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04-03-2016, 03:20 PM
The Genesis is a time-travel fic taking the "Days of Future Past" structure of things to change events in the past, to be exact, unpopular plot-twists in the 2012 series have been undone, butterflying a good deal of despised filler. I used Season 4's time travel and Black Hole Generator as the keystone for how they go back in time.


"Obtaining some vital information about Neutrinos." Fugitoid dismissively said to Leonardo. The blue-clad Hamato looked out the window to see a constellation of a hauntingly familiar form. "I call that one Miwa. It is beautiful, like her eyes. It is sharp, like her blade. And lastly, it looks dark, like how she is." Suddenly, the red giant at the center of the constellation went out and became a nebula. "Is there something else we can do other than find that Generator? For all we know, it is too late for many of them. " Suddenly, he rose up with a start, and exclaimed "That's it! I can somehow head back to Earth and save her before she mutates!" Leonardo then headed to the docking bay, ready to suit up by the time they got near another planet.

Chapter 1:

"This here is the lifeless rock of Flagenon. It is very similar to your Mars. It is a red, sandy planet with some degree of bodies of water. However, the Triceratons consider it a leisure planet, and have begun to build a theme park called Zorackland. Maybe we can find answers here, but more intriguing is the moon of Nonegalf, a saltwater ocean moon with some islands where Triceraton barracks stand. There is also said to be a gate to Dimension X within the moon's core, but that is only folklore, friends."

"Dimension X... There could easily be a gate to Earth, and to Karai!" Leonardo thought to himself. He got on his suit and waited for a landing on Flagenon. He then leaped out as soon as the ship landed. A pair of Triceraton construction workers were waiting for a pod to pick them up to Nonegalf. Leo asked them if he could have a chat. The three of them then began to discuss lost love, just as the pod came down. The turtle squeezed into the pod with the Triceratons.

"Hey, you know the myth about the gate to Dimension X?" Zenn said to Chock. Chock said "I learned about it when I was a wee runt." Leonardo said "Bingo." When they arrived on Nonegalf, Leo then went swimming in the deep. Naturally, he was inclined to swim well. Zenn and Chock commented that he was a born swimmer, and soon, they knew he had greater desires. Leo sank deeper and deeper into the blue sea. After a solid hour of swimming, Leonardo said "Eureka!" over his communicator. As his teammates had not seen him in a while, they believed he was okay when he said that. He had found the portal. Diving into the portal, he soon emerged in the Blue Sea of Dimension X.

In these raging waters, Leonardo found that some Kraang were observing orders from Kraang Prime to keep watch over a portal to Earth. Leonardo then emerged as the Kraang left to follow the orders. Running as fast as he could, he tracked the Kraang to the portal and slashed them. He soon ran out of the portal... right into TCRI's headquarters. "Have any of you seen Oroku Saki?" he said to the terrified Kraang to his right.

To be continued.