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01-09-2016, 12:09 PM
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In the sewer home of TMNT, we find a much hunkier Mikey (pictured), waking up. He then grabs his backpack & a motorcycle helmet. He heads up to the garage & drives a black ninja motorcycle in the dark streets of New York, before sunrise.

Along the way, he spots a black guy waiting. He pulls over & asks him...

MIKEY: You ready to rock, Theo?
THEO: Only if I drive.

Mikey gets behind while Theo drives the rest of the way. Who's Theo?

MIKEY: He's my personal trainer & friend.

Theo drives them over to a warehouse. They get off the bike & head inside. In a section, there's a room with weights, bench press, a snare drum, a set of drums & two white tympanis.

THEO: Did you have to add musical instruments in our workout?
MIKEY: Yeah! Motivates me. Play me a military beat.

Mikey gets his sticks & mallets out of his backpack, hands Theo the sticks. Mikey grabs some dumbbells, sits down. While Mikey worked out with the dumbbells, Theo played a military beat on the snare drum, complete with buzzroll. After a few reps, Theo worked out while Mikey played the snare.

After that, they hiit the bench press. Mikey went first while Theo went to the tympani. When Mikey bench pressed 200 pounds, Theo played a drumroll. When Theo had his turn, Mikey played a tympani drumroll!

Following that, Mikey heads to the drum set, grabs his sticks.

THEO: What you want me to do? Watch you play?
MIKEY: Bust a move, Theo.

Mikey clicked his sticks to a beat, lkke he did his nunchucks in the movie & said,

MIKEY: M.C. Mikey.

Mikery played a cool drum beat while Theo did some dance moves to his drumming, followed by a tympani fanfare he played while Mikey drummed. About five minutes later, Theo played the drums while Mikey danced to his drumming, then going over to the tympani, playing a fanafre while Theo drummed..