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01-08-2016, 05:18 PM
I know alot of comic fans cringe or scream out in terror at the mention "90s comics" but it wasn't all that bad. Sure some of the heroes done by Rob Liefield are a bunch of gary stu wannabe badass Arnold meets Hulk steroid junkie monstrosities, trying to be kewl (lol) with their hugeass guns about the size of their body nearly and badly drawn ladies who are skinny with huge knockers and backaches including some grimdark "Xtreme" stuff. Do you think some comics in the 90s took the wrong lessons from Frank Miller, Alan Moore, Heavy Metal Magazine and Akira by Katsuhiro Otomo etc.? as they thought the wrapper was the candy when Frank Miller (80s/90s) with Alan Moore, Akira and Heavy Metal Magazine actually beneath their grit and darkness had substance to them.

Oh I remember the so-called 'Dark Age' of comics since i was born 34 years ago and grew up in the 80s which was the second bronze age while the 90s the "dark" age. It wasn't as DARK as everyone made it out to be, especially in comparison to the past decade and a half. I can come up with plenty of examples...but then I would get off the subject of this thread. At least the Superman of the 90's (whether he had a mullet or energy powers or whatever) STILL ACTED LIKE SUPERMAN, and Batman was jobbing to Luchadores and was far from the GOD THAT CAN BEAT ANYONE. Despite an era of antihero gary stus with guns nearly the size of their bodies and a bunch of Arnold meets Hulk wannabes pretending to be badass with guns that are like cannons the size of their bodies while they are cowards in disguise and darkness for the sake of it plus swimsuit covers done by that Rob Lindeolf who is bad at anatomy, besides Marvel and DC drew women better than skinny chicks with big knockers with bad backs like Rob did but with real curves based off actual models which are guilty pleasure covers (being the DC and Marvel swimsuit covers) you know even in Heavy Metal Magazine.

i mean the "dark ages" of the 90's weren't all bad, some good stuff came out of it, bane is actually a good example there's a reason he's still popular not because he "broke the batman" but because they've developed him over the years he's even been a hero and worked WITH batman a number of times to break up drug rings. he's become something of an anti-hero. venom and the symbiote came from that same time period and he's still crazy popular hell even carnage is still popular for some reason even though he's boring as hell run of the mill psycho. There are some gems of the time like Hellboy, The Maxx, Maus, Sin City, 300, The Mask, Ghost in the Shell, Road to Perdition and some others.

01-08-2016, 10:16 PM

You're a whacko Jake, and Venom/symbiote are from the 80's.

01-09-2016, 03:46 AM
IS Venom still popular? You see more people clamouring for the symbiote to go back to Brock than keeping it on Flash. Venom's practically an unrecognisable character now that he's a Guardian/space knight, far removed from the interesting government merc character he was when Flash first got the symbiote. Say what you want about Carnage, but at least he never changed and they stuck with the original host, though he's long since peaked from where he was in the 90s.

01-12-2016, 02:17 AM

You're a whacko Jake, and Venom/symbiote are from the 80's.

I know he was from the 80s then got more popular in the 90s.

01-25-2016, 08:45 PM
It might be because I grew up in the 90s and I'm biased but I think 90s comics are great. I didn't actually read that many comics at least DC/Marvel but I love the ideas that came out out of it. I know its cool to ridicule how "exxxtreeeme" things were and things did get a overboard as the decade passed and I understand why it wasn't sustainable and things changed in the 2000's but I liked the general attitude.

I was recently realized that while I learned to like Spider-Man the main reason I first started liking him and that I still prefer it over the normal Spider-Man stories is all of that 90s stuff, I love Venom and Carnage, they were so cool. I also liked Ben Riley and all of that nonsense. The idea of Superman dying, and Azrael becoming Batman were cool to me, maybe they were just "events" to get people to read the comics but as someone who would only see the covers and maybe flip through a few pages it made my imagination go wild since things were actually at stake unlike the cartoons which I watched.

The extreme makeovers of some characters are indeed silly but some of them are pretty damn cool in my book and as much as people dislike them or make fun of them they've stuck for many characters. When most people think of the X-Men they still think of the Jim Lee designs. Spawn is still one of my favorite superheroes even if he doesn't get any more respect. And there's just something "fun" about 90s comics, yeah you can see it as dated material or you can embrace it. I've been having a blast re-reading old stuff like Gen 13, Tomb Raider and Young Justice. Can we really say comics are better now? Were they really better in the 80s or golden age? I think they're all almost as equally poorly written you just tend to look at what that era did right and what other era's did wrong.

I like my comics with a dose of XtReMe.

02-10-2016, 09:43 AM
Say what you want about Carnage, but at least he never changed and they stuck with the original host, though he's long since peaked from where he was in the 90s.

I thought I remember reading how they were turning Carnage into a female character? Maybe I'm just remembering wrong.

90's comics, like most things, get more criticism than it deserves. There was lots to enjoy. It's just cool to bash things these days :roll: Did it age well? Not really. But still. Some really cool characters, concepts, and storylines were birthed from that era.