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Ecto Jedi
09-06-2016, 01:21 PM
Howdy doody.

There's no "search" feature on the forums (at least none I could find after a cursory five-second look-through), and I didn't see any specific Instagram-related threads, so I thought I'd create this one.

I recently joined Instagram and I like it.

Most criticisms of social media come from blubbery old technophobes -- the same old grandmothers who sign up for a Facebook account and then start typing "amen" to every idiotic meme because the screen tells them to. Say what you will about selfie culture, about foodie culture. I'm now putting together, on Instagram, casually, a sort of visual chronicle of my life -- my real life, not the bullsh*t veneer of my naked feet in front of a white sand beach (as if that was anyone's "real" life), but the things I enjoy, the things I surround myself with. The Def Leppard cassettes, the T2 comic book, the VHS tape, the DVDs, the drawings, the books, the artwork.

For the vast majority of recorded history this type of visual record would have been absolutely unimaginable. Think about all those times you flipped through scant family photo albums and wished you could get a better sense of a lost relative -- what they liked, what they did, who they were. The flood of personal photos occasioned by cheap cellphones and apps like Instagram make the staged revelry of photographed special occasions seem pretty paltry as a human record by comparison.

What are your Instagram accounts? Let's connect. Turtle fans forever and such.


09-06-2016, 02:16 PM
I've had two older accounts but I deleted those. I'm thinking of making a new personal account soon. I'll be sure to follow you.

Instagram is a great platform, by the way.