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08-19-2016, 04:43 AM
The Nick tmnt show has been running for a few years now with 5 seasons of the show, I feel like the show has had its strong episodes but also those episodes that are just terrible. Here is my list of the best and worst episodes from each season

Season 1: (2012-2013)

This season was the starting of the show and it had a good strong storyline, while a lot of plots were basic, it was still a great way to begin the show, most of storylines were good to excellent and the writers had a great storyline for the show and introduced many good characters old and new from tmnt.

Best Episodes:

5. The Gaunlet (Enter Shredder in AUS/UK/NZ/IRELAND)
4. Rise of the Turtles Part One and Part Two
3. Never Say Xever
2. New Friend, Old Enemy
1. Booyaka-Showdown Part One and Part Two

Worst Episodes:

5. The Pulverizer Returns
4. The Pulverizer
3. Mouser Attack
2. Turtle Temper
1. Parasitica (so not worth the wait)

Season 2: (2013-2014)

This was the return of a brand new, fresh new season and for the most part, was really well done, as this season had a huge storyline involving new things starting this season and many things from the first season. It introduced many good characters such as Tiger Claw, Stockman Fly, Malachi, Slash, Biotroid and Casey Jones just to name a few.

Best Episodes:

5. The Legend of the Kuro Kabuto
4. The Invasion Part One and Part Two
3. The Wrath of Tiger Claw
2. The Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman
1. The Manhatten Project

Worst Episodes:

5. Vengeance is Mine
4. Pizza Face
3. Mutagen Man Unleashed
2. The Kraang Conspiracy
1. Mikey gets Shellache

Season 3: (2014-2015)

This season had a lot of changes to the show. The animation and character designs got better but the storylines and overall writing was worse. This season wasn't a bad season but just had a weak start, it's judge clearly on those first 6 episodes and that's what gives Season 3 a bad name, it had a lot of good moment by adding Bebop, Rocksteady and Creep to the roster and having a good strong Shredder storyline. If you forget the first 6 episodes, this season should be a good watch.

Best Episodes:

5. Serpent Hunt
4. Return to New York
3. Casey Jones vs The Underworld
2. Vision Quest
1. Annihilation Earth

Worst Episodes:

5. Race for a Demon
4. The Fourfold Trap
3. The Croaking
2. Buried Secrets
1. A Foot too Big

Season 4: (2015-2016)

This is the latest season of tmnt so far and although it is not over yet, I can say that I wasn't too impressed with the first half of this season, although it looks like it's starting to get better though from City at War onwards, but Season 4 so far has just been a bore for me, I don't really care for Lord Dregg thi time, he wasn't that threatening to begin with and all those other generic space alien villains that only appear in 1-2 episodes tops. Armaggon and the Triceratons were the few villains I actually cared about. Anyways Season 4 seems to be getting better now and let's hope it's stays that way for the rest of this season and the whole series in general. Hopefully Season five won't do this but tpknowing what happened at the start of Season 3 and Season 4, I wouldn't be surprised if they did.

Best Episodes: (So Far)

5. Revenge of the Triceratons
4. Trans-Dimensional Turtles
3. Ever-Burning Fire
2. Beyond the Known Universe
1. City at War

Worst Episodes (So Far)

5. Riddle of the Ancient Aeons
4. The Weird World of Wrym
3. War of Dimension X
2. Journey to the Centre of Mikey's Mind
1. The Evil of Dregg

Best Episodes of the Whole Series:

The Manhatten Project
Annihilation Earth
Revenge of the Triceratons
City at War

Worst Episodes of the Wole Series:

Mikey gets Shellache
A Foot too Big
Journey to the Centre of Mikey's Mind
The Evil of Dregg

08-19-2016, 05:27 AM
Well, I don't really have any worst episodes because I love everything I see, but I can name some best episodes (in my opinion, of course). One for each season.

Season 1: Never Say Xever.
Season 2: Newtralized!
Season 3: The Fourfold Trap.
Season 4 (so far): City at War.

Best episode of the whole series to me is Never Say Xever.

08-19-2016, 10:39 AM
Season 1

Best Episodes

The Gauntlet
Never Say Xever
Monkey Brains
Operation Breakout

Least liked Episodes

The Pulverizer Returns
It Came from the Depths
Turtle Temper
The Pulverizer
Cockroach Terminator

Season 2

Best Episodes

The Invasion
Into Dimension X
The Wrath of Tiger Claw
The Manhatten Project
Vengeance is Mine

Least liked Episodes

Plan 10
The Kraang Conspiracy
Mutagen Man Unleashed
Mazes and Mutants
Pizza Face

Season 3

Best Episodes

Annihilation: Earth
Tale of the Yokai
Vision Quest
Return to New York
Dinosaur Seen in the Sewer

Least liked Episodes

In Dreams
Buried Secrets
The Croaking
Race With The Demon
A Foot Too Big

Not doing season 4 yet

08-19-2016, 01:40 PM
I don't know what I would choose for best or worst, but there are some episodes that I didn't like even though I like something about every single episode. I'll list five eps (not counting season finale stuff) I truly liked and non-favs or disliked if applicable in no particular order.

Season 1 Favs
The Gauntlet
It Came from the Depths
New Girl in Town
Cockroach Terminator

I didn't care much for I Think His Name is Baxter Stockman

Season 2 Favs
Slash and Destroy
Wrath of Tigerclaw
Into Dimension X
Mikey gets Shellacne
Invasion of the Squirellnoids

I didn't care for the Kuro Kabuto ep much or the Kraang Conspiracy ep.

Season 3 Favs
Vision Quest (still wish this would've been a two-parter)
Turtles in Time
Clash of the Mutanimals
In Dreams
Pig and the Rhino

I didn't care for the Battle for New York eps and I didn't care for the Tale of the Yokai ep

Season 4 Favs (so far)
City at War
Riddle of the Ancient Aeons
Journey to the Center of Mikey's Mind

So far, my most disliked ep this season is the Wyrm ep.

The only two episodes of the series I dislike with a passion are the Weird World of Wyrm and Tale of the Yokai. The Wyrm ep was a bit annoying and the Yokai ep I hate (aside from some Japanese inaccuracies) because it's the only ep, imo, that really felt incomplete and would've benefitted having cut stuff left in.

08-19-2016, 01:47 PM
Can we all agree that City At War is easily the best episode of season four?

08-19-2016, 02:14 PM
(Season 1 I need time on, season 4 will be after it's concluded. I wanted to include reasons, but I figured it'd be too long, maybe when I do a redux recap I'll try.)

Season 2 Best:

1. Metalhead Rewired
2. Slash and Destroy
3. The Manhattan Project
4. The Wrath of Tiger Claw
5. Of Rats and Men

Worst of Season 2:

1. Plan 10
2. Pizza Face
3. The Mutation Situation
4. The Kraang Conspiracy
5. Newtrailized!

Season 3 Best:

1. Casey Jones vs the Underworld
2. Serpent Hunt (consider it interchangeable with Pig and the Rhino, I consider them a two parter personally)
3. Annihilation: Earth!
4. Tale of the Yokai
5. Return to New York

Season 3 Worst:

1. The Croaking
2. Turtles in Time
3. The Noxious Avenger
4. Clash of the Mutanimals
5. A Foot too Big

08-19-2016, 03:37 PM
Can we all agree that City At War is easily the best episode of season four?
I second this. lol

08-19-2016, 03:41 PM
Can we all agree that City At War is easily the best episode of season four?

Nope. It's the extremely underrated "Cosmic Ocean." Right now I have CaW as the fifth best episode of S4. #5!

Since the original author did 5, I'll also do 5...and because he beat me to making this thread. I'll mention the other four and talk in detail about my #1s.
Season 1
The Best
#1-Never Say Xever It's a shame I can't (or at least try to) go full detail here. For a site like this, it's gotta be short and sweet. With the smooth and beautifully animated action sequences where the combatants dance and weave as though they're possessed by the spirit of Fred Astaire, the competently handled story of justice vs retribution with just the right bit of comedy & character development from all parties involved, etc. etc. this is among the best of the best.
#2-Enemy of my Enemy
#3-Panic in the Sewers
#4-The Gauntlet Just because I feel I should mention it, the reason I think this episode is not amongst the top 3 at least is b/c it just feels like there's too much going on to find its true center. There's a lot to compensate for though which is why it's a lot of peoples' favorites.
#5-It Came From the Depths

The Worst
#1-The Pulverizer Returns
#2-Mousters Attack!
#4-The Pulverizer
#5-Cockroach Terminator Just because I have to note, to say that this is the fifth worst episode of Season 1 isn't to damn it but to praise (at least most of) the others. That's all I'm going to say.

Season 2
The Best
#1-Slash and Destroy This remains my no doubt favorite episode of them all! It's also perhaps the most psychological episode of any TMNT series out there. Slash is a bit of a sponge-like Frankenstein of a character, soaking up Raph's darker side that he put on full display in front of him for the first 5 1/2 minutes of the episode. Raph may be a good guy who means well but he has obvious faults and those faults ended up manifesting themselves in the form of his former friend and pet and now they come back to bite him in the rear via the near loss of his family.
#2-Into Dimension X
#3-The Invasion
#4-Vengeance is Mine
#5-Metalhead Rewired

The Worst
#1-Plan 10 Cold, pointless, and insulting filler episode for the characters that it incorporates. That's all I'm going to say.
#2-A Chinatown Ghost Story Just to make another note, I love James Wong. But this episode just couldn't find anything really interesting to portray.
#3-Mikey Gets Shellacne
#4-Pizza Face
#5-Fungus Humongous

Season 3
The Best
#1-Tale of the Yokai While "Annihilation Earth" is the episode I consider the standard by which all the others are measured, this one was just so important to the season (and perhaps series) I had to put it here. Not only does Minae Noji knock it out of the park with Tang Shen but Oroku Saki finally gets the background and development he deserves. Not only that, but as Saki, KMR expresses pain, pride, confidence, humiliation, pathos, insecurity, happiness, ambition, loneliness, fear, frustration, and finally anger and pride effortlessly! Notable moments, humor, tragedy, and character interaction also combine to make one of the best episodes ever!
#2-Annihilation: Earth! I'm going to break my rule here and talk as much as I can about this second ranked episode. As I said before, this is perhaps the episode by which all the others are measured. Also, it really is a shame I have to limit myself here b/c I feel I could write a book on all the things this episode explored and did well. While it's not my favorite episode of them all, or even of Season 3, it does so much so well! Death, honor, loyalty, redemption, and responsibility are all explored and pushed to their limit here! Ciro and Brandon have shown to be into the original series as well as the horror and sci-fi genres, but I also wouldn't be surprised if they were also into Shakespeare due to both their occasional and strong usage of revenge and tragedy. This two-parter is like chamber music for heroes and villains, establishing and exploring why it is they do what they do even as they come together only to be undone by a moment of revenge tragedy that is as strong and well captured as it is controversial. Certainly the lowest any surviving characters can reach is reached by the end, but those familiar with the Fugitioid's reputation throughout this franchise know that with him around, up is certainly to come.
#3-Vision Quest
#4-The Pig and the Rhino
#5-Casey Jones vs. the Underworld

The Worst
#1-Attack of the Mega Shredder This is the episode I affectionately refer to as "The Episode That Never Happened." While the two below this one were filler episodes of a filler arc that never had a chance, this one was supposed to be more and was not! Not only was this episode completely nullified thanks to "The Fourfold Trap" but the setup was horrendous! For example, there was no rhyme or reason for Mikey to tag along during what should've been a compelling and perhaps emotional adventure for Leo (and Karai). Since most of Karai's interest as a character stems from her somewhat complex relationship with Leo--and since she technically does appear in this episode (albeit thanks to one of the cheapest and more manipulative scenes this series has ever pulled), Mikey just comes off as the proverbial third who makes a crowd.
#2-Eyes of the Chimera
#3-The Croaking
#4-The Deadly Venom
#5-The Fourfold Trap

Season 4 (as of "City at War")
The Best
#1-The Cosmic Ocean An episode that doesn't miss a beat! It raises plenty of existential questions, in large part thanks to the holographic room, but others are also raised by our main turtle. No answers are given (as should usually be the case with questions like those) but they are tested and explored by Leonardo as best as can be that his character is developed and explored perfectly. Credit must also go to the supporting cast for smooth transition between story points as well as to the animators and Lucy Lawless's performance.
#2-Beyond the Known Universe
#3-Riddle of the Ancient Aeons
#4-Transdimensional Turtles
#5-City at War

The Worst
#1-Revenge of the Triceratons A gimmicky episode combining stranded and sci-fi elements where all the major stuff occurs offscreen and/or occurs too quickly to be developed with little point or purpose.
#2-The War for Dimension X
#3-The Evil of Dregg
#4-The Weird World of Wyrm
#5-Journey to the Center of Mikey's Mind

08-19-2016, 05:50 PM
Just for the record, I didn't necessarily dislike the "worst" episodes, just aspects of them. For example, Timmy himself, the Mona romance stuff, April's over the top abilities, etc.

These are not in order of preference, but rather air date (as I am referencing Wikipedia for episode titles).

Season 1

-The Gauntlet
-It Came From The Depths
-I, Monster

-The Pulverizer
-The Pulverizer Returns

Season 2

-Slash & Destroy
-Fungus Humungous
-The Manhattan Project
-A Chinatown Ghost Story
-Into Dimension X
(I could keep gonig & going, I think S2 was my favorite)

-Invasion of the Squirrelanoids

Season 3

-A Foot Too Big
-In Dreams
-The Noxious Avenger
-Clash Of The Mutanimals
-Tale Of The Yokai

-Eyes Of The Chimera
-Serpent Hunt
-Casey Jones Vs. The Underworld
-Meet Mondo Gecko
-The Deadly Venom
-The Fourfold Trap

Season 4

-Beyond The Known Universe
-The Weird World Of Worm
-Journey To The Center Of Mikey's Mind
-The War For Dimension X
-Trans-Dimensional Turtles
-The Ever-Burning Fire

-The Moons of Thalos 3
-Riddle of the Ancient Aeons
-The Evil of Dregg
-City At War

08-19-2016, 08:00 PM
Season 1 best: The Gauntlet
Worst: Panic in the Sewers! (Especially bad following Gauntlet. Shredder's plot was too silly).

Season 2 best: The Manhattan Project
Worst: Pizzaface (I still pretend this was a Mikey dream)

Season 3 best: Annihilation Earth
Worst: Meet Mondo Gecko (also non-canon to me. Shame because I actually love this Mondo, Rist is great.)

Season 4 best: War For Dimension X/Transdimensional Turtles
Worst: Ancient Aeons (this hard because of several other clunkers, but this one was like a rejected script from a video game level.)