View Full Version : Captain America :Steve Rogers #1.... Must be Destroyed!

tmnt transformer
05-25-2016, 01:40 PM
So, I don't know how many of you guys even read comics outside of IDW TMNT, But it was just revealed today that....
Steve Rogers was always a member of Hydra...http://time.com/4347224/captain-america-hydra-agent-marvel-tom-brevoort/?xid=time_socialflow_facebook

.... This right here is the absolute worst thing in marvel comics history. These writers must be insane. How dare they do this?!

Candy Kappa
05-25-2016, 01:42 PM

05-25-2016, 07:30 PM
http://media.fyre.co/NJIQTDw3QceYvu4THEMz_tumblr_o7qquqeHRI1unfh25o1_50 0.gif

05-25-2016, 07:38 PM
http://media.fyre.co/NJIQTDw3QceYvu4THEMz_tumblr_o7qquqeHRI1unfh25o1_50 0.gif

:tlol: That's awesome.

05-25-2016, 10:27 PM
This is comics. Watch it be alternate nazi universe Rogers.
Hell, this isn't even the first time they made a beloved character a nazi.