View Full Version : The Yay or Nay Game

03-22-2016, 04:00 AM
This is a sort of game I've made with my Zazzle Shop products. I'm narrowing down some of my products, but I have an occasional one that I never believed would sell ever actually seeing the light of a sale. And there have been some that I thought would sell and haven't yet.

Please note I am not showing these items as they are. I am not requesting sales or posting them for any sort of monetary gain.

The rules are simple.

1. A product from one of my shops will be posted here.

2. You can say what you like about the product itself. But the words Yay or Nay must be part of it.

I.e. Yay...i like it or Nay...that background doesn't really work with this design.

3. I must have at least 10 answers in order to move to the next product. If the majority of the answers are yay the product stays on the shop. If the product is more nays then yays you will see an image saying "Taken Down" with the product image.

4. Do not say nay simply for mean intent...this game is to encourage positive feed back and constructive criticism.