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10-07-2016, 12:26 PM
So aside from some brief appearances of Zog and a backstory of how the Utroms created the Triceratons by mutating Earth's dinosaurs, the Triceratons have been very underused in IDW so far.

We've had no real proper, "Turtles in Space" arc in IDW like all the other universes, (they went to Dimension X briefly to see the Neutrinos, but that's it), and the Triceratons warring over the Fugitoid like in every other incarnation was replaced by Krang and the Rock Soldiers war against the Neutrinos.

We've never seen the Turtles visit the Triceraton homeworlds, never see the Triceratons in a war like fashion, nor have we seen the Triceratons wage war against other alien races, etc.

While I think we might see something of them finally in 2017, does anyone else feel they've been strangely absent for most of IDW so far? There's a lot going on in the main ongoing and we're just finally getting around to Bishop and so forth, but I think "TMNT Universe" could have a proper 4-part Turtles in Space story with the Triceratons. What do you think?

10-07-2016, 12:29 PM
All good things in time, I'd say. There's much more than just a 4-issue arc of potential in the Triceratons, and like you said, a "Turtles in Space" story is sorely needed in the near future with everything that entails.

Who knows, maybe starting in 2017 the Triceratons will have as much of a presence in the IDW series than they did in the Nick cartoon.

10-07-2016, 12:42 PM
I'm sure IDW will get back to them eventually, of course they haven't been super important as of yet so we're in no rush to see them. It would have been different if there was some huge cliffhanger with them, but so far they largely just used to demonstrate part of the reasons why the Utrom Empire failed.

10-07-2016, 12:50 PM
In IDW We Trust. :trazz:

Seriously, though, we already know from Bobby that they'll be brought into the comics in a big way in another year (or was it 2018?).

Slow-burn, gentlemen. It took them 56 issues to fully introduce Leatherhead. They'll get to it eventually.

10-07-2016, 01:41 PM
Here's what I'm thinking will happen, based on what we've been shown in Utrom Empire:

The Triceratons started filling the gaps that were left behind by the Utroms - who were previously doing the very same with what was left behind by the D'Hoonibs.

In a twist of irony, the Triceratons become a more dangerous force in Dimension X than the Utroms could ever have been.
And Zog knows. He didn't rebel for this sh*t to happen, and he's not happy with it in the least. So, he rebels again, this time against his own people. He is force to go on the lam for years for treason, and at last arrives on Earth, the land of his ancestors, old and haggard, in hopes of having a last refuge for the Triceratons sent to apprehend him, where he meets the turtles.

However, the Triceratons find his location, and in search of their own fugitive (rather than the Fugitiod this time around), wreck up the place.
They scatter across the world - including some in Burnow.
Where the Utroms panic like chickens after a fox breaks into their coop.
Bishop swings in with all the power he can with his taskforce, but even that is not enough.
At the end of the storyline, in hopes that he could get them to leave, Zog gives his own life rather than be captured. With nothing left to do with Zog dead, the Triceratons leave, abandoning the cities of Earth in ruin and its population in shock with the confirmation that hostile aliens exist.

Which then goes to confusion when DNA analysis shows traits that could only have come from Earth. The Utroms become aware of this and start to discuss if it is right to reveal themselves to the world, as the Triceratons were their creation. Some argue for responsibility (like Yoom and Churk, who was the original mind behind them) and others for safety (like Kleve and Montuoro)