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It started with Burnow Island; for years, the world had assumed the tiny island was just another one-note dictatorship, its people starving, its economy bankrupt, its money going to defunct weapons programs and pointless posturing bluster. A giant monument, a towering orb that dwarfed the capitol cityscape, this was General Krang's Folly. But then one day the sky burned and the oceans boiled... and in only a few minutes, Burnow Island was completely changed.

And just like that, the citizens of New York City found themselves living in Ground Zero in a new war. Mutants... strange animal/human hybrids that lurked and hid in the shadowy corners of the Big Apple. Aliens and mutants, once the fodder of conspiracy theorists, the tabloids, and late-night talk radio, were now indisputable fact. They were real, they were in New York, and they were here to stay.

A new war required new soldiers, soldiers who seemed to come out of nowhere overnight; men and women in black suits, ties, and sunglasses, speaking into collar microphones and skulking through the docks, the alleys, and the abandoned warehouses. Scouring NYC high and low in search of those strange creatures...

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Leonardo sprinted across the rooftops, gliding between the gaps of each. He didn't register the rain that was falling from the gray evening sky around him, solely focused on his movements. He was almost there. Another half mile to go. He took a quick glance behind him, and was relieved to see the EPF agent had kept up. About 100 yards behind him, the man followed, struggling a little more than Leo who'd run these roofs hundreds of time.

Leo's focused his eyes, seeing the designated building a head of him, so he slowed his pace. Moments later, the agent had gained on him, narrowing the gap between them. With only two building away the agent was only a few strides behind.

As Leo's feet hit the top of the roof, he shouted "Now!" Before jumping to the side. The agent had just cleared the gap to the same rooftop, with no time to react, when the soldier slammed into him. One slammed him to the groun, before 3 more surrounded him, swords drawn as the last one took his spot, surrounding him.

The agent showed no effort to move, but turned his head and locked his eyes on Karai, as she walked in between two foot soldiers, and stood a foot away from the agent. Without a word she stepped off to the side, allowing Leonardo to be seen next to the soldiers.

"Good work." He said, monotonely. "Now, we have some questions for you" he said locking eyes with the dark sunglasses of the agent.

But before Leo could continue, the agent lunged at him, an electric prod sliding into his hand from his sleeve. The electric end never made contact with the turtle. Karai in one quick moment reached out and caught the face of the agent with her hand, drawing her sword with the other. Leo just began to yell "No!" as she drove the weapon straight through the agents back.

The body fell to the rooftop, as Karai sheathed her sword. Leo stood in disbelief.
"Karai! Look what you've done! Your orders were to CAPTURE. We needed him to find Splinter!" He said, anger flowing from his eyes.

"And he was captured." She said, with no remorse. "He wasn't cooperating. Now he is dead. Maybe next time you should be a little clearer with your 'orders' oh great leader" she replied, her words coated with sarcasm.

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"Earth Protection Force, my ass," Raphael grumbled to himself as he stalked through the puddles. The rain was pouring down all around him in slow steady streams, drenching the entire city in bleak cold gray. He pulled the collar of his trenchcoat closer around his neck and pulled the brim of his Yankees baseball cap a little lower to keep the rain out of his eyes. "They didn't do jack for Earth when Krang was fixin' to blast the whole damn planet." The alley was beginning to flood, empty beer cans and McDonald's food wrappers floating on the rising water.

The EPF agents had been stalking the Turtles and any other mutants they could find through the shadows for a week now, but it had been just last night when the Turtles had been dealt a crippling blow. Master Splinter had been leading the latest batch of Foot recruits on a training run across the rooftops; none of his sons had been with him, for one reason or another. The EPF had struck out of nowhere, taking out the Foot ninja with their guns, tranquilizers, and tazers before any of them could react. When the Foot recruits had regained consciousness, Splinter was gone.

Leonardo had broken the news to the rest of the family, giving everyone terse instructions to follow up their own leads in effort to track down the EPF to their base of operations. Nothing else mattered now; no family disagreements over leading the Foot Clan after the defeat of Oroku Saki, no conflicts over the best means of attack or strategy--just find Splinter and bring him home.

"Leo's probably sitting warm and dry at Foot HQ mapping out the city and bossing around Foot ninja," Raphael grumbled. "While Donnie strategizes with his geek squad and Mikey does who knows what with his Mutanimal buddies... leaving me the only one out in the rain and the city. Typical; it's always me stuck with the dirty work."

The rain was coming down harder now, trickling down his neck and his shell. At least the weather was keeping most of the civilians indoors; fewer witnesses, fewer innocents caught in a potential crossfire. The water was now deep enough to lap at his shins.

"Damn cat," Raphael groused. "I told him to meet me here fifteen minutes ago."

"You know cats hate water," the voice came from above him.

"Dammit!" Startled, Raphael looked up to see a feline figure crouched on the fire escape above him. "How long have you been skulking up there, Hob?"

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Casey was in the streets, looking for scum to be beaten. He stoped behind Kat's Pizza to take a break. ((that pizza joint I made up)) It was dark, grim, and smelled rotten. Then Casey realized he was next to a dumpster. As he was about to take a sip out of the water bottle he had with him, and heard a scream.


An elderly woman was being attacked by two thugs, one obese with a chain and knife, the other appeared to be Irish with a pistol and a machete. They were trying to get her purse and watch.

"A little, cliche," Casey thought, "But I got it."

He sliped on his yellowish-white hockey mask and leaped into action.
He started with the fatter thug. He got whipped forcefully by his chain but after beating the thug's stomach, got the chain out of his hands. Then he used the chain to beat the thug up. After he passed out, in a small pool of blood, he started towards the Irish punk.The old lady ran away quickly as she could, but the Irish thug tried to get her. Casey then hit him in the gut with his hockey stick, knocking him so the lady could get away. And she did. The thin, ginger punk then sliced Casey in the chest with his machete, now covered in thick, red blood. Casey then beat the man violently with his cricket bat. Then the Irish thug blacked out, lying in a pool of blood.

As police sirens wailed, Casey ran.

"I need to get this gash cleaned up! The damn thing is killing me!", Casey thought.

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They had been strucked by tragic events before. Many of which had become a struggle, or left many seriously injured and/or dead. Fortunately, after such events, the citizens were able to go on with their lives. Eventually everything would go back to -almost- how it used to be. This time was different. The changing of the once familiar environment had happened almost as soon as it began. A 'natural' disaster, that was near impossible to prevent. Along with said disaster brought the exposure of New Yorks 'special' inhabitants. More unfortunately, it all brought an unneeded war upon the city. One occupied by EPF agents around every other corner.

"So you say you have actually encountered one of these mutants, sir?" April held up her microphone to him waiting for a response. He was a semi formally dressed man, with his work pants and tucked in Taco Bueno shirt, etc... Dark bags under his indicated lack of sleep as the mixed man nodded 'yes' to the question. He then opened his mouth to explain more, his voice having a hint of a Hispanic accent.

"Si, and he was scary. I thought he would've come after me next!" He tells the reporter, April O'Neil, before hugging himself and looking around frantically.

Before she could ask the man more of what happened, April was told they should get going by one of her news crew. She frowned, almost pouting, at him, but sighed before quickly thanking the man for his time and input. Even if it wasn't particularly what she wanted. She followed them into the news van and waited as they headed to the news station. Assuming that her boss didn't want her out every night, focusing on her 'monster specific investigation', she couldn't help rolling her eyes.

"How am I supposed to get a decent report about the mutants not being a threat to our city, when I'm just interuppted almost each time?" April asked no one in specific as they finally made their stop at the News building. This was the last straw for the still young reporter. She knew most, if not all, of the mutants, specifically her turtle allies plus their friends. She also knew that they were no different than any human in the city, besides appearance and, of course, rumors framing them as monsters.

A pizza box folded in half and sitting in a mesh wire trash bin, reminded April of her pizza loving friend, Michelangelo. She also remembered that he was allied with a certain group of mutants who called themselves 'The Mutanimals'. Which both gave her an idea of exactly who she planned to interview next. All she needed was a camera man who would be willing to accompany her on her 'secret report.'

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Deep underneath the city, in the midst of a cluttered laboratory, two unlikely figures were engrossed with the same task that had dominated their lives for most of the past week. At the desk, a mutant turtle sat peering at the screens with one hand curled protectively around a mug containing just the dregs of the drink that had once filled it.

Nearby stood a large, haphazard server bank that sprouted an array of wires. They sprawled across the floor in all directions. Some connected up to other machines that were stood nearby, while others were tapped into cables that had been pulled through from beneath the streets above. Examining all of this was a humanoid robotic figure.

“Ok, patch through to number forty-seven and we’ll rerun from the beginning.” Donatello instructed, leaning back from the desk in order to glance over towards Honeycutt.

“Right you are.” came the clipped response, as the metal hand reached out to pluck the first cable from its port. He slotted it in to another port on the other side of the board before reaching for the next wire.

Donatello rubbed between his eyes wearily. He’d lost track of just how long he and Honeycutt had been at this, day and night. It wasn’t as if they were even getting close; they had yet to even find the domain behind which Bishop and the EPF were hiding themselves. If only they find it, then at least they could start work on actually infiltrating the network and gathering the information they so desperately needed. Information about Master Splinter, who had been stolen away and disappeared without a trace.

None of them had gone with Splinter that night. Donatello had been busy working on some perimeter defences for the lair, so had ducked out of the training exercise. It was a decision he was now regretting. Logically he knew that if he’d had been there he would likely have fallen too, but he couldn’t help but feel that maybe he could have done something.

His failure now to find and break into the EPF’s network was only further cementing his culpability. He was supposed to be the smart one, he should be able to do this and give his brothers the information they needed to go and rescue their father. But, right now, it felt like he was getting no-where.

“Ready to restart!” chirped Honeycutt, unaffected by the weariness that was steadily engulfing the turtle, but evidently aware of it as he paused to examine his companion.

Donatello nodded, stifling a yawn as he reached to tap on the keyboard. “All right. We’re running again.”

“Perhaps you should take a rest?” the android suggested, moving towards the desk.

“I will.” Donnie promised, “Just as soon as we’ve found the gateway. At least once we’ve gotten that far, we can try to initiate the handshake and start running the scripts to bypass the security.”

“But it could take days.” Honeycutt pointed out. “Possibly even months.”

Donatello slid the chair back and climbed to his feet. “Which means, I’ll need another coffee.”

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Michelangelo crouched atop the landing of the fire escape, watching silently while Hob met with Hun for the second time in as many weeks. The last time he had seen Hun, it had been at this same warehouse, and he still had the bruises to prove it. <Hun sure packs a punch,> he thought, rubbing his arm where it was still tender. Hob had kept Mikey from ending up in the same boat Donatello had so recently been in courtesy of Rocksteady and Bebop, but only to keep the Foot from finding out about his weapons stash.

Mikey knew Hob was up to something, even if he denied any wrong-doing, tap-dancing his way around the issue every which way to Sunday. Mikey wondered what it was about him that caused everyone around him to assume he was a gullible, naïve idiot, always treating him as though he couldn't tell when he was being fed a load of crap. <Might not be Donnie-smart,> he thought with a grimace, <But I'm no dummy, either. Those two are gearing up for something big, and it ain't just keepin' those Mob goons or the Triad from gettin' back into the game.>

He waited until Hob left, then raced across the rooftops back to the Mutanimals, taking a shortcut to arrive before the one-eyed cat. He found Slash and Pete playing checkers in the rec area- Pete was beating Slash AGAIN- while Sally and Man-Ray watched a cop drama nearby. Mikey looked around, and decided that unless he did something to head off Hob's plans- whatever those were- his friends might soon end up swept up into something they couldn't handle. <Time to steer this ship in a new direction,> he thought, idly watching the game while he considered the best way to unravel Hob's brewing war. That's what it was, of course. He recognized the signs, and they were all too familiar by now.

It only took a few minutes to come up with an idea. He thought about how different the Mutanimals home was from his former home under the church, or even their first lair. Those had been hard days, scratching out a living off whatever they could find- until Woody had discovered them. Without his generosity, they would have gone hungry on many a night. Now the city was full of rumors of a mutant menace. But they weren't, not really. And suddenly he knew just how to prove it.

"Guys, we're supposed to be heroes now, right?" He asked suddenly, causing every mutant head in the room to turn his way out of curiosity.

"Yeah, sure we are, Mikey!" Slash said encouragingly. "That's why we busted those guys at the docks!"

"Yeah, well, heroes do other good stuff too. They help people in lots of ways, like taking food or clothes and stuff to people who need 'em. Or cleaning up streets and parks of trash and broken glass, or fixing stuff that's broken for people who can't do it themselves. So I figure maybe we should be doin' that stuff to- so people will see we're the GOOD guys!"

Sally look interested. So did Mondo. Good. He had them hooked, now he just needed to reel them in to his idea. "Okay, so what are you suggesting?" Sally asked.

"We're gonna' start our own neighborhood community service program- ninja style!" Mikey grinned. Pete looked excited at the suggestion, and even Herman- who was working on some upgrades to his guns on a workbench across the room- seemed intrigued. <Got 'em!> Mikey thought impishly. Hob was going to be fighting his war alone, if HE had anything to say about it....

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(Sorry guys, had a difficult time making an idea how to start Bishop up. Just starting small tonight until I can think of more. Anyways, location: EPF hideout)

Located in the confides of the Earth Protection Force's residence rests Agent John Bishop. Gaining a proverbial interest in the Turtles, he has begun to hunt the brothers and their sensei for interests in research and possibly utilizing them as pawns. Like a knight to bishop in chess, John enters the building.

"Most interesting indeed. To think such specimen can fight in the style of ninjitsu of all possibilities, and yet they persist in such tactics." Bishop laments quietly.

With a quiet reaction, another member of Bishop's men enters the building with unconscious mutants in hand. While one was a mere experiment gone wrong, the other in hand is Master Splinter, a connection to the Turtles that can draw attention and manipulate the situation at hand.

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Leo walked up to Karai so that his face was just inches from hers. He glared at her without blinking. In return, she glared right back. He didn't have time for this. Every second he wasn't looking for splinter was another second Bishop could be doing something horrible to him.

"You knew what you were doing Karai" he growled, his anger growing "and regardless of how you feel about me, you are a member of the foot, which means you obey your leader. The shredder lost to Sensei, and until we get him back, I am in control of the foot. You obey ME" He wasn't used to playing the power card, as he always tried to view his brothers as equals. But it certainly felt good to pull it against Karai.

"You vile freak. A mutant like you or your rodent father should never be at the head of the once honorable Foot clan! You are a disgrace to Oroku Saki." She said, losing a fit of her firm composure.

Leo signaled to the soldiers, all of whom immediately knelt, while Karai remained standing. "You pride yourself on being honorable. And under that code of honor, you are under my leadership. Disobedience is not going to be tolerated."

"Do not talk to me about honor, you fiendish creature" she retorted, her eyes narrowed.

"You also pride yourself on being second in command of the Foot clan. If you wish to remain there, or in the foot at all, you will obey me." He said calmly but sternly. "Now kneel."

Their eyes still locked on each other, as seconds past. Karai finally dropped hers, staring angrily down at the ground, before dropping down to one knee.

"Good. Now back to headquarters. We need a new plan" Leo said, taking off

01-27-2016, 07:47 PM
"How long have you been skulking up there, Hob?"

The mutant cat was crouched on the fire escape, wearing a long brown trenchcoat and a wide-brimmed hat to keep the rain out of his face. His fur and whiskers were soaking wet.

"Long enough," Hob replied, not moving from the fire escape. "Had to make sure this wasn't a trap or that you weren't followed."

"Want to get out of the rain?" Raphael called up to him.

The cat glowered back down at him, his one eye glinting amber in the darkening twilight. "You want to get to the point?"

Raphael grumbled beneath his breath, lifting one foot and then the next as the rising water chilled his ankles to the bone. "We've all spent the last week running and hiding while those EPF goons goosestep through the city. Last night they grabbed Master Splinter..."

"So you finally got tired of running and hiding?" Hob asked knowingly, grinning. "You and your brothers finally ready to take the fight to the humans?"

"I'm on my own now, Hob," Raphael shook his head. "I hear you are, too."

Straightening up on the fire escape, Hob began to walk down the metal steps to the alley below. "Just like old times, ain't it, baby turtle?"

Raphael tried not to flinch; images swam through his mind faster than he could think... the hot breath of a hungry alley cat as its jaws closed around his premutated shell... walking through the streets alone after his mutation, unsure of who or what he was, not even knowing his own name... being cornered by a Old Hob for the first time, monstrous and mutated just like him, a demon from his very first memories...

"Yeah, old times," Raphael managed to spit out the words. "I'm all freaking nostalgic about it. Look, cat, you and I go way back--and none of it is warm and cheery. But we're both on our own again, and I need someone with street smarts on my side when I start bustin' heads. Now are we gonna work together or not?"

Sloshing through the dirty water, Hob's tail was twitching back and forth as the cat approached Raphael with an outstretched hand. "Sounds like fun," the cat sneered.

01-30-2016, 06:36 AM
A gentle breeze brushed across them both, sending his bandana tails fluttering and loose strands of hair skittering across her slender neck. They danced through the skies together, the very starts sparkling as a heavenly melody unlike any that he had heard before filled the air around them. An illuminating aurora poured rippling colours that lit up her face in an alluring green as she whispered his name.

Over and over she said it, gently tugging at him as they spun onwards to where the seas were cascading into infinity beyond the edge of the rainbow horizon. Moving one arm, he reached out to brush his hand into the sea and felt the coolness as the two met.

“Bother.” she said.

Except, that wasn’t her voice. It was robotic and yet undisputedly masculine, the same tones that Donatello belatedly realised had been calling his name just moments previously.

Blearily he raised his head, before moving with increased speed and clarity as he realised that his mug of stone cold coffee had been knocked over and was spilling across the desk and his arm despite Honeycutt’s best efforts to quickly mop it up. A flurry of activity later and the escape of liquid had been contained with no further consequence than some stained but unimportant paperwork.

“Did you have a good nap?” Honeycutt inquired politely, his robotic eyes bright.

With a groan, Donnie reached to rub the back of his neck. His body felt sore and cramped from sleeping awkwardly sprawled across his desk, but at least the bone aching tiredness that had plagued him before had been abated.

“Yeah…” he replied, simply, “But I—”

Abruptly he stopped, as his eyes drifted to the blinking screen before him. One bright, green, console fonted word stood out brightly. 'Success'

“It… It succeeded! We found it, we’ve found the outer network perimeter!” Donatello gasped excitedly, quickly reaching for his keyboard.

“Yes.” Honeycutt said, with pleasure radiating woodenly from his inhuman form. “I hope you don’t mind but I continued the tests while you slept, with this eventual result.”

“Amazing! Thank you.” Donnie grinned, his fingers flying across the keyboard. “Finally, we’re getting somewhere. Now I just need to break through the initial encryptions and find a route through the firewall where we can’t be traced.”

“Yes, yes.” the robot agreed. “I’ll go and make you a sandwich.”

Donatello didn’t notice as Honeycutt left.

01-30-2016, 08:25 PM
Michelangelo led a small team of the Mutanimals- Sally, Mondo, and Pete- in what he had dubbed a "mission of mercy" to gather supplies for the homeless population that had taken up residence in a run-down warehouse by the docks, not far from their own home, as it happened.

"Okay, we sneak into the mega-store's back-room, get what we can out of the reject bins, and get out. Mondo, you've got the cameras. Sally, you and me are on the goods, and Pete, you're on look-out. Everybody got it?" He glanced at each of his team-members in turn, as they all nodded understanding. Well, except Pete, who just grinned with that dopey expression. <And everyone thinks I'M the dumb one...> Mikey sighed, shaking is head at the pigeon's reaction.

"So, like, what are we lookin' for?" Mondo asked after they had broken open the lock on the loading bay doors.

"Anything that's still usable- canned-goods, bags with holes that aren't too big, clothes with small rips or defects, dented pans- whatever we can get our hands on. They send that stuff back to the makers anyway, so no one's going to miss any of it. Might as well use it to do some good!" Mikey replied.

The two slipped in, with Sally right behind. Mondo climbed up the wall and disconnected the nearest camera before wall-crawling his way to the next to do the same. Michelangelo and Sally grabbed a couple of empty boxes from near the dumpsters, and started digging around in the "damaged" goods area, filling their boxes with whatever they could. When they were done, Mikey let out a single short whistle to signal Mondo to re-connect the cameras. They were in and out in less than five minutes.

"Awesome! Good haul, bro!" Mondo exclaimed when he saw how much they had found. "So- now what do we do?"

Easy, dude- we go to that old warehouse on Fulton, and just leave the stuff for the folks there with a note!" The turtle beamed smugly, proud of his plan. <If we can get enough people to see we're out to help, Hob might not even have a war to fight!> He mused, already thinking of his next "Good Samaritan" mission.

"A note?" Sally asked, confused. "Why? What's the note for?"

"To let 'em know it's from US, of course!" Mikey said, as if surprised he even needed to explain. "See, we start with small stuff like this. Let 'em get used to the idea of mutants helpin' em out. Then we do bigger stuff, and we start showin' ourselves a little bit here and there- so they see we're not monsters- and before ya' know it, we've got a bunch of 'em on OUR side!"

"Righteous!" Mondo exclaimed, getting the point. Sally nodded.

"You know, Mikey, I like the way you think. Kill 'em with kindness, that's pretty smart!" She chuckled, patting his shell. They headed back to the Mutanimals' base, laden with their precious cargo, to regroup with the others before taking it to the warehouse and the people who so desperately needed their aid.


A little later, they met back up with Slash and his team, who had been off on their own mission. Slash had taken Herman and Seymour to do a patrol of the neighborhood for vandals and thieves. Hob and Man-Ray were off together, no doubt working on plans of their own, but that was why Mikey and Slash had decided to put their idea into motion now; Slash had just recently begun to suspect that Hob had personal motives for collecting so many weapons- motives that had nothing to do with destroying them. But tonight, Slash felt good about what they were doing, for the first time since they had rescued Seymour and the other two new members of their "family".

"Anything interesting while we were out?" Mikey asked, greeting Slash as they arrived.

"Not much. Quiet night, mostly. Just scared off a couple of thugs trying to break into the little grocery store over on Chambers. Bet they won't try THAT again!" He laughed, and Herman chuckled his agreement.

"Affirmative! We made sure the cops would show up quick, and then tripped the enemy when they tried to escape! They'll be doing some hard knocks now!" He saluted, and Mikey returned the gesture with a grin.

"Good work, soldier!" He said, and the group quickly got to work sorting through the items they had collected for their "anonymous donation". Things were going well- for now, at least....

Lethal Lullaby
01-31-2016, 02:02 PM
It took awhile, but April was finally able to convince one of the cameramen to go with her. She knew it was probably going to be tricky to borrow one of the news owned cameras. So in order to solve that problem she had her cameraman make up a lie about the camera not working properly. Surprisingly their boss bought the lie, and allowed the camera to be taken so they could get it 'fixed'.

When it came time to leave for the day, April was fighting back a smirk. She and her cameraman went their separate ways to their cars. She would give him a call when she was able to schedule a meeting with Michelangelo and his mutant friends. She figured it would be best if she made sure her friend was okay with her plan.

It may just be one of her only chances to show New York that they have been lied to about mutants. Which meant she was going to have to contact Michelangelo. Hopefully he still kept his T-phone on him. Ever since the war brought upon the city, and Splinter's capture, her turtle friends had been split up to do what they could for the city.

Stopping at a red light in her red car, April dialed the number she had for Michelangelo. She plugged the phone into the audio jack of her radio. That way she could still speak to him if the light changed green before he answered.

Tapping her fingers on the steering wheel, April looked up and ahead at the traffic light. As she watched it she thought to herself, Will the light change first? Or will Mikey answer first? Hopefully he didn't change cell numbers...

02-01-2016, 09:39 PM
Monstrous; there was no other word for it.

Well, that wasn't true; abomination was also fitting.

The creature's mottled blue and gray chest rose and fell in fitful jerking motions, the flaps on its neck pulsating frantically. It was some bizarre hybrid of man and animal, bipedal with two legs and a human-like chest and head, but with long fleshy wings that connected to its arms and fleshy appendages at its jaws.

"Those would appear to be gills, but our initial examinations show that the creature also has a humanoid respiratory system with lungs," Agent Bishop mused, staring down into the yellow eyes that were so unlike his own and yet shone with a very human terror. "What a strange manner of beast... of monster..."

"A mutated manta ray, sir," an assistant spoke up from behind Bishop. Bishop didn't bother to acknowledge the man with anything more than a curt, "Obviously."

The mutant strained at the thick leather straps binding him to the examination table, its monstrous form illuminating in a harsh light that was positioned strategically to blind the creature's sight.

"You call me a monster?" the mutant gasped defiantly, still struggling to break free. "And yet you are the true monster!"

"I want to know more about it," Bishop finally declared, turning away from the examination table. "Open it up again, Richards. I need to go talk to Stockman."

"Should we use the anesthetic, sir?" the assistant nervously ventured a question.

Bishop still didn't bother to look at the other man as he strode away from the restrained mutant. "Why bother?"

02-02-2016, 10:24 PM
Leo and the foot went back to the foot hq. Leo and karai along with a few elite soldiers huddle around the stone table set up in the middle of the room. The location was an old factory situated down by the docks. When Leo decided that the old foot headquarters was too possibly well known by Bishop, they gathered the essential equipment and moved here. Leo had had Donnie rent the space temporarily under a false alias, using the Foot clans asset to pay for it. Having the foot themselves rent it was too easy for bishop to find.

"It's time for a change of plan" Leo announced, spreading out a map that had been meticulously marked up "we're done being stalked. It's our turn now."
He pointed to several red line paths following streets, and alleys. "These are the routes regularly patrolled by agents we've been able to map with some help from Donnie. If it were easy, we could just follow them until they all connect at where ever their base is. But Bishop is smart. All of them start and end at separate locations, either entering or exiting through buildings, subway entrances, malls, or any other variable they can throw in. But they still have to get back to base somehow, which means there's a route there, from any of these locations. Maybe even in plain sight."

Karai firmly placed her finger on the map. "Seems you've overlooked this."

Leo looked carefully at the spot, but confusion set in, as there were no marks or routes in that vicinity. "Care to explain?"

Karai smirked, "don't you find it odd that these patrol routes cover most of the city. There's hardly 2 blocks next to each other that go unsearched." She tapped her finger on the same spot. "Except here. 8 city blocks without routes going through or around them. A little careless of Bishop to not patrol that area, isn't it, master Leo"

Leo ignored the fake respect and thought, trying to get what Karai was getting at. "Unless...their base is somewhere in there. You wouldn't need patrols if your agents are constantly present in the area." He hesitated. "Good work..."

He turned to the rest of the soldiers. "We've got a couple leads. We'll send out a few men on several of the routes. Your mission is to follow unnoticed. Stay with them even when they exit their routes. Do not engage or give away your presence, and inform me immediately of any information. I'll be searching an unpatrolled area and may summon you immediately if I locate the base." He turned to Karai.
"Pick your route. You will be escorted by two more soldiers, just to make sure you remember that I am in charge" he narrowed his eyes.

"Oh trust me. I will not forget" she said, bowing, with an unseen glare as her head was down.

02-03-2016, 07:32 PM
Hob's ears twitched suddenly. "Move!" he hissed, lunging forward and tackling Raphael.

There was a faint whizzing sound as the turtle toppled backwards to the flooded alley floor, splashing waves of water up around him. Something glass shattered against the wall behind them.

"Tranq darts!" Hob snarled, rolling over onto his back and drawing a pair of squat black pistols out of his trenchcoat. "They wanna take us alive, turtle! Move it!"

02-14-2016, 07:51 AM
Donatello turned to his robotic companion. “Does it sound ok?” he asked, leaning backwards to allow Honeycutt room to read the screen over his shoulder.

“FAO Bishop.” Honeycutt started, reciting the letter aloud.

“This is not an infiltration; this is an opening of communications. We are looking to retrieve one of our own and would be willing to discuss a trade.

“We are not your enemies. We await your response.”

“Well…” Honeycutt mused. “Is it a good idea to be so obvious about who you are and what you want?”

“If he doesn’t know who he’s dealing with and our aim, how are we meant to reach some kind of compromise?”

The robot still seemed uncertain. “Perhaps it would be better to get the others to look it over first.”

But Donatello shook his head. “There’s no time. Besides, if they found out I was trying to communicate and reason with Bishop, do you honestly believe they’d be in support of that?”

“You have a point.” Honeycutt conceded.

For a tense few seconds, the turtle hovered the pointer over the Send button.

Then, setting his jaw determinedly, he clicked.

02-15-2016, 09:13 PM
OOC: Sorry this was short, but I really couldn't figure out anything better to do to play off LL's call....



Michelangelo sat chillin' with Mondo and Sally- she was turning out to be pretty cool- watching the latest comic hero movie on DVD, when he heard his phone go off. Looking down, he saw that it was April. She NEVER called HIM! Donnie, sure, but HIM?! It must be something important if she needed him- maybe it had something to do with that scroll?

"Uh, guys, I should probably take this. It's family callin'" It still sounded strange to call her family, but that was how they all saw her now. He got up and went over to a quiet corner of the rec room to answer it.

"Hey, Angelcakes! Uh, how's it goin'?" He said, with his usual casual charm. Truth be told, he sort of liked her, even though she was a little older than him. Well, maybe not, given his and his brothers' past lives, but still.... "So, to what do I owe the pleasure of this call? A secret midnight rendezvous, milady? Does Casey know?" He added playfully, and heard her giggle on the other end. He saw Mondo poke his head up over the couch, eying him curiously. Sally immediately followed suit, pausing the movie.

Lethal Lullaby
02-16-2016, 12:21 PM
The light changed to green, and April finally got her reply from Michelangelo. She rolled her eyes upon hearing the name he called her. With a soft laugh she answered that she was doing fine.

"Sorry, Mikey, but it's not so much a rendezvous. Nice try." She adds giggling and shaking her head. "In fact I have a favor to ask of you, and perhaps your friends too. If it's not too much trouble." She started before glancing around as she stopped at another red light.

Everything looks safe. Hopefully Mikey's good on his end. She spoke up again, this time talking quietly, but not too quiet so Michelangelo could still hear her. "Will any of you be free anytime soon? I wanna do a secret report on the good mutants of New York." She explains to him then waits for his response.

((OOC: And MD, you can just message me the response, and I'll edit this post. So as to get this little April and Mikey interaction out of the way. Until later in the rp when she goes to interview them. something like that I think.))