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Shiro Kame
06-07-2016, 11:16 PM
Title: Too Far
Series: What if?
“Sometimes it only takes the removal of one stone to cause a mountain to crumble…”
In “Target: April O’Neil,” the only thing that saved April in time for the rest of the turtles to save her was Chrome Dome’s subroutines thanks to Karai’s little comment needing to test the robot on April, which not only bought time for the turtles to come rescue her, but also prevented the death machine from ending her life there and then. Suppose she didn’t… Suppose she kept her mouth shut, the Kraang didn’t install the subroutine, and Chrome Dome… What would have life been like for the turtles had Karai’s plan gone through…? Just what would these actions set in motion with April’s death at that point?
I came up with this RP noticing that had certain things not happened or had something gone wrong, that those events would have a dramatic impact on the series. I listed some of the characters as “possible” due to how many they are and I’m not sure how they’d contribute the main plot.

Leonardo – Electric
Raphael - Shiro Kame
Donatello – Shiro Kame
Michelangelo - Lethal Lullaby
Casey Jones – Lethal Lullaby
Splinter – Fang Wolf
Kirby Bat (possible) –
Shredder – Fang Wolf
Karai – Electric
Slash (possible) –
Jack J. Kurtzman (possible) –
Rahzar (maybe) –
Fishface (maybe) –
Baxter Stockman (maybe) –
Tiger Claw – Fang Wolf
Ivan Steranko (possible) –
Anton Zeck (possible) –
Kraang Prime (possible) –
Kraang SubPrime (Possible) -
Fong (possible) –
Sid (possible) –
Tsoi (possible) –
Rat King (possible) –
Newtralizer (possible) –
Murakami-San (possible) –
Sir Malachi (possible) -

Shiro Kame – Shiro Kame
Witchpanther - Fang Wolf
Lady Nightmare - Fang Wolf
Mystee - Lethal Lullaby

06-08-2016, 12:25 AM
Leo and Karai?

A lot of drama here, which is my specialty

Shiro Kame
06-08-2016, 12:35 AM
Leo and Karai?

A lot of drama here, which is my specialty

Here you go:

Also, I like "What ifs" and "Butterfly Effects" in stories and RPs. It makes things interesting seeing the outcome and the consequences of the cause and effect.

Lethal Lullaby
06-08-2016, 04:01 AM
Is Mikey an option? Cause i'd like to do him please. Ah hell gimme Casey while ye at it.

And then for OC just Mystee.

Fang Wolf
06-08-2016, 07:20 AM
Join in as
Witchpanther (OC) & Lady Nightmare (OC) :fshifty:

Shiro Kame
06-08-2016, 01:37 PM
All right, we just need Donatello and Splinter, and we can begin.

All the "possible" characters can be just NPCs.

Fang Wolf
06-08-2016, 01:38 PM
All right, we just need Donatello and Splinter, and we can begin.

I can take Splinter....
(If no one else wants him ..)

Shiro Kame
06-08-2016, 03:42 PM
Now, we just need Donnie.

Shiro Kame
06-08-2016, 10:31 PM
Okay, since we need only one character to start, I'll try to be Donnie just until someone else wants him. I just hope I don't muck this up.


It was just over a month since April had died. Everyone was still taking the loss of a friend and family member hard.

Donnie had mostly locked himself up in his lab, mourning his year-long object of affection. Ever since he had met her, she had become his everything. Now, she was gone, and he was still here. What made it worse was that he was there when she was killed.

She had just forgiven him and his brothers for what they accidentally did to her father, when Karai and the Kraang's new weapon, Chrome Dome, had slaughtered her before his very eyes. Chrome Dome had crushed April with its plasma whip until she dared not breathed before slashing her in half with its plasma sword to make sure the job was finished. The robot's job finished, Karai and the robot had left, leaving Donnie to hold April's dead and mutilated body in despair, sobbing and apologizing for not being able to save her.

Now, he was always in his lab, rarely going to sleep or eating, always coming up with new inventions to aid in their fight against the Foot and Kraang, promising to protect his family and not let April's death go unanswered.


Raphael was currently taking out all of his rage on the practice dummy, his temper having become worse ever since April's death. He hated the Foot for hurting his father, going after him and his family, and finally killing their friend. If only he and the rest of his brothers had gotten there in time...If only Donnie had stayed and destroyed that robot, then April might have still been alive until they'd gotten to her.

"Damn Karai..." he growled as he continued his attacks on the training dummy. At this point, he was more determined than ever to stop the Kraang and Foot before they could do anything more to his family.


Shiro was taking a glass of water after her third failure in a row to meditate continuously. Meditation was already her weak point, but now she couldn't go more than a few seconds before losing her focus.

Raised to be a warrior loyal to her clan and its leaders, Shiro always blindly obeyed anything her closest friend, Karai, and the master of the clan, the Shredder, ordered. Even after their actions and associations with the Kraang, whom had experimented on her as a child that result in trauma-induced amnesia that only had been cured after going to New York with the other strong members, Shiro continued to blindly follow.

However, their actions lately...made her question things. She believed in honor, and was not attacking a weak, inexperienced fighter with an immensely advantage go against that? Did April truly deserve to die? She never hated the turtles, but the death of a seeming innocent made her question her clan's goals and morals. She began to feel guilt and uncertainty.

She finished her drink and went to train, trying to push these thoughts out of her mind.

06-08-2016, 11:34 PM
Leo had been trying to hold everyone together since the accident. Her death had impacted him as much as anyone; their only human friend, murdered simply because she had associated with his family. Naturally, as leader, he blamed himself. He should have gone in place of Donnie, allowing the technical master time to stop the robot before it left, allowing for him to defend April from Karai...

Karai. Senseis daughter. He never could have imagined harboring so much hatred from someone who was technically family. Blame found its way here too. Maybe he'd pulled his punches before, knowing her relation to Splinter. Maybe he hadnt always fought Karai with the desire to end her...

But he would now. Unbeknownst to his family, Leo was grieving in a way that would make Raphael proud. He needed vengeance. He needed to correct this unfixable disaster. Each night, he snuck out, searching the city for any sign of the foot, or Karai, anxiously awaiting his opportunity.

In the meantime, he hid himself in meditation. Every day, all the time. Unless he was training, he would be found in his room, door closed, lights off, with only a few candles surrounding him on the floor. This was the only way he could cope.


Karai, after her success at ending the nuisance that was April ONeil, felt stronger than ever. Not only was it a success for her personally, eradicating the girl for which she held so much contempt...and jealousy, but she had struck a literally fatal blow to her fathers enemies. He had been ever so proud. Karai could imagine them, hopelessly mourning that stupid red-head. The rat was no doubt disturbed and disappointed in his sons evident failure. Donatello who obviously held some deep affection for her would be broken, eliminating their enemies technological resources, making them ever more vulnerable. Raphael would be stricken with anger, while Michelangelo would most likely sob himself into a coma, weakening both of them. And Leo...

She hesitated at the thought of his reaction. But why? He was the enemy.Yet, he had almost been her friend. Her first real friend... But no. He betrayed her. He deserves whatever suffering him and his family are going through. This was nothing but a victory for her and the foot.

Karai stood on the top platform behind Shredders throne, leaning back on the glass panel with her arms crossed, exuding pride and confidence, even from behind her father.

Lethal Lullaby
06-09-2016, 05:51 AM
Ever since the night they lost April, even Michelangelo became a wreck. His first human friend, and someone he might have considered a sister, was gone. And she was never coming back, not even by some bizarre miracle. The second night he had a dream, in which they saw her alive and well. Words couldn't express how happy he was as he and his brothers went to hug her. Then reality reared his ugly head, waking him up before they could reach her. Perhaps the dream was a sign of her return, but after a couple of days he had lost hope on that.

Naturally they had to break the news to April's dad, Kirby O'Neil, which was probably the second most heart-breaking moment in his life. The days after he spent most of his life in his room. Coming out for the bathroom, on the rare occasion he was called by one of his brothers or Splinter, and occasional snack. He wasn't sure how much weight he lost, but it sure was a lot for the size he was.* Fortunately he was still able to sleep at night, for the most part. Who knew how hard it would be to smile now. He had tried a few times to try give his brothers some hope, but smiles don't bring back the dead.
(Damn, I hope that's not too depressing.)


Casey wasn't there when April was killed by Chrome Dome. He eventually found out through her dad, he was overwhelmed with negative emotions. He had let her go off, while he stayed behind to deal with the Footbots back at the hockey rink. He had no idea that, that would be the last time he would see her alive. While his crush on her wasn't as big or expressive as Donatello's, it was still there.

He recalled to his last conversation with April. He asked if she had any friends, and learned she had four of which she stopped speaking to. He revealed to her about an old friend of his, Nick, and after unintentionally injuring him, he stopped talking to Nick as well. It was his words after her's that had made her forgive the turtles. Turtles, of which he knew little to nothing about.

At her funeral 4 strangers, shrouded in black, were there. He wondered if they were her four friends she mentioned on the night of her death..Unfortunately he never brought himself to asking. Currently he was poking his pencil at a homework sheet, which was due days before. His instructors didn't think it was possible, but his grades had become progressively worse after April's death as well.

Shiro Kame
06-09-2016, 06:21 AM
Donnie drank down a glass of water, thirsty and sleep-deprived, and continued on his project. He was trying to hack into the Foot's security and files. If successful, he would be able to control their security and allow them to get inside the Foot's base without them being detected, with the plus of knowing everything the Foot was planning and their secrets.

Raph knocked on Donnie's lab.

Raph: Don! It's 11 at night! How long have you been up for days?! Time to go to sleep!

Don looked up with a start.

Don: Um...now's not good, Raph, I'm about to...

Raph: Donnie! It's time to go to bed! Don't make me come in there! *attempts to open the door, only to discover Donnie locked it* DONNIE! Open up! I'm not in the mood for this!! *bangs on the door furiously as Donnie keeps working* (Ugh! I hope I didn't botch that!)


Shiro had given up trying to meditate and decided to go out on patrol to see if she could spot the turtles. She had a shower and got dressed in her ninja gear before leaving the base for her search.

Fang Wolf
06-09-2016, 10:04 AM
✦ → [In The Foot Clan: Throne room] ← ✦
Shredder was satisfied by Karai's successful mission to Killed April.
"Well done, my daughter...."

Witchpanther smirked. "Hehehe.......Good Work, Karai.."
Lady Nightmare sit up on Shredder's throne.

✦ → [In Lair: Dojo] ← ✦
Splinter sit down and watching floor.
His heart hurt after he have lost a friend.

(I can take Tigerclaw to)

Lethal Lullaby
06-10-2016, 05:47 AM
April was Mystee's first human friend. Was, but not anymore. While she wasn't there when April died, Mystee was still upset to find out what happened. To hear that April died, right after forgiving the turtles about her dad, seemed messed up to Mystee. She had tried to empathize with them, knowing a little what it's like to lose someone special. Yet, she had chosen to suppress a lot of memories concerning her own life. She found herself scoffing at life, wondering if she was going to continue getting screwed over.

She did her best to try and comfort Donatello, knowing he was one of the most hurt. She felt her efforts were in vain, as he continued to chose locking himself up in his lab. Also, since finding out, she made sure to visit, and check up on Kirby and April's aunt once a day/night. Of course she did attempt comforting the other turtles as well. One thing for sure, she had a lot more hatred for the Foot Clan now.

Currently, Mystee's attitude towards life was back to the way it was before* she met April, maybe worse. To the point where she got easily too irritated. Once again a couple in one of the motel's rooms above her was having a heated argument. She groaned in annoyance, until she heard the woman scream a name, followed by a thud, then a couple more screams. She thought about going outside to check it out, but she was able to figure out what happened by simply listening. She shook her head in dismay feeling some sorrow for the couple. There was also some anger due to the fact that instead of fighting with each other, they* should've kept an eye on their son.


Michelangelo was currently leaving his room to go wash up, feeling he could use a shower. As he was digging about for a towel he could hear Raphael shouting at Donatello to leave his lab. He sighed to himself before shouting, "Raph! Just leave him alone!" Then he had gone in the bathroom to take his shower.


Casey sighed, giving up on the homework assignment and decided to distract himself with some music. Heavy metal musuc, which he played through some speakers. Halfway through the first song, he turned to volume up, not seeming to care about the noise complaints that were soon to come. His homework found it's way under the couch, joining the rest of the missing assignments he had.

Shiro Kame
06-10-2016, 09:53 PM
Raph growled and punched the door before walking away.

Raph: Fine! Whatever! Stay in there for all I care! I'm going out!

Raphael stormed away, leaving the lair, but not before grabbing a leather bag from his room.

Donnie went back to work.


When Raph was a safe distance away from the lair and out of prying eyes, he zipped open the bag and took out its contents: a leather costume with a stylized biker helmet, and a manriki. He put the costume and helmet on with the manriki tucked into his sleeves, turning from Raphael the Ninja Turtle to the Night Watcher, New York's violent and untouchable vigilante.

After April died, Raphael was sick and tired by the lack of action he and his brothers had taken against evil, and decided to finally do something about all the wrongs perpetrated by the Foot and their allies, along with the Kraang. He had decided to become the Night Watcher so that both his family would not try to stop him, and so that he could fight criminals more openly without worrying about exposing mutants to the world.

He headed to a nearby warehouse, where he had stashed a motorcycle that he had stolen from a street punk about two weeks ago and had refurbished to suit his alter ego. He got on, turned on the bike's radio, and then drove off. If anything came up regarding criminal scum or the Foot, he was prepared.

And if Karai showed up...he would show her the meaning of the word "pain".

(Yeah, I'm a fan of the 2007 movie...Plus, I wanted there to be some change in Raphael...Please tell me if this was bad...)


Donnie finally came out to make a pot of coffee to keep himself up, as he wanted to complete his hacking job, not wanting to waste any time getting the upper hand on the Foot and Karai. As he poured the coffee, he ended up missing his cup and instead poured on his hand, his lack of sleep messing his motor functions. He screamed and dropped the pot and cup, shattering the cup when it hit the floor. He quickly got his hand under the cold water, not wanting to wreck his hand since he still needed it in order to continue his work. He then groaned in irritation once he realized that the cup was his favorite, a gift given to him by April for the first Christmas she had spent in the lair with him and his brothers.

Donnie: *sigh* Just great...can anything ELSE go WRONG?

06-11-2016, 02:39 AM
(Nah, gives Leo something to figure out)

Leo heard the shower in the bathroom kick on, and decided it was time. He quickly grabbed his gear, throwing on an off white hooded cloak, pulling in over his head and draping it down his shell. (the one from the jungle in 2k7, just thought Id add it) He then blew out the candle, silently left his room, turning and locking it so his family wouldnt be able to tell he was gone, crept into the main room. Assuming raph was in his room, mikey in the bathroom, he knew donnie was locked up in the lab, and splinter most likely in his room, he made his way out. After running a length of subway tunnel, he surfaced where he knew there was an alley.

He climbed to the top of the nearest building, standing out on the edge in the moonlist, cloak flowing in front of him, and breathed. His head was still clogged with thoughts of their loss and tragedy, but atleast now, knowing the rest of his family was safe, that he was only responsible for him, he felt more at peace. And now, he could work to avenge April

Fang Wolf
06-11-2016, 04:19 AM
✦ → [ Way to back to Foot HQ ] ← ✦
Tigerclaw was way back to the Foot HQ with Footbots.

✦ → [ In The Foot Clan: Throne room ] ← ✦
Lady Nightmare have same armor, gauntlets and helmet as Shredder, She look alike Shredder in her armor.
- But she was mutant tiger with shine light black fur. (Mutant Celestial black Tiger)
Lady Nightmare leave the throne room and get out for hunt and have fun.

Shredder get up and go to window and watching the city.

Lethal Lullaby
06-13-2016, 03:00 PM
((Lovin' the 2k7 film references. Might have Mikey start Cowabunga Carl soon, while we're at it.))

After his shower Michelangelo dried off and put on his normal ninja gear. Except his mask, he decided to leave hanging around the back of his neck for a few. The young turtle's stomach grumbled loudly, and he gave it a light pat. Guess I should probably eat something, since I skipped dinner last night.

As he entered the kitchen he saw Donatello, looking distressed. Then he saw why, as he noticed the gift coffee cup, along with his brother's slightly burnt hand. Hoping he wouldn't somehow bother his older brother, Michelangelo asked him, "You need me to get you anything Don?"

He hoped his older brother would accept the offer, knowing he could easily get a medical kit, had Donatello really needed it. He immediately decided to grab a small broom and dustpan, before kneeling down to sweep up the broken glass.


Casey only heard the rapid knocking at his door, after a six minute song and the silence after before the next song. Groaning in annoyance he figured he'd go check it out, since the knocking was getting annoying. He shut off his music, dragging his feet to the door. Under his breath he grumbled incoherently as his hand grabbed the door knob.

Soon as he pulled open the door he went silent, seeing the police officer standing outside along with a couple other citizens. The police officer clearly wasnt in a good mood, and neither were the others. Finally the officer spoke up, seeing Casey wasn't going to speak yet. "Young man, are you the one playing the loud music?"

"Y-Yes sir..." Casey admitted looking down from the glares casted in his direction. He knew he deserves them, but felt they were being a tad unfair, with what he's going through. He silently huffed crossing his arms, still not making much eye contact with anyone.

"That's all I needed to know. All I ask is that you just keep your music down to where only you can hear it. If I have to come back there will be consequences." The officer told Casey before telling the others to go their own ways.

With a sigh and nod Casey responded, "Yeah I got you man.." He says uncrossing his arms. Soon as the Officer left, Casey thought about turning his music back on, but decided on something else instead. He got changed into his usual outfit, eventually heading out the door with his bike.


After a few minutes passed by, Mystee changed into a purple short sleeved top with a silvery flounced bodice and ruffled sleeves. She also wore black, slim fitting jeans, along with a pair of purple wedge boots, giving her a few inches to her height. She decided she would go out and see if there was anything going on, that might draw her interest. She didn't want to be asked questions, if she walked out while the current commotion with the kid was going on. So she simply made her way from her room in her mist form, before going to her normal form a few blocks from her motel.

Shiro Kame
06-13-2016, 04:26 PM
Don rubbed his bloodshot eyelids, feeling fatigue starting to overtake him.

Don: I just need some coffee, Mikey. I want to finish my project before I have to work again.

Donnie had gotten a job as an IT tech assistant after April had died. It not only allowed him and his family to get better supplies and luxuries legally, it also funded his other work to make improvements with his technology and lab equipment.


Raph was still out patrolling the city for crime. He had just beaten a couple petty thieves and tied them up for the police when he heard something on his radio about a monster at a construction site on the other end of town involving men dressed in ninja attire. This immediately grabbing his attention, he got on his bike and sped off.


Shiro was just walking around when she got a disress signal from a small band of Foot ninja regarding an out of control Mutant. She quickly took off.

06-14-2016, 12:22 AM
Leo covered a large area, with no success of locating his desired targets. However, just being out, working a plan towards a goal helped ease his distress. It allowed him the same relief meditation provided.

He jumped the next building, peering around at the lower buildings. He picked up the sight of movement a block or so away, at what appeared to be a construction site. Narrowing his focus, he moved to the opposite end of the building to get a look. His entire body tingled, every nerve on end, when he saw a foot soldier appear from around the corner for just second. As soon as it registered, Leo was off towards it, his heart racing.


Karais communicator sounded, and she took the incoming message. "Finally, something" She said to herself, informed that the soldiers requested her presence at a construction site. She bowed to her father "dont worry, this shouldnt be a problem" she said, before taking off towards the location

Fang Wolf
06-14-2016, 04:20 PM
Witchpanther get off after Karai with Sword of Tengu in his paw.
"Let have fun...hehee....." He says with grin on his lips.

✦ ✦ ✦

Lady Nightmare look for fun in city.
"Oh, Let find Fun in this city.....

Lethal Lullaby
06-15-2016, 09:14 PM
While he was relieved Donatello didn't flip out on him, Michelangelo still thought Donnie needed something for his hand, if the coffee burned it at all. The youngest turtle went to 'throw away' the broken coffee cup. He really placed them on a dresser in his room. His room, surprisingly, wasn't a mess, but it wasn't exactly clean either. At least it didn't constantly reek of old pizza like it used to.

Michelangelo returned to the kitchen to check up on his older brother. "Is there some way I could help you with your project?" He asks out of sheer curiosity.


Casey pedaled around the city, his hair flying about in the night wind. At one point he attempted to go the same speed as a car leaving a stop light. In the end, he obviously couldn't keep up with the vehicle. He continued riding, until he heard the load roar of a motorcycle engine starting up. It sounded close, and immediately Casey saw the bike zoom past him.

"Whoa.. That dude's in a hurry." Casey commented trying to decide if he wanted to follow the motor cyclist or not. At the current rate there was no way he'd be able to keep up, so he had to decide quick. Realizing he was uphill, Casey grunted and nodded to himself, before taking off behind the motorbike.


Mystee ended up just walking around the city, not seeing much reason to rush. She had come across a man in tattered clothing shaking a can of loose change. Spon as she crossed his eyes he immediately uttered the typical, 'Spare some change?'. She stopped, slowly turning to look at him, studying his appearance carefully.

His pupils were dilated, and the way he shook his can came off as aggressive. The bags under his eyes proved he hadn't slept properly for a few days. Mystee could also see his chest moving up and down at a quick pace. Then there was his blistered up lips. She frowned in disapproval at him, before shaking her head. "Sorry, but not for you. I can get y-"

"What the f*** do you mean, 'not for' me?" He shouted before lunging himself at her. He caught her by surprise, but with the condition he was in, she easily threw him off of her. However, that didn't stop him from going after her again.

Shiro Kame
06-15-2016, 09:51 PM
At the construction site, the mutant in question was one of the most monstrous ones yet. It easily overtowered the average person, had flesh that looked half gelatinous/liquid, had an outline that resembled a man except with extra limbs, each with long sharp claws or tentacles, and looked entirely pitch black aside from the dark red, glass mask and the red shawl covering most of its abdomen. It made horrible screams and screeches as it tore all the Foot members apart.

Shiro had arrived first. She immediately ran to the neatest Foot soldier not getting slaughtered.

Shiro: You! what's going on?! Where the hell did that thing come from last?!

Soldier: One of Stockman's experiments went out of control and escaped just as he was upgrading the Footbots. We've been trying to either recapture or neutralize the thing, but it's too strong.

Shiro: Tell Stockman to get off his lazy ass and send in the Footbots. Also keep calling for help. I'll try to keep this thing down, but it looks too strong. *dashes towards the monster*

Shirof got out her chakram and threw it at the monster, which just got stuck in its neck like jello

Shiro: Are you s***ing me...?

The monster just stared at her in curiosity and annoyance until it's eyes came across the Foot symbol on her belt buckle. It roared and slashed at her, which made Shiro attempt to slide past the attack and paSt between its legs. She then pulled her chakrams our of its neck and began to back away, slowly circling it so that it couldn't attack her so easily.

(You guys thought it was going to be Big Foot from the 2007 movie due to all the refrences to it, didn't you? :P )

Shiro Kame
06-15-2016, 10:10 PM
Donnie: Not unless you know how to break code. I just need a steady supply of coffee and another mug. *yawns* I'm going back to my project. I only have about 8 hours before I need to do IT Tech job, and you'd be surprised how upset people get when you don't answer after the first ring.

Donnie went back to his lab and began go back to his hacking, ignoring the burning pain in his hand. He briefly glanced at that picture with him and April and the tire swing, her memory filling him with determination.


Raph soon arrived at the construction site. He noticed Casey, but decided since he never saw the kid in his life, to ignore the action-hungry kid unless he became a problem. He got off his bike and ran towards the monster, noticing the body count this thing had.

He then witnessed the creature stretch it's limb like some sort elastic and wrap around Shiro's abdomen. She was then slammed around, which would have killed her, had it not been for her being a mutate. She tried to wrestle out of its grip to no avail.

Raph wondered whether or not to let it kill her since she was a Foot soldier, but knew that if the Foot lost control of its own creation, something must be up. Besides, he had a score to settle with her and needed someone to cough up on what Shredder was up to.

Raph: Hey, tall and dark, and gruesome! Think fast!

Raph wrapped his manriki around the creature's legs while it was distracted with hurting Shiro, tripping it up and landing splat on its face. With its grip loosened, Shiro quickly slid out and ran to the stranger.

Shiro: Who are...? Why did you..?

Raph: Ask me later. Look out! *quickly pushes them both out of the way before they get sliced into julienne fries*

06-15-2016, 11:39 PM
Karai got there just after Raph. Peering down from an I-Beam, she recognized the monster stockman had been working on. Seeing the loss of soldiers, she was going to have to have a chat with him later. For now, this had to be handled.

A quick survey, showed Shiro in the grips of the monster. Suddenly a dark, masked figure came to her rescue. Suddenly there was too much Karai didnt know, and she did not like that. Dropping down to the ground after the figure and Shiro dodged, karai sent the soldiers shed brought with her to distract the monster. She stood over Shiro on the ground. "Im not going to ask how you ended up getting yourself caught by a mindless beast. We need to contain this now. I will not be reporting to Shredder that he needs to come take care of such an unimportant issue."

She turned back towards the monster, drawing her blade. But as she moved, she viewed the unknown figure, instantly taking note of the oddly shell-shaped design on his back. Nice to know this is how one of them is coping.


Leo arrived shortly after, taking in the scene of the monster and foot. But then he spotted his real target, standing next to one of her soldiers and some masked person. He wasted no time. Flipping down, drawing his blade mid air, Leo aimed at Karais head.

Her training kicked in, and she moved to block the attack, the two blades clanging as their eyes made contact.

"Long time no see" Karai hissed, a smirk creeping up. "The hooded cloak is new. Though I must say, Id prefer it to be stained red"

Leo had no patience for banter. Swinging of series of attacks at her, paying no attention to the other two as he drove Karai back. She blocked each, but continued her movement away from the monster.

"Guess theres more 'new' than just the wardrobe" She teased as she blocked. "Your sacrificing composure for emotion. Letting it control you. Thats not your style. Looks like I broke you"

Fang Wolf
06-16-2016, 08:27 AM
Wichpanther come tp place Karai & Shiro is.
He load the sword of Tengu with pure blue energy.

"Want help, sis?" He asked Karai.

Lethal Lullaby
06-17-2016, 06:07 AM
(OOC: No. Wth you talkin' 'bout? >-> Okay yeah I admit, I did for a moment. ^-^; )

"On it bro." Michelangelo stands on attention with a salute. "I'll supply the coffee, you supply the uh... well you know." And with that the youngest turtle pivoted on his right heel. He marched off to the kitchen to prep the coffee maker, before making a stop in his own room.

In his room he dug through his drawers. Under his breath he muttered, "Glue... Glue.. Where is th- Oh!" He quickly snatched up the bottle of glue. He had expected it to be nearly gone, with his luck. He was relieved to find that wasn't the case. He brought the glue back over to the coffee cup pieces that he took to his room earlier.


Casey continued after the strange looking man on the motorcycle. Eventually he came across the situation with the monstrosity of a mutant. He skidded to a halt, the back tire of his bicycle leaving a mark behind . His mouth was slightly agape as he stared at the beast, while it currently tore up countless men he would've never recognized. The only words he could manage to say were, "Oh man..."

He continued to observe, seeing the stranger that he followed helping out some* sort of female mutant. Then he took notice of the blue masked turtle, who fighting against some female ninja. The girl seemed to be doing more talking than the turtle was, taunting him it sounded. He was brought out of his temporary daze, as a Foot soldier was hurled in his direction. He ducked, just in time, to avoid it, before taking action himself now.

Shouting his infamous, "Goongala!" He ran right into the battle field. Dropping three of his exploding hockey pucks to the ground, he then whacked them towards the monster mutant with his hockey stick. Immediately they blew up.


Mystee lowly growled at the crazed crack addict. It didn't take long for her to lose her patience with him. Without much thought she grabbed one of his arms. Bending the arm the other way, there was a loud crack, as the broken bones pierced through his skin. She continued until she broke off part of his arm. His scream of agony lasted at most 5-10 seconds. The jagged end of his arm bone was sent through his neck, silencing him.

Shiro Kame
06-17-2016, 09:38 AM
Donnie began to type away in haste, doing his best to get the info from the Foot while not getting detected by the system. He was going to finish this tonight, even if it killed him.


It took all of Raph's willpower to not end Karai here and there for rubbing salt into Leo's wounds. However, he did not only want to not risk accidentally expose his secret identity, he did not want to get his brother killed due to his interference.

However, Raph was impressed with his big brother. He had thought that all Leo did was mope in his room, meditating, when in actuality, he had been the Ghost of New York all along. This both shocked and made Raph proud to call Leo his big brother.

Shiro bit her lip as she cringed at Karai’s cruel words, reminding her of the bullies back home in Japan that had made her life miserable when she was a kid. However, it had drove her to train harder to get stronger so that she could properly defend herself. Because of that, she always felt that their friend's death would just make them fight back harder instead of breaking them like Karai planned.

Did it mean she was on the wrong side given everything that had happened with the Kraang and April...?

Raph and Shiro were immediately brought out of their thoughts by Casey's attack on the monster. They looked on in shock and horror as the monster roared in pain and deemed Casey a new target. It roared before charging at him, limbs and tentacles stretched and ready to tear the boy apart.

Suddenly, the monster was stopped by Raph's manriki wrapping around it, causing it to roar and hiss as it tried to break free. Shiro used this opportunity to get out her chakram and start throwing them at the monster, severing its appendages.

Shiro: Hey, idiot! Get out of here before you get yourself killed!! This is not your fight!! Leave now!!

Suddenly, the sound of the manriki's chains starting to snap and break apart was heard as the monster started to charge harder at Casey and Shiro, rage and pain powering it.

Raph knew he couldn't hold it much longer.

Raph: Kid! Run! It's not gonna hold...!!!

Fang Wolf
06-17-2016, 01:02 PM
✦ ✦ ✦

✦ ~ Lady watching from roof on Fight with monster.
"Wow...This would my precious Saki can see, there is no one sees every day..
Hehee...Oh...How I get to Rat so I can take him to husband?"
[Takes out the long sharp blades from her gauntlet]

✦ ✦ ✦

06-18-2016, 12:05 AM
Aware of the events occurring behind him, Leo kept his focus on Karai. Each swing was met with a block, their swords constantly clanging. One deflect from her caused his katana to swing behind him, and in a rage of the moment, he growled as he used momentum to swing the blade as hard as he could straight at her head. Karai easily saw it coming, ducking out of the way as the blade dug into the wall behind him. As he tried to pull it out, it stuck for a second, and karai was right beside him, driving a kick into his side that sent him a few feet to the ground as his sword skidded beside him.

"Sloppy. So, sloppy. Youre swinging that sword around like its a bat" she mocked, stepping on Leos hand as he reached for the katana. "I had guessed ONeils fitting end would bother you, but ruin you? Ha! Thats just icing on the cake."

Leo spun on his plastron, sweeping her feet from under her, grabbing the blade as he jumped up.

Lethal Lullaby
06-18-2016, 01:28 PM
The coffee finished brewing and Michelangelo brought Donatello a mug of the stuff. He entered the lab, placing it by his brother, before hurrying back to his room. He then proceeded to try glue the mug back together. He may not be able to drink from it anymore, but at least he won't have to discard it. Michelangelo thinks to himself.

A piece of the mug barely cut his finger, causing him to gasp in pain. He quickly set the piece of the area he was working at. His cut finger went into his mouth as he wished the pain away. He could taste some of his own blood, and his face contorted into disgust.


"Casey Jones doesn't run from fights!" Casey shouted charging towards the monster. He whacked at one of the tentacles with his hockey stick only to have it bounce off. He was sent flying back with the stick, where he landed nearby Karai and Leonardo's fight. He heard Karai say something about April, which infuriated him.

Unaware of how much more trouble he was placing himself in, he pointed his hockey stick towards Karai now. "What the heck do you know about April's death?!" He shouted, then instead of waiting for an answer advanced towards her.


After dragging the body off, so it wasn't in plain sight, Mystee continued around the city. She soon heard the fighting off in the distance, along with the roars of the large mutant creature. "Huh. That might be worth checking out." She tells herself, before taking off. Within a little less than a minute she came to see what was going on.

"Of course the Foot are here." She commented a bit bluntly, annoyed by seeing them. Especially Karai, for obvious reasons. She saw Casey going after Karai and her hand immediately smacked her own face. "For F***'s sake! Are you an idiot?" She asks shaking her head.

Shiro Kame
06-18-2016, 02:01 PM
Shiro facepalmed at Casey's actions. Both of them.

Shiro: What a f***ing idiot...

Suddenly, the monster broke free, the force of its release sending Raph to the floor and tearing its shawl. It charged at Shiro, causing the albino turtle to dodge to the left before the creature crashed into a metal support beam, seemingly knocking it out cold and shattering it's mask/helmet. Shiro slowly approached the monster after grabbing a disgarded ningata that a recently deceased Foot ninja left behind, preparing to deliver the final blow.

Suddenly, one of the monster's still attached tentacles wrapped itself around Shiro's legs and roughly hung her upside down, causing her to drop the ningata. Now with its coverings gone, everyone could see its face and chest covered in many pairs of eyes with a huge one on its back (That's it, no more Legend of Zelda!). Its neck opened up to reveal a mouth with a set of sharp, gagged teeth as it opened widely, slowly lowering Shiro inside with the seeming intent to devour her.

Suddenly, the creature screamed in pain, dropping Shiro as it collapsed on its chest. Standing behind it was Raph with a ningata stabbed in the creature's back eye.

Once Shiro realized she was still alive, she quickly picked up her disgarded ningata, and furiously began stabbing it in the back eye. It screamed horribly until it's body went limp. As it did, Shiro swore that it gave her a look of recognition, hate, pain, and blame.

06-18-2016, 03:06 PM
Karai stepped out of the way of Caseys charge, laughing. "Ha. Guess ONeil was more popular than I thought." She sent a few of the remaining foot ninjas after Casey, enjoying the fight with Leo too much to let the kid distract her.

"Maybe you and the kid should get together. Share the grief" she teased, starting her own attacks on Leo. He blocked them, still without a word. One block left his front exposed, and karai didn't miss a beat as she drove a kick into his gut, sending him sliding back bent over on all fours. "It's not wonder taking out Oneil was that easy. Even you four of her freakish protectors can't hold yourself in a fight."

She saw that the monster had been silenced, and looked toward Shiro. "Shiro. Apprehend our masked friend there." She commanded, nodding to raphael.

Lethal Lullaby
06-18-2016, 04:52 PM
Hearing that this female ninja, who was probably younger than him, was a part of April's death, shocked Casey. Not only that, but now he had more reason to hate her. He was mad that he missed, and then even more so when Karai sent some of her ninjas to go after him. He narrowed his eyes at them, before using his sports gear to defend himself against them.

Casey fought as hard as he could. All while trying to ignore Karai's words to Leonardo. He wondered what it was the blue masked turtle had to do with April. He received a punch to a gut, nearly knocking the wind out of him.

Mystee glared at Karai. Seeing her so amused by everything that was going on agravated the vampire. She felt bad for Leonardo, feeling the words Karai spoke, might have been impacting him more. She turned her attention towards the new guy frowning at him. She thought about just forgetting about him, not seeing him as very important to care about. However, he did mention April, and seemed to be affected by her death, just like the turtles and herself.

Huffing, she flitted over, in a matter of seconds, to where the Foot were attacking Casey. She grabbed the one that punched Casey, before twisting his arm and forcing it up with enough strength to break it off completely. She tore out the throats of a few others, kicked at some knees and breaking them, before eventually sending a few heads rolling. All within a span of 5 minutes, after breaking off the first one's arm. She picked up Casey moving him aside, and hopefully out of harms way, before returning back to where the fight was occuring.

Shiro Kame
06-18-2016, 05:50 PM
Shiro looked at the metal turtle, feeling unsure. On one hand, he had saved her life while Karai didn’t even lift a finger to help her. On the other, this turtle was clearly one of the ninja turtles, and it was her duty to capture him. She then sighed and got out her chakrams.

Shiro: I'm sorry. It's my duty.

Raph: I'm sorry too...FOR THIS!

Before Shiro even had a chance to react, Raph had wrapped the manriki around Shiro's wrists, preventingher from attacking, before pulling hard, sending her towards him. He immediately punched her out cold once she got close enough before tying her to a nearby support beam.

Raph then grinned when Mystee arrived and saved Casey's ass.

Raph: Well, that evens the odds...*charges towards Karai, taking out any Foot in his way, manriki swinging before launching it at her, attempting to strike before she has a chance to take down Leo again*


Donnie grinned. He was close to getting what he needed. Just a few more minutes...

06-18-2016, 10:28 PM
(Thanks Gk)

Karai almost didnt see the chain fly at her, with her focus still on Leo. As she rolled, it struck her in the shoulder, sending her blade flying. Before she had a chance to recover, Leo was at her, slamming into a nearby wall, pinning her to it with his forearm as he held the edge of his katana at her throat. His breathing was heavy, his chest heaving in and out rapidly, while Karai didnt even bat an eye.

She took in her surroundings. The kid and some new, violent girl had taken out most of her soldiers, Shiro, her only henchman here, was now chained up, and whichever of the turles was under that mask was now solely focused on her. Karai was stubborn, confident, and determined, but she was also not stupid. 4 on 1, no weapon, no ally. Shed like to make an effort to free shiro, but the mutant appeared unconscious, and that was too much of a risk to take. It was time for her to go. But not without a little more fun.

"Bravo, Leo" She said, returning his glare "Even in your pathetic state, you got me." She waited. "What? No final victory speech? No vengeful remark for April? This is obviously your first execution. Let me tell you, being the last voice they ever hear is the most fun part about it" She grinned, as her eyes narrowed. "Sweet, innocent April, went down with nothing but my laughter in her ea..." The blade started to dig into her skin. for the first time she let out a cringe, before returning to her resolve. Leos entire body was starting to quiver, his face twitching. His eyes looked empty of anything but hatred. This is exactly how she wanted him. "Could you imagine if she was still here? Seeing this. Seeing you like this? Blood thirsty. Murderous. The honor bound leader of her friends turned into a ravenous beast. I can only imagine how shed react!"

"She would be terrified of you"
The blade left her skin. Whether it was Leo giving up, or getting ready to push it through her throat, she didnt wait to find out. Her knee struck up into his plastron, knocking the wind out of him as he lost his grip of her. Immediately, the few remaining foot soldiers charged at the the other 3 opponents, as karai dropped a smoke bomb and disappeared up the the building she had been pinned too, off into the night.

Leo stood there, eyes staring at the ground, dropping his katana to his side.

Lethal Lullaby
06-18-2016, 11:11 PM
((OOC: The feels are too real right now. Like damn that was golden, E.
Also thanks GK Punk))

"Donnie do you need another cup?" Michelangelo asks entering the lab once again on a short break from fixing the coffee cup. He could see that Donnie was grinning and was a bit surprised by it. "Dude? You're smiling. How come?" he asks curiously.


Mystee's eyes narrowed at Karai, wanting nothing more than to put her life to an end for hearing what she was telling Leonardo. Unfortunately Karai had left, meanwhile the remaining Foot soldiers were left to attack them. Seeing Leonardo in his current state worried her, but she would have to talk to him about it later. She heard one coming up behind her, and reached her hand behind to grab him. Her nails dug into his side in the process, before she flipped him over and slammed him into the ground. Tearing a chunk of his side out she left him to bleed out. "What a bi***." She hisses referring to Karai, before glancing over to Leonardo to see how he was holding off.

Casey finally caught his breath and stood up. "S-So who the heck are you guys and what was with the girl?" He asks them between a few breaths. If they knew about April's death more than he did, he felt he should get their input as well. He looked back over to the strange girl who had helped him out. Despite all the blood on her, gave him a sinking feeling, which he tried to ignore.

Shiro Kame
06-18-2016, 11:37 PM
Raph nearly wanted to tell Casey what was going on since he was Aprilís friend and kinda had the right to know why she died, and had saved his brother. But he didnít want to risk giving up his identity, so he fled, but determined that if that kid did something stupid like that again, he would tell to give him closure so he wouldn't go after Karai and get himself killed.


Shiro groaned as she stirred awake. She looked around and saw she was tied up. She tried to break free of her bonds, but since she wasn't as big and strong as the monster, she got nowhere fast.


Donnie laughed almost maniacally. He was in, and was halfway done stealing every bit of info that the Foot's database had.

Donnie: Let's just say that, Mikey, the Foot's not going to be in business for much longer.

Fang Wolf
06-19-2016, 06:45 AM
(((OOC: What have I missed? I have hear someone spamming this thread?)))

Splinter go out from the dojo, he talking to himself loud.
"Saki, why? I will find out was are you weak spot in you heart..
And I will pinning it so feel pain we feel now.....

First you steal my Miwa and killed Tang Shen..
Then now....you killed April! *sighed deep*"

✦ ✦ ✦

Witchpanther return home with Tigerclaw.
And Lady still out on hunt.

06-19-2016, 10:22 PM
(OOC: Thanks Lethal.
Fang, Mew was spamming, its taken care of)

Leo hadnt moved, his eyes never leaving the same spot on the ground, through his body shook. He didnt acknowledge anything, not the masked figures departure, not the girl, not the guy, not even the foot hench girl chained to a post. Her.

His body stopped shaking, and he blinked, clearing his eyes, he slowly walked over to Shiro, not glaring, but intently focused on her. He was standing in front of her, his mind distraught. Shes connected to Karai. Shes part of the Foot.

His body began shaking again, as his grip tightened on the katana in his hand, eyes twitching at the defenseless soldier in front of him.

She deserves it. She helped kill April...She would be terrified of me
His face cringed and he turned his head away. With no other word, he took off, scaling a fire escape and vaulting over rooftops, running as fast as he could, as far as he could.

Lethal Lullaby
06-19-2016, 11:27 PM
Michelangelo found himself gulping as he took a short step away from Donatello. While what his brother told him, sounded like a good thing, he wasn't sure whether to be afraid of or worried about Donatello. Holding the back of his neck his eyes traveled about the room. With a sigh, he eventually ended up asking, "Why do you say that, Don?"


Mystee frowned in dismay as she was now left alone with the boy, who seemed to have some connection with April, and the albino turtle girl, Shiro, whom she had heard about a few times. ((OOC: If that's okay with you Shiro?)) She figured it might've been Raphael inside the suit, due to scent she got from it. While she wasn't sure why he'd chose to go that route, she said nothing about it.

"Okay so you all are just going to ignore me? That's great. I mean it's not like I-" Casey started to say until he met Mystee's gaze. The look in her eyes showing coldness, but there was a hint of sadness as well. He opened his mouth again, this time with the intent of asking what was with her.

"Go home. There's nothing you can do. Nor do I care what you were to April. 'Sides, I've heard nothing about you, so I doubt you're worth my time anymore." Mystee tells Casey, knowing full well how she might've sounded. She wasn't sure who would keep an eye on him, if he so happened to pull another foolish stunt. One thing for sure, she didn't plan on being his body guard.

Casey pouted slightly at Mystee's words. She struck a nerve, when she had told him she heard nothing about him. He thought about saying the same to her, but unfortunately she disappeared right before his eyes. Muttering some nonsense under his breath he started to walk back to his bike, but found himself stopping. His attention now moved over to Shiro.

Shiro Kame
06-20-2016, 12:56 AM
Donnie: I just hacked into the Foot's database, and stole all their important data, Mikey. I've got all their dirty little secrets at my fingertips now. And it's payback time now! I just need the right plan, and the Foot will be nothing but a bad memory soon!

(Beware a grief-stricken teenage, ninja technological whiz who's high on caffeine without any real sleep for weeks. )


Raph kept running, and didn't look back. He just hoped that none one, friend or foe, recognized him. He did not want to give up the mantel as the Nightwatcher. His new job helped him cope with Aprilís death while making him feel like he was making a real difference in the city's crime rate. If he had to give it up...he wasn't sure what he would do.


Shiro tensed as Leonardo approached her. Once she realized his intentions, her blood ran cold. Bound, defenseless, and abandoned by her friend, Shiro instantly knew she was going to die. As Leo had prepared to kill her, she closed her eyes and braced herself for the afterlife, her life flashing before her eyes.

After nothing after what felt like hours, she opened her eyes and sweet Leo was gone. She let out a breath of relief, knowing she was going to live another day.

When Casey stared at her, she stared back, trying to look emotionless , despite being clearly shaken up by the night's events.

Shiro: What do you want?

Fang Wolf
06-20-2016, 04:42 AM
Donnie: I just hacked into the Foot's database, and stole all their important data,
Mikey. I've got all their dirty little secrets at my fingertips now. And it's payback time now! I just need the right plan, and the Foot will be nothing but a bad memory soon!

(Beware a grief-stricken teenage, ninja technological whiz who's high on caffeine without any real sleep for weeks. )

"Donnie! I want tralk to you..
Can i come in?" Splinter says outside Donnie's door.

06-21-2016, 09:52 AM
(OOC: Got nothing for Leo or Karai at the moment, both are just out in the city)

Lethal Lullaby
06-21-2016, 10:18 AM
(OOC: Got nothing for Leo or Karai at the moment, both are just out in the city)

((OOC: Very well then. So then I'll reply later today.))

Casey hadn't said anything for a whole 2 minutes, while looking at Shiro. It was as if he were waiting for her to give him the answers, before he would started asking questions. Figuring it probably would be a waste of time for both of them, he eventually shook his head. "Nevermind actually..." He says turning to leave Shiro alone, still bound up. He stopped several steps away, wondering if it'd be uncool to just leave her bound up still.

I don't know her. For all I know she could be dangerous... Casey looks back to Shiro again, a hand to his chin. Then again... She did get caught and tied up pretty easily Throwing his hands up he huffed before walking back over to Shiro. "If I untie you, what will you do?" He asks, not realizing what a ridiculous question it was.


Even Michelangelo could tell there was something wrong with Donatello. Sure, it might be been good that his brother was going to be the one to put a stop to the Foot's plans. Then came the thought he never thought he'd have. What if the plan failed and things turned to worse? Frowning at the thought, the orange masked turtle begins to open his mouth, to ask Donatello what he planned to do with the Foot's secrets. However Splinter seemed to want to speak to Donatello.

Shiro Kame
06-21-2016, 02:44 PM
Donnie: Huh...? Oh, sure, Sensei. I've got time. *waves him in to to invite him*


Shiro blinked, realizing this may be her only way to get free before the rest of the Foot came and saw her in her rather embarrassing predicament. She needed to get free.

Shiro: I would leave peacefully and not attack you. I swear on my honor.


Raph quickly rushed to his hideout. He quickly stashed the bike before trying to get the outfit off. He did not want to risk Leo, let alone the rest of his family, finding out the REAL reason he slept all day and was up all night. If they did, they might not let him be the Nightwatcher, and would probably watch him way more closely and restrict his freedom. He then sped to the lair, hoping to get there before Leo so he could set up a false alibi for being home all night.

Fang Wolf
06-21-2016, 03:58 PM
Even Michelangelo could tell there was something wrong with Donatello.
Sure, it might be been good that his brother was going to be the one to put a stop to the Foot's plans. Then came the thought he never thought he'd have.
What if the plan failed and things turned to worse? Frowning at the thought, the orange masked turtle
begins to open his mouth, to ask Donatello what he planned to do with the Foot's secrets.
However Splinter seemed to want to speak to Donatello.

Donnie: Huh...? Oh, sure, Sensei. I've got time. *waves him in to to invite him*

Splinter go in. "My Son, Take down the Foot! Have Shredder one mistress in this heart?
Can you look on you PC about that? I want Shredder should suffer for what he has done." he asked.

((Mistress = Lady Nightmare))

06-21-2016, 08:14 PM
(OOC: Sorry to keep pushing it off, but where Im going with Karai kinda depends on what happens with Shiro/Casey. For now, have some dramatic Leo!)

Leo flew across the rooftops, the night sky lit up behind him. He had no idea where he was heading, but he couldnt stand still. His mind was shot, his focus gone. Even traversing the buildings, something he had done hundreds of times, was a challenge. One jump was too short, and he slammed into the top corner, before scrambling to pull himself up. A slight dip in one roof caused him to stumble, falling into a an AC unit to keep up right. Finally, he mistepped when leaving one roof, causing him to have a shallow jump, and he dropped down onto a fire escape 2 stories below, landing on his side.

His body was ready to give up, content to lay on the metal grate of the escape, but the window nearby clicked to life with light, most likely from his crash, and he sloppily pulled himself to his feet, using all his strength to pull himself up the building. Once he was up, he collapsed, one hand holding his side from the fall, the other pressed firmly against his head, as his shallow, heavy breathing reverberated from him.

Lethal Lullaby
06-21-2016, 09:49 PM
"Hmm.." Casey hummed in thought, narrowing his eyes at her. Eventually he undid the chains, then made some large steps back. He looked ready to defend himself if Shiro decided to attack him for whatever reason. However, he'd be fine if she didnt, especially after the nights events. He got to thinking about the short haired girl, who was there before.

That girl had something to do with April's death... Casey found himself grinding his teeth together, also while clenching his fists. He recalled to the words from the other girl. 'There's nothing you can do...' Scoffing, the young vigilante started to storm off from the current area. "Nothing I can do, my butt. Not without the right stuff." He quietly muttered to himself, heading to his place.


After her disappearance from before, Mystee brought herself to a rooftop of a building. The building was only a couple blocks from the Foot headquarters. However, she had not really noticed yet. She looked around to the streets below, watching as the night shift workers were getting ready to head back to their homes. She eventually took a seat sighing as she saw two women walking from one building laughing together. It brought back memories from when she was April's friend. Not to mention some jealousy, as the vampire picked up a small screw that was laying nearby, before flicking it down at the two.

Luckily the screw didn't hit the women, but it still surprised them when it whizzed by. Before she could be spotted, Mystee moved over to another spot of the building, checking out the streets below from there. Her attention was immediately drawn to a large building with a clock on it. She recognized it as the Foot's Base and frowned at it in thought. I could go in and f*** s*** up. Probably shouldnt, but I could. With a shrug she threw her back onto the surface of the building she was on. "Ehh. Probably better if I didn't..."

Shiro Kame
06-21-2016, 10:25 PM
Valuing honor (and her life), Shiro calmly just got up, bowed in gratitude, and left peacefully. As she returned back to the HQ, she was deep in thought. Just remembering the look of rage and sorrow in Leo's eyes when he tried to kill her made chills go down her spine. He looked so...so broken and and furious...Almost like Shredder...No...He wouldn't have stopped and left...

Shiro facepalmed.

Shiro: This is pointless. After what Hamato Yoshi did...he deserved to suffer...I...I'm sure that O'Neil had to be awful to be a friend to that horrid murderer.

Shiro then continued on her way, trying to block the thoughts out of her head.


Donnie raised a brow. Splinter was normally so pacifistic. He was about to question it when he remembered April's death. He shut his eyes tightly, refusing to cry. When he opened them, he immediately began to access the Foot's data, looking for Splinter's request. The Foot had already taken away practically everything from Splinter, including his wife and family. Shredder had just taken away the love of Donnie's own love, and was trying to kill his entire family. It wasn't fair that Shredder was taking away from everyone he so much as touched, it was time for a little payback. He would come up with a real plan later, but he wanted to hear his teacher and father's first.

Donnie: Got it, Sensei! Huh...it's a mutant female panther...Never figured he'd go for a mutant...What're you planning, Sensei? Need help planning?


Raph was still racing home, mentally wishing over and over that no one would see him out of or entering the lair.

06-22-2016, 12:18 AM
Karai had been waiting nearby to go back and retrieve Shiro, but the boy had stepped in. Tailing her for a minute, she finally dropped down, pulling Shiro into an alley. Her face was stern, no sign of the enjoyment from earlier. "You want to tell me what happened back there? Because from my point of view, you let one of the turtles in some ridiculous costume not only restrain you, but knock you unconscious. One, single, turtle. Once you were out, I had four of them on me, with no backup besides a few pathetic soldiers." She hissed, folding her arms over her chest.

Fang Wolf
06-22-2016, 03:38 AM
Donnie raised a brow. Splinter was normally so pacifistic. He was about to question it when he remembered April's death. He shut his eyes tightly, refusing to cry. When he opened them, he immediately began to access the Foot's data, looking for Splinter's request. The Foot had already taken away practically everything from Splinter, including his wife and family. Shredder had just taken away the love of Donnie's own love, and was trying to kill his entire family. It wasn't fair that Shredder was taking away from everyone he so much as touched, it was time for a little payback. He would come up with a real plan later, but he wanted to hear his teacher and father's first.

Donnie: Got it, Sensei! Huh...it's a mutant female panther...Never figured he'd go for a mutant...What're you planning, Sensei? Need help planning?.

"Hmm..Find her and and take her prisoner. Time to payback.
How she look like? So we know that is her?

(Lady Nightmare look alike Shredder)

Shiro Kame
06-22-2016, 06:15 PM
Shiro bit her lip. Karai looked pretty upset. And with her lack of "performance" lately with her jobs, this would not look good to her. She was still loyal to her Clan, but if she got punished...it would not be so good. Shiro felt like a cornered animal, and her instincts to lash out were creeping up on her.

Shiro: He...he got a lucky punch is all...How do we even know he's one of the turtles? He could be a new mutant for all we know...Besides, I didn't see you helping when I had to fight whatever that freak was, or when Leonardo nearly killed me! Where were you, huh!? I would have died had he not decided to stop! He might not be so merciful next time. The fact that he was so willing to kill bothers me. We may have just made things harder for ourselves with their friend dead.

(Ugh! My brain is so turned off from Driver's Training! I have no idea just how crappy what I'm typing is!)

Donnie: Hmm...Okay, it's official. Shredder's a narcissist. She almost looks exactly like him in that armor. She's also almost as strong as him, so we're going to need to come up with a plan to weaken or stun her long enough to capture her...hmm....

Lethal Lullaby
06-24-2016, 09:50 PM
Michelangelo looked up to Splinter, as he had come in to speak to Donatello. He thought for a moment about leaving, as he wasn't paying too much attention to what they were saying. Not until Splinter mentioned taking someone prisoner and that it was 'Time to for payback.' He frowned in slight disappointment with Splinter. He didn't think Splinter would go that far. Plus he really hoped Splinter would realize what he was talking about, and stop himself before it was too late.

The younger turtle started to open his mouth, so he could speak. However, Donatello spoke up first, telling Splinter the appearance of Shredder's 'Lady' and how she looked almost the same as him. Hearing that she was similar in strength and about everything else with Shredder he frowned even more. He just had to say something. "Uh wh- why must we capture her, sensei?" Not what I really wished to ask, but it'll do i guess.. He thinks to himself.


Mystee continued to lay on the building's roof top, looking up at the night sky. It reminded her of a few nights where April, the turtles, and herself had done this together. She immediately sat up rubbing away the blurry vision from her eyes. "Okay that's enough star gazing for the night.." She tells herself quietly. She walked to the edge of the roof, leaping down and landing silently on her feet, knees slightly bent. After looking around herself, she proceeded to walk down in the direction of the O'Neil's residence. It had been about two days since she'd check in on Kirby.

((Might temp play Kirby.))

06-24-2016, 10:25 PM
Karai glared at Shiro. "Obviously my presence wasnt needed. You are alive, arent you? Dont let yourself get captured again, or who knows, the result may not be the same."

Her glare eased, turning back into confident pride. "We have done exactly what I wanted. That masked mutant was definitely a turtle, but judging by the way they fought a part, Id say Leo doesnt know that" She smirked "Theyre divided, not in unison. Rather than fighting all 4 at once we can take them each down. One by one. Leos little temperment shift wont be an issue now that were aware. It makes him vulnerable, and hopefully each of the other turtles has developed a similar defect."

She hopped to a nearby fire escape, beginning to climb. "Now come one. We need to report back to Shredder"


Leo laid on the rooftop for awhile, completely unaware of how much time had passed. Unable to achieve a meditative state, he instead just stayed calm until his breathing returned to normal and his body stopped shaking. He slowly got to his feet. Thats when he noticed the pain. His left side ached, and when he looked down he noticed a small crack in bridge between his carapace and plastron. He realized the injury must have been sustained from his fall off the roof.

Holding his side, he slowly made his way to the nearest manhole, climbing down into the sewers.

Fang Wolf
06-25-2016, 06:17 AM
"Yes, so I can killed her front of Shredder...so he feel pain like we do.
*Look at Mikey and Donnie* I might be getting as dark as Shredder is?
I think I need to meditate about this.." Splinter says.

✦ ✦ ✦

Shiro Kame
06-25-2016, 07:51 AM
Raph had gotten to the lair before Leo. He rushed into his bedroom and pretended to be in bed. He didn't know if he got here before Leo, so he was panicking.


Donnie looked a little speechless at Splinter. He wanted justice for April, but never thought around the lines of murder. He began to shake nervously, to the point of dropping his coffee, shattering the cup once Splinter left*

Don: *groan* Another broken cup...?! REALLY...?!


Shiro looked at Karai in silence before following her. Karaiís response made her wonder if her only friend would leave her to die if something went bad or wrong.

Lethal Lullaby
06-26-2016, 05:05 AM
((I asked Shiro if I could move us forward to within the next day, and she said that was alright. It'll be around the afternoon, to add more action.))

Michelangelo had finally finished gluing together April's gift mug for Donatello last night. The lines from where the mug fell apart were visible, and you probably couldn't shouldn't Drink from it. However, that shouldn't stop his older brother from at least keeping it for decoration. He unfortunately had not given it to his brother yet, and it was already past midday. The only thing that reminded him, was when he was putting the dishes away from lunch.

"Oh snap. That's right." Michelangelo quietly exclaimed, closing the door to the cabinet where they kept mugs. Luckily he had put away the rest of the dishes beforehand. The youngest turtle hurried to grab the mug from his bedroom, before finding Donatello. Soon as he did, he hid the mug behind his back before speaking his brother's name, "Donnie, I got something for you."


"Sixty... eight!" Casey shouted before collapsing on the carpet floor of his room. His upper torso was soaked with sweat from his rather unorganized workout. Rolling onto his back, he panted as he looked up to the ceiling. He reached towards a bottle, but it just barely out of his reach. After spending half a minute waving his hand towards it, he finally brought himself to sit up and grab it himself. He chugged the whole bottle down, crumpled it up, before making a shot for his trashcan. It landed and he smirked in satisfaction.

Casey got up to his feet, removing his shirt. He gave it a sniff, for who knows why, and his face scrunched up slightly at the stench. He gagged once before picking up a can of fabric freshner, spraying down the shirt. He gave it another sniff, shrugging at the results, before tossing the shirt into the clothes hamper. It was then that he went to take a shower.


While she didn't exactly sleep, Mystee still had spent an hour or so here and there on her bed. She spent the night before crocheting together a faux voodoo doll of Karai. She, of course, knew it wasn't an actual one, and any harm done to it, would not have effected Karai. Still, it didn't stop her from poking needles through about every angle of the 4 inch tall doll. Once that bored her, she removed the needles, before setting up a few small scenes that included her tarantula, Jason. Her last one included having the doll hang upside down, as Jason climbed up on it.

She found it amusing for about a few minutes. Then she grabbed Jason off the doll smiling down at him. "That's enough, love. We'll have more fun later." She tells him as she brings him to his little home. She went to pick up the Karai doll, before dropping it in a drawer full of other random objects. There were a few more faux voodoo dolls of others that she had made in there as well. She recalled what Karai had told/done to Leonardo the night before and frowned at the memory. It was unforgivable in her book.

06-26-2016, 04:59 PM
Karai remained in her spot, standing by the window behind her fathers throne. She looked out at the New York streets below. She was getting antsy. Since the one night, there had been no signs of the turtles, and she was losing patience.


Leo was locked away in his room. Meditation candles lay in formation but had burned out long ago. He was on his bed, not sleeping but not moving. Just staring. He had tried to meditate to ease his mind, but found that inner focus was significantly more difficult for him to find now.

Fang Wolf
06-26-2016, 05:59 PM
Karai remained in her spot, standing by the window behind her fathers throne.
She looked out at the New York streets below. She was getting antsy. Since the one night, there had been no signs of the turtles, and she was losing patience.

Witchpanther come to Karai, he have Sword of Tengu on his back..
"No signs of Shellbugs...That start to be bored here in new york..."

Shiro Kame
06-26-2016, 08:05 PM
Shiro was training in the dojo. After Karai's scolding yesterday, she was training excessively hard. She refused to go through the same feelings of being an embarrassment or disappointment again, especially to the only person that was as close to a friend as she ever had. She couldn't bear to loose that connection to another she had, no matter how cold Karai had become to her.

She then kicked the punching bag hard, imagining it was one of the turtles.


Raph was sleeping in his room, snoring loudly. Ever since he became the Nightwatcher, he lost a lot of sleep, resulting in him needing to sleep in the day. And given that everyone was going through the grief of losing April, they barely noticed what he did. With even training sessions gone, there was really no need for Raph to be awake in a day other than to eat, use the bathroom, or look after Spike.

Spike looked at his master through his terrarium, which Raph had gotten to hold him since he couldn't be with him as often as he had before. He looked rather depressed, missing the attention Raph gave him, even though those Nightwatcher stories were more exciting than the adventures Raph had had with his brothers. He would do ANYTHING to spend time with his master more.


Donnie yawned as he chugged down another mug of coffee. He had only gotten about 3 hours of sleep, and already had to deal with idiots 1 hour into his job. These people either thought it was a "hotline", forgot to turn their computers on, and even got mad at Donnie as if he was the one who destroyed their computer. At least it kept him busy, along with his other projects, including a retromutagen he had created using Kraang DNA, which he had managed to create after pushing all his time into it after April's death, refusing to break his promise to her about curing Kirby (which I added in since it's established that Kirby's human here). After he was done his work, he decided to see if he could find a way to melt Timothy out of his icy prison, since he was too busy up until now with hacking into Foot HQ and he didn't want the leftover retromutagen to go to waste since Splinter didn't really seem to want to be cured right now.

He then faceplanted on his desk after the customer asked where the "Enter" key on his keyboard was. It took all of his will no to scream "FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!" at the ceiling.

Lethal Lullaby
06-28-2016, 11:02 PM
Donatello's outburst of frustration, nearly made Michelangelo drop the glued together cup. He sighed in relief when he didn't. He looked to Don with a worried frown, before setting the cup in front of him. "Can't you take a little break from that?" He asks, half assuming Donatello will say 'no' anyways. He sighed before walking out of the lab and into the kitchen. He saw a newspaper on the table, with an advertisement that caught his attention.

"Hmm. Party mascot Desperately needed?" He questions the ad,* before looking for a phone number. Once he found it, he decided to call them up. Seems like an easy enough job. He thinks to himself. The phone rang a few times, before an automated voice system answered. "Oh man... I may have to sit down for this." He comments, putting g his t phone on speaker, before taking a seat at the island in their kitchen.


After his shower, Casey changed into some torn jeans, with a white tee, and black zip-up hoodie. He added on his usual black and white facepaint, He decided that he'd go out without his usual bandana that he wore. The boy still hadn't gotten over what happened the night before. Perhaps he'll find some street urchins to vent out on. He grabbed his sports gear, threw on his shoe/skates, and soon was out the door.

He was aware of the few small groups, who gave a questioning look, or whispered behind their hands. However, Casey never let such looks or words bother him. When I become the next Hockey they'll regret ever doubting me. The image of himself holding a trophy with his 'rad' Hockey team, brought a faint smile to his face. Up until his eyes caught a glimpse of suspicious movement on a nearby roof. Which was then he went to investigate.


Mystee hummed in thought as she looked at the date on her phone. She knew she hadn't stopped by the turtles lair for a while, since the loss of April. Perhaps she could go visit, and see how the brothers were holding off. Locking her phone, she nodded to herself. "Right. Imma do that then." She tells herself, while approaching Lilium's habitat. She poured some food in the Chinchilla's bowl, then was out the door within a couple minutes.

Let's hope I'm not coming at a bad time. Maybe I should bring over something to eat. She wonders then spots a cheap mexican restaurant. She decided to make a quick order there, hoping her friends would be okay with that. In nearly 6 minutes she got her order, then quickly made her way down in the sewers and headed straight to the turtles lair.

06-29-2016, 10:15 PM
Karai eventually got bored, as her father had a habit of merely sitting in silence, which left her nothing to do but the same. She hopped down from the platform, exiting the throne room before heading to the training room Noticing it was occupied, she stood in the doorway, watching Shiro train.

She, like the turtles, also seemed a bit off. More aggressive, more drive. If Karai could channel that, it could be a valuable asset. If it got out of control though, itd pose a risk to her and her father.


Leo remained in his room. His stomach had rumbled, yet he ignored it. After the events of the night before, he had come straight back, straight into his room, attempted meditation, before just sitting. He hadnt taken a shower, despite having worked up a sweat in his fight with Karai. He had also neglected to take care of the injury to his side, the small crack in his shell still aching with pain.

Fang Wolf
06-30-2016, 02:55 PM
"Where is my Lady, Tigerclaw?" Shredder asked.

"Lady? She is still outside in city..." Tigerclaw responded.

"WHAT?! You let her go out?! *Take out his blades*
FIND her or!" Shredder Roar.

Tigerclaw whine. "I will find her...master...
And she will be safe......"

Shiro Kame
06-30-2016, 03:52 PM
Donnie: As much as I want to, Mikey, I'd still have to deal with idiots like that even after I took a break, I'd just not get as much income if I just kept going. *phone rings* IT Tech service. Donnie speaking...Oh...Your computer's doing that? Did you try using the restore points (That's actually a thing. It's saved my computer plenty of times)...? Just go to control panel and then...


Raph rolled over in his sleep and accidentally knocked over his terrarium...!! Raph stirred for a bit, but was sound asleep, too tired from last night to get up, thinking it was just Mikey messing around. Spike was okay thanks to his shell, but quite shaken up. He slowly made his way to the door, which was slightly open, and walked out, deciding to explore the lair for possibly a tasty treat. He trudged on, looking for the kitchen.


Shiro kept her assault on the punching bag before the rope holding it up snapped from having the bag constantly rubbing the rope against the beam, resulting in it getting severed. After it fell to the floor before her feet, Shiro glared at the bag, growling, before kicking it across the room, sending it into the wall hard.

Shiro: Useless!! *growls before turning to leave, accidentally walking into Karai* Karai! *bows slightly* You need something?

Lethal Lullaby
07-02-2016, 10:18 PM
After what felt like forever, Michelangelo finally got the answers that he wanted. "Really?!" He asks, his face lit up for the first time since the loss. "I'm hired? Just like that?" He honestly couldn't believe it, and he was sure his brothers weren't either. The person on the other end then asked Michelangelo to come up with a costume and a name, then to meet him at a cafe downtown when he could.

The call ended and Michelangelo immediately got started on costume ideas. He wanted to impress the employer as much as he could. That, and with getting hiw own pay, he can actually buy his own stuff. No longer, will he have to beg one of his brothers to get him anything. Ooh! I can even buy them stuff too! He thought eagerly.

After he went to his room, Mystee walked in the lair with the tacos, looking around. She frowned, not seeing any of them at the moment, but she could hear the faint sound of Donatello's voice. "Well this shouldn't be too surprising. Guess the others are sleeping?" She quietly says to nobody specific, before heading to the kitchen.

Spike was lucky Mystee had noticed him before he was nearly stepped on. She gasped, carefully picking the turtle up, before looking in his eyes. "S***, Spike. What are you doing out of Raph's supervision?" She asks, while knowing full well that he probably didn't understand a word she was saying. She heard a small, growling noise, and brought the turtle's lower shell closer to her ear. "Hm Someone's hungry." She said, carrying the turtle back to Raphael's room, before tapping on the door.

07-04-2016, 12:27 AM
Karai waved off the bow, crossing her arms in a relaxed manner. "Father is rather dull lately. So I came to see how training was going?" She looked at the now detached punching bag on the floor, smiling a bit. "Anything you want to talk about?"

Fang Wolf
07-04-2016, 03:59 AM
Tigerclaw go ut from throne room.
"FOOTBOTS!!! I need find Lady...*Rrr...*
or I will lost my fur." He says and go Bypasses training hall.

Shiro Kame
07-04-2016, 06:33 AM
When Spike was picked up, he let off a turtle sound (never heard one before, sorry), but relaxed and seemed to smile when he heard about getting something to eat.


Raph groaned as he woke up, still rather tired. As he did, he noticed that Spike's terrarium was missing from his bedside. He quickly looked down and saw the shattered remains with Spike missing. He immediately did the most popular response that most pet owners would have had at this point...freak the hell out.

Raph: Spike! Where are you buddy!? You're not hurt, are you? Answer me, Boy! *is on the floor, looking around for Spike, looking under his bed as well, hoping not to find a dead tortoise*


Poor Donnie's still dealing with idiots who need to call IT support in order to find the freaking power button. (oi...!)


Shiro: Um...nothing at all, just training. Those turtles probably got stronger since last time, that new turtle showing up, and Leonardo's now hunting us actively, and he's the strongest one. I don't want to chance him actually killing the next time we meet. Just the look of desire for vengeance and death in his eyes...It was disturbing...

Lethal Lullaby
07-05-2016, 11:04 PM
"Well, Spike, it would seem I didn't knock loud enough." Mystee commented sarcastically when Raphael hadn't answered his door. She held Spike in her left arm, while making an attempt to open the door, only to find it locked(?). She grunted in annoyance before knocking once again, this time a bit harder. "RAPH. I found Spike out here. The little guy's been trying to look for food I think." She says in hopes he would hear her.

07-06-2016, 11:37 PM
"Good. Let that focus you. Drive you. We have never been closer to taking them down once and for all, and i will NOT allow us to fail this time." she turned beginning to walk away. "Their current state is their weakness. Emotion leads to errors in battle. You should keep that in mind." She said before leaving.

(Gonna be off for a few days, just leave Leo locked in his room and Karai up in hers)

Shiro Kame
07-13-2016, 10:43 PM
Shiro looked on at Karai, not really sure how to react.


Raph then heard Mystee and opened the door, slamming it open wide. Raph's face lit up once he saw Spike.

Raph: Spike! *takes him out of Mystee's hands to hold him up to his face* There you are! Don't scare me like that, Buddy! I was worried that something bad happened to you! Thanks, Mystee.


Donnie keeps working, his lunch break coming up way too slow for his tastes.

Lethal Lullaby
07-20-2016, 08:42 PM
Mystee smiled in awe as she watched Raphael with Spike. It sort of reminded her of her relationship with Jason. She nodded her head in response to his 'Thanks, Mystee'. "He was looking for food, I think. Oh I brought some ta-"

"Hey who brought tacos?!" Michelangelo shouted from the kitchen. He had found the bag on the counter and opened it up. He couldn't recall the last time he had one, and their aroma was mouth watering.

Mystee sighed, shaking her head. "Leave it to Mikey..." She turned to head back to the kitchen, motioning Raphael to follow. "Why don't you come have some? I'll get Donatello as well. If I can." She tells him, now with the intent to go to Donatello's lab.

Shiro Kame
08-20-2016, 11:09 PM
(Will someone PLEASE reply to this stupid thing!!!)

Fang Wolf
08-21-2016, 04:42 AM
Tigerclaw get out after Lady. "I need elite footbots to for this..."
He go first to new Footbots factory get Elite Footbots.