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06-04-2016, 12:45 PM


During our interview with producer Brad Fuller, he was eager to share how well he believes new goons Bebop and Rocksteady work together, both on screen and off:

“[Compared to Stephen Amell’s rapid casting process] Bebop and Rocksteady, that was a much longer process of seeing a lot of different people and then coming to a conclusion. But I will say this: Sheamus, when he came in, we were looking at a lot of big guys. But he came into the meeting when we sat down with him with the intent to be Rocksteady. And he wasn’t leaving the room until he got the role. He was that intent on it. And he did. He came in the room and there was his passion for what the role was. He was great. And obviously he had the size to do it. Gary also, who plays Bebop, is so funny. Then the chemistry between the two of them was just kind of this natural thing that grew organically. Sheamus is always traveling around because he’s wrestling. I think when he comes to town he can stay in a hotel, but he chooses to stay at Gary’s house because they are so close.”

So not only were the filmmakers content with what they saw in terms of both Williams and Farrelly’s auditions, it’s nice to see two actors that actually enjoy one another’s company off the film’s set – there are plenty who, quite publicly, cannot stand one another, so it likely helped their on-screen chemistry when making the movie.

In fact, Fuller goes so far as to compare the two to another famous duo, which is massive praise indeed: “You can’t think of one without the other. It’s like Laurel and Hardy. There’s not one without the other. They are perfect together.”

The producer also notes how Bebop and Rocksteady are, as per the television cartoon especially, the complete opposite to their serious, scary boss, Shredder (Brian Tee), which will no doubt make for a more entertaining dynamic, with Krang and Baxter Stockman involved as well:

“We know that people want to see them. We love seeing them. But also, it adds a dimension to the story that the first one didn’t have, because in the first one you had Eric Sacks. Eric Sacks had this power and that was it. Now, in this one you have Shredder, who is, as I said, straight and intense, but he’s surrounded by these two guys who just are not very good at getting anything done. That adds a dimension … It doesn’t take away from Shredder, but it’s really fun to watch that. It’s like a straight man against two cutups.”

06-04-2016, 03:07 PM
They definitely stole the show. Not perfect, but decent.

06-04-2016, 05:36 PM
Yup. I enjoyed the heck out of them.

06-04-2016, 05:37 PM
They definitely stole the show. Not perfect, but decent.

They actually reminded me of IDW's Bebop/Rocksteady a lot. In fact they were nearly similar.

06-04-2016, 05:43 PM
Some of the best comic-book character portrayels I've ever seen! (Opposite of Stepehen Amill's ****** Casey Jones but we'll get to that later...)

06-04-2016, 06:36 PM
They were pretty much perfect. It doesn't surprise me that they got along, behind the scenes.

06-05-2016, 04:43 PM
The showings that I went to, the kids giggled and laughed at their scenes. Some even clapped their hands. :tlove:

I hope there's a third film featuring them again. Perfect chemistry like this is a rarity indeed. We have so many blessings in this franchise. :tlove::D

06-06-2016, 08:35 AM
I'm baffled by people who hated them in this one... how else could they have been handled? They were exactly what I thought they were supposed to be, lewd jokes and all.

06-07-2016, 12:20 AM
They were awesome! Sheamus was amazing as Rocksteady

06-07-2016, 02:16 AM
I prefer Bebop, his shades are cool and retro like. :D Both are awesome.

06-07-2016, 03:51 AM
My man! :D