View Full Version : looking for turtle toy friends for 1987-96 collection

05-29-2016, 08:21 PM

anyone here wanna be skype or facebook or pm pals here?

i live in chicago area and hit up the rosemont flea market often i have picked up about 20 different loose tmnt figures

was curious if anyone had a checklist for all the old turtle toys

does anyone wanna help me collect?

please send sites you recommend or places to look for turtle toys (besides flea markets)

defintely wanna buff up my collection. gunna start selling some games and toys to focus more on tmnt themed items from 87-96

thanks all


05-29-2016, 11:49 PM
This might be the list you are looking for.


05-30-2016, 08:54 PM
Ebay is a great place to look for the old TMNT figures, good luck!