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06-14-2016, 05:20 AM
Hey All. The Little notices banner tells me that I have never posted before and that I should give this a whirl. I'm not much of a forum person, but occasionally will contribute to conversation if it's not one of those battle of the internet rage type scenarios. I mostly just buy stuff and got pretty over people listing the Image series on ebay for prices way out of the stratosphere that no one has ever come even close to paying for those issues and a friend suggested to join here to see what pops up. Fingers crossed. So far lurking around has led me to think that for the most part, people are fairly chill around here, except when it comes to NECA stuff. Seems NECA is a sore spot for some

06-14-2016, 03:19 PM
You're probably not gonna find the Image books cheaper here, if that's what you mean. They do indeed fetch a pretty penny nowadays. Hard to come by. Hopefully IDW will reprint them in the next year or so, fingers crossed.

While the arcade turtle figures may be a minor point of contention (mainly due to their limited/exclusive nature), NECA's stuff isn't really a sore spot here. They're universally supported for having made what were up until recently the best TMNT figures ever. :)

Anyways, welcome.

06-15-2016, 02:12 PM
Welcome to the drome. Good luck in your search.

06-15-2016, 03:00 PM
Welcome to the 'Drome. Don't fall into the deep, black holes, or my threads.

Gin Rummy
06-17-2016, 02:48 AM
Welcome to the Technodrome Forums! :)