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06-08-2016, 09:58 PM
It's been quite a long time since I posted here on The Technodrome, but for such a specific game I thought I should give it a shot to ask for some help here. Has anyone gotten this game to eventually work without issue on Windows 10? I understand that this game's compatibility was meant for Windows XP and Vista upon release (it was an Ubisoft pre-Uplay game), though I do know that it worked with 7 and 8 without too much of an issue.

SPECS (though they really shouldn't be the issue here):

i7 3770K OC 4.2GHz
32GB DDR3-1600 RAM
EVGA NVidia 980 Ti 6GB
ASRock Z77 Extreme4
Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SSD
Western Digital Blue 1TB HDD

I installed this game on to my Windows 10 PC today and was actually able to get it working just fine after the first installation. I got the game running right away and was able to play the first couple of tutorial levels before closing it down. Everything seemed fine and I decided to just play the game later on in the day.

Unfortunately for me, after I decided to turn my PC on once again I was unable to get the game to start up. When I try to start the game, I get greeted with a blank/black screen with no audio or anything. I can easily exit the game using ALT+F4, so the game is actually taking my commands and isn't just straight up freezing upon startup.

I believe this could be an issue with the game, its need to use DirectX 9, and the latest version of DirectX being 13. It could also be an issue with my NVidia drivers updating very recently (I am currently using a 980Ti for reference). My rig can obviously handle the game and it ran the game flawlessly right after its initial installation. There's obviously a compatibility issue going on, so can anyone help me figure out how to get past it (if it's even possible)?

Just a list of things I have tried and were unsuccessful:

Uninstalled and reinstalled several times.
Installed with its included DirectX 9 installation and installed without it
XP SP3, Vista (all), 7, and 8 compatibility mode with the TMNT.exe and TMNTGame.exe files,
Tried tweaking the config file
Tried launching the game using various resolutions on the TMNT.exe launcher

Anyone have any tips? I was really hoping to play through every TMNT game on Windows (quality being good or otherwise), so it'd be cool to get some suggestions or advice to get this working.

Thanks everyone!

07-01-2016, 03:04 PM
Apparently, many games that worked perfectly fine with Windows 7 seem to have issues with Windows 10. I was browsing Steam discussions for a game having issues with Windows 10, and a user suggested to disable the NVIDIA Streamer Service under Windows services. Maybe that could work.