

Kevin grabs his electric guitar & jams on a jazz solo to impress Melanie.

MIKEY: (to Ex-Cel) We might lose our 3rd guitarist.

That night @ the prom, we find the band in tuxedoes (except Ex-Cel & Sentry)playing rock music. The song features Mikey & Kevin both playing guitars & singing together while Johnny plays drums. When that tune was done, the principal makes an announcement.

PRINCIPAL: We like to thank the folks @ Wyatt as well as Ex-Cel's Band for putting this prom together. And now (Mikey plays tympani drumrolll), your prom king & queen are...Frawley & Vance!

The crowd cheers, despite Muhammed's jealousy.

MO: How could they elect the most shyest girl & goofy guy for that honor?
LUBBOCK: Because they deserve it. But you'll always be my queen.
MO: (Blushes) Oh, you're my king.

They get crowned & the band performs a waltz while they danced. When that's done, Ex-Cel & Levar wheeled out two vibraphones up front.

EX-CEL: For my next number, I'd like to have our notable student to join me. He tried out for football & failed, but he has his strength in music playing in his pop & jazz band, give it up for the coolest teen vibes player, Lubbock Sun!

Lubbock came up & Ex-Cel shook his hand. Then he grabbed some mallets & had a cool vibes jam with Ex-Cel Dude, playing with the band.

When the prom was over, Mikey saw Kevin going towards the elevator & went with him. Kevin punched 7.

KEVIN: Mikey do you mind? I'd like some privacy.
MIKEY: Man, I'm afraid to lose you.
KEVIN: Well I gotta grow up, I'm over 21. Melanie's waiting for me.
MIKEY: Every side guitarist we had bailed so they could marry.
KEVIN: Mikey, I'm staying.

Kevin got off the elevator & went to his room to where Melanie was waiting.