View Full Version : Punch Club has Teenage Mutant Ninja Aligators???

01-15-2016, 05:35 PM
I was on YouTube checking my video subscriptions and I saw IGN had a review of a game called Punch Club and the video thumbnail had a guy fighting an alligator that looks oddly like Mikey, nunchucks and all. During the video it showed another alligator dressed in purple with a bo staff. Very weird homage. It is as if the turtles and Leatherhead had a baby.

http://i1285.photobucket.com/albums/a589/nellyp007/Mobile%20Uploads/BFA30F22-AB3A-4066-99EC-FFFBEF7E5C56_zpswqrbzfr3.png (http://s1285.photobucket.com/user/nellyp007/media/Mobile%20Uploads/BFA30F22-AB3A-4066-99EC-FFFBEF7E5C56_zpswqrbzfr3.png.html)

01-15-2016, 09:17 PM
All 4 "Turtles" appear, as well as their Raccoon Master and their sewer lair.

So I poked around and there's a lot of references to pop culture, the other ones about the TMNT I've found are:

- Shredder and Donatello costumes as well as Casey's and Raph's weapons in a store as well as a turtle shell (https://youtu.be/2RvXbYbZex0?t=2m57s)

- The owner of the Pizza place that sends you to the sewers to fight the TMNC is named Casey (https://youtu.be/2RvXbYbZex0?t=4m32s)

01-16-2016, 02:06 AM
It is as if the turtles and Leatherhead had a baby.
Haha! Looking at the picture and then reading this is simply brilliant :tlol:
@DevilSpooky: Thanks for the investigation and the link. Made me laugh a lot with all the references shown :tsmile: