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06-04-2016, 03:55 PM
Go ahead. Don't bother us. Go crazy here. Yea.

06-06-2016, 10:39 AM
Seeing how the review thread was locked before I ever had the chance to even dare look at it for fear of spoilers and don't want to be that person accused of making an "unnecessary thread" for "complaining" and there's already plenty for positive opinions to be shared, which I have done, I'll just use an already unnecessary** one for these comments since even civil "complaining" critique will only invite drama elsewhere.

(**Forcing opinions into certain confines isn't great on either side.)


That said. The main things that bugged me about this one:

Shredder is way too underused.
With so many new characters needing attention, he took the place of being just a plot device like the Turtles last time. (Here's an idea, if there's a third, maybe it can be April's turn to be mostly in the background.)

Karai is way underused and bugged me that she felt more like just a dressed up and painted up doll/mannequin who came to life for one short fight scene.
They didn't find a reason to make it even matter that she (or Shredder for that matter) even lived through the last film.

The villain plot feels stunted. Feels as if this film should have been the first half of a two-parter.
Spent the whole time just finding parts and then the whole possible world ending problem resolved itself pretty quickly.

Minor gripes:

Sooo... we're not going to have any dialogue suggesting how or why Krang is already familiar with Shredder? Okay then.

Casey of course... Amell did alright as a character in the film, but that character stole the name from a different one in TMNT history.

Still a little heavy on the human-only stuff for my taste. (But at least it's more entertaining this time.)

Baxter is a bit obnoxious... if he returns in a third, I'm all for mutating him if it will shut him up. Provided he just flies away and we get back to what the Turtles are doing.

I have seen enough of Raph's tongue, thanks.

"Wahh, you're just complaining, even in a complaining thread this isn't okay." Fine, I'll end on a positive. I admit I'm kind of wishing for a thread to take off on discussion of the relationship and interaction between the Turtles. Leo... aw man, Pete really got across a lot of subtle stuff there.

06-06-2016, 10:42 AM
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