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10-02-2016, 08:31 PM
I haven't watched the show since Season 3's "Race with the Demon!" (that's almost two years!), but over this weekend I have finally finished Season 3.
As for Season 4, are all the episodes that aired so far on Netflix? I got a one week free trial on Hulu just to finish Season 3, since a portion of it and Season 4 aren't on nick.com, and Season 4 isn't on Hulu yet.

Anyways, I have to say "WOW." Beginning with "Eyes of the Chimera," I appreciate that it coincidentally began with the final scene from the previous episode as a way to get me up to speed (no pun intended). :P

"Vision Quest"
That moment when the Turtles start a fire in the rain would make a great gif. :D

"Return to New York"
I was glad that they finally left that accursed farmhouse to go back to New York, which is a shame because I really enjoyed the farmhouse episodes from the 4Kids series, especially "Monster Hunter," which I thought got the monster thing right. They had so much potential, but I thought they were nothing more than an outlet for the writers' monster/horror fantasies. I also wish more creative liberties were taken with the van than simply naming it the "Party Wagon" and painting it in the exact same color scheme as the Turtle Van from the Fred Wolf series.

"Serpent Hunt" and "The Pig and the Rhino"
Zeck and Steranko are pretty annoying, which is probably the point since they wouldn't be Bebop and Rocksteady if they weren't. In my opinion, they are only in the show to fill the "Fred Wolf quota," since Rahzar and Xever didn't seem to be cutting it as the mutant henchmen duo. The show even made their mutation into this long-drawn-out special event. :roll: Why does Steranko keep talking in the third person like Elmo? Is that supposed to be a stereotype of Russians or something? And when Zeck kept saying "Big S," at first I thought it sounded like something considered inappropriate for a kids' show.

"Battle for New York"
Pigeon Pete: the new Corporal Capeman?

Gilbert Gottfried is a real treat as Kraang Sub-Prime. I couldn't help but think of Digit from Cyberchase whenever he spoke.

"Casey Jones vs the Underworld"
When I first heard Purple Dragon Bruce Lee say his name, my jaw was left gaping open for almost two minutes. Instead of calling him by his "official" name, I've decided to call him Pruce Dee.

"Clash of the Mutanimals"
I really hoped that when Raph, along with Slash and Rockwell, got brainwashed by the Shredder, he would lead the Foot, akin to the Image comics. It could have been a cool reference.

"Turtles in Time" and "Tale of the Yokai"
I really enjoyed the episodes with Renet. Those have to be the best episodes of the show that I have seen by far. Seeing her, Savanti Romero, and Lord Simultaneous made me feel right at home. It would have been more climactic to reveal Simultaneous' real form after Renet's flashback, though. I really liked the Turtles going back in time to Japan as well, although I thought their big eyed goofy designs and behavior clashed with the rest of the setting and characters a bit. It was surprising to find out that Leo didn't know what a kappa was, knowing his background and upbringing. Overall, more Mirage-esque plots and a lot less "mutant of the week," please.

"Attack of the Mega Shredder!" and "The Creeping Doom"
These two episodes really exemplify the idea that the Turtles seem to have no real sense of humility nor responsibility over creating mutants left and right and trashing the city in the process. Mega Shredder should have been a giant Shredder mutant with his signature armor instead.

"Dinosaur Seen in Sewers!"
Why did Zog have to be the bad guy? I mean, technically he is the bad guy, but I liked it a lot more when he was delusional and on the Turtles' side.

"Annihilation: Earth!"
I had almost mistaken Mozar for Zanramon because his voice sounded really similar to Zanramon's in the 4Kids series. I felt that it was pretty lazy to make Bishop a derivative of the Kraang, down to the same exosuit disguise, even if the Kraang copied it. He feels like a less interesting and less cool version of Mortu. By the way, just how did Kraang Sub-Prime survive that explosion in "Battle for New York"? I wouldn't be surprised if he survived the explosion during the Triceraton invasion. Also, I have to admit, Mikey's brain being dissected by the Triceratons did make me laugh quite a bit.

Is it just me, or is it really weird how Professor Honeycutt didn't even let the Turtles grieve over the loss of their planet, and Casey instantly went from distressed to enthusiastic over embarking "on a wondrous adventure"? :-? Was expecting more of an "Empire Strikes Back" vibe from that ending.

To sum up Season 3, in the words of the great Casey Jones: "Another mutant?" Mikey is still dumb as ever (acting out in front of Tang Shen like that was really disturbing, but at the same time shockingly funny), I've gotten used to Leo's congested throat voice midway through the season, and the thought of mutants and the Foot roaming the streets with civilians present is difficult to wrap my head around. And why is the sky always grey, like in that song "California Dreamin'" by the The Mamas & the Papas?

But I have to say, once they returned to New York, things picked right back up again. If there is one thing to add, it's that the writer's should take more time to avoid melodramatic/awkward moments, like when Leo got frustrated with his broken leg and April provided moral support. Scenes like that should have been fleshed out more. Also, they really need to stop taking names of characters from previous incarnations to fit new ones that have very little in common. Overall, not bad, not great, but it was one fun shell of a ride.