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01-11-2016, 08:10 PM
I was trying to figure out how to create a back story that made sense for this, but then I remembered the easier thing to do. AU. ****ing AU.

Rated M: Drugs. Violence. Sexual Imagery.

AU: The turtles are in their mid twenties and have become gang lords separating New York into four sectors. Raphael is selling some illegal arms. Michelangelo is selling them narcotics and hallucinogens. Donatello sells those forged documents and also cooks up some legit nice crystal meth. Leonardo is selling that opium. Splinter has moved to Japan with his lover, Oroku Saki, Karai isn't to fazzed about her fathers.

RULES. You'll get three warnings before I exile you.
I WILL allow OC's, BUT, no magical weapons allowed. If your OC has magic already, then it's okay, but I won't allow a ****ing freeze ray.
NO GODMODDING. Seriously, nobody likes it.*
NO ONE LINERS. I'm not making this RP for people to just post one liners.*
NO PERSONAL DRAMA AT INOPPORTUNE MOMENTS! By which I mean no bringing topics about how your OC or character was X, Y, or Z'd if it's not at the right moment. I'll let you know (doesn't count as a warning).
ONCE YOU CHOOSE WHICH TURTLE YOU'RE UNDER: YOU CAN NOT CHANGE LOYALTIES. If you do, expect to be hunted by the gang members of the turtle you betrayed.
FOR WHOM EVER IS PLAYING APRIL: You choose the turtle she's under, and I want her to be the most bad ass chick in the universe. I'm talking about some Bonnie (Bonnie and Clyde) bas assery.
This may be a CRACK, but I still expect you all to not just half ass it.
EVERY POST (with the exception of this one) MUST BE RAN THROUGH GIZOOGLE.NET. I will show and example with the abstract below.

One of Mikey's seller was caught selling on Ralph's turf. Ralph had warned Mikey before not to sell in his territory, but now he's had it. Now a war between gangs is brewing. Donatello is joining it since he and Ralph have an alliance saying that if one of them has to go fight a war, the other one will support. It's like the role of America for most of WWII. Leonardo joins because he hates being left out.

One of Mikeyz sella was caught pushin on Ralphz turf. Ralph had warned Mikey before not ta push up in his cold-ass territory yo, but now dat schmoooove mutha****a had dat ****. Now a war between gangs is brewing. Donatello is joinin it since he n' Ralph have a alliizzle sayin dat if one of dem has ta go fight a war, tha other one will support. It aint nuthin but like tha role of Tha Ghetto fo' most of WWII. Leonardo joins cuz dat schmoooove mutha****a hates bein left out.


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