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05-21-2016, 09:29 PM
Okay, so from what we know from the both of the films, here's a rough version of what I think may have happened before the event's of Micheal Bay's two TMNT movies, though some parts might be speculation;

Sometime in the past, Ninja master and Foot Clan Member Oroku Saki came into contact with an alien artifact from space. Through this artifact, he made contact with an extra dimensional being named Krang, who promised him power and the ability to build an army. Fellow Clan ninja Hamato Yoshi learns of this treachery, and tries to expose Saki, but he and his wife, Tang Shen are assassinated by the foot ninja before he can reveal Saki's actions.

As the years pass, Saki (eventually calling himself Shredder, as the time period of Ororku Saki's natural life passes, and people would question the ninja master's continued survival) uses the technology Krang sends through the device to take control of the Foot Clan, and build a giant fortune, as well as keep himself young (though he had been heavily scarred during his final battle with Yoshi). He adopts several children as his pupils, such as Karai and Eric Sachs, who serve as his loyal servants. The fortune he amasses is used to set up several dummy corporations, such as Sachs industries and TCRI, which Saki uses to develop weapons and modern ninja tools for the clan.

Over fifteen years ago, Krang sent him a mutagen to create a mutant army. Telling Sachs, Baxter, and April's father that they were working on a healing serum, the substance was tested on four baby turtles and a lab rat. But Dr. o' Neal Discovered Shredder and the foot were funding the experiments, set a fire and tried to destroy their research. But Sachs shot him, and made it look like he was a natural victim of the fire. But O'neal's daughter had escaped with the four lab specimens, releasing them into the sewer.

What Saki did not know, was the lab rat from the experiments was none other than the reincarnated spirit of his old rival, Hamato Yoshi. Although he did not remember his past life, Yoshi subconsciously remembered enough to dress in a Japanese fashion as he raised the turtles, as well as to read the Japanese text of a martial arts book someone had tossed down the drain. Studying the books lessons, he instinctively remembered enough Ninjitsu to teach his four adopted turtle sons the lost art, as well as having an unexplainable hatred of the shredder he can't remember the reason for... and he never will.

But when the Turtles turn up alive, Sachs informs his master, and the whole plan from fifteen years ago is restarted anew. Sachs believes they are creating a mutagen cure a disease they are going to release, and use the cure as a means to take control of the city. But only the shredder knows the truth; that the release of the disease will just be an excuse to use the mutatagen and turn the city's population into his army.

Fortunately, the turtles managed to stop the two, and Sacks perished, while the shredder was taken prisoner. But Shredder was healed and rejuvenated by the ooze that leaked through his damaged suit. Karai manages to free her master, and Krang demands that Shredder assemble the last two pieces of the artifact located elsewhere on earth, and gives him a new batch of ooze to mutate two thugs to deal with the TMNT.

So, does this seem like a good theory?

05-21-2016, 11:19 PM
I like it. Would explain how Splinter was able to learn ninjitsu from a book, he was a ninja master in his prior life so learning it all again was not too much of a strech.

If there was one thing i would change, it would be erick sacks being shredder himself, but thats not possible now, seeing as to what the films offical story is.

From what ive heard, there will be 3 bay tmnt films. The 3rd one could focus rather well on splinters backstory as hamato yoshi, and the final conflict between splinter and shredder, while the second one could take its time to have fun with new characters.

05-22-2016, 08:55 PM
Most of that is pretty much straight out of IDW. The part about the plot in the first movie being to make an army of mutants makes way, way more sense though. Even though they'd have no promise of being able to control the mutated people.

I think they meant to imply the mutation makes them unnaturally quick at learning things but it wasn't really stated outright or did they do anything with it if that was the intention. I can't even remember why I feel like that was implied. Maybe I'm pulling it out of my ass.

Original TMNT Cartoon Fan
05-28-2016, 04:44 PM
I don't get how mutating people can create an army. The only way to to it is

1) those who voluntary do it:
2) promise the mutants de-mutation back to humans once they've destroyed the turtles.
3) brainwashing (which isn't connected to mutation)