View Full Version : Hamato Yoshi's time in NYC sewers (fan fiction)

08-26-2016, 03:18 AM
I'm writing fan fiction about the Splinter origin, mainly why Hamato Yoshi was driven to wander the sewers, and his life there until he mutated into Splinter.

Any ideas? I'm searching for realistic reasons and experiences, haha, as real as it gets in a TMNT-universe.

08-26-2016, 04:12 AM
This is my first hunch. Disclaimer: Some parts are really irreverent to the TMNT-mythos. But I find experimenting with the origin story ricochets into interesting outcomes for the turtles.


We follow a japanese middle aged man, Hamato Yoshi, into the NYC subway. He doesn't know the english language and seem to be an introvert. Gesturing and talking to himself. Has he got his kimono on? Yes, but on top of his normal clothes. And the kimono is flayling in the wind, more like a coat, with paint spots on it. This is his painter's robe.
Under his arm he carries a huge portfolio with his paintings.

His subway ticket doesn't work, he tries a couple of times, but then just sneaks or hops past the gate.

While on the subway he fails to show a security guard a valid ticket. The guard speaks to him in a louder and louder voice but Hamato doesn't understand. The guard says his portfolio is also too big to carry on the subway car. At the next stop you're coming with me. The guard grabs Hamato and the portfolio, but Hamato freaks and resists, tries to take his paintings back.
The guard is big but calls on backup, another guard comes from another car. The other guard bullies Hamato for his asian looks. Are you gonna kung fu me? Ha, Mister Miyagi. Seems we got a Mister Miyagi on our hands.
Hamato doesn't fight back, not on the subway with children, he doesn't want the situation to escalate. But as soon as the car stops and they escort him off, he breaks loose and escapes into the tunnels. Knowing the guards won't following on the rails, and they don't. They just scream: We're gonna smoke you out, you ****ing rodent.

Hamato walks around in the tunnels, disillusioned. Meets some homeless people. One who doesn't speak, and they communicate by drawing little scetches to eachother.
He meets a graffiti gang, they don't see him first, he is such a sneaky ninja, but he stands and admires their art. He points at the tag and says something i japanese. The gang see him and are scared, where did you come from. They panic, shove him out of the way and flee towards the light. Hamato shouts to them - I am also (whispers) painter.

He walks towards the light and escape the tunnel system.
In a montage we seem his over ground NYC life. How he can't maintain his job and flat, he paints on the walls and the landlord busts him.
He is forced to go back into the tunnels.

He finishes the graffiti painting.
He is taken care of by the mute sketch artist, given a place to stay and sleep. Under a light intake he paints a portrait of his friend. A friend who has pet rats on his shoulder. Strange bandages over his nose and forehead. Who can't speak so he plays the flute, or maybe blows into sewer pipes like a pan flute or a didgeridoo, and the rats come to him.

This is Hamato's life now.

The security company make raids in the sewers, evicting the homeless. They are aggressive and fumigate everything. We see flashlights through the smoke. Gas masks. But Hamato manage to hide, like a ninja.

So maybe Hamato Yoshi moved to New York to become a painter. Keeps his favorite paintings folded in his kimono. The works of Raphael, Leonardo, Michaelangeloand Donatello.
But the Americans just want him to fight, they just want the stereotype. To provoke the stereotype. Show me some karate. They shove him and imitate Bruce Lee. Hamato just wants to leave.

In a state of depression Hamato cuts off a piece of his ear. He is manic and needs paint, must have some color to paint. "I need red. I need red".
He cuts his ear to paint with the blood, makes a fantastic little painting. And he is calm again.
A painting which then a sequrity guard will come and destroy when they raid the underground hiding place.