View Full Version : Rhapsody To Rebrand Itself As Napster

The Deadman
06-16-2016, 10:44 AM

In a post on their official blog, Rhapsody revealed that the service will be rebranding as Napster.

They wrote: “No changes to your playlists, favorites, albums, and artists. Same music. Same service. Same price. 100% the music you love. Stay tuned!”

Rhapsody purchased the Napster brand from Best Buy in 2011. Variety suggests that the rebranding is to use the Napster and brand recognition to bring more users to the service. It already runs as Napster in other countries. It only kept the Rhapsody name in the US to prevent consumer confusion.

Rhapsody has more competition now in the form of Apple Music (15 million subscribers) and Spotify (30 million subscribers). The service has been forced to lay off some staff members and closed its office in San Francisco. A spokesperson said the rebranding and the firings were to “better position the company for growth.”

So...how many people are going to get confused and think the illegal download site is coming back?

06-16-2016, 11:34 AM
I doubt that. I think everyone will know and assume it is no longer free.

06-16-2016, 11:35 AM
Napster ain't what it used to be any more, fortunately there are other programs like it to find all the music you want.