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09-26-2016, 06:33 PM
After watching "Bat in the Belfry" and how much fun it was thanks to its satirical approach to comics and our world versus theirs, it got me back to thinking about "Reality Check" from this series. It also makes me remember how much I felt that I was the only person on the face of the Earth who liked the episode.
Liked it? Hell I think it's brilliant and a great homage to the world of superheroes, for both their strengths and their weaknesses. But it doesn't stop with the cliches or the ridiculous designs, both of which serve more as tributes to the genre rather than defects of the story (thanks to the surely obvious tongue in cheek tone) but Mikey's attitude in living his dream--and his heroes' reactions to it (the fact that it's essentially his brothers who are the heroes helps). Whenever Mikey brings up who he is or where he came from, comments on the particular circumstances going on, or even brings up something he's learned from comic lore, the puzzlement expressed by the heroes is so amusing in large part because it's so fitting. To them, Mikey's world (a world with mutant ninja turtles) is just as strange as their world is to Mikey (a world with super mutant turtles).
In the end, it's not only Mikey's knowledge of superhero mythos that helps them but also his own skills and is thus given a super sendoff from the heroes at the end. It was just a fun episode that knew its mythos and knew how to strike the right cords and pay the right homage(s) at the right time. It was a really under appreciated episode I should say. So am I the only one who really likes it this much? Let the conversation begin. Rating: A- (5/5 stars)

P.S. I really wish 4Kids would have made this as a spinoff series instead of the other stuff. I also know that some will say it should have been the SAINW universe but not only do I not see how it could have happened, but I do think it's actually kind of overrated (especially with future episodes like "Annihilation: Earth!" to compare it to).