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06-19-2016, 03:02 PM
Let's consolidate all theories and predictions on to one thread shall we?

Anyone who is spot on will get a :shifty: :tparty:

Predictions for City of War:

In the mirage version of this story: Donatello falls through a floor and breaks his leg. He then sees a Foot Elite attempt to kill Karai, so he picks up a machine gun and kills the Foot Elite but then becomes visibly shaken and tosses the gun away as though horrified by what he has just done.

And then later while they are at the farm house he requests that he be allowed to stay behind with Splinter so he could heal further and so he could reflect on things that have happened.

For the Nick Show I don't see the gun thing happening because kids show rules. But Donnie falling through a floor and breaking his leg could be something that happens. Only they wouldn't say his leg is broken...more along the lines of spraining or twisting his ankle.

The City at war would largely be the Shredder recovering from the injuries sustained by Splinter. With the Shredder down, all the other gangs try to take advantage of the situation and carve out strongholds in the city.

Hun has proven to be opportunistic so the Purple Dragons would be out to claim control of the city in the Shredder's absence.

Xever as much as he is in service to the Shedder, he really is out for himself when given the chance. But he will be on the Shredder's side in the war.

Bebop and Rocksteady will take this as their chance to escape the Shredder.

Through it all, Karai would also be a main focus, both as something to use against the Shredder or a bargaining chip to gain the Shredders favor.

Karai is free of the Shredders control and sees him as her enemy (Thanks to coughing up that one worm). But due to the other worm(s) in her head she still perceives the Turtles and Splinter also as her enemies.

(What I had assessed from the show itself is that when a worm nests in the head of its host it suppresses all knowledge of its existence. But we have seen Shredder putting more worms into her head, possibly to fortify the hold the initial worm had. Once she coughed up the initial worm, the other worm(s) would have still maintained control, but their influence would have weakened since Karai can't ignore the fact the innial worm was in her body all. But due to the other worm(s) she would be confused as to who her enemies truely were, which would cause her to target both the Turtles and Co, and the Shredder.)

The Turtles would adjust to being back home once again after being in space for the past six months. April and Casey getting back to life at school and home. However while on patrol the Turtles notice the backlash that is going on following the Triceraton invasion. Raph feels that it isn't their problem and that if a few of their enemy's take each other out it's for the better. The Other Turtles however point out they can't just do nothing after all innocent people are being affected by this to.

Splinter is in agreement with Raph, as much as he understands their desire to help, they can't risk being seen by the humans of the city.

April and Casey know they need to get to the lair for their own protection. April also wants to get her dad to safety (And maybe Casey's family). On the way they find Chloe (AKA the little girl that Leo had tea time with in Slash and Destroy) seperated from her mother and father. Casey wants to help her, April agrees though it means she may not be able to save her father.

They get into a situation and April calls the Turtles for help. The Turtles realize they have to get to the surface to help their friends and stop the city wide war. Joan Grody who is reporting on all the gang activity catches sight of the Turtles and wants to get them on camera. One of the Turtles does something that seems to natural for a person in a costume such as duck into their shells. Which gets her to pointout that Muck man had stated the Turtles had just been a bunch of kids in costume and if he could lie about them what else could he have lied about.

Splinter is not happy about his sons getting cought on camera, but doesn't punish them about it because they were too busy saving the city. The best course of action they should take is to evacuate the city for a small amount of time so they can recover from their injuries and decide what sort of action should be taken from this

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City at War predictions
-Mikey acts like a retard
-It lasts for one episode
-April or Casey are mysteriously absent

Move over Nostradamus

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* The EPF officially setting up base in New York City after the Triceraton invasion. Since said city was being attacked by mutants and aliens more often.

* Rat King returning, with more bandages on him. Which may result in a battle between him and Rockwell.

* Donnie considering the fact that he should have saved a drop of the Super-Retromutagen. Since Mikey doesn't remember what he did with the chemical that made it.

* More 3D flashbacks (like the one in Newtralized).

* A loose adaptation of The Trouble with Augie. Mrs. O'Neil being a missing relative made me think of that 2003 series character. And don't lash out on me for mentioning her.

* What the upper floors of TCRI are now like, with Kraang Prime possibly dead.

* The Earth Protection Force sharing the role of the main antagonistic force. Along with the Foot Clan.

* A less gruesome adaptation of Insane in the Membrane. We all remember how gruesome it was in the 2003 series.

06-19-2016, 08:42 PM
City at War predictions
-Mikey acts like a retard
-It lasts for one episode
-April or Casey are mysteriously absent

Move over Nostradamus

I guarantee Snake has the most accurate predictions in this thread.

06-19-2016, 10:43 PM
City at War predictions
-Mikey acts like a retard
-It lasts for one episode
-April or Casey are mysteriously absent

Move over Nostradamus

I guarantee Snake has the most accurate predictions in this thread.

I don't know if you watched any of the Space Arc but Mikey certainly wasn't acting like a "retard" in those episodes. In the last few episodes he kept on saving life's, especially April's.

06-20-2016, 04:30 AM
I don't know if you watched any of the Space Arc but Mikey certainly wasn't acting like a "retard" in those episodes. In the last few episodes he kept on saving life's, especially April's.

Save one episode I agree.

06-20-2016, 04:54 AM
I hope city of war doesn't last for too long, or Shredder would be out for the majority of the season.

We already had the space arc that gave us a hiatus from Shredder and the foot, and it would be nice to see them back in action again.

06-20-2016, 05:26 AM
After Shredder is crippled by Splinter, the gangs under his control fight for the city. The Mighty Mutanimals try to stop it, but Leo wants to remain neutral in the conflict. Raph and Leo get into a fight about it and Raph takes off to the streets to find Slash. Back in the Foot Clan, Shredder's enforcers abandon him to join other crime lords. Bebop and Rocksteady go with the Russian Mob, Rahzar and Fishface go with the South Americans, and Tiger Claw goes with Hun to the Asian gangs. A full scale war breaks out, with each side using Kraang tech from the Second Invasion of New York. As each side fights for dominace,m Leo realizes the only way to win is through peace. Along with Casey, Donnie, April, and Mikey, Leo holds a diplomatic meeting in the sewers which fails and has them fight again. Just then, the EPF arrives and begins capturing every Mutant or Human they see. The turtles, the gangs, and the remaining Mutants scatter and form an alliance to combat the new threat. Meanwhile, April's powers are beginning to overwhelm her and she sees images of a dark future......The Human-Turtle-Mutant (or HTM) brings down the newly built EPF structure by Apri's powers and forces the organization out of the city. During the celebration, April gives into her greed and takes her fragment's power for her own, becoming the entity known as Archangel.

Original TMNT Cartoon Fan
06-20-2016, 05:43 AM
Maybe City at War is a one hour-long film/double-episode? I actually hope we see the turtles fighting the gangster mob with Big Louie, Beaver Cleaver, Wally Cleaver and Pinky McFingers. They would be great character backup to reuse for further episodes.

06-20-2016, 05:48 AM
Maybe City at War is a one hour-long film/double-episode? I actually hope we see the turtles fighting the gangster mob with Big Louie, Beaver Cleaver, Wally Cleaver and Pinky McFingers. They would be great character backup to reuse for further episodes.

Possibly, considering that there has been no two parter in season 4 so far. All the other seasons have had 2 of them, and I would be surprised if this one didn't.

06-20-2016, 02:13 PM
Following City at War, there is at most 2-3 episode recovery at the farm house.

Splinter is impressed with where his sons have stayed and lived as a functioning makeshift family.

Each of the Turtles are recovering from their injuries and mentally adjusting to the way things are now (with the whole humans vs. mutants thing that's going on)

Raph and Casey feel like they shouldn't have left the city. They should be out there with Slash and the other mutants to deal with the situation.

Leo and Mikey feel that they had to leave for their families safety and they would be back soon enough.

Donnie and April are neutral about it...They aren't eager to return to the city, but know that they can't stay at the farm house until things calm down.

The slowly mounting tension between Donnie and Leo that has been building since the invasion is noticed by Mikey. Mikey asks Leo if he and Donnie are fighting again. Leo says no they aren't. Mikey tells Leo that he really hates it when the two of them fight, he had found it amusing at first but now it just gives him a sick feeling. Leo reassures Mikey that they are all undergoing changes right now and everything will be alright at the end.

Casey and April are talking when something happens and Casey appears to look like he's kissing April. Donnie sees this and assumes April has made her choice and walks away feeling broken hearted.

Everyone prepares to leave for the city, Donnie says he wants to stay behind at the farmhouse to deal with some things before he returns to the city. The others are confused by it, Splinter senses something in his sons words and says he will stay behind too. April suggests they don't have to immediately return to the city they could stay one more night. Leo insists they can't they had to leave.

In the end everyone else leaves for the city saying they would be back in a few days. Though April and Leo are confused as to why Donnie would stay behind.

Splinter ends the episode by telling Donnie it's time he stopped fighting himself about a certain trait he possesses.

Next episode would center around everyone back in new york, their will be some mention that Donnie and Splinter would be returning soon

06-20-2016, 02:37 PM
I don't know if you watched any of the Space Arc but Mikey certainly wasn't acting like a "retard" in those episodes. In the last few episodes he kept on saving life's, especially April's.

Well that's because he was saying "**** SPACE"

The Happy One
06-20-2016, 06:10 PM
City at War predictions
-Mikey acts like a retard
-It lasts for one episode
-April or Casey are mysteriously absent

Move over Nostradamus

Seems about right to me. I mean, I love Mikey and Vicky has a point in that, for the most part, he wasn't that useless...the show seems to...fluctuate in how they handle characters. I'm trying so hard not to get excited for this so I won't be incredibly disappointed when it is, in fact, one episode

Tarris Vaal
06-20-2016, 07:30 PM
The larger question I guess is this

IF the more pessimistic among the dromers are correct and city at war is at most a 2 episode arc....

...then what does the rest of the season comprise of?

It wont all be filler eps, and Nick has generally been very good for keeping a consistent narrative through their eps (even if it hasn't always been very well handled or its been a little shallow sometimes)

Personally, I think City at war is the likely next evolution of the series for at least half a season (ish), allowing Shredder to remain at the helm of being the antagonist without resorting directly back to Karai and the vendetta as plot motivations.

Overall, I think we'll see a blend of several arcs that might be considered too much for a younger audience (mutant vs humans for example). So there is enough action and events occurring without having to delve too deeply into the grittier side of any of them. Add this to the ongoing April psychic powers thread.

Whether that works is up for debate of course :)

06-21-2016, 04:09 PM
Both Donnie and Mikey will have influence in helping Tigerclaw make the decision to leave the Foot.

Donnie was the only Turtle that Tigerclaw never encountered. He first sees the Turtles it's after Leo, Raph, and Mikey had been sent back into their dimension leaving Donnie, April, and Casey trapped in that tunnel dimension.

It is unknown how much both TC and Karai heard from the Turtles regarding their companions plight. But depending on it Tigerclaw probably assumed one of their number has already been dealt with, or will be of little consequence once his brothers and master are eliminated.

In Wrath of Tiger Claw, Donnie is pinned down and almost stabbed with Raph's sai. But TC mostly focuses on the other three Turtles.

Then during vision quest Leo, Raph, and Mikey are given vision battles against on their nemesis among the Foot Clan. Mikey faces off against Rahzar, Raph faces off against Fishface, and Leo faces off against the Shredder. Donnie by default faces off against Tigerclaw even though Tigerclaw has commonly fought Leo in past encounters. Donnie's also given the Stone Shaman mask as part of his vision quest costume so his enemies wouldn't know what he is thinking beyond what his eyes are telling them.

Also in Journey to the center of Mikey's Mind, Mikey has Tigerclaw as one of the denizens of his imagination. Meaning he senses some good or the possibility of Tigerclaw being an ally. He also has Bradford as well, but that's more like the idealized version of what he believed Bradford had been when he had thought of him as his friend.

Mikey also doesn't really have a mean bone in his body, so with the exception of some people he does approach people he considers enemies with some kindness.

The only thing that we have known about Tigerclaw thus far is that he had been mutated by the Kraang when he was a child. He lost his tale to another opponent and wants to find said person so he can make them pay. And that his has lived his life as a mercenary.

For someone who has more or less been treated like a hired gun, or living weapon. Simple kindnesses such as being helped in a situation or even approached as though you were a person can have a huge impact.

The Shredder cares for few of his associates. He only keeps them around due to their usefulness, but by-and-large they are all expendable. And has no qualms about mutating people as a form of punishment in the case of Stockman, Steranko, and Zeck. Or threatening them with bodily harm.

The Turtles however respect and care for one another because they know they are all they have. And when one of them is lost the team suffers because of it.

With the Human's vs. Mutants arc, events such as mutant roundups, aren't just going to affect the Turtles. It will affect every mutant in the city. Some will choose to become villains and make the humans learn who the better species is. Others will live in fear of what is happening, or beg the question what is the point of helping a race that will never see you as anything but a monster.

I can see a situation where the all the turtles or at least one of them. We will say, Donnie, for now, is taken as prisoner by the EPF or Anti-mutant task force. But in the Footclan, Tigerclaw is also captured and the Shredder just walks away as though he has lost nothing. Somehow both Tigerclaw and Donnie wind up in the same cell, if not cells close to one another.

While occupying himself in an attempt to figure a way out while waiting for the other Turtles to arrive, Donnie could talk to Tigerclaw and ask him questions such as how he was mutated or what he gets out of working with the Shredder. Tigerclaw would at first feel this is no business of a "cub" but feel some impact with Donnie talking to him as though he were a person. They create a temporary alliance where they have to depend on one another to escape. Tigerclaw maybe attempts to double cross or abandon Donnie to whatever fate but finds he can't. And eventually, they meet up with the other Turtles, before going their separate ways.

Tigerclaw is then left to ponder if his loyalty to the Shredder is worth the trouble.

Original TMNT Cartoon Fan
06-21-2016, 04:42 PM
Possibly, considering that there has been no two parter in season 4 so far. All the other seasons have had 2 of them, and I would be surprised if this one didn't.

There has never been any episodes longer than two parts in the 2012 cartoon. All all those have been one hour-long doubleepisodes airing the same date.

07-05-2016, 12:10 AM
As we have had hints of a Dark April plotline coming up in the future let's speculate on that a bit.

What we know so far:

During the Riddle of the Ancient Aeons. April finds a crystal star that she realizes must be the key to helping save the corrupt planet. When the Aeon's were restored they explain that they had been given the piece of the Heart of Darkness. Since their culture forbids technology they become fascinated by the device and began worshiping it which slowly corrupted them and turned them demonic.

As thanks, they give April a piece of the soul star and tell her it shall bring her luck. Then we have a moment where Donnie comments that it seems anyone could be corrupted to which we see April looking at the piece of the soul star in fascination.

Following that, we do see April using the soul star piece as a focus point to enhance her latent psychic powers.

During the Evil of Dregg after April, Donnie, and Honeycutt head back to the Ulixes. Mikey hangs back a bit longer as though sensing something was off but not certain as to what. This could pertain that he is beginning to sense that Honeycutt wasn't being completely honest with them. Or he was sensing something else brewing on the horizon.

So we can sort of agree that the soul star will be involved in April's corruption. However, the plot line with the Mind Worms also could still be picked up once again. As Donnie did mention that the mind serum could be used on Karai (which it has) any of them (Has been used on Raph) and even the entire city (possibly with the Human Vs. Mutant events that are upcoming).

The Shredder picks his followers by how useful they are to him in the long run such as Xever for his skills as a thief and Tigerclaw for his experience as a mercenary.

He has commented that the Turtles skills are beneath him. While April and Casey he sees as petty annoyances who need to be eliminated because they are allies of the Turtles and Splinter.

April in the Shredder's mind is just an insignificant girl who is being trained in Ninjitsu, but has hardly achieved the rank of Genin.

The only time Shredder became privy to the knowledge that April has psychic power is during Annihilation: Earth which of course is retconned at the end of Earth's Last Stand.

So it's plausible that when Shedder learns about her powers he would begin to see where April could be useful to him.

One way he could come to the idea of kidnapping April, is that he currently believes that Karai has been taken from him by Splinter and the Turtles. So he feels that if they take Karai from him, then he should by rights take April from them.

He could then have April subjected to a mind worm, April's powers go off as she tries to fight the worm but the worm only hastens the corruption that the Soul Star shard inflicting upon April. (If Shinigami has mind control powers that can also work)

The turtles break into Shredder's lair, Mikey comments that he feels something is off. The others ignore it or don't take concern for what it was. The group is suddenly attacked by the Shredder's henchmen, Leo, Raph, Mikey, and Casey tell Donnie to go save April, they would hold off the goons.

Donnie finds April strapped to a table in Stockman's lab and for all appearances, she looks completely normal. However after he's released her from her bonds he turns to lead them back to the others when he is attacked from behind. April taunts him about his pathetic feelings for her before he passes out.

The Turtles are able to incapacitate the Shredder's henchmen. April arrives seemingly to have rescued herself. Leo glances around as he starts to get the feeling something isn't right and asks her if Donnie was with her. April says he was just behind her.

Mikey then hostilely attacks April and demands to know what she did with his brother. April laughs evilly and says he is currently indisposed but will become a guest of the Shredder and so will the rest of them. The other Turtles fight April and manage to get past her. Reaching stockman's lab they search it, Casey comes across Donnie's unconscious body and calls the others over. Leo tells his bros that they need get Don to safety, Raph then asks what about April. Leo says they would have to deal with her later.