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01-24-2016, 05:50 PM
Some years ago I wrote a fan fiction continuation of the original cartoon and set it three months after "Divide And Conquer". I attempted to create a tone between seasons 7 & 8 feel having focus on continuity, characterization, and character interaction. I wrote 33 additional episodes to the series attempting to write it the way not just what I would have wanted to see, but fellow fans as well. This is the first of them, 'Titanus Strikes!'. Shortly, I will release the second one.

Season 11
194/1. Titanus Strikes- Titanus, Tempestra, Krakus. Gadget Man and Dregg appear in flashback only. Channel Six News cast resumes. The TMNT have gotten lazy as there has not been much crime to stop and the knowledge that Splinter taught them everything he know. Splinter questions his pupils laziness only to inform them he meant they were taught every move he knows, but that does not make them full pledged ninjas. They have to perfect everything they now know.

Titanus was able to rewire a monitoring bracelet from his banishment to the past and transport himself to present day on a stop to his time to get revenge on the city for rejecting his ideal society first. Krakus alerted to Titanus's breaking out of his prehistoric exile arrives. The TMNT are alerted to his arrival on the news.

When going to find Krakus they notice dark clouds lower than usual moving towards Hudson Bay Harbor.

Titanus has concocted a mutagenic property that will transform most of New York City into mutants similar to his followers in H.A.V.O.C. As he attaches a timing device to a volcano that he attached the mutagenic formula inside to explode to give it maximum range over the city from the Manhattan isle. He is approached by Tempestra who materialized from the dark cloud overhead. She is his first successful mutant experiment. A disgraced weatherwoman who wanted to show she was not a joke and can predict and create the weather and Titanus took her in and gave her that ability as Temprestra. Her only weakness is her electricity is absorbed by disc that absorb electromagnetic currents that she gives off. Titanus welcomes his enforcer to his side once again.

Burne Thompson feels guilty in his role of rallying the public to the side of an exiled alien conqueror. He decided upon hearing reports of Titanus's description on a Manhattan isle to do so something about it to make it up to the people. He pulls out his Halloween costume of his hero Gadget Man and heads off into the night to right a past mistake.
The TMNT take the blimp to the Manhattan island only to be caught up in a vortex by Tempestra. Krakus is temporarily out of commission when he is blown off course and hits the harbor. The TMNT dive deep underwater to escape her.

Burne makes his way by motorboat to Titanus's location. He fumbles along looking for the mutagen once he hits land.

The TMNT regroup and find Krakus. Krakus informs them of the nature of Tempestra's weakness and how she came to be. Michelangelo goes back to the lair to grab the main chip from an old arcade game in his room.
The others are met by April who wants in for a scoop to sale to a local t.v. station. Krakus picks up a police report from his headset that Burne Thompson is on the island where Titanus and Tempestra are. The Turtles realize they cannot wait for Michelangelo and are forced to stall the two villains.
Krakus goes alone first to help the Turtles to get the drop on them. Titanus meets Krakus again. After an exchange of words Tempestra attacks. Titanus uses this time to prepare a getaway once Tempestra is finished with Krakus. Titanus runs across the hiding Burne. Seeing Burne in trouble Karkus attempts to evade Tempestra and get to Burne who Titanus has cornered. Leo, Raph and April appear while Don hurries off to defuse the time bomb. Trying to remove the mutagen agent from just inside the volcano Burne nearly falls over, but April grabs him keeping him from falling in. Krakus momentarily forgets about Titanus and realizes that April just saved his grandfather just as she would his father one day. At this time Michelangelo returns with the arcade microchip to trap Tempestra. Don is able to stop the timer. Raph and Leo lure her to where they are with Mike and allowing him to throw the chip so she can zap it and be absorbed into the chip. The four turtles and Krakus convene with April and Burne behind them. Titanus atop the volcano attempts to jump up and down causing the group to tumble. He partially succeeds, but due to his massive weight falls backwards into the volcano below where he presumably perishes.

Burne wanting redemption and now humbled apologizes. For his gratitude he ask April to return after walking away once he signed on as Dregg's PR guy and human ambassador. He makes her the executive producer of the news division of the station. They briefly reflect on Dregg's manipulation of the public and how Dregg used Shredder blowing up Channel Six to lure Burne to helping him make the public see the opposite of the truth as far as the Turtles and Dregg are concerned. Krakus departs for his time in a few decades in the future keeping the secret of his connection to Burne.

The objectives were to get April back at Channel Six News and it make sense as well as explain why she went freelance. I capitalized on the reference Krakus made about April rescuing his father a few decades before.

Guest Characters:
Titanus, mutant crime lord from the future.

Tempestra, disgraced weatherwoman turned weather controlling mutant from a few decades into the future.

Krakus, cop of the future. Grandson of Burne.
Returning to reoccurring status:Burne Thompson, station manger of Channel Six News, looking for redemption after becoming Dregg's human ambassador and PR when duping the public of his intentions.

01-26-2016, 09:52 AM
Awesome summary. Didn't originally like these characters in the OT, but you used them to good effect here. And I like that Brune has FINALLY moved on from his 'the turtles are evil' thing. Hoipe this means a new direction for the OT turtles! ^^

01-30-2016, 08:19 PM
I thought he was Jameson-lite. He was inconsistent wirh his hatred and only with the business he was put in charge of blowing up on his watch did he truly have a motivation. In 'Dirk Savage: Mutant Hunter' Burne is unsure where he stands in the anti-mutant push A. J. Howard was behind. If he was consistent he would have got an interview with him and endorsed him on television in such a segment. I was able to connect Burne to Dregg's friend of mankind/anti-Turtle angle to bring more character and closure. I wanted to focus on his obession with competition within his profession.

The fact Krakus resembled Burne and mentioned April saved Krakus's father fell into place from there. I admit I did not go back to Krakus's character after this, but thought Landor could be the Chief of Police at the time Krakus is from, but never pulled the trigger. The reason was I intended on Titanus being dead and was not sure how to have H.A.V.O.C. presented without its leader. Maybe I could go back in add that in.

The price of changing direction, adding background, and motivation for Burne Thompson and Channel Six News was to give Burne a love interest. He will have a son since Krakus is his grandson afterall. This lead me to retcon the reference his employees make about Burne turning 50. Why not write it off as a joke since he was on the phone with college age Tiffany? From there I thought why not go with Tiffany's design, but give her red hair? Her sister, Tamara. Much older than her kid sister, early 30s' and producer of the rival Channel 3. That allowed for the focus on the business aspect Burne was so dedicated to. That was the thought process that went into it.

I thought it was logical for him to want to atone for his mistake with Dregg and stopping Titanus with his hero, Gadget Man as inspiration he would attempt to do so. Yet true to character he would be bumbling in the attempt. I hope my fellow audience like how I weaved old plots together to revert things back yet move forward at the same time with my explanation of the Turtles simply being taught every move but havevyet to perfect as well as how I brought Channel Six News back with Aoril working there once more.

If you all are interested I will post the second one,Something From The Past with Razhar and Tokka cofeatured and the red sky was tackled head on with an explanation. I will post it likely a week from now. Let me know what you all think.:tgrin:

02-01-2016, 09:35 PM
Well thought out I think and I could see this happening as a saga! :D Thanks for sharing and I always thought Titanus was underrated.

02-01-2016, 09:38 PM
I brought him back to kill him off though. :P All the plot threads worked out to showcase him. I wanted to feature a leaderless H.A.V.O.C., but never figured out a logical full plot. Just fragmented ideas.

Soon enough I will post Something From The Past.

02-07-2016, 10:00 PM
I would like to see where you take this. I say keep going.

02-13-2016, 10:16 AM
I find it interesting that you're making Krakus related to Burne Thompson. That actually wouldn't seem out of place in the FW series.

02-14-2016, 02:17 PM
I find it interesting that you're making Krakus related to Burne Thompson. That actually wouldn't seem out of place in the FW series.

It caught my attention when watching the DVD once it was released that Krakus looks physically similar to Burne. You know if Burne were fit and beefier he could look like Krakus. That is where the idea stemmed from. That and Krakus mentioning more than once about April saving his father as a child without giving any details.
This is Krakus placed out of his suit next to Burne for visual comparison.
http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/tmnt/images/b/bb/87_Krakus_TMNT.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20150218102516&path-prefix=de http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb94/kalaneutrino/vlcsnap-1011771.png

02-15-2016, 04:34 AM
Yeah, you're right. They do look kinda similar. Adding April saving his father bit to the equation it would actually make sense for Burne and Krakus to be related. I can't believe I've never theorized that myself or seen anyone doing it before either.

02-19-2016, 10:32 PM
Thanks. Sometimes someone has to have too much of analytical mind and a love a series to figure things like that out. Guilty as charged there.:lol:

One thing I was interested in feedback on was April returning to Channel Six however in a promoted role of overseeing the news division of the station. Also, her reason for walking away tying Dregg and his public manipulation to Burne if it would work in the context the show presented.

I figured out a follow up that incorporates Krakus, Landor, Merrick, and the remnants of H.A.V.O.C. It took a few years, but I figured it out. Its in the rough stages, but I think I could insert it in my continuation.