View Full Version : People Claiming To Be Related To Prince Object To DNA Tests

The Deadman
05-25-2016, 06:08 PM

NME reports that two people who claim to deserve a share of Prince’s estate have objected to taking DNA tests. Brianna Nelson and Jeannine Halloran claim they are related to Prince’s half-brother, Duane Nelson Sr. Brianna claims she is Duane’s daughter and Halloran is filing on behalf of her young daughter VN, who is Duane’s granddaughter. That would make VN the grandniece of Prince.

Nelson and Halloran filed their claim to his estate at the Carver County District Court in Minnesota. They don’t think they should have to take blood and genetic tests to prove they’re related to Prince (Prince Rogers Nelson). They both claim that they gave proof they were related to Duane Nelson Sr and his relationship with Prince satisfies local Minnesota laws.

This is part of the ongoing battle over his estate, as Prince didn’t leave a will. It has been assumed that his six siblings and half-siblings will each get equal shares. Tyka has requested that a “special administrator” is put in charge of distribution.